Prayer Summary for Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A word came forth…

Sometimes right out before us, there are doors God has opened by His Spirit. But we have yet to catch up and get into the place or position to go through. But if we keep up the pace and stay in our race, we will be where we need to be when we need to be there. For as we pray, lift up, worship, praise the King and keep our feet walking, keep our voice speaking, we prepare the way to get there without even knowing where “there” is. But we know by the Spirit there is more out ahead, doors to go through, avenues to walk down, plans to fulfill. So, in our hearts, we are ready. We keep ourselves ready. We trust in help from heaven above. For the blood of the Lamb, the blood of Jesus has made a way. So, look up, saints, (ha, ha, ha). Trust up, saints, for help and direction have already been sent individually but also together as a company, a family that is called together to fulfill a specific plan. This church has a plan for prayer to prepare the way for other members and parts of the body to get there. Where? Out and through those doors of opportunity that have already been opened up. For the King of kings and the Lord of lords, help from heaven has already been transferred but in these days as days past we have been called to open up and yield with our hearts. For there is much, much greater, more to walk out and walk into. One door will open unto another but before you can get to the other, you must enter and go through that which He has prepared for you. Hallelujah.

So just by faith today, Lord, our trust is in You, our hope is in You. Maybe it will be different than what we thought it would be but it will be You. As we continually contend and look up from where that helps comes from. So the abundance, the provision for the finished part of the race, it’s already been sent, transferred. So, Church, let’s rise up, receive, believe it, and walk it out. It will ooze out of us if we yield again and again and again and again, day after day yielding to the power of the Holy Spirit from heaven above, revealing, showing, opening, and making a way for us. The light from heaven always dispels the darkness from hell. So, there will be a new show and showings and revelations that we did not know anything about but as we enter through that which He has prepared for me and you, we will see it. We will know it and we will walk it out. Hallelujah.


Right now I had this “Take strength to yourself”
By faith an impartation of strength to continually move forward
The only way to look back is to look back and see and say what He has done for you there
But not to go back but to look ahead
Thank You, Father, for the increase of Your strength through us
By Your Precious Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit, You are so welcome
We love You

Miracles, different kinds of events
Popping up, coming forth everyday
Momentum in the Church, strength through the Church
Empowering others to come up into the light
For there is a light, heaven’s light
There is a strength, an empowerment
It’s a possession, taking it, receiving it
But being free to give it out
Dispensers of the glorious light from heaven

It’s the ease of the blessing
The supernatural ease of the blessing that the Father has already commanded
We just yield to the ease to the blessing
That trains us, that strengthens, that opens the door and makes a way
That has already made a way
The supernatural ease of the blessing that separates us
It prepares and refreshes us
The blessing, the blessing, the blessing
Leaning into that thing which He commanded
He commanded the blessing – Selah
He used His authority to command the blessing
Father, who is God, our Father who is God
Used His authority to command the BLESSING!
And we just yield to that right now, this morning
Yield, lean in, be saturated with the blessing that trains us
Causes us to repent and see things differently
Causes us to repent and operate differently and relate differently
We just yield to it and let ourselves be saturated with it
It makes us healthy, wealthy, wise
It causes us to take dominion just by yielding to it
And the earth rejoices!
The earth cries out for it!
With the commanded blessing of the Lord Most High
His name that is above every name, it has always been above every name
You accomplished it and finished it all for us!
We yield to the finished work of the blessing!
Holy Spirit, we open wide the gates of our hearts – King of glory come in!
Let the train of Your robe fill our temples
The temples of God who we are – fill us!
Come in where we live, saturate us, Holy Spirit
Supernatural ways of the Most High that causes us to shine!
A city on a hill – we are the answer and we rest in it, we move in it, speak and do in it
The commanded blessing of the Most High
In whose image we are already made

The following prophecy was given by Lynne Hammond on March 9, 1995:

Now, you must let the wind of God blow. You must turn your face into the wind where the breath of God is sweeter and where His brightest glory shines. Let us sing that now. Just open your heart to God and really mean that when you sing it. (Spirit of the Living God)

It’s Your presence, Lord. It has always been, Father, Your presence that we have sought and yearned for in our spirits, because, Lord, You have created us that way. When we were born again, the very breath of God that recreated us in Christ Jesus, when that breath was breathed upon us, there was a presence that came with that breath and because of that presence You made us to still yearn for it and so our spirit man, it does, it does cry out to God for it. Jesus, Jesus. Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh and renew us. Revive us, O Lord. Revive us through Your plan and Your will, Lord. (Tongues) Oh, Lord. Fill us, Lord, and then use us, Father, because that was always Your great plan, Father God. That was it right there. That we would be melted in Your presence and we would be molded by Your touch and by Your hand, that we would be so filled with You, Lord. And that we would move out in Your great plan. That was it, Lord, all along. Thank You, Lord Jesus. (Tongues)

For have I not spoken unto you plainly, year after year, as My own children? Jesus. That the very inheritance of Mine, My very inheritance is in you and it is nothing less than the Spirit of Christ. God, (tongues) oh, the Spirit of Christ coming to live in His fullness. Coming to live in His completeness, so that He would be manifest to the world. Jesus. The Father’s inheritance shining through You because You have become single-minded to His glory and because You were void of offense.

Did I not tell you, has it not been written, and you have heard with your ears and know in your heart that you are written epistles to be read by men that even when they didn’t know and the wondering ones that never heard the Word preached or never seen it on written paper before? But they would see you and He would read Me and they would see the Living Christ loosed. And they made free.

And did you not know and did you not read and did you not see when I spoke to Ephesus who stood on the highest pinnacle of knowledge of their day? And I gave them prayers to pray. And those prayers at that hour that they were prayed were registered in Heaven. And those prayers spoke of the hope of your calling and of My inheritance in you. Did you not know who, saith the Lord, that as much as you have inherited the cross, as much as you have inherited redemption in all of its works, as much as you have inherited healing and salvation and prosperity, did you not know that now you have inherited places to walk in? Access to my courts? Jesus. Oh, Lord. And all that I have belongs to you.

So whatever shackle or whatever prison would try and hold you and bind you. Whatever tomb of life would try to hold you like it tried to hold Lazarus in a death realm, it could be shaken off right now if you look unto Me. Because you are a part of a very great move, and soon you will realize that you are in such cooperation with Me. Soon you are going to realize that this is a plan much bigger than thee and this, saith the Lord, is not an organization but this is a living, moving organism of God and it has come in the person of Jesus. Hallelujah.

For you know, I don’t have any hands, except your hands. I don’t have a voice except your voice. Jesus. And I don’t have feet except your feet, that is why I said how beautiful they were for you are My body in action. Hallelujah, Jesus. I can hear a ringing in glory now. I hear a ringing of Heaven today and there the Spirit of the Lord would say the cross came out of mocking and jeering and sneering and a sip of vinegar and thorns upon a brow, but Pentecost came with a very great cry and I hear the cry and the cry was, it is finished, it is finished, it is finished rings in all of Heaven. It is finished and so now that it is finished, rise in the resurrection power, rise in the mark of the Holy Ghost, rise in the catch of My power and go forth to an inhabited world. Thank You, Father. Glory. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

A scripture is coming to me. Hallelujah. This is a different prayer meeting. Father, I am praying now that You would grant us a spirit of wisdom and of revelation, of insight into the mysteries, the secrets and deep intimate knowledge of You. Oh God, You open our eyes, the eyes of our heart and You flood it, Lord, with light so that we can really know and we can really understand the hope, the hope in You, the hope in You. The hope that is in You which You have called us to and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints. He has set-apart ones so that we can know and we can understand what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of Your power in and for us who believe as demonstrated in the working of His mighty strength which He exerted in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His own right hand in Heavenly places far above. All rule and power and dominion in every name that is named. Above every title that can be conferred not only in this age and in the world, but also in the age in the world which is to come and that you, O Lord, through Jesus, has put all things under His feet and You have appointed Him the universal and supreme head of the Church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all for in that body lives the full measure of Him who makes everything complete and who fills everything, everywhere with Himself. Hallelujah.

And you were put in the earth today to be a fruitful position in God. If you would say, “What is my calling? What am I called to do?” Bear fruit, herein is the Father glorified. For you see, I love to take weak frailty and manifest Myself to them and make an oracle of Myself.

Stop, stop questioning your position. Stop wondering for the disciples you know, they were flesh just like you, yet I, saith the Lord, joined them to Myself. Impulsive Peter, what a different spirit. Peculiar Thomas, with His defiant ways. I loved it, saith the Lord. I loved it. I loved for Heaven to touch them. I loved to be the Potter with the clay. I loved it because one touch of the Master changes everything. One touch of the Master. One touch of resurrection power changes it all.

And so it is that you are marked by Me and you have been marked all along for a time you see and so the hour has come. Glory. So Jesus, you be Jesus in us. Father, help us to so decrease that You, O God can increase. You are the resurrection power, and I believe with all of my heart that You are filling us this hour. Thank you, Father. Jesus, be Jesus in me. Don’t let it any longer be me, but just You Lord, just You, just You, O God. Resurrection power. (Song – Jesus be Jesus)

Continued praying…

Thank You for the divine influence
Supernatural help and direction
For all of Your body this day – lifting it before heaven
Children Your children, Lord
We would know what You have called each one of us to
The vision You placed in each one of us and walk it out
Taking steps not even knowing the plan
Holy Spirit, You are so welcome, so welcome
Answers, answers opening up our minds and bodies to You
Write the story You have written
Take every step all the way to the end of the plan
Master, Master, Lord of Lords, King of Kings
We walk around those answers, they are solutions
They are actually mysteries that are being revealed unto to the Church right now
Some things were broken and busted but they shall be restored sayeth the Lord
These are days of restoration
For My children to rise up and take their position of power and grace
And unfolding, a renewing, It’s a revealing
It’s opening up things that needed to be opened up
It’s a divine revelation – insight into those mysteries
That we’ve been given a part to pray out
Mysteries to be yet revealed, uncovered and opened for the days we are living in
Not to so much blend in but to stand out and be bright
Stand up and be bright!

Every moment, we are new
We were already made whole
Revelation upon revelation
Glory to glory to glory from faith to faith to faith
We move, we move, we go forward
Thank You, Father, for the power of Your anointing operating through the Church
Preparing for greater days and higher ways – preparing
Father, we pray and Lift up this Friday
Where there will be different streams of ministry
Men and women from different backgrounds, and churches
Coming together here in this sanctuary
We know it’s preparation for the things that are to come
The lost, for the lost must come in
They must know and they must hear
Praying over everyone that would bring a supply in that meeting
An abundance of revelation – how, when, what, where
To reach the lost – what needs to be done will be done
For the souls and the laborers that will go forth
For training, Father
Revelation between one another
One call, one plan, one body

The voice of many waters makes a sound
Each one is an instrument and My wind will blow through them
Making a sound – the voice of many waters
Each one of them, each stream
They will come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves
Aaaaahhhh! REJOICE!
Now… right now!
Refreshing, we receive it

So follow after the Spirit and not after the flesh
For the Holy Spirit to flow out
Yes we call that Holy, the Holy place
Yes moving out into that place. Ohhh,
It’s easy, it’s an easy flow a deliberate flow

Pastor Ray shared…

Hallelujah. You know the first part of this prophecy says “Now, you must let the wind of God blow.” Now that is personal. “You must turn your face into the wind where the breath of God is sweater and where His brightest glory shines.”

We open up our hearts to it
Turning our face toward heaven
Knowing that Your wind is blowing
We know the blood was shed
We know about the oil, the anointing
The fire, we take fresh fire this morning
We receive the wind of the Spirit to burn brighter again
More and more and more, hallelujah

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