Prayer Summary June 24


You are all we need, Father, You are our strength
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Jesus
Our eyes are upon Your greatness


The following excerpt is taken from Rees Howells Intercessor by Norman Grub:

The autumn of 1934 was a wonderful time in the college. In the early morning hours, Mr. Howells was spending many hours alone with God going through the four gospels and getting great light from the Holy Spirit on the life and person of the Savior. He seemed to be coming to the morning meetings straight from God’s presence, and Mrs. Howell, who knew the Spirit’s way with him, was conscious that the Lord was preparing him for something. On Boxing Day morning December 26, the Spirit began speaking to him even earlier than usual. Before he had risen, Mrs. Howell, who was also awake, heard him repeating, “every creature, every creature.” At 3 a.m. he was so conscious that God wanted to say something definite to him that he pressed and went to his room downstairs. There the Lord asked him if he believed the Savior meant His last command to be obeyed. “I do,” he replied. “Then do you believe that I can give the Gospel to every creature?” Without stretching a point he answered, “I believe You can. You are God.” “I am dwelling in you” the Lord then said. “Can I be responsible for this through you?”

For years Mr. Howell had been praying for the Gospel to go to the world. Before he went to Africa, the Spirit brought before him God’s promise to His Son in Psalm 2:8. He had not let a day pass without praying that the Savior should have the heathen for His inheritance and the utter most parts of the earth for His possession. And it was in willingness to be in some measure the answer to his own prayer that he accepted the call to Africa. Then while in Africa he had been struck by Andrew Murray’s comment on the Savior’s Word. “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth laborers into the harvest.” Andrew Murray had pointed out on the strength of this verse that the number of missionaries on the field depends entirely on the extent to which someone obeys the command and prays out the laborers. And the Lord had called Mr. Howell to do that. That, in turn, had been one of God’s ways of preparing him for the further commission to start a Bible college. Thus for years, he had been a man with a world vision, but this new Word from God would lay direct responsibility on him.

It was no mere ascent to the general command to preach the Gospel to every creature. It meant that, if accepted, that he and everyone that took it with him would be bond servants for the rest of their days to this one task—to intercede, to go, to task others who go, to be responsible for seeing that every creature hears the Gospel.

The way this commission was interpreted to Mr. Howell in concrete terms was that in the next 30 years, the Holy Ghost would find 10,000 channels from all over the world. Men and women He could enter and who would allow Him to take complete possession of them for this task, even as years before He had taken possession of His servant. Finances would be needed in abundance but the One who had given millions to David for the temple could give the same to those who are building a far more precious temple, a building not made with hands eternal in heaven. He gave His servant the Word in Deuteronomy 28:12 “The Lord shall open unto him His good treasury and thou shalt lend unto many nations” and with the Word was the promise of a first gift from the treasury of 10,000 pounds which was to be confirmed later.

Reese Howells came out from his room a man with a vision and a burden which never left him, the every-creature vision. He brought it before the staff and students New Year’s Day 1935 and was given to prayer and fasting. The presence of God was felt in a very real way and while they did not minimize the enormity of the task, a deep and growing conviction took possession of many that God was going to do a new thing. It was a conviction that as surely as the Savior came down to the world to make atonement for every creature, so the Holy Spirit had come down to make that atonement known to every creature and that He would complete it in their generation. In a new sense, the world began to be their parish. They began to be open for God to lay any prayer on them which would further the reaching of every creature with the Gospel. They became responsible to intercede for countries and nations as well as for individual missionaries and societies. The college truly became a house of prayer for all nations.

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Continued Praying…

Father, we ask that You solidify the Great Commission in the hearts of Your Church
Thank You, Father, for revealing to us that the harvest fields are white
We ask for the laborers to be thrust out, those that are called to go
Many more that must hear the knock on the door; Father, touch them afresh to go for You
Father, that You would speak and that Your voice would be amplified
Thank You, Father, for a fresh revelation that this is the day of Your power!
There is supply that will bring us through, declaring You are all we need
Thank You, Father, for every creature in the Church working effectually, moving in a new and fresh way by Your Spirit
There must be training up and a sending out by Your Spirit
Father, we speak against limitations on how we go and what we say
A fresh infilling of Your Spirit!
Hearts burning, consumed by the fire of God
We thank You, Father, for wisdom for this generation and age
A great outpouring of Your Spirit!
We speak an increase of water and fertilizer to the abundance of seed that has been sown in the earth
This is the time, this is the hour to herald Your soon coming that they would not miss heaven!
Thank You, Father, for the little ones being told the truth of salvation
Every man, woman, and child taking their places in the race
Thank You, Father, that Your Church is led by Your Spirit and not by natural understanding
It’s a different walk, a different seeing
The wind of the Spirit and the covering of the blood!
In the blood, through the blood and by the power of the blood!
Contending for more, contending for those lives, Lord!
It’s the call of the Spirit
Father, thank You for a greater revelation of what should and can be done
There are names everywhere, lives all around; many more to hear the Gospel
Thank You, Father, for more individually and corporately moving and breaking in to uncharted territory
It’s a place, it’s a revelation!
We are closing in today on that way, laying a clear way and plan
Father, we see many coming in from all directions in Jesus’ name
That’s a preparation there; receiving, expecting, and believing!
Talking it, speaking it!
Thank You, Father, for the privilege and responsibility to call forth these necessary things in this time
We contend for the fullness for what God has ordained for this time right now!
With Your precious blood, we pray over all nations, leaders, and lands; that they would not be derailed but be right in the center of Your will
We thank You, Father, that when we pray by the Spirit those things shall surely come to pass
Coming forth suddenly!
We put that blood covering over all those words spoken by the Spirit today
Father, we give you all the honor, all the glory, and all the praise

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