Prayer Summary for Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Thank You for Your presence, Lord
Pouring over, out, and through us
Beautiful, precious river of living waters
Bubbling up and coming forth through every one of us, Your children
Every day – we love how Your Word has made it clear to us to not take any cares
Your Son took them on the cross through the blood
Watching over the day we are in
Thank You for this day Wednesday
We are breathing, we have Your presence and we are anointed
Based on Your Word, every promise is true
It shall all come to pass
Reminding ourselves of all the promises
They are all yes and amen
Drinking it in fresh this morning
Reminding ourselves of who You are in us
The blood was shed and You said “It is finished”
It is done on earth as it is in heaven
Taking our seat in heaven – taking our place
For Your perfect will in and through each one of our lives
Pleading the blood over all our family members
Over our church family members
Covering our pastors in the blood of Jesus
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for Your presence today

The following excerpt was taken from “Take It, It’s Yours” by Lester Sumrall:

We have an enemy who’s key strategy is to keep the Christian away from his place of authority and spiritual power. Satan tries to keep us off base. Be aware of his tactics. Immediately resist and refuse to accept any of the following states Satan may try to put upon you.

1. Vexation (being annoyed, irritated exasperated, indignation, frustration, worry)

If Satan can keep you in an agitated state, you cannot cast out devils. If he can keep you angry with someone, you cannot heal the sick. Learn to recognize the enemies working in your life. Keep your mind on Jesus, and you will never have to be out of His perfect will or you will always be in His perfect peace.

That’s the peace that passes all understanding. We need that today, the peace that passes all understanding. The Church is at peace. That’s the way it should be in Him, watching the things go on around us, knowing that we have Psalm 91, His Word. We are protected by the blood. We have overcome. We do overcome by the word of our testimony, by the blood.

2. Depression: If the Devil can get you depressed, you are not effective in the kingdom. You cannot minister to others when your heart is weighed down.

My earthly father went through depression. He had depression and I have talked about it before. My parents were farmers. We had a huge farm in Iowa. Depression just started settling into him. He didn’t know what to do about it. And one time he just left. No one knew where he was. They found his car in another city, and he had left on a train for Chicago because his brother was there. Depression took us as a family because it took him out. So it took us out of God’s plan for us then and we lost everything. We lost the farm. We lost it all. And so that is kind of what he is saying. If you are depressed, you are ineffective for anything to do with the Father. Remember how Pastor Lynne when that came upon her and she would take that Word, take the Bible and put it by her bed and stand on the Word. There were some other things that she did too to get her out of it.

Depression can come from many sources. From your home, from work, or in your body. Events can take place that make life seem hopeless. You can get depressed listening to the news. If that happens, turn off the news and read two or three chapters of the Bible. News reporters don’t get a clear picture of things anyway. Most reporters give their ideas about things and their ideas sometimes come from perverted minds.

3. Confusion: If the devil can get you confused you will not be effective in God’s Kingdom. Life is simple. You only have to make one decision at a time. If you ask God for wisdom, He will help you make each decision without confusion. Once you make a decision, don’t keep making it all day long. Don’t take that dress back to the store forty times. Keep it when you buy it.

I’ve seen that in a younger man. Just something about it, he just couldn’t make a decision. He would keep going back over things and back over things. He would go back to the car and come back to the church. Go back to the car and then go back to the church. We put the blood of Jesus against confusion.

Brother Sumrall says, stop for a moment and say, “My name is Sam Jones. My address is so and so. I work at such and such place. I am married to Mary Jones and I have so many children. I am saved, filled with the Holy Spirit. I belong to such and such church. Devil, I don’t need to know much else so get out of my way!” That seems simple but it is good and true.

The Devil does not want you to be ready for battle. He wants you in a state of confusion. If you are, you’re not prepared to resist him. You don’t have to live in a state of confusion. The Devil is a liar and there is victory in Jesus. Anything that is not clear today, will be clear tomorrow. Rejoice in today and God will bring peace and clarity out of confusion.

You know how sometimes you have to put something aside for a little bit, just wait on it. There will be an answer. I totally believe in that. If you can’t see it right now, just put it aside and the answer will come.

4. Selfishness: If the Devil can get you to be self-centered and keep you looking at yourself, you will not be ready to be used by God. You will be constantly wondering “well how am I getting along. What can I do for myself?” Me, my, me and my. Be Christ centered and say I am out to win souls and I don’t mean maybe. Devil, we are coming after them. They belong to Jesus and you cannot have them. The Devil would like Christians to be so self-concerned about their own business and homes that they lose the vision that they are saving the world. Many years ago, I was in China. A Chinese communist told me, “You have more missionaries than we have communists in China but we are going to take China. Do you know why? I asked why? He said you teach people to give ten percent. We teach them to give one hundred percent. I give everything to the party. We are going to win. I just stared at him not knowing what to say. But I can assure you that as long as you are self-centered, you are ineffective. Get lost in the great love of God and lose your self-centeredness. Love the world. Love the people of your community. Then you are ready to defeat the Devil.

The Devil was defeated at Calvary. Sometimes we have to notify our brain. I am saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost. Devil,you are defeated, that’s it.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for the preordained steps that will take us all the way through
Those breakthroughs we in the days ahead, we thank You in advance
Thank You, Lord
Inside in each one of us is the power of the Holy Spirit
A charge and a strength that never goes away
We declare in these days we will see how You see
Your plan and purpose and will for our lives will be carried out
Not only in this day but the days to come
You said You would show us things to come
We have freedom in You
Absolutely care free, not careless but we take no cares

Ms. Annie led us in worship…

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for what You did through Your Son on that Cross
So much love
Changing us so that we might be totally free
Every chain, every place where the enemy has tried to have his way
Has been broken through the blood
We refuse to take any cares
We are free because of that love on the cross
Jesus went all the way even while we were lost
Thank You for the Spirit of Seeing and Knowing
Through Your Spirit we do see and hear things the world does not see or hear
We are directed by the truth of Your Word
Thank You that it is continually finished
Our bodies are whole and heathy
Our souls and minds
We are prosperous
You have and always will meet our needs according to Your riches in glory
Thank You, Lord
We believe to be where we need to be today
Speaking a word to those that need to hear
Thank You, in Jesus’ name amen

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