Prayer Summary for Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ms. Sharon led us in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I just keep hearing, I heard it in the night too, “Selah, Selah, Selah, Selah” for the words that we’ve heard, for the plans that have been uncovered and revealed, for the revelation of the Word revealed unto each heart that has heard that has been lifting and lifting and lifting and lifting the body to its place of operation in these days and in this place, Selah, Selah, Selah. For the deposits of the words that have been placed in parts will begin to cause a fresh new start like fuel for an engine or fuel for a car plane or a train or plane to move it where it’s destined to move to—up and over, through and into new days, new operations getting the Church prepared for its final destination. Hallelujah, Thank You, Father

I want to give you just a short testimony from last night. You know a lot of times different ministers will come and they have an anointing for specific revelation on the Word. We know with Andrew Wommack definitely there is a revelation he has been dispensing by the Spirit on grace. A lot of times there are things going on that even the minister maybe isn’t aware of. It’s by the Holy Ghost in an assembly, where the church is assembled together in one accord in receptivity to the words being spoken. Well Sandy yesterday afternoon she was working in the bookstore and she had some pain in her back. She said she came in the back of the sanctuary and the pain was so strong that she questioned whether she should even come in. She just decided before Andrew was preaching that she was just going to just act like she was healed and that’s it. So she came into the service and by the time she left the service and she recognized it during the service all the pain was gone and it was still gone when we got home. I love it because the anointing knows who we are and what we need. It’s through the ministry of the Word. He didn’t really have a call for backs and he didn’t declare things like that but the Word was made clear. Then the Word by the anointing does the work. What do we do? We receive it (ha, ha, ha). Hallelujah. That’s a good testimony.

Ms. Sharon shared…

May I give one? It was just generally in the natural a lousy day yesterday. It was like even my hair hurt; everything hurt. So Gene called me and said “Are you ready?” I said “I am not going.” Normally Gene is tender and merciful and gracious. He was not last night. He said “You are going. I will be there to pick you up. You will be ready. You are going in. You are going.” Sometimes I can beguile, I can cajole, I can squirm my way out of things but no squirming, beguiling, cajoling, or whining moved him. He was not moved. I haven’t slept more than an hour and a half straight for many weeks. So the service was just wonderful. You know you can just bathe in His presence. If you didn’t hear anything he said but just what he carries is you know such a supply. So, Gene and I hadn’t had time to really eat. So after the service, we stopped at McDonalds and had a bite to eat. So we went home and turned on FOX. We were watching the remnants or relic of the day and the last thing I remember is waking up at 3 a.m. and I was awake briefly and went back to sleep and slept until 6:45 a.m. The first real rest I have had in I don’t know how long. God is good isn’t He?

Pastor Ray shared…

I love it. Thank You, Lord. I was thinking about what you said. Maybe for us to get everything in one service like that, to get it all, we would have to watch it about 10 times because it’s a download. Well thank God our spirit can receive things that our minds maybe don’t but just the bigness and the fullness I just sense it in my spirit, it’s supercharged. In the night I woke up maybe 3 a.m. and without speaking it out I had a word for a friend of mine in France, just in the middle of the night out of the overflow of the anointing we received. And it’s not just in one service. We receive it always when the anointing is flowing. So we are not just lifting up a man and he would be the first one to say that but I am super grateful. Pastor Lynne after the service last night said that she believed he came at the right time, in the right season for the church to stand up. You know we pray that all the time.

I have this older book by Lester Sumrall. He also knew about the authority and dominion. Remember when he would have so many different stories where the Devil would, you know, shake his bed somewhere in a foreign land, shake it and move it around the room and he would just command the Devil to “move it back.” You know “Move it back.” (ha, ha, ha,) I like this little story and it goes along with everything that we have been being stirred up about. First of all Hosea 4 says you know My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. But without knowledge, we just can’t possess the authority or dominion that we really have. So this is a little story he told.

The following excerpt was from Lester Sumrall:

Suppose someone kidnaps a king’s only son, the crown prince of the realm. Later the child is abandoned. A beggar finds and adopts the boy having no idea of his identity. Now the child of the king eats beggars refuse, clothes himself in filthy rags and begs from house to house. But suppose the king knows that the young prince knows him by a birthmark. The father never gives up. He keeps searching for his son. One day the king hears that a child resembling his son lives in a distant city with a beggar. Arriving at the beggar’s hovel, the king examines the child and finds him to be his son. The crown prince is washed and groomed and is given a robe, a ring, and place of authority in the kingdom. Although he was the son of the king, the crown prince had lived for years like a beggar because he didn’t know who he was. He did not know his position or his dominion.

Many Christians today are like that prince. They belong to Christ. They are sons of God, yet the Devil keeps them in ignorance so that they will not realize their divine right or dominion. Once they understand the basis of their dominion in Christ, they live a new life attendant with power and victories.

It’s imperative that we know that we know that we know. That’s what I felt like. Like a lot of Andrew’s messages speaking to our knowers and sometimes we have to keep hearing it over and over and more and more. Not that Pastor Mac has never preached this but Andrew has a different anointing to preach it. Okay, so Lester Sumrall had four short points about authority or dominion.

1. The Devil is subject to the believer’s faith and he cannot overcome it.
2. The Devil is subject to the believer’s authority and he must submit to it.
3. The Devil is subject to the believer’s rights and he can’t take them away.
4. The Devil is subject to the words a believer speaks and he must obey. If a believer tells the Devil to go, he must go.

I believe in agreement with you Ms. Sharon that that sleep was not just for last night but that is a change in direction, a turnaround or let’s just call it a paradigm shift. A shift in your body, a shift in your sleep patterns, a shift by the anointing of the Holy Ghost in a gathering, a company of believers gathered together in one accord where the anointing was flowing. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father. We agree with you for that in Jesus’ name, sweet sleep every night, sweet sleep, long sleep in Jesus’ name. We all need that. Don’t you hate it if you can’t sleep? Especially the next day.

Thank You for Your authority, the presence of Your anointing in each one of us
What we say counts, what we say moves, what we say changes and rearranges because You have given us the authority, Lord
Thank You for the written Word, for Your precious Holy Spirit given word

Ms. Sharon led us in worship…

Continued praying…

Moving up and moving out
Rising up into the new – hallelujah
Each one, every child of God, the Church revived and made new
Steps upward, reaching forward ahead
Strength, joy in the body!
Joy in the bodies – open, open, open
Mighty, mighty in battle
We are strong in the Lord, in Lord – His Strength
We take place!
Resources coming!
Pressing on over into the new!
It the sound of victory, victory
There is breakthrough in that sound
All the way through there
Breaking and loosing in the sound
Chains are breaking, hindrances are breaking up
There are more with us than against us – we see it with our eyes
The sound of rain, the sound of rain
We see, we see, greater is He!
Somewhere, somebody is waking up out of a coma in Jesus’ name
Because of a sound from heaven
Totally healed, healthy, and restored
Waking, waking, walking some plans
It’s a sound, it’s a sound of victory
Victory, victory, victory it’s a sound of victory
Released, released, released
A better place, a better place (ha, ha, ha)

Before I had something we prayed. I saw something about moving that line. I saw something else about it. Get ready. Somebody is moving into a new house. Just expect it. If it’s what you need, it’s already been built and it’s already been provided, heaven sent. A new place, a new place, a new place, a new place, we list that up. New places, spiritual places but natural places too. The supply from heaven! Ooooohhhhh!!!
A better place, a better place!
The desire of your heart
In a fresh new start

Ms. Sharon shared…

Imagine the walls of Jericho coming down with a sound of a shout. What comes down in our lives at the sound of our shout? Being set free by a shout of deliverance, a shout of triumph, a shout of victory, a shout of receiving.

Continued praying…

Hallelujah, by the Spirit we shout victory, victory!
Moving to a new place
Filled with glory and grace
Everything provided for
Ooohhh even a new door (ha, ha, ha)
Ah deeds, I don’t know I had that before
“Deeds being signed over”
Here is the deed, bang, stamp approval (ha, ha, ha)
Got it! In Jesus’ name

Ms. Sharon led us singing…

Thank You, thank You, Jesus. You’re are so good to me
Thank You, thank You, Jesus. You’re are so good to me
Thank You, thank You, Jesus. You’re are so good to me
Thank You, thank You, Jesus. You’re are so good to me

Continued praying…

Aaaaahhhhhhh, Selah
I even heard a little Opah! in my tongues
If I had a plate I’d throw it and break it (ha, ha, ha)


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