Prayer Summary for July 9


We wait on You, we honor You, we respect You, we welcome You, we expect more of Your presence, oh Lord
Precious Holy Spirit, live big in us today!
None of us and all of You; we love Your presence, Father


The following was read from The Importance of Praying in Other Tongues booklet:

Pastor Curtis:

The more the believer matures in Christ, the more he sees the value of praying in tongues. As a young Christian, it’s easier for Satan to cause Spirit filled believers to not use their prayer language. One way he does this is by causing young Christians to want man’s approval rather than God’s. I have determined that as a pastor I will do all I can to encourage believers to continually exercise their prayer language.

I have noticed that people who do a great deal of praying in tongues find it easier to experience the presence of God. I can relate with Brother Wigglesworth when he speaks of being lifted up by the Spirit. Pray much in the Spirit and enjoy this experience for yourself.

I arise early enough on Sunday mornings in order to spend an hour in prayer before I get to church to pray more in the prayer room. Much of my praying is spent praying in tongues and I can always tell the difference in regard to the anointing to preach when prayer has been a priority. I believe praying in tongues will also cause the congregation to receive what is preached with greater understanding. Praying in tongues causes the spirit man to be sensitive to spiritual things.

Some of the greatest miracles, revelations of God’s Word, and experiences of God’s presence have been mine after I’ve spent much time praying in tongues. The flesh will battle it but determine to keep at it. As Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 9:27, cause your flesh to be ruled by your spirit man.

Praying in tongues isn’t something we must “wait for a feeling” in order to begin. No, as Spirit-filled believers we have the ability to pray in tongues as we desire. The teaching that one must wait for some sort of impulse or emotion before they can pray in tongues is not scriptural. Paul declared, “I will pray with the Spirit.” (1 Cor. 14:15) Paul was saying, “I determine or I ‘will to’ pray with the Spirit.” Many are being cheated out of the blessings of praying in tongues because of wrong teaching.

Praying in tongues is one of the best ways of finding God’s will for one’s life. When people ask me what they can do to find God’s will for them, one of the first things I tell them is, “Pray much in the Holy Ghost.”

Continued Praying…

It will, it will, it will, it is!
As the Church prays and as the Spirit moves, we call for an arising!
Calling for holy fire upon our President, holy fire upon the cabinet members, and holy fire upon Washington, D.C.
Declaring for fire from heaven in the congress, fire in the capital, and fire in the streets, Father!
Holy fire, mercy fire, grace fire, burning away lies, burning away falsehood!
Burn those unholy laws, burn those unholy strategies, and burn those unholy documents!
We ask for Your presence to be in those secret places of council, oh God
Declaring for Your presence to be around and on our President, in his heart, in his mind, and in his soul
Father, surround our President with godly influence, that they would speak the word of life to him!
Casting down every lie and deception that would try to come against him, Lord
The fire of God is burning in every office building and is burning in Washington
There is mercy in that fire; there is grace in that fire!
Let it burn, let it burn, it is tearing down those walls of darkness!
Every hill and mountain be made low; every crooked path be made straight!
Every rough place, be made smooth for the highway of the Lord into Washington, D.C.
The way of the Lord is being made into the White House and into the capital of this nation!
Blood and fire, blood and fire, blood and fire!
Send Your fire, and send Your rain, oh Lord!
Father, we lift up those that are stuck in the cave in Thailand
We lift this situation before You, Lord
Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every rescue worker
Grant unto them supernatural help from heaven today, Lord
Give them ideas and creative ways to get them out safely
We put the blood of the Lamb over this situation, and we call the waters back in Jesus’ name!
Waters come down, and we call safety all across the rest of this rescue mission!
Covering each and every one of them with the precious blood of Jesus
We declare that they will never be the same, Lord
By the power of Your Spirit, we declare that they will know how and who got them out!
They will give You glory, and they will give You honor!
We stand in agreement for it, Lord!

Continued Sharing…

The following excerpt is taken from Defining Moments by Bill Johnson:

Prevailing Faith: Smith Wigglesworth

Pastors often set such limits because they feel the pressure of shepherding people who are facing disappointment and pain. Theologians often set limits because so many of them are stuck in the classroom of theory; they haven’t moved into experience. But people such as Smith Wigglesworth upset all our complacency and unbelief because they are unsatisfied with answers that suggest that affliction and torment are things we should live with, and they are unconvinced by answers that are merely academic. People like Wigglesworth have the heart of God for the impossible, and they immerse themselves in the lives of people who are facing intimidating situations. We need them. We need the discomfort. We need to come face-to-face with our own unbelief and be launched into our own defining moment. Only then will such boldness for healings and miracles make sense. And it does. It makes perfect sense.

Smith Wigglesworth left the following prophecy about a move of God to come after his death. It is about the “more” of God:

For many years, the Lord has been moving me on and keeping me from spiritual stagnation. When I was in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, I was sure I was saved and was sure I was all right. The Lord said to me, “Come out,” and I came out. When I was with the people known as the Brethren I was sure I was all right now. But the Lord said, “Come out.” Then I went into the Salvation Army. At that time it was full of life and there were revivals everywhere. But the Salvation Army went into natural things and the great revivals that they had in those early days ceased. The Lord said to me, “Come out,” and I came out. I have had to come out three times since.

I believe that this Pentecostal revival that we are now in is the best thing that the Lord has on the earth today, and yet I believe that God has something out of this that is going to be still better. God has no use for any man who is not hungering and thirsting for yet more of Himself and His righteousness.

Wow, that’s rather bold: “God has no use for any man who is not hungering and thirsting for yet more of Himself…” Wigglesworth demonstrated this idea well when he discussed who he would like to work with in ministry, saying, “I would rather have a man on my platform not filled with the Holy Ghost but hungry for God, than a man who has received the Holy Ghost but has become satisfied with his experience.” Impressive, yet intimidating, Wigglesworth seems to set a new high-water mark for faith, for spiritual hunger, and for the ability to spot similar passion in the lives of others. He said the following:

Do not rest satisfied with any lesser experience than the Baptism that the disciples received on the Day of Pentecost, then move on to a life of continuous receiving of more and more of the blessed Spirit of God.

God wants to flow through you with measureless power of divine utterance and grace till your whole body is a flame of fire. God intends each soul in Pentecost to be a live wire. Not a monument, but a movement. So many people have been baptized with the Holy Ghost; there was a movement but they have become monuments and you cannot move them. God wake us up out of sleep lest we should become indifferent to the glorious truth and the breath of the Almighty power of God.

We must be the light and the salt of the earth, with the whole armor of God upon us. It would be a serious thing if the enemies were about and we had to go back and get our sandals. It would be a serious thing if we had on no breastplate. How can we be furnished with the armor? Take it by faith. Jump in, stop in, and never come out, for this is a baptism to be lost in, where you only know one thing and that is the desire of God at all times. The baptism in the Spirit should be an ever-increasing endowment of power, an ever-increasing enlargement of grace.

We owe the next generation a life of breakthroughs, of discovering and displaying how real and tangible the “more” of God is.

The Presence

My favorite trait found in all of my heroes’ lives is the ability to carry the presence of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did it perfectly, never grieving or quenching Him. The Dove remained upon Him always, never retreating or withdrawing, but revealing what the Father was saying and doing. For me, nothing is more attractive, costly, and powerful than hosting the presence of God. And few human beings have done it better than Smith Wigglesworth. That part of his life provokes me unlike any other.


It would be hard to find many people who could equal Wigglesworth’s life of faith and miracles. Yet none of the extraordinary things in his life happened before his defining moment. His encounter with God in his baptism of fire changed everything. His wife noticed. He noticed. And the devil noticed. And Smith did not sit on his experiences from the past but sought to continually grow in this wonderful life of the Holy Spirit that had been offered to him.

Baptizing in water is an emblem of death and the moment a person is immersed in the water, he is lifted out. But not so with the baptism with the Holy Spirit. To be baptized in the Holy Ghost is every day to be deeper in, never lifted out, never coming out; in captivity, ready for gifts.

One overwhelming encounter with God is meant to lead to countless others, each taking us from glory to glory—in this lifetime. Wigglesworth’s example should be a picture of the normal life of a believer. I believe it will become the norm before the return of the Lord. Why not us, why not now?

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