Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, January 26, 2018

Pastor Ray shared…

I got an email yesterday that I wanted to share with you. It’s from a lady from Nigeria. She said, “The five Wednesdays in 2017 when Pastor Ray Kelly ministered, I was in a period when I was preparing for a worship meeting which we hold annually in Nigeria along with our team based in Nigeria. He [Pastor Ray] led us in some confessions in each one of those services declaring ‘Money cometh to me… When? Now!’ And then describing pulling the lever and pulling it in.”

I love it that in Nigeria, they’re grabbing the “lever” and pulling it in!

She goes on to say, “We needed about ten thousand dollars to put the meeting together so when he told us on one of those Wednesdays to mention a specific amount, I did—ten thousand for the purpose mentioned above. That very week a brother sent 100 dollars to my account as his support. We knew that was seed and so we sowed it as we were led. To God’s glory, provision came in through diverse means. Some unexpected means and we got some services free or we got some things at reduced costs. The meeting held in July 2017 was a great blessing and everything was abundantly provided. The actual value of all we received toward the meeting was much greater than ten thousand! Also my family at the end of the year when we took record of our documented giving for 2017, speaking very conservatively, it more than doubled what it was for 2016. Just the documented giving. God is good, faithful, able, and always willing. Living Word is a huge blessing to us in many ways. We can’t adequately quantify or quality it. The foregoing is just one of them. We ought to testify about how good He is.”

Lately we’ve been going through different prophecies. There are so many good things that have been declared over this church corporately. A lot of the prophecies have to do with the body of Christ. The whole body. Today I want to share with you a prophecy given by Kenneth Hagin from a prayer seminar on February 17, 1975. It’s called “The New Breed.”

Kenneth E. Hagin
Prayer Seminar
February 17, 1975

The New Breed

The word of the Lord came unto me further saying, Prophesy thou unto this people and say thou unto them, Like a mighty army, like a mighty army, like the tramping of a mighty army the forces of evil are tramping down the road to Armageddon. Yea, like a mighty army gathering force as it goes, joined on one hand by these people and on that hand, the other hand, by other people. The army of the enemy is marching on. Marching on though they knew not where. Marching on for they march in spiritual darkness and there is no light in the tenement of their dwelling. Even in their spirits, for their spirits lieth in darkness and they are under the control of the wicked one.

But be not fearful of the tramping, tramping, tramping of the armies of the wicked. Be not fearful of the sound of war. Be not fearful of anything that the eye can see or the hand can feel or that which is brought to you through the ear gate of this evil world. But look ye into the Word, yea, into the perfect law of liberty.

And know ye this, that the Lord has an army. Yea, He is preparing His own. No! The church will not grow weaker and weaker and weaker and lie down and expire. But she shall grow stronger and stronger and stronger for a fresh visitation of heaven is at hand. Yea, a new revelation of truth shall burst forth in all of its glory unto those who are called by His name. And they shall realize that in their grasp, in their hand all the while was that mighty name that is above every name. And they, with that name upon their lips and with faith in their hearts, will speak forth unto the enemy and say, “Thus far shall ye go and no further.” And he shall desist in his maneuvers and stop in his operations.

And the hand of the enemy shall be stayed. And the harvest that is to be reaped shall be reaped. For the harvest is plenteous, and the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest.

And so men, yea, if you please. Some would call them a “New Breed” shall rise up and go forth. They shall not be afraid of the Devil. They shall have no fear of men but with boldness shall they speak and shall challenge the very strongholds of the Devil. And there shall be a great shaking. But those who are settled in upon the rock of ages shall stand and shout above the storm. And see above the darkness the might of God breaking on the horizon of time and they shall be reflectors of that Light that shall shine forth into the darkness.

And the blinded eyes of Satan’s kin shall be opened by men. Men inspired of God, equipped by the Spirit, called by the Lord. Set in the body of Christ to shine, to testify, to preach, to minister. And so like a giant, that body shall rise, shall shake off those things which would hinder and break asunder the bonds of tradition and religion that has them bound, and go forth with the pure revelation of truth that’ll cause the lame to leap for joy and the blind to see both spiritually and physically. And there shall sound throughout the land the cry and the hue of “Hosanna to the Lord. Great is His name and greatly to be praised.”

And the last souls shall have been won. And the last spirit shall have been saved. And that body shall have been completed. And then the cry shall come forth, “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh. Go ye out to meet Him.” And in the ages to come, eons upon eons, that body of believers shall show forth His glory and majesty forever and forever.

I love it! We receive this, in faith, this morning. And we see it. The inspiration from heaven, the equipment by the Spirit causes us to shine. It causes us to testify. It causes us to preach or minister. I like the part about the giant rising up. It’s like Tommy Hick’s prophecy about the giant. The giant represents the body of Christ. It was covered in junk and debris. But in the last days, just like he said here, the giant will begin to rise up and shake off those things that the world caused to hinder and break asunder the bonds of tradition and religion that has them bound. And they’ll go forth with a pure revelation of truth that will cause the lame to leap for joy, the blind to see, both spiritually and physically. That’s us! Empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Prayed against fear…

It is by His precious Holy Spirit that we can do these things… we will go forth and shake off whatever tries to attach itself to us to hold us back or down… fear, get out! In Jesus’ name… get away from the body… fear about the future, about what we’ve been called to do, about finances, health, whatever else the Devil is trying to speak… that is a lie from the pit of hell… we’ve overcome by the blood and the word of our testimony… the blood is working today… Thank You for the blood…

Prayer for body of Christ and the church and pastors…

Thank You, Father, that member of Your body rises up and is strengthened in these days… as brother Hagin declared and prophesied, the church is not shrinking but the church is on the increase… this church, Living Word Christian Center, is on the increase… we came out of 2017 up and we’re not going down again… shaking off the enemy, every question and moving higher and further… today, we rise up… we take another step upward… today, we declare it here and out there… we have more than enough resources to do what You’ve called us to do… Living Word Christian Center is up and over the top… Pastor Mac and Lynne… they’re up above… they’re flying high by the power of the Holy Ghost … they’re overcoming in every area of their lives… their family is prospering… every single one of them… each and every one of their family in the place God has created them to be in… Thank You, Lord…

Pastor Ray interjected…

I’m reminded again about the embassy moving to Jerusalem, that Jerusalem has been declared by the United States of America as the capital of Israel! It’s in the books! It’s been declared. Our Vice President declared this is the way it is. This is the way it shall be. I’m reminded of the finances of the body, this body, the finances we’ve given over the years, way over a million dollars. A million dollars at one time! So this ministry has blessed Israel and this ministry will and shall continually be blessed! Abundance.

Prayer continued for body of Christ…

More and more and more… steady, staying steady in the plan… staying steady with the steps we’ve been called to take… staying steady on our beliefs… staying steady in faith believing for the increases to come forth… now!… new jobs, new favor on the job… illumination by the Spirit knowing exactly the right way and the will of God that we should fulfill… so the boldness of God will cause us to be mighty men and women of faith.. believing, expecting, and receiving the things He has pre-planned for each one of us… Today, today, today… Now!

Prayer for body…

Father, in the name of Jesus, we come against any hardness of heart… anything that would limit Your move in the body… that You would break up the stony ground, Father… that they would be able to receive the blessing… that overgrowth that has come upon the body, that discouragement and that disappointment… because they haven’t seen the things that have been prophesied… encourage them, strengthen them today… speak to their hearts today by Your Spirit… that they would come up and out of that place and begin to see the truth that that light would begin to dawn upon their spirit today in Jesus’ name… that they would be lifted out of that place of depression, of darkness… in the name of Jesus Christ, so that they can embrace Your goodness and anointing in the name of Jesus… it’s time for the body to walk into that place of greatness, Father… it’s time to come up, Father, that giant rising up in the earth to the place that You’ve called them to be… I thank You this very day, Lord, those that are broken, You mend them… mend them in their minds, in their hearts… so they can fulfill the plan and be that part that You’ve called them to be in the body… one body working together… every part in its right place… functioning to its fullness… each part, healthy, strong, blessed… a mighty moving force in the earth… taking the land every place that we go… every place that we’ve been dispatched and dispersed by the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ… no more of this defeatist mentality… no more being under… and letting the enemy run us over… it’s time to rise up, to get up, to kick the Devil out of the way… and take the land… we stand arm and arm with our brothers and sisters and we… pull them up today with us in the name of Jesus Christ… those that are weak, we take hold of them… we dispatch strength to them… we pull them up with us… because I thank, You, Father that we are moving from glory to glory… we’re going together… You are the Rock on which we stand… You are a sure foundation and we will not be shaken by the enemy… we will only be shaken by Your Spirit… shaken awake, awake, awake… eyes open… ears open… hearing and seeing what the Spirit is doing and speaking today… not missing any opportunity… not missing any door that’s been opened unto us… You flunk every door wide open and we need to walk into them… it’s time to step through and walk through and possess those places… You have already granted them unto us… it’s time to possess them… possess those things… those resources… it’s time to possess in the name of Jesus… it’s time to take up the spoils… to go into the enemy’s camp… and take those spoils in the name of Jesus… everything that he’s been holding back… everything that he’s been trying to hoard away from the body of Christ… I think You that we go in and we take it… that which has been piled up, stored up… it is loosed and released into Your body… no demon of hell, no plan of the enemy can hold it back in Jesus’ name… today good things are happening… Your anointing is working today, right now… I think You that there’s a turnover right now… we prepare our hearts and minds to receive that abundance… we remove the limitations from our minds… we let them go in the name of Jesus… nothing is impossible… today is the day of salvation… today is the day of increase… the influx … today! … pour it out… Yes, You said the former and the latter rain together… I thank You that we are experiencing that now… the rain of God… flowing and pouring out… on the just and on the unjust… for the sake of the harvest… everything for that purpose… for that plan to reach the lost… we’ll play our part, glory to God… this church will play its part, Father… You positioned us… henceforth, Father, we will fulfill every part of that calling… going forth, Father, we will walk in every part of it… we contend for that… not missing any part in Jesus’ name… it’s a holy combination… You brought every piece together just for this body… it’s a special combination… we have a special plan, purpose here this body … You brought all the parts together here and there are parts that have gone away that you are bringing back… they’ve gone out and you’re adding them back into this place… to complete the work… the same… Yes, Lord, we can’t move in the same way… we have to move with the Spirit of God… it’s time to reach out, to press in to His anointing… we can’t have the same… we have to have change … He’s the one who draws… He’s the one who brings… it’s our job to rely on Him… it’s our job to press into Him… to push into the spirit … and flow in the anointing… in the name… forget about the good ole days… forgot them… it’s time to look forward to the great and the wonderful things that are ahead… beginning today… stop looking behind, back and start looking forward… start looking up in the name of Jesus… this is the time for the turnaround…for the change in this body here… no more, no more, no more in Jesus’ name… no more status quo… no more sitting in the back… no more drawing back in Jesus’ name… everyone contending for the glory of God… together… one heart, one mind, one voice… we receive Your strength to do the work… let your anointing and Your glory move and flow in this body… for Your resurrection power in this body… in their minds… in their hearts… in their bodies… that passion rises up…

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