Prayer Summary for Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw something on Facebook this morning. One of the younger men that was in Go Ministry… Actually the one year before Go Ministry they moved up north they were in Morning Prayer every morning. So we had 45 to 50 younger people every morning that were always in here. And sometimes this young man, he was a worship leader, so he could sing or play. One time I remember I asked him to just worship the Lord and he went over to the corner of the Chapel up there, put his face toward the wall and just started worshiping the Lord. It was just melting because his whole attention was on Him.

Well later there was an accident. He was with Go Ministry at a church down south and there was an accident with an electrical box. Both Him and the Pastor of that church were set on fire really. They were burning. They put them out and put them in the hospital. The Pastor was in there for quite a while. Sandy and I went to their church, did the services and stayed at their house, that kind of thing. Well no one knew that this young man had some other sickness that was in his body. To make a long story short, ten years ago today he went home to be with the Lord.

Before he went, Pastor Mac called 3 or 4 of us to go to Tulsa, which is the hospital where he was, because of the seriousness of the matter. He sent us to pray for him. So, when we came up the elevator in the hospital to the waiting area, the waiting area was full. There were probably like 45 or 50 people in there and they were all there because of this young man. But when we walked off the elevator it was like walking into a spirit of death. It was like it just hit you in the face. First, I went back and met with his mother and his wife and went back and prayed over him and then returned to the waiting room. We had no sooner got there when they called his wife back and his mother back into the room and they said that he had left. So, they came back out a short time later. I was on the phone with Sandy. She said, “You know what. You are going to have to go back in there.” They had already said he was gone, you know. She said, “If you don’t do that, then you can never say you did everything you could do.”

I spoke to his wife. His wife didn’t want anything to do with it but his mother said yes. She said she would go back in there. We went back and we had to get an okay from the hospital because they already declared him dead. So they have things that they were starting to do. They asked if we could come back later. We said “no, we can’t.” So, we went in…

It’s just when I saw that post on Facebook because it had been ten years, I still see his face. You know, we did everything we could do. We laid hands on him. We prayed over him. I was with his mother. His mother was the one who was willing to go back and do everything she could do. Well, you know, he didn’t come back. But we knew we did what we could do. That seems sort of weak because we expected for him to not leave even though they had said he had left.

It’s just doing what we know to do based on what the Word says and just believing it and going for it.

Ms. Annie shared…

I want to share what happened when I was a baby Christian, basically. I just believed that what I was being taught and what the Word said. But we need to be that way always, don’t we? My children were toddlers and all of us moms that had toddlers in the church were super close and prayed together all the time. Well, I got a call that a little boy that was 5 months old had died of Crib Death. I just couldn’t believe it. I just was like “no!” So I dropped my kids off with a friend and I went straight to the hospital.

It was the same thing where you are sitting in a room and you have to make a decision. But I ended up demanding almost that the nurse would let me into the cooler. She unlocked the cooler room. Here I was in this freezing cold room with all these locked compartments. So, she unlocked this cooler and handed me this beautiful, perfect 5-month-old baby boy. He was so perfect in every way. That’s what hit me. Like you said, you still remember his face. I looked at him and realized how there was no reason for him to die except that the Devil is so cruel. So, I asked the nurse if I could be left alone with him and she said yes. She left and I got down and I was just demanding “Lord, You said!” But his little spirit didn’t come back in his body. And those are the kind of moments where you have to just decide, don’t you. You just decide the Word is true, that what Jesus said is true even when you don’t see, you don’t understand. You just decide.

One thing I was saying to Pastor Ray is you can look back on that and feel like you just had egg on your face or I just looked like a fool. But we were agreeing with what Sandy said. If you don’t at least act on what Jesus said then you can’t say “I did everything that He said to do.”

I just pray that as I become more and more further along in my walk with God that I won’t ever decide that I can’t do something like that just because one time or two times or five times or whatever. When you do what the Word said and you don’t see the result, it’s never that God isn’t true or His Word isn’t true. It’s just that there are things I think that we just are not accessing. Obviously, I wasn’t accessing things that God said I could access. So instead of being discouraged by that, we decide that we are going to press on until we apprehend Him who has apprehended us. Isn’t that right?

Ms. Jeani shared…

So last July, addiction took my sister and so the Lord showed us that we needed to go and pray over her and speak to her to take Jesus’ hand and come back, “Talitha koum,” which means “rise up little one!” And so when we got to the hospital, half of her brain was dead. Everyone else left the room and we spoke to her and took her hand and then everyone came back into the room. Worship music would always make her cry and so we all were in the room and we sang some worship music over her and a tear came out of each eye and then she went to be with Jesus. But just because the result wasn’t what we wanted, she will never be late again. I mean she is with God now. And the joy of pressing in to do what He said, the joy that you experience just to do what He said. And it is a press sometimes.

Ms. Annie shared…

I am thinking of that song by Chris Colella. He has written so many of the praise anthems right now. They have two little girls and they had a little boy last year and he died. And he wrote a song along these lines. It’s called “Miracles.” “I believe in You. You’re still the God that raises the dead.” But that came out of a true statement of faith because they prayed for his little boy to be raised from the dead and instead he is in heaven. “The One that made the blind to see is moving here in front of me. He is moving here in front of me. The One that made the deaf to hear He’s silencing my every fear. The One who put death in its place, He’s the God of miracles.” We just choose to believe that. Amen.

Pastor Ray shared…

I like how Pastor Mac made it clear on Sunday why he is praying for people to be healed in every service that he does. Sometimes you may be thinking, “well we are doing that in every service?” He explained why he is doing that and if you didn’t hear, if you weren’t in there… Sandy and I remember the service he was speaking about in Saint Paul when Brother Hagin was here years and years ago and prophesied over Pastor Mac. These are the things that were spoken, I am paraphrasing, “Signs and wonders, healings.” And I love that he said, “Well, Lord, we haven’t seen that yet.” But what he got from the Lord was “Give Me more opportunity.” Give Me more opportunities to do what I said I would do. That sort of goes along with what we are saying. And, of course, not everyone dies when we lay hands on them, okay. So we are not going down a negative road. But what we are saying is do what He tells us to do. He has told us, I believe it is a command, to lay hands on the sick and watch them recover.

And last week, a lady came in and she had never been in the chapel for prayer. She said she and her husband used to go here years and years ago but for whatever reason they were somewhere else. A week ago Tuesday, she woke up and pulled up the Living Word website and saw when prayer was so she came into the chapel. She received something that morning, something that was prayed, something that she had already been praying and already had been believing for. In the middle of the corporate setting, the Holy Spirit began to bring out that same thing to her. She knew when she woke up that morning that she was to be in Chapel, so she came. And then she said “By the way, you came to the hospital years ago and prayed for my husband. They had me sign papers because everything internally in his body was shutting down, it was over.” I don’t remember going there. I didn’t remember this lady. And she said when hands were laid on him, prayers were prayed, and then he began to change and his internal parts that were shutting down so much so that she had already signed papers to let him go, they turned around. He is still alive today. She just said it “Oh, by the way…” I am like “Hello!” Couldn’t you let us know? (ha, ha, ha). Hallelujah!

Brother Troy shared…

Back in 1981, I was in a car accident. I was in a coma for six weeks. I was paralyzed. The doctors didn’t know if I was going to live or die. My dad went into the hospital and said he couldn’t even recognize me as his son. I went through the windshield of the car; I broke nine bones in my body. I had to learn to walk and talk again. My right arm was totally out. They were going to put glasses on me but they didn’t. My right leg was broken in three places just below the knee. The bones were crushed and the doctors didn’t set them right. They were going to re-break my left leg and make my left leg shorter but they didn’t do that. God lengthened my right leg and my legs are about the same length now. Forty percent of my brain was destroyed because I went through the windshield and cracked up my skull. I have had plastic surgery twice. God has totally restored my memory. I don’t limp anymore. My right arm is completely healed. My eyes are healed. God has totally restored me! God is so good!

He is healing me all the time of different things. I used to have a bad back because my right leg was shorter, my whole body was thrown off but God has straightened everything out! God is a miracle worker. I am not bragging. Well, I am bragging on God. I am a walking, talking miracle. God is so good! How many people do you know that were in a coma and paralyzed that are totally normal. Okay, well maybe not totally normal (ha, ha, ha). But God is a healer! From lengthening legs, to backs, to arms, to brains, and this was all before I was Spirit filled. I was 16 years old and this is before anything. God was in my life. I knew about Him but that was about all.

But God, He had a plan for me. I have prayed with many thousands of people to receive Jesus. Not me, it’s God in me. I go out and say “Lord, lead me to the right person and give me the right words to say.” I walk up to a person and the next thing you know, a minute later I am praying with them to receive Jesus. That’s the best miracle that I could see, people receiving the Lord. God is just using a country boy from the north, six miles from the border of Canada. God is so good. He is using all of us today. I just wanted to share my miracle and what God has done. Praise the Lord.

Ms. Jeani responded…

Troy, will you stay here for a moment? So, you are a picture of the Church that was in a coma and paralyzed and now is a walking miracle and brings the presence of God everywhere you go. You are a sign and a wonder and a prophetic picture of the Church right now. And I am so thankful that you got up and shared because you are such a light all the time.

Pastor Ray responded…

I like that you said that too about thousands of people have been led to the Lord because you opened up your heart and yielded to Him and spoke forth what He had for you.

The devil is defeated
Not matter what it looked like, he is defeated

I just read this morning that Smith Wigglesworth woke up in the middle of the night and saw the Devil actually standing in his room. And so he said “Oh, it’s you” and turned over and went back to sleep (ha, ha, ha).

We serve the most powerful almighty beautiful God
The creator of the universe, Alpha and Omega
Precious Father, Lord

Ms. Annie led us singing “Abba, I Belong to You”

♪ Abba, I belong to You
You’re my Abba, I belong to You
You’re more real than the words on my tongue
You’re more real than the ground I am standing on
Your thoughts define me, You’re inside me
You’re my reality

Abba, I belong to You
You’re my Abba, I belong to You
You saw me coming down the prodigal road
You came running with a ring and a robe
Your grace is the collision on my way back home
To the arms of my Father, who won’t let go ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

In my spirit I have a picture of a clean slate for the children of the King of kings. In other words, whatever it was that happened before, whatever situations that came to pass yesterday, there is a clean slate for today and for tomorrow and for the times that are to come. And that by the power of the Holy Spirit through the blood that was shed upon that Cross we individually with the decisions and the words that we speak, we paint a picture for that future that it is to come. We declared what He says to declare. We say yes when He says what it is we are to do, or where we are to go, what He has us to say. It’s a clean way, a clean slate. The blood took care of yesterday but the blood has taken care of our tomorrows.. We are anointed.


We are above seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus
Anointed, we have been given the anointing
Thank You, Father, for a protection of the blood of Jesus over us
No weapon formed against us shall prosper
Walking out knowing the Devil has been defeated
In power and grace, covered in the grace
How can we not be lifted, strengthened
By faith, we get a picture of His ways for each one of us
Above and beyond what we can picture
We are a picture of health and wealth today
Prosperity spirit, soul, and body
Thank You for the Word, we can go over and eat every day
For the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit
Right now, here is this chapel, there is a Spirit of Faith
There is a lifting for each one of us if we will by faith receive it
We will never say “it’s too late, we are too old, it’s over and done”
We will always say we can do all things through You, Lord!
You are our strength – joy to pursue
Think about the slate that is clear and clean
We paint the picture because we know our God has a different way of seeing us
He knows us more than we know us
Because He has created us and made a way for us to fulfill every single day in what He has called us to do
By faith, we take Holy Spirit given strength right now
Nothing is too big, nothing is too small
We overcome by the precious Holy blood
We are able to do it in Him – thank You, Father
It’s better, it’s bigger, we are going further
We trust in You and there is a new show
And we are walking out into it, and the curtains are being pulled back
And the Holy Ghost is beginning to move in a new way
These are not the same old days, these will not be the same old ways
We have been called up, we have been called out
We take our place humbly before heaven
Thank You, Father

So we will step into the new, for there is more to do
And that dumanis, dynamite power from heaven is working in this hour
So we can say because You said it
When we lay hands on the sick they recover!
Whatever it is that is needed, details, understanding, wisdom, revelation, assignments, callings, decisions, ideas hallelujah!
No, we are not defeated
We are up and above and over

Pastor Paul shared…

You know there are atmospheres for healing. You can create them or you can find them. You find Jesus removing somebody from a city in order to create the atmosphere for healing. There was a man that had to be taken out of a city because that city was given to unbelief. And the Lord wanted to heal him spirit, soul, and body. So He took him out of the city into the outskirts of the city to minster to him. You also find in the scriptures people who had benefited from Dorcas’ ministry. They were lamenting her death. They sent for Peter who came into the house where a lot of people were crying. He had to create an atmosphere for healing. So he put them all out. You find Jesus also doing the same thing. He enters Jiarus’ house. He finds a lot of people crying, wailing. So He knew these people where not conducive for healing. He put them all out. You’ll have to recognize where there is an atmosphere for healing. And you will have to flow in that atmosphere for healing to produce the desired result. Sometimes you find yourself equipped to minister to the sick and the people in the house or the people around the place may not be on the same page. You have the authority to create the atmosphere for healing.

I am reminded of Smith Wigglesworth entering the house of a deranged little girl. And the parents obviously were accustomed to seeing this derangement. He entered the house and he had to create an atmosphere for healing. Sometimes the atmosphere for healing will demand you touch God instead of the circumstances. So he went straight into the Spirit of God to pull down what he believed to be true. And he brought that upon the atmosphere that was present there. Needless to say that girl fell asleep. She fell asleep for a long protracted period. When she woke up, she was totally sane.

The Word of God said God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul. So there are times when special miracles are on demand. And it takes the vessel who believes the scriptures to produce by that authority seeking God for the special miracles to bring that special miracle on the scene. We are never called to cave in to the circumstances at hand. We are called to change atmospheres, to make them submissive to the authority that is within you. In the hospital setting obviously that atmosphere is not really conducive for what we call the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of revelation, the spirit of healing and the working of miracles. Sometimes it will require you by the Spirit of God being dowsed by the Holy Ghost to prepare you to upset the atmosphere that is there. So when the Lord calls you to go to someplace to minister, you have to understand the premise, you have to understand the atmosphere, you have to understand the circumstances. And it behooves you and I to wait upon the Lord, to be directed by His Spirit, to be impregnated by His Spirit to go into that place to change the atmosphere. And many times it is not something that we do, it is something that we are clothed upon to do.

So like we are ministering by healing, there is an atmosphere for healing. The Spirit of God was present to heal. But if you don’t recognize the atmosphere, you may be a spectator instead of a participator. God doesn’t want us to spectate. You got to jump in. You have to recognize it and jump in and take what belongs to you. If you don’t, you will come to church, you will sit at church, you will hear the altar call, you will feel that something is changing, but you will be spectating. Right now the Spirit of God is present to heal. We have been glorifying the Lord. He is present. But you have to put a demand upon what He says belongs to you. Don’t be comfortable with your vices. You have to put a demand upon what He said belongs to you. When you put a demand upon it, you will not be denied. You will not be denied! No Devil can stand against the power of God. There is atmosphere right now.

Father, by the authority of Jesus’ Christ the head of the Church
Our Rock and our Deliverer, the God of comfort Who sends His Word and heals them and delivers them from all there destructions
In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus!
I curse that disease – come out of your body!
Some of them are stubborn, they want to stay there
I command you to loose her, come out of her body!
In the name of Jesus
You spirit of derangement, the Lord rebuke you!
Come out of his head in the name of Jesus
Pain in the knee, this is the end of it!
I speak to you ligaments, I command you to adjust
Right now, get out of there in Jesus’ name
Stubborn problems, require stubborn prayer
I am stubborn in the Spirit!
You cannot withstand the work of God
You cannot withstand the voice of God
I command you to get out of their bodies!
In the name of Jesus
Do something! Yes, do something!
I heard shoulder problem
In the name of Jesus, I command that shoulder to come back to normal!
Someone is dealing with yeast problem
Be normal in the name of Jesus
I heard carpal tunnel – problem with the hands
Thank You, Father, for adjusting that
Opening up the orifice for the nerves to flow freely through that hand
There will be no need for surgery, in the name of Jesus!
Father, I thank You for a re-creative miracles
I command that part of the body that is missing to be created in the name of Jesus!
Be strong and function normally
Father, these are the special miracles You spoke about
Glory to God!
No need to worry, don’t take a care

We cover every word that has been spoken in the blood of Jesus

Ms. Annie led us out singing “Thank You for the Blood”

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