Prayer Summary for Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ms. Annie led us in singing “Emmanuel, God with Us”…

Father, I pray that Your presence will continually be Emanuel
God with us, and God in us, and God through us
Today, these days that we are living in, we take our seat high up in heavenly places
And we watch over the earth, the Church
Your plans for Your people and for Your Church
The blood of Jesus over every member of the body of Christ today
Thank You for the power of the Cross
The activity of Your precious Holy Spirit working in and through us
Lifting and bringing us up out of and away from hindrances that would try to hold us back
Declaring today that we are free and walking in victory
As we lift and magnify You – King of Kings and Lord of lords
Emmanuel – God with us
The Great IAM, the Way Maker, Healer, Provider, our Strength
Thank You, thank You, thank You
Holy Spirit, manifest Yourself in these days in the earth in an even greater way
We are hungry in our hearts, opening them for more of You
Working in and around and out of us
Heaven’s activities through us as members of the Church
You are our strength, so we step into more of it
Your purpose, Your plans, Your steps
Not ours but Yours
You are leading us to see what You are showing us, revealing to us, what You have given us, the power in the blood and Your name, Jesus
We believe to see more of it
Holy, holy, holy are You
And all of the steps are Holy
This is holy ground because of You presence
You came as a child in a manger, a delivery for men and women and children all over the earth
That this earth might be saved
Doing things we can’t do, saying things we can’t say, going to places we didn’t know we could go
By faith we believe to go to those places
Delivered and free walking in victory
Thank You for Your written Word
Signs and wonderful things
Supernatural happenings and miracles
When they see it, they will come to the light
Moving into the great glorious Gospel light
Thank You, Lord
Thank You for Your great grace
The race You put in each one of us
Moving by Your presence into Your perfect will
You are holy, holy, holy

Ms. Annie led us in singing “You are Holy”

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