Prayer Summary for Wednesday, November 8, 2017


First of all, thank You so much, Holy Spirit, for Your presence right here, right now
The manifestation of Your presence in this room
In our hearts, thank You for Your presence
Thank You for the ministry that You have given unto each one of us individually
And how You minister to us together, corporately as members of Your body
A family of God, thank You
We want You to know You are welcome to do or say; direct us, as You said You would, in any way that You want today
We yield ourselves to You

Scripture focus…

(27) For in this city there actually met and plotted together against Your holy Child and Servant Jesus, Whom You consecrated by anointing, both Herod and Pontius Pilate with the Gentiles and peoples of Israel, (28) To carry out all that Your hand and Your will and purpose had predestined (predetermined) should occur. (29) And now, Lord, observe their threats and grant to Your bond servants [full freedom] to declare Your message fearlessly, (30) While You stretch out Your hand to cure and to perform signs and wonders through the authority and by the power of the name of Your holy Child and Servant Jesus. (31) And when they had prayed, the place in which they were assembled was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they continued to speak the Word of God with freedom and boldness and courage.
(33) And with great strength and ability and power the apostles delivered their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace (loving-kindness and favor and goodwill) rested richly upon them all. Acts 4:27–31, 33 (AMPC)

Pastor Ray shared…

A couple keys that maybe unlock the book of Acts for us today, that we are to be the way it was and more today if you think about it. A lot of times maybe we are not operating in what they operated in then and I believe that the world is waiting for the Church to be what the Church was created to be. That’s operating in the power, using the name, declaring the Word and standing strong and walking in victory. These are just three things that they did in the book of Acts that made a difference for them. Now of course the time was so different than it is now. And Jesus had been with them. And so, when He left, He gave His authority to the people.

1. His Word, they preached that Word wherever they went.

The first thing they did was preach His Word. Maybe they had a greater revelation about His Word than we do. I don’t know. I am just asking and thinking about it.

2. They knew the authority they had in the name that is above every other name.

He left but He left His name. To them it was just the same as Jesus being there with them in person. They had His name and so they had faith in the name and faith in the Word. Today, maybe it’s just a slight little adjustment. And it takes us up a little further.

3. God always backs the name.

He’s behind the name. The authority is in the name and when we use it, He backs it up. I believe and I am sure you would agree with me that today for us to be the Church we are to be, we have to be filled with the Holy Spirit. If we are doing things outside of the Spirit realm, doing things that we think we should do, we are not always doing the best that we can do for Him. And I know it pleases Him for each one of us to be so filled daily and then refilled and refilled. That’s why it can never become just something that we just do. You know we ask Him to just fill us… We could get just too religious about it.

Nothing that we do with Him should ever become religious. What we are doing right now, this can never be religious. Well, we did this yesterday. Let’s do it again. Is that how it works? No. Pastor Lynne said years ago that she got filled with the Holy Ghost and one of the times she came to a prayer group, she lifted up both hands way up to heaven and the power of the Holy Ghost was in that prayer meeting so much so that the next day when she came in she said “I think I am going to raise up my hands and the Holy Spirit is going to move.” Whoops. That wasn’t true. Because guess what? Every day is a new day. We can take that too. It’s a new day. But it’s new in Him. And He has a perfect plan for us. When? Now, today is the day. And then tomorrow, the Bible makes it clear to not be so concerned about tomorrow. We lift up the days and the weeks and the months that are to come so that we will be prepared to walk out what He’s having us to walk out in our tomorrows. Amen.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Lord, for the presence of your Spirit in this room
We can’t make it up
We know when You’re manifested presence is with us
We know when we are just doing things out of our own strength
You are our strength and our high tower
Jesus You are Lord and Savior, Way-maker, the Healer, the Provider
We are whole and we are healthy in Jesus’ name
Because You took it for us on the Cross, Your blood was shed
We make much of the blood of Jesus this morning
Covering our nation, our president, his family
The vice president, all those in positions of authority with the precious blood of Jesus
Everything is in and through that precious holy blood that was shed for us back then at Calvary
We cover our country, our nation
We hold that blood and use the name of Jesus against division, lies, inaccuracies, wrong ways of thinking
In Jesus’ name, we pray over our country
Every military person, every branch of the military, the leaders in the name of Jesus
Every position of authority from one side of our country to the other; top to the bottom
Today we overcome in and through the blood and we testify about it
That we have not only come through but we will always go through in the times that are to come
We take our place in heavenly places – our seat
Things look way better in our heavenly seat
Declaring and alignment, trampling on every circumstance

Aligning with the Word, thank You for Your Word
It’s a stance in the finished work
It’s been done, it is done; the battle is won!
Thank You, Lord! Glory to God!
For the victory is ours and we are walking it out detail by detail; step by step
All across this land, the United States of America, one nation under God indivisible

It’s a requiring, that one thing that is essential – to be seated at the feet of Jesus
We kneel before You, humbling yourself at the feet of Jesus
It’s all about Jesus, the only One, the Son of God
Thank You, Lord, that You went all the way through
You never gave up and You never gave in
But to the Father You listened unto
And went all the way through for me, for you and you and you – for the Church
By the power of Your Spirit, we are arising up into our positions of power, anointing, strength and authority in You
It’s Your strength, it’s Your power

Directions are handed out daily, saith the Lord. But many have their ears closed to hear what My Spirit is saying. So opening up ears today you’ll begin to hear in a clear way, a more clear way, the directions I am calling you to do every day. Dates are important to Me, saith the Lord. Dates are important to me. One day (wooo!) it’ll the day. Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord.

Today, that’s what it is – oh it’s today!
In one accord today
This is Your day

Thank You for the directions. Some will be completed today but others will just begin today. Directions concerning what the future will be like, concerning My Plan, My will, My directions for you, for your family too, for your loved ones.

Some are coming out of a coma right now! It’s an awakening! Hallelujah!
Sleep get out! Get away!
Church wake! Be alert! Get up! Open your eyes! Open your ears!
Ooohhhh for the direction – hallelujah

Ms. Annie led us singing Oh the Blood it Is My Victory

When the word “coma” came up, I believe there is someone in a coma about to come out of a coma. They’re in a hospital. They have been in that state for a while but they are coming out because it’s time through the blood and in the name that is above every other name. What’s that name? Jesus! Be awake. Wake up! Get up! Be alert in Jesus’ name! Hallelujah!

So it’s not just a general thing for the body of Christ but bodies individual. For some it’s like a cloud and the light has difficulty penetrating the cloud. But we declare this morning what has to happen to that cloud? Go! Be gone, be cleared out of the way in Jesus’ name. For these eyes they shall see and these ears they shall hear.

Entering in to some different kinds of days, manifestations and operations of the Holy Spirit
Signs, beautiful, wondrous things, happening every day
So, today is the day we call forth and declare it from this place
Signs and wonders and supernatural happenings all over the earth
We believe and we agree with other believers in other countries and nations across this world
Those that believe in the will and purpose and the Word of God
That stand on the name and use the name that is above every other name and are baptized with Holy Ghost and fire
That fire is burning, increasing in the body today in Jesus’ name
So, all over the earth, supernatural signs as if it was back in the book of Acts
But those Acts but being written out today, 2017
Some things were declared for this year – it’s not too late
It’s very near and it will be dear to you, to me, to the body of Christ
To step into the victory You have called us to walk out
Thank You, Lord, for the victorious walk, victorious words, victorious plans, victorious ways
Weights – what are those?
That just came up – weights that are trying to hold the body back
Be loosed, be cut off, be free in Jesus’ name
It’s victory, it’s freedom and it’s delivery

Ms. Annie led us singing Break Every Chain

Continued praying…

We are going to speak out some of those chains
Today we are declaring it under the authority and the power of the blood of the Lamb that was shed there and by that precious holy name
We’re taking it by faith

Breaking confusion! Broken in Jesus’ name
Every chain of shame off, broken!
Every desire that is not of – broken, cut off, severed, it’s over in Jesus’ name!
That’s the flesh chain – the chain of the flesh!
Deceitfulness of riches
Come into alignment, every piece and every part, every heart!
Breaking confusion – that’s part of the cloud! Confusion broken in Jesus’ name
Every form of deception out and gone – done, over!
Double mindedness and that wavering and that fence riding
It’s time to get on the right side and to step on over
And every fear of man, we break it in the name of Jesus
Every chain of sickness broken
What in the world! In Jesus’ name get off, get out
We’re free!
The stripes that Jesus took brought us into freedom and wholeness and wellness in Jesus’ name
Chains of the brain
But the brain yielding to the heart, yielding to the Holy Spirit
That it is He who reigns
For the chains are broken! The chains are broken!
Doubt, that’s a chain, broken in Jesus’ name!
Status quo, that’s a chain, broken in Jesus’ name!
Depression, that’s a chain, get off and get out in Jesus’ name – never to be the same again in Jesus’ name

Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You bore the twisting and the crookedness of that crown of thorns that was placed upon Your head
To bear every crooked and twisted way
So, we speak to those minds and declare an exchange for the crown of glory placed upon each and every head and the mind of Christ
Crowns of glory and crows of righteousness
Hallelujah for the glory! Fresh, fresh, fresh
Even the chains of religion – gone
We are speaking every stinking chain that has tried to hold us down and hold us back
The Church is not only revived but the awakening is beginning to move and it will not hide
For its moving and moving and moving, the awakening that will bring back the king of kings!
Hallelujah, thank You, Father
It’s hard to see those chains – they are becoming less and less in Jesus’ name
They have been broken!
They can’t come back; can’t reconnect
They are confused beyond confusion in Jesus’ name

Ms. Annie led us singing “Power in the Name Jesus”

Pastor Ray shared…

I was just reminded of this about the name that is above every other name. I know I have shared it before. Sandy and I when our kids where smaller several years ago, we were driving a conversion van up Hwy 100 when a drunk lady runs from one side up through the ditch onto the highway. The first that we saw of it was her face right in our windshield. Sandy screamed and I slammed on the breaks. I mean I couldn’t stop because the lady was right there. We hit her and she flew in the air about 25 feet and landed face down on the highway. We checked to be sure our kids and everybody was okay. I jumped out of the van and ran up to the lady. She is not breathing. To me the chain of death had come upon her. She was not breathing, not just knocked out. There was no breath. And all I could do because I was in such a state of shock in a way. Wouldn’t you be? And so all I could do was kneel down on the highway, lay hands on her and declare the name. And then Sandy came around the other side. All we could do was say the name that is above every other name until suddenly she coughed and began to breath. And she came out of it with no broken bones. We visited her. We had to take our van to a body shop to get it healed. She had no broken bones. She just had bruise or whatever and recovered. In Jesus’ name, because there is power in and through the name that is above, way up above every other name!

Continued praying…

No matter what it is
No matter what nation is trying to come against us, let’s just take North Korea
We overcome by the blood and through that precious holy name that is above every other name
Our nation is and it will always be one nation untied
Jesus is Lord over America! Amen
We are running with the name and the authority that’s in that name
Let’s never, ever use that name in any other way but that we know we are using it respectfully and reminding ourselves who is backing up that name that we are declaring
Knowing it is not us, we don’t have the power
But we have the authority to use the name that has all of the power
Amen – Hallelujah!

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