Prayer Summary for Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to share this with you. You will be able to see a video of this during the Christmas show this weekend. We are working with a pastor in Bloomington in the Share Christmas Toy Drive. So if you were here last year, he got up and spoke during the Christmas production. There were two families yesterday that we as a Church have adopted. Both families were in North Minneapolis. The first family has thirteen children and no Christmas tree or anything. We showed up at their house with the Christmas “Toy” truck, the TV crew, Pastor Lynne, I mean the whole nine yards. The first thing they brought in was a real Christmas tree. The kids started going wild. They were jumping up and down and running around and going crazy because here is a Christmas tree. That was just the beginning. They had bags of gifts, coats, and everything with names on the bags of each child.

I was talking to my daughter-in-law who was there too. She said you couldn’t help just weeping. It was the sweetest thing to do, to adopt them and just load it on them. And then there was another family too. They were a family of five. The children were not there, but when they got home from school, it would be like Santa Claus came. Blessed, so blessed.

On the 17th there is 5 or 6 distribution centers in the Cities and that’s where all the toys will be given out. It’s a big deal. There will be some information on the website about that if you would like to volunteer.

The following excerpt was taken from Mind Your Spirit by Andrew Wommack:

Through spiritual dyslexia most people perceive Galatians 5:16 completely backwards. “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” They recognize that the flesh and the spirit are contrary but assume that they’re automatically walking in the spirit if they just deny their flesh. Therefore, they put all of their focus on quitting this and rejecting that, thinking, If I can just stop doing these bad things and having these foul thoughts, then I’ll be in the Spirit. Wrong! This verse doesn’t say “Walk in the flesh, and you’ll hinder the Spirit” or “Overcome the flesh, and then you’ll walk in the Spirit.” No, it declares just the opposite: “Walk in the Spirit, and you won’t fulfill the lust of the flesh.”

Darkness is simply the absence of light. You can’t get rid of darkness by shoveling it out of the room. However, if you turn on a light, it’ll flee. When you walk in the Spirit (turn on the light), by default—as a by-product—you won’t fulfill the lust of the flesh (darkness flees). Willpower is the shovel of the flesh. If you feel you can’t really accept who you are in Christ until after you overcome the darkness in your life—drinking, cussing, smoking, or whatever problems you currently have—you’ll just end up frustrated and stuck (Romans 7). It’s not that God won’t release His power to you; it’s just that you haven’t yet flipped the switch. Lay that shovel down and turn on the light! Get into God’s Word, and start recognizing and meditating on who you are in Christ. As you focus your attention continually on the reality of your new identity, the brightness of who you are in the Spirit will begin to shine in and through you to such a degree that it’ll break the control of the flesh and deliver you from these external problems. Light always overwhelms and chases away the dark.

A friend of mine used to be a well-known secular entertainer who wrote several famous songs. While in this profession, he became born again. After finishing a concert at midnight, he’d hop on the bus with his musicians and start traveling to their next gig. Excited about God and His Word, my friend actually snorted cocaine off the pages of His Bible so he could stay awake and keep reading about how much the Lord loved him!

Today, this man has been a pastor for over twenty years. How did he overcome his flesh and its bad habits? Did he quit snorting cocaine and all the other ungodly things he was doing first? No. This man didn’t let his vices keep him from beginning to find out what God’s Word said about him. He centered his attention on discovering who he was in Christ and what all Jesus had done for him. As those things became reality to him, he finally came to a place where God led him out of that lifestyle.

God wants you to come to Him just as you are. After you’re born again and changed inside, renew your mind to who you are in Christ. As you find out who you are in your spirit, you’ll change outwardly as a result. If you’ll just start walking in the Spirit by focusing your attention on the things of God, regardless of what your flesh is like, you’ll break its dominion over you.

Pastor Ray shared…

A lot of times, we think one way but in our spirit, it’s an opposite kind of thing. But as we focus more on who we are in Him, it totally overrides the flesh. How much of the time? All the time, it does. It’s a help. We are called to this place of prayer. Calling things that are not as though they were, lifting up His Word and declaring and commanding things to change. We must not, we cannot just go by what we think. Isn’t that right? We don’t pray because we think this or think that. We get down in our Spirit and let those words come up and come out. You know how Jesus didn’t do anything lest He heard from the Father. That’s how He was directed.

We are directed by the Holy Spirit. Internally we know things, we see things, we hear things. Hallelujah. And I like that part about the light. Just get in the light, get in the Word and it dispels and it causes darkness to exit. Hallelujah, thank You, Lord.

Ms Annie led us in singing “I am a Child of God”

Pastor Ray shared…

Let’s just for a little bit go back into yesterday toward the end of the morning. Seemed like there was such great expectation about what would be to come. Annie, when you are singing that, what He did for His people, what He has done for us, I wanted to turn it… I know we are trained. We don’t come here with our own agenda. We don’t just pray for each other and leave. I am not saying that is wrong, but we are called to be directed by the Spirit, led by the Holy Ghost. And we pray outside of the borders of this place, and we keep moving and praying if it be the country, another nation, souls, or whatever it might be.

I wanted to just turn it right into the Chapel this morning and say if there is anything in anyone in here this morning that is causing some temptation to actually fear about what is to come, about what is taking place, about steps that are to be taken, to just declare in agreement with one another exactly what Ms. Annie was just singing about. He made a way through the water where there was no way. He’s taken every sickness and symptom away. He has delivered us. He has made us free. He has given us victory over every attempt of the enemy to either hold us down, hold us back, or turn us around and go in the wrong way, whatever. That’s what we say to that “Whatever” because we have the King of Kings and Lord or Lords on our side.

Continued praying…

He is our light
He is our strength
I pray in the name of Jesus for absolute peace
Light a cloud, presence of the Spirit
Bringing about the peace that passes all understanding
Letting those things go
Focusing on the King of Kings the great way maker
Expectation of who we are in Christ
We renew our identification – our covenant
Who He is for us and working through us
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
We clear out by the blood of Jesus
Clear up and clear out a way even where there was absolutely no way
Things that have been prepared, ways that have already been made
We focus on these things
Cares of any kind, you have to go in Jesus’ name
We are children of the most high God
We serve the Creator of the universe
The Great I AM
Strengthened by the Spirit
Answer, we pray over the answers even before the questions are brought forth
Declaring it will turn out all right
Entering into new steps, ways, plans
And that every need met in Jesus’ name
Line upon line, lining it up
Limitations be removed
We are born again children of God almighty
Pressed down shaken together, men will give unto us
Wealth of every kind – resources, we tell you where to go and where to come
Opening up our hearts and expectation
Healing, wholeness, prosperity of every kind—sprit, soul, and body
Thank You, Lord, for connections by Your Holy Spirit
Praying over the answers, shaking things up in the name of Jesus
Entering into the answers
Every lie be uncovered – That is a Lie!
Step by step by step – it’s unending
The Holy Ghost plan
Shifting, even a greater shift now
A greater freedom there
Every turn, every change, every door
More and more and more
In some ways, it’s just one step away
One step into….. ooooohhhhhhhhhh!
That is because it’s a new day!
A new day and a new way
An alinement in the name of Jesus
Supernatural quickening
We speak to some situation “Move now in Jesus’ name”
Lined up for success, lined up for more, lined up for greater
The Master’s plan – an alignment with the plan
Entering into the plan

Some kind of attempt to disrupt the plan of God, love
Holding the blood against the disruption – stop in your maneuvers
Destiny in that plan – no in the name of Jesus
In every state, we take the blood and declare it
What’s already begun, will continue
Every attempt removed in Jesus’ name
Every other name must bow
Cutting off every supply of the enemy
Breaking them up and exposing them in the name of Jesus
Confusion there – be confused!
We expect that to be so in Jesus’ name
The souls that will come in December
Father, You know the words that must be spoken
Every dark place shall be moved out by the light of the Gospel
Every single one of them, thousands
We expect the harvest, the former and latter rain together
Answers, they are solutions to plans and how to walk them out
Divine supernatural revelation
Thank You, Holy Spirit

Ms. Annie led us singing…

Holy Spirit come
Breath upon us now
Each and every one
Holy, Holy, Holy Spirit come
And breathe upon us now

Burn within us
Winds of refreshing
Washing, washing
Burning, burning, burning
Each and every one

We welcome You, We welcome You
Holy, Holy, Holy Spirit come
We open our hearts
We open our eyes, open our eyes

Holy Spirt come
Fan into flames, fan into flames
All the fires that burn in us
Fan into flames, fan into flames
All the fires, all the fires that burn for Your name

Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit how we need more
We receive You
Holy Spirit come fill us now
Come fill us now, fill us now

We yield to You
We yield to You
We cry out for You
We cry out for You
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy Spirit

Continued praying….

Ms. Annie, please lead us in praying over the Christmas production. It has to be a Holy Ghost show, where His touch would permeate every person attending or watching online.

Make Yourself known, O God
Holy Ghost, show of You God
Your presence, Your Presence
Everything changes when You are made known
Everything rearranges when You are shown

Jesus be lifted high, Jesus be lifted high
Unveil Your glory, Lord, to every eye
Jesus be magnified, Jesus
In every element, in every life
Jesus’ be magnified, Jesus be lifted high, Jesus be lifted high
In the services

Oh no flesh, no flesh will gory in Your presence
But You will place Your glory upon this flesh
You’ll place Your glory on every jar of clay
And everyone will say
We saw Jesus today

Emmanuel Our God With Us
Be Emmanuel in the show and the service
Be manifest, be manifest
Jesus, and make Yourself known
In every song
In every song
Every note piecing the night, piercing the darkness
Every note making wrong things right
Laying bear the hearts by the power of Your Word

And let Your whisper Holy Spirit, let every heart be heard
Let Your voice by every heart be heard
And the wounded souls be drawn to You, drawn to You
We call for beauty, beauty to be made know
And everyone will know that it’s the beauty form You alone
For You are beautiful in all you do
So in the beauty of this production all the glory go to You
All the glory, the glory go to You

Pastor Ray shared…

Hallelujah. Doesn’t that make you want to go? That is a sweet prayer for the services, the Holy Ghost showing, amen. So when you come, don’t forget to bring your toys or whatever you want to bring. Our goal is 10,000 or more. Thank you so much today for coming and bringing your supply and being a part of this prayer. I appreciate it. See you tomorrow.

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