Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jerre led in worship and prayed…

Thank You, Father, that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. And we have been made righteous by the blood of the Lamb. So we’ve come today to pray effectually, to pray the Word of God and to lift up Your name in this place, to pray by Your Spirit the truth of Your love. And, Father, we purpose in our hearts to be fervent today. We stir up the gift on the inside of us. Fervent prayers, Father. Thank You that we are fervent, effectual pray-ers.

Pastor Ray shared…

We’ve been here in this area for over 30 years. From the very beginning, we’ve been privileged to yield to the Holy Spirit in prayer and we’ve done it over and over and over, week after week, month after month, year after year. And as a result, we have learned some things. We know some things. However, every time we come before Him, it’s a new time.

Erika shared…

It’s all by faith. Every time we come here before His presence, it’s by faith. It’s by the faith of Him. It’s by faith that we can believe that He is to us what He said He would be to us. That He would lead and guide us and reveal and transmit the things of the Father to us. But it’s by faith. Think of it. That means everything the Church is doing, going to do, going to finish, we’re going to do it by faith. We’re going to finish strong in faith. The Church is going to be glorious by faith. He is causing us to will and to do and He is perfecting us. His glory will be seen and it’s all by faith. So there’s going to be an increase in faith in the body of Christ. You think you got enough? Wrong. Increase. That our faith would grow exceedingly. Individually and collectively with the measure that each one supplies and brings to the collective body. A strong measure of faith, a supply that enables her to accomplish and walk out the mysteries of God. You can shout right now that we’re going to grow in faith because the body is going from one degree of glory to another.

Pastor Ray continued…

From one degree of glory to another degree of glory to another room to another greater responsibility, you might say, walking out new territories by faith.

Erika interjected…

He’s not going to give you anymore until you use what He’s already given you. So you use it by faith. You move in faith. You grow in faith and grace, and He’ll give you more. And that’s what He wants for the Church of the living God.

Pastor Ray continued…

Prayer is not boring. Prayer is not drudgery. Prayer is a joy, but it is by faith. I opened this older book that I had and there was a lot about Minneapolis that I didn’t know about. There are some things that have been declared over this city, way back. And these things have to come to pass. We’re not going in the wrong direction. We’re going in the right direction, according to the Word, and by faith. And we’re anointed. I’m anointed. You’re anointed. We’re anointed to do it.

I flipped this open and I don’t know when this was from but it was in here and I wrote down in my notebook, “getting from where we are right now” like from point A to point Z, just how we’re going to get there. When I read this, I kind of remembered this but this is how the Holy Spirit said it. “If we’re walking down the road, which we are, and we see defeat, that’s not Me,” saith the Lord. “If you’re walking down the road, down the pathway of life and you see sickness coming upon thee, that’s not Me,” saith the Lord. “Take a step back into Me and use the blood of Jesus liberally and you will see what was before called defeat—EXIT! Get Out! Defeat, get out. And you’ll see yourself walking in victory. That’s His plan. So as you step out further into the pathways of life into different situations for families, ministries, jobs, for the things I’ve called you to, begin to check your vision. Not natural vision, but spirit vision, and begin to see it the way I said it would be and see me in that activity by My Spirit correcting, changing, rearranging, opening, closing whatever it is that is necessary for 100% victory in you. That is Me,” saith the Lord.

Isn’t that right? In John 14:16 when Jesus was talking to the disciples and was about to leave, He said, “I’ll ask the Father and He’ll give you another comforter.” The Amplified Bible says He’ll give you another “counselor, helper, intercessor, advocate, strengthener, and standby.” A standby. Yes. “That He may remain with you forever!” So the anointing and the anointed One stays with us forever. Anointing or anointed as described in the Bible can be defined as “God on flesh doing things that flesh cannot do.” I love that. It’s not us. The anointing will cause us to do and say things and go places where we never would otherwise go. It’s God doing those things that only He can do and doing them through a flesh and blood earthly vessel. That’s me and you. To be anointed by God is to be empowered by Him for the task or position He’s called you to. In Him, there is an anointing for everything we’re called to do. I don’t care what it is or how big or small it is, there is an anointing in us to do it. So we’re moving from A to Z, somewhere along there. I think we’re closer to Z than we are to A, don’t you agree?

A word came forth…

Along this way and along this road, He will show, He will show, He will show and you will know. Knowing by the Spirit which way to go, which way you should sow. There is sowing along the way. There is reaping too. But you must follow closely and He will speak to you and through you.

So, Father, we thank You that You have given us everything we need in this life where we as a church are closer to Z than to A. Father, we’re trusting You that You will see us through. But we say what You say. You say I’ve anointed you. You say I’ve healed you. You say I’ve delivered you. You say I’ve prospered you. So thank You for that anointing to say the things that you say, declaring, speaking, saying, praying, commanding and demanding that which you’ve already said. So we thank You for the hearing ear and the seeing eye—You have created both in the body of Christ. We are walking more carefully, more accurately, more closely, more circumspectly before You in this day.


What to pray and what to say
Supernatural aid and assistance
Body parts standing and growing up
Prospering—spirit, soul, and body
Producing abundant fruit all around
The reign of Your Spirit—it’s all of You and none of us—we simply respond to You and Your Word
We hear and obey
We do the works of the Father
Alignment and conforming to His image and likeness
There is soundness in the body
Equipment and anointing
There are time-released anointings for this day and hour
Grace for that and for that
Go and release that anointing!
Boldness and courage—it’s not you but it’s by His Spirit
Taking the blinders off, casting off the chains and come into the light and freedom
Breathe of My Spirit
There’s a shift now, a shift in your thinking, in your faith, in your perceiving and understanding
A shift in your talk, in your walk, in your execution, in the implementation
Increase in unity, in abundance, in a greater talk
Going to places we’ve never gone to before
We practice the presence and press into the great unknown
Up and over and through barriers and limitations set up by men and into the limitless realms of God
There is increase in the combinations and operations and manifestations and functioning of the body
No longer tolerating stubborn demonic influences that would hinder you
In the name of Jesus, no longer
A righteous indignation and holy fire of God
A holy white hot fire!
Pushing out the boundaries—no limits!
It does avail much and it does bring about change
An imminent step, a precious step, a powerful step

A word came forth…

You must not blend in. You must not blend in. I have separated you and called you to Myself. I’ve called you out from among them. I’ve called you My chosen, My special ones with distinguishing marks. Recognized and acknowledging that which has been given. Acknowledging that which has been granted.

Another word came forth…

That’s you! That’s God’s gift in you. His call in you. His plans for you. His operation in and through you. It’s you! But it’s Him in you. Individual parts of the body coming closer than ever… that’s the way I see it. Closer than ever before. It seemed like there were cracks along the way, like there had been some dissension and disputing, some kind of puffing up. But humility before the Father and a greater yielding to the power of the Holy Ghost will come. Yield and yield some more for the Holy Spirit’s ways have been designed to take you in a new way. Many have gone on the same road year after year after year but by the Spirit, that sign saying “Yield Unto Me” is getting bigger and bigger in these days. For there are new territories that My Church must walk out. Let go of the past and look ahead to the new. Money. It’s been provided. It’s a help. Broken things, be healed up now in Jesus’ name. That’s restoration. That is the restoration power from heaven. Be restored! You’ve been restored. You’ve been healed. You’ve been restored. You’ve been given a plan. You’ve been given a blueprint internally concerning territory and lands and people, wealth, prosperity of every kind. It’s all in the plan. God’s plan and will. Ask Him and He will show. Ask Him and you shall know. Ask Him and you will flow. Better His strength than what strength we can muster up. Better His steps than the ones we would take.

I hear a wind. I can hear it out of my right ear, a wind. It isn’t a natural kind of sound. It’s kind of a roaring wind. I believe and we agree that the wind of the Spirit is blowing through you and me to bring about these changes for the body of Christ that must come. We watch and expect and receive. We become witnesses and observe what the Spirit of God is doing. And the message shall go forth and the words shall bring about great effects when that wind is yielding to again and again and again. A freshness. A restoration, being made whole. Peace that passes understanding. No fear here. This place is free from fear. There’s no room or place for fear. Only faith.

The Church must move forward and get into the march, a march of victory. We’ll pray over March in Jesus’ name! March 2016. Men and women filled with the Spirit. We believe we’ll get everything we need for the month of March, for the church to rise up and call these things forth! By the blood of the Lamb and in His name, Jesus, many changes come in March. But we’re using the blood and we apply the blood over positions of authority in the Church to know what to do in March. We call those things that be not as though they were in Jesus’ name. We command a calming down. Other things, we command a stirring.

Jerre shared…

I see the Church marching and I see them marching in white robes. But the Father and the Holy Spirit must reveal to them that they even have a white robe. So, Lord, we just lift up the body of Christ and we ask for You to pour out revelation upon them, to know who they are in You. To know that they’ve been clothed in a white robe from on high. Open their eyes, ears, and hearts. Tell them to put their white robes on, signifying everything that You have done for them. Everything that You have created for them. Reveal, reveal, reveal!

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