Prayer Summary for May 31

Ms. Annie shared…

I saw an interesting license plate just as I turned off to come to Church. It said “Be Peace.” I have never seen one of those before. I wondered, Lord, are you trying to tell me something? (ha, ha ,ha) But then I thought there is no way that I can be peace. I can only be in Him because He is peace. But I thought I am in Him and He is peace… So thank You, Lord. Oh peace, Lord, peace. The peace that comes from being whole, nothing missing, nothing broken, shalom.

Ms. Annie led us in singing “Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace”

We receive the touch of peace that passes all understanding in our spirit, we do. But that works outward, internally, all throughout, minds, bodies touched with the peace that passes all understanding. The comfort of the Holy Spirit… thank You, thank You, like a blanket covering us with supernatural peace. Thank You for it. Hallelujah.

The following excerpt was taken from The Sixth Sense by John Osteen:

(Of course the body has 5 sense, sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch and with these natural senses we contact the physical word but there is another sense. When we started to worship Him like that, sing about His peace, that’s how I saw it. We receive it in our spirits but it works outward.)

Surely if God has given the physical body five senses to contact and function in the material world then He has given the spirit man made alive with the life of all mighty God some sort of sense to function in the spiritual realm. Yes, the spiritual man made alive by the grace and resurrection life of Jesus Christ does have a sense. We call that sense faith.

Do you need a miracle today? Do you realize that there is hope? It’s possible for you to rise up out of your prison house. Jesus said with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible, Matthew 19:26. Jesus said this to encourage our hearts. (As you look at your situation whatever that might be, is it impossible with men? Is it impossible for you to be healed or for your family to be put back together? Is it impossible for that situation to be resolved? Do all the voices of relatives, people, doctors, professionals say the word impossible to you? Then hear this sweet voice of the Son of God Who cannot lie say the things that are impossible with men, are possible with God.

Faith is our sixth sense to contact the greater dimension of reality, Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance the confirmation, the title deed of things that we hoped for being the proof of the things we do not see.” This is talking about invisible forces and conviction of their reality. Faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the five senses. Faith created by the Word of God perceives as real fact that which is not revealed to our natural senses.

(It reveals it as a real fact. God is a creator. He wants His sons and daughters to join hands with Him to see His miraculous power create things for their every need. He wants to help them. To teach the world with the good news about Jesus, the building blocks of God’s creative power are not in the natural realm. Sometimes we get that muddied up a bit.)

These building blocks are in another dimension. All that you need from God, you can obtain through the use of your sixth sense of faith. You can bring the blessing of God out of the invisible spirit world into the natural realm where you live today.

(Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t quit on the vision. What is that vision? It’s a vision of overcoming power. It’s a vision of wholeness and what Ms. Annie was saying, Shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken, everything restored, supernaturally corrected, made right by what was done on the cross through the precious power of the blood that was shed then for us now. We receive. We receive it. We receive it. )


I know You are working with us and helping us, Lord
Guiding us into all truthful ways we should go
You said You would
Thank You for Your Love – You gave Your Son
He went all the way to the cross and it was finished
Thank You, Father, that You do not remember our sin
We have been forgiven by the blood!
Thank You for restoration every minute of every day
Master, Saviour, Provider, the Great I AM
King of Kings, Lord of all Lords
Doubt has to get out in Jesus’ name
Questions about how it will turn out have to go
By faith, we take upon us this morning a spirit of peace
Physical sense cannot understand it – It’s in our Spirit
Oh the peace!
It is encouraging and causes momentum in us
Trusting and cooperating today – over into the new
Territories, destinies, steps, conditions, plans
Illumination, revelation about what we are to do
That is settled, it’s already been settled
We are lining up with what has already been finished
Finished steps, plans, directions
Letting go of something and moving ahead
Mounting up, being lifted up
I see those keys, we lift up those keys
They are accesses, ways to go, plans that have been called for us to walk into
Thank You for the new today
We must, we must stay in that flow with heaven above
Continually declaring the best is yet to come
More, it is increasing
Help from heaven today – bringing it forth
Lift up those low places – preparing for the way
Mandates, heaven’s mandates for us
Taking our place, standing by grace, operating in the power
The Supernatural Power that takes us up and through in these hours
Holy Spirit, God given demonstrations of power on this earth!
By faith, we access it, believe it, receive it – all of it!
We do, we will, we can, we are in Jesus’ name
Watching over it – those are supplies there
Supply lines in Jesus’ name – pleading the blood of Jesus over every one of them
There open, there open, there open!
Open Doors, Open Steps, Open Plans
It’s part of the Master’s Call
It’s the picture of health, wholeness, and wealth
We pray over those openings – That we see, know, and hear!
Stirring ourselves up daily
Line upon line, precept upon precept
Yes, those are miracles and supernatural events
They will be fulfilled – not in a minute way but a major way
Pleading the blood of Jesus over decisions
Oh my, oh my, oh my
It’s by the book – it’s what we know and what we’ve heard
Help to move it, help to turn it, help to change it, help to restore it, help to renew it
Pattern, patterns, patterns
They have to fit!
There is a right and a wrong; a clear and a not so clear
We pray for clarity, understanding, revelation concerning the patters!
Somehow they must be seen, they must be presented in a masterful way!
Yea, a Masterpiece! (Ohhhhh ha,ha,ha!)

Ms. Annie led us singing the name of Jesus…

Pastor Ray shared…

Watch, listen by Your Spirit. You transmit, show us, reveal to us and bring about that precious holy peace. Oh, thank You for it. Thank You, Lord, for the cleansing of the blood, for the washing. Thank You.

I don’t know what this means exactly but I just had a little flash of some things that were swept under the rug. That those too must be brought out, given unto the Lord and they too shall be washed away. Every detail, every plan, thank You for the freedom that You have given us through the blood, at the Cross. Hallelujah.

Let’s just for a minute think about the Cross. Let’s in our hearts focus ourselves a little more on that. That was done then that’s working for us now. The bigness of it and I know that that realization brings more of that revelation of His love and His peace for each one of us individually. Thank You, Lord. Thank You for the Cross, thank You for what You did. Thank You that You went all the way to Your final destiny.

Ms. Annie led us in singing “The Blood of Jesus Washes Me”

Continued praying…

Declaring victory over Your body today through the precious power of the blood and the name that is above every other name
Body of Christ to be lifted, changed, revived, restored, even now made new and fresh
We plead the blood over them
We have overcome by the word of our testimony through the blood
Declaring prosperity over the body
Every member – protection through the blood
Things that have gotten off, we pray back into line
Where depression tried to have its way – get out in the name of Jesus
Be free and walk in victory!
Turnarounds, paradigm shifts by the blood Jesus
There is victory and freedom in the blood
Every part, every detail
Limitation and hindrances be removed
Greater and greater and greater

Pastor Ray shared…

When we started out this morning Ms. Annie said she was following a vehicle and its license plate read “Be Peace” and first she said “well I can’t be peace.” Then she said well He is my peace therefore I can be peace. But I kept seeing another plate. It read “Be Jesus.” Just be Him. It stretches the minds of religious people but He is in us and we have been called to be Jesus here on this earth. His mouth piece, eyes, ears, His peace and it does pass all understanding.

Continued praying…

Today is not just like any other day, but it’s a new day
Thank You for the way, the center of the road, the rivers from heaven above
That our steps are ordered; You are directing and leading us
We call this day holy, healthy, and prosperous
Overcoming always because He overcame on the Cross
Thank You for the finished work of the blood, Amen

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