Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jerre sang worship song about Jerusalem…

As the mountains are around Jerusalem, Lord, You’re all around Your people. From this time forth and forevermore, Lord, You’re all around Your people. (Ps 125:2)

Jerre shared…

I remember being on a tour bus in Israel driving through the mountains and this song was stirring in my heart. Mary and I were talking about how we used to sing this song years ago as a confession of the everlasting covenant and for the people of Israel. We didn’t even really know exactly what we were singing but the Holy Ghost knew. We didn’t have John Hagee who could explain so clearly what that song was about, but the Holy Ghost was so faithful to bring this up and these songs and confessions of the covenant and our stand with Israel.

Pastor Ray shared…

We probably sang that song 30 years ago. Those words are so relevant to today for us. When you were singing, I was thinking, “Yes, Lord, all around the people. The land of Israel, the Jewish people.” But then for us here today in the same way that covenant, that connection … It’s so good. You’re so good, Lord, so faithful. We rest in You. We’re blessed in the rest with You. Touch us. Fill us even more today. We know there is a lot more in store. We know there are a lot more steps to walk and plans to be carried out, details to be revealed. Hidden things uncovered. Thank You! You’re so good and Your mercy endures forever.

After worshiping, Pastor Ray shared…

I see that word “good.” So good. That the goodness of God goes before us. Just like His favor does too. The goodness of the Lord makes a way… steps right now and for the future days that are to come. The goodness of God almighty opening that up. Trusting by faith, we walk into it. Not so much blending in to the world’s ways but even sometimes blasting through into the new goodness of God for these days. There is something about that, that we declare the goodness of God. Today the goodness, we declare there. Where? Israel!

Continued to worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

Ms. Jerre, when you started speaking about tour buses in Israel, this thought came to me. It’s one thing to study about Israel, know about Israel, support Israel, and then it’s another thing to put your feet on the soil and be in “those” places like the Dead Sea or wherever… There are so many holy places. The tours that I was on, we’d get on the bus and confess Psalm 91. We’d take our Bibles on the trips because we’re actually “walking in the Bible.” So we’d declare Psalm 91 every day for protection and direction. One day we were on the steps of the temple and our Jewish guide sang one of the Psalms of ascent all the way up the steps. It was so moving. She sang that song of ascent out of her heart up the steps of the temple just like it would have happened. We had that same tour guide the last time Sandy and I went. You connect with each other. It just reminded me of how His goodness makes you happy. On the drive, we were going maybe 60 mph and it’s a mixed group of people, different churches from all over the country. Some maybe not even from the U.S. A spirit of laughter came on the bus and we started laughing uncontrollably and the driver and the tour guide didn’t know what was going on. They couldn’t figure out “what is with these people!” And it wasn’t just like—“ha ha ha ha…” It was almost like rolling in the aisles kind of laughter. It overcame the whole bus and they didn’t know what to do so the driver actually pulled the bus over, out in the middle of nowhere to let the Christians calm down, I guess. It was such a unique thing how the joy of the Lord just kind of swooped in and we’re in “the land.” We’re there! We went to many holy and beautiful places where you wouldn’t be laughing, you’d probably be crying it’s so beautiful and precious.

Jerre shared…

We had a similar thing happen. It wasn’t as spontaneous but our guide, Jacob, kept saying, “Sing that little song that you do.” It was a song that we sang in children’s church: “seated with Him in heavenly places, He who sits in the heavens laughs.” And then we would laugh. But he would request that over and over as we went from day to day. “Do that one again.” I think that the way they live over there… We’ve talked to them and sometimes they’ve had to go to their basements and live in plastic tents for weeks on end to keep protected from the chemical bombings. Their children having to wear gas masks. So they hunger for joy. I think it refreshed his spirit because he kept asking for that song. It’s a scripture: “He who sits in the heavens laughs at the mere plots of puny men.” (Ps. 2:4) I think that’s the NIV. He laughs because He knows the outcome. I’m reminded of that place where it says “come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord to the house of our God and we will learn of His ways and He will teach us His ways and He will break the swords and turn them into pruning hooks.” There is such a hope in that where He causes wars to cease to the ends of the earth. We can say, “God, You have the plan and You will have Your way. And the enemy will be as a footstool under the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Rolling over every care and watching out there everywhere
Running the race—assignments, calls, gifts—bringing them forth and revealing what they are and what they should do
Putting them in their places, Lord
You set them in those places
You will not be mocked, Lord
You show Yourself strong, Father
Reaching out and taking it by faith—pushing out even further
Calling those things that are not as though they were
We will not be moved because You are not moved
Let’s watch the Church walk, increase, and move forward
Not drawing back but pressing on
There are rooms to go and plans to unfold, steps to take
Calling forth the victories of God
There’s a way to go… greater and greater
Run, run, run the race
The light is getting brighter
It uncovers the evil when it shines on those evil plans
Uncovered and shown for what they are… uncover it
That’s change, that’s rearranging
Turning to the light
Your light dispels those evil plans
They come to naught because of Your light
Glorious gospel, good news light

Ray shared…

It’s like walls being removed and doors being opened, ways being cleared up for the bright light from heaven.

Prayer for Israel’s leaders…

Father, according to Your Word it says to pray first for those in authority and so we’re asking You to strengthen them, every person in authority in Israel. Strengthen them in their inner man, in Jesus’ name. Divine strength. Not near human strength but divine strength. For all those in authority… Father, You said to ask for wisdom and You would grant it. So we’re asking for divine wisdom for every single person in authority in Israel. Wisdom from heaven.
Open, open, open
Wisdom flowing freely from heaven
Divine strength to carry it forth
A spirit of obedience and divine protection
For their families too
You have not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind
We ask You for that now to be within those in authority there, Father
That their steps would be divine and ordered by You, a great knowing
That righteousness and justice would prevail
The plan from heaven would be fulfilled
We plead the blood of Jesus over it
It will accomplish what You desire
Minister grace and peace to them
Those on the front lines of authority
In all those things and plans, all of it… all those plans would prevail, Lord
The covenant is sure
We undergird them… lifting them
That they would know that there is a great undergirding of prayer
Cause their enemies to flee
The fear is turned
A great arising in the people of authority
The tide of fear will turn
You sowed it, you will reap it
A great arising

Ended prayer with song…

As the mountains are around Jerusalem, Lord, You’re all around Your people. From this time forth and forevermore, Lord, You’re all around Your people. (Ps 125:2)

It’s not just a song, but a declaration in prayer.

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