Prayer Summary for Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Word of the Lord from Friday, June 16, 2017 about light houses…

My houses and buildings shall not be built and erected by the hand of man but they are built in the spirit realm, first by Me and by My power and through your believing prayers. Right now, your prayers are erecting and building these light houses for My honor and My glory. The world says “seeing is believing” but I say “believing is seeing.” You continue to pray and believe and lay that foundation in the realm of My Spirit. For the moment you begin to pray, saith the Lord, My hands have begun to build… build light houses for My glory. As you pray, I am erecting and building and I am the cornerstone of these houses. I am the cornerstone of the messages that go forth in these places. I am the cornerstone of the faith of the finances and of every need. I am the cornerstone of the harvest of these places, saith the Lord. So I call you to believe. I call you to pray. I call you to stand on My Word and lay the foundation in the realm of the spirit. And you shall see those things of the spirit manifest in the natural in a great and mighty way. And so shall My light houses shine with the brightness of My glory in these places. As you pray and believe, so shall you see signs and wonders and miracles. But it’s not by erecting through the hands of man, but My power and My Spirit, says the Lord your God almighty.

Ms. Dar commented…

I believe with the Word the Lord brought forth, that He is excited. He is anxious to see it begin and He is anxious for us to pray and He is very pleased with the places that they have prayed over and have chosen to go, ready to be there and do it all.

Ms. Melanie shared…

I had a dream early in my walk with the Lord. At the time, it didn’t have a lot of pertinence to me personally but it is as clear and as prominent as it has always been. There was a small church and there was a side door that led to outside and as far as you could see there were people. You could see them on a roadway on a hill and they were coming and winding down. They kept saying “If we can get into the church it will be okay.” And it wasn’t that there was a trauma. It was just an insatiable desire to get in the church.

The Lord always makes provision before He brings in the things that He intends to do. And I truly believe what I saw in that dream was the last harvest as they were coming in; we didn’t have room for them. We were busy getting, in my natural mind, water and blankets. We were tending to their needs as they were coming in and there were far more of them than there were of us. And we were trying to expand and expand and make room for them. As I heard Dar say this word, that vision came back to me. He is making preparation. He is making provision. He is expanding our tents so that we can hold the mass of what He is bringing in.

Ms. Jeani replied…

There is urgency to this. Can’t you hear the urgency of the Spirit? Agree with Me now. Agree with Me now. He is erecting them right now. There is the urgency of His desire, the insatiable desire. It’s time right now.

Word of the Lord came forth…

The bank accounts, individual bank accounts, the church bank accounts are on the increase now. That’s a part of the light being made brighter and the spiritual houses being built up. So the finances are already turning around and already on the way. And it’s not just the financial turnaround but… So even if others have to be moved out, they will be moved out so My Church can move in and occupy. And it’s not just for this city. It’s for all cities, cities in other countries. It’s a process of the Spirit. It’s a supernatural process bringing about the increase that I have already declared in My Word shall come your way. Individual accounts, corporate accounts, and My favor goes before the Church which is My Church. My Church is being lifted and built up and moving out from beyond where it’s ever gone before (ha, ha, ha!) Hallelujah!

I can’t even see those states any more that have been pulled up and pushed out so far for the increase!
Hallelujah! Thank You for it, Father
And you shall do greater things!
Momentum for the Church
And they will line up and they shall come
And it will increase and it will move out
An alignment, a rearranging and changing

Pastor John Matthews prayed for our cities…

Thank You, Father, for our great cities
For all our municipalities, mayors, and city councils
Lord, we hold it all up to You
This is Your place, it belongs to Jesus
Thank You for all the people in our cities
Every place the name of Jesus is honored – all the churches
We know they are not all on with You but we thank You anyway for them
For the history, the heritage of generations past on whose shoulders we stand
Of people, Lord, who loved You and served You as best as they could
Thank You and we bless our city today in Jesus’ name
Not because the city deserves it but because You are the blessing God
And the power of Your blessing is more powerful than all the cursing
And all of the stubbornness against You
Invade every corner of every place in this city
Go into places where people don’t even want You there and are trying to hide from You
But there You are
And we bless all of the pastors, Lord, in Jesus’ name
We pray for those, Lord, who have resisted You somehow
That You would bring them to repentance or that You will remove them and raise up true shepherds, Lord, who will lead people right to Jesus
We apply the blood of Jesus over this city
Every business, every school, every police force, every entertainment place, every kind of activity going on
We honor the blood of Jesus over every religious place whether it be something of foreign religions, something in the name of Jesus
Greater is He that is within us than He that is in any dark religious place
You do not have authority in this city!
Every demonic power, every religious demon – you do not own this place
We pray for an invasion of the Gospel
Into every nationality, every unreligious and religious corner of our city in Jesus’ name
Angels all over the place
Loosing, watching, warring
We speak to all praying people in this great city area to rise up in the name of Jesus
To receive strength, to receive fresh anointing
To receive fresh baptism in the Holy Spirit
A fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit over this whole twin city area
Another move of God that goes through ever place
Fresh oil, Lord, new wine, fresh wind and fresh rain from heaven
Upon the dry places and upon those, Lord, who seem far away from You and don’t think they will ever darken the door of a church but You come right where they are
I pray You go into every drug den, every drinking place, every place that is immoral in natural
You go right in there and show, Lord, that You are a holy and righteous God full of compassion!
I pray in the name of Jesus that You would extract people, Lord, out of darkness and bring them into the light
Fill this place with new churches, Lord – alive and full of God
Divine favor over those that are planting
With every mayor, every planning commission
We plead the blood over all the obstacles that can confuse and stop the Church
But we say in the name of Jesus “Greater is He! Greater is the One!”
The authority of the Lord Jesus Christ invades every city council in this Twin Cities area
The Mayor’s offices, the city council, everybody that thinks they have authority
All authority has been given unto Jesus Christ
This city belong to Christ
This place is reserved for revival fire
Reserved as a stronghold for God
Not the stronghold of the enemy
Oh, precious blood of Jesus – thank You for Your mercy upon us as a city, Lord
We don’t deserve Your presence, Father
Our sin has probably piled up unto heaven but, Lord God, the blood of Christ is higher and stronger and wider
Oh let the precious blood of Jesus come like a flood in our great cities
Until people are falling on their knees right on the streets and calling on Your name
In the shopping centers, in the schools, in the jails, and in the entertainment places
No secret places from God in our city
Invasion of the Holy Ghost, invasion of angels, invasion of the Word of God and the name of Jesus everywhere!
In Jesus’ name (ha, ha, ha)

Pastor Ray shared…

First I heard this just while Pastor John was praying “Destruction in the city is being turned around into construction zones for Me,” saith the Lord. I actually smelled it. In the natural if you were to walk into a construction zone area, there are scents, smells that you could smell, metal, iron. That’s how that came to me. All of sudden I could smell construction and that’s what I heard. Thank You, Father.

Ms. Annie led us singing in the Spirit…

♪ Sounds of increase
It’s a march and it’s today
The Husbandman is waiting for the precious fruit of the earth
Oh the precious harvest of souls coming in
Precious, precious fruit
Harvesters we cry out to you, we cry out to you
So we supplicate, we supplicate to you
Send for laborers, Lord, into Your harvest field
Laborers they have yielded
Into Your harvest fields they go
The sickle is ready, the harvest is ripe
And the ax is already laid at the foot of the tree
They are coming to Me, coming to Me
Each one, each one for whom I died
Each one, each one for their souls I cried
My Father’s mercy, for them I died
With strong crying and tears, to You I cried
Those that You have given Father, I have not lost even one
Each one is covered with the precious blood of the Son
Each one is covered by the blood of the Son
Worthy, worthy are You Lord ♪

Continued praying…

Father, we watch over this land, soil, properties
We can see them by the Spirit
Built up like these lighthouses
We declare these plans clear, right
Speaking over every door of opportunity
Thank You that where there was no way You made the way
So there is a way today
Right into the new, we take a step of faith
Declare it full – thankful for it
We give thanks!

Ms. Annie led us singing “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart”

For the Lord is good and His mercy endureth forever!
Thank you for praying

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