Summary Prayer for October 3, 2014

Prophecies by Kenneth Copeland shared…

Things Are Changing!
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland
February 16, 2014
Words of Life Church, North Miami Beach

“I know,” saith The LORD, “that the pressure is on. I know that the forces of darkness have pressed and pushed and attempted to overcome not only this nation, but are trying to overcome My people all over the world. He thinks this is his time because he understands that the time is so short. And, yes, soon and very soon a major change is coming. Change, change—especially in the lives of those who are determined to live by faith, and for those who have made decisions of quality to walk in the commandment of love, and for those who are determined to say what they hear Me say,” saith The LORD, “and do as I direct and command.

“For these are not times for you to fail. These are times for you to succeed beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed of before. So as you continue to walk by faith, as you continue to walk in love and kindness, as you continue to keep an ear toward Me and acknowledge Me,” saith The LORD, “every day, all day, everywhere you go, have it be somewhere I have directed you to go. I’ll walk with you in the small things. I’ll say, ‘No, don’t go in this way this morning that you usually go. Turn down this way. Turn down that way.’ For you see, I have blessings waiting on you at every corner, every way and every turn. And you’ll say, ‘My, my! What has happened? I’m so blessed. Things are changing. My family has come to The LORD. Things are changing, when just a little while ago things looked so dark, things looked so low and bad to me. But something is happening. Things are changing!’ Hallelujah.

“Things are looking up! For the momentum has swung in the other direction. It looked a long time like the enemy, the darkness and all of that dark kingdom had the upper hand, and the things were swinging for them that we just seemed like whatever we did just hit such opposition. Ah! No! Oh no! No, no! Look up! Momentum has changed. It’s working for you. It’s swinging for you. My grace has begun to overcome and swallow up the opposition around you. And soon and very soon, sooner than you think, oh, sooner than you think, the big change is coming! I’m coming,” saith The LORD. “Heaven is fully prepared. We’ve been preparing all these years to receive you and we are fully prepared. Heaven is ready. For the time is at hand. The trumpet is about to blow and we’re all about to go. So rejoice and be glad and declare the wonders of The LORD are at hand. For great is His presence, great is His grace, and the best is yet to come.”

The Best Is Yet to Come!
Prophecy by Kenneth Copeland
July 4, 2014
Southwest Believers’ Convention

“I have heard the prayers,” saith the LORD. “I’ve been hearing the cries of My people. They have not gone unnoticed. Lean not to your own understanding, but trust in Me. I am doing something, and you will be glad. Right at this moment you don’t have full concept of what is about to happen in the United States, and in many other places around the world, because this nation is going through a time right now and it is coming out reborn. It’s coming out reborn.

“You think you know what it’s going to look like, but you don’t. The best is yet to come. These are your days,” saith The LORD. “Take My word on it. Believe Me. All of the forces of heaven are at work today, doing what needs to be done for the Body of Christ in this earth. And this is one of the high marked places on the earth for the gospel to flow—the United States of America.”


We lift up our eyes and our hearts and rejoice in You, Lord
Our help comes from You
Stepping ahead into that brightness of Your glory
We’re taking our place in You
Darkness has to leave
Light from heaven, glorious Gospel light
Leaning not on our own understanding but trusting in You
We will stay steady in the way we should go
We call those things that be not as though they were
We believe it and receive it
The momentum has changed
Changes! We call it! We speak over it and declare it in Jesus’ name
This is the way it shall be and turn out
We call to it and call over it right now
Conditions that looked like they were going the wrong way, we say they’re going in the right way
Still more, still declaring, always expecting and calling for more, for greater, for the supernatural
We are about to walk in the fullness at last!
We put on the arraignment, saturated with it and it’s beautiful
We call to the fullness of it
We call for manifestations
We call it, call it, call it
For where the light goes, no darkness can be
We are carriers of that light, Father
Let the light shine and the arraignment glow with the glory of the Lord
So the people are changed by Your presence as we walk in the earth
His voice thunders and the lightnings come
They are directed into the earth
He never misses His targets
We call the Church the highest entity in the land
There’s no stopping it now, stepping into more and more as we go
That’s fire! There’s fire there. It’s creating a supernatural desire for the body to rise up
For Your people to walk in Your manifest presence to bring the Gospel to every dark place
Every dark place will be permeated with the Gospel

Word of Exhortation…

Creative forces come from your mouth. The creative power and anointing comes from your mouth—from the words you speak, that which is not seen will come to be. That which you don’t see today will come to be. The creative force is in your mouth. It’s in your heart. The Holy Spirit brings that force to bear in your heart that it might be spoken by your words … that it might change your world … that it might change the things that have been there for years … that it might change those to be what you desire for them to be. So speak it out. Don’t just ponder it in your mind. Don’t just think, “What would it be like to have this. And what would it be like to do this.” Start saying it. “It’s in my body. It’s in my mind. It’s in my heart. The anointing and the grace of God are within me.” Changes. Great changes. Signs and wonders will follow those who say and believe what they say. Speak to that mountain in the name of Jesus. “Be thou plucked up and cast into the sea.” Speak to that challenge … speak to that body … to that situation. Speak to it in the name of Jesus. Let the anointing break the yoke.

I saw this in the spirit. As we spoke forth the Word that came by the Spirit of grace, lightning would come out of our mouths. The light coming out of your mouth will cause those things to change. Power. Anointing. From heaven. See it in your mind’s eye that when you speak those words that that lightning and power and anointing goes forth into the earth and is causing change. Lay down those thoughts that have hindered you. Lay down those thoughts and ideas of “It’s just not my time.” Cast them down and take hold of that which has been given and cause change in your life. You’ve been given that anointing and grace from on high to change your world according to His purpose in the earth. If we lift up and glorify the Son of God and let Him be magnified, then He has provided all sufficiency and all things to His children.

Naturally, just as we’ve entered into another season from summer to fall, spiritually, it’s a reflection that we’ve now entered into a season of change. As we just heard what the Spirit of God said about great change, we must make sure to not attempt to put our own ways on it and see it a certain way but just receive it by faith that we’ve entered into days of great change. It’s the body of Christ and it’s that expectation and it’s that glorious Gospel light and it’s the lightnings from heaven, the same lightnings that shot into people’s bodies through John G. Lake and they were healed and restored—that same bright, glorious light on target … on time … in this season that we’ve now entered into.

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