Prayer Summary for Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The following excerpt was taken from Heaven Is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations by Sid Roth & Lonnie Lane:

The most life-changing aspect for him was the most life-changing aspect of heaven and it was the depth of God’s love that Dean experienced over and over again. It wasn’t just God’s love as a fact. It was God’s love for him personally. As if Dean was the only object of God’s love yet knowing that God loves everyone in His creation the same way. When he was in the presence of the Lord Jesus, he felt His love coming from every part of Jesus’ anatomy. The Lord not only loves, He is love. It’s not just His heart or mind that loves up, it’s every part of Him.

Pastor Ray Commented…

You can see how His love for us has nothing to do with what we do or refrain from doing. There was another man in this book, and he said there is a record of everything we have ever done in our lives or thought. But when we are born again, you know what happens to that record? It’s wiped out. And when our name is written in the Lamb’s book of life, there is a declaration “Cleansed by the blood of Jesus, finished.” The past is over.

Continued reading…

Once we receive His unconditional love, it dispels any kind of rule keeping, works, or behaviors to try and gain, or keep, God’s favor. When we know we have His love, sin loses any appeal it might have had. Who can be anything but entirely secure knowing God’s love like this? Further, it also washes away any fear of rejection by God we might have once we know there is nothing in Him that cannot or will not love us. Once we know we are altogether entirely loved and fully accepted by Him, we lose all interest in the things of this world that might have drawn us away from Him or His holiness. We love Him because He first loved us.

The response to His love, His greatness, and His glory evokes a spontaneous continual loving worship of Him from every created being in heaven. Even the flowers in heaven worship God and the very atmosphere bows in worship before Him. But even more wonderful is that each worships God in song. He responds to each person’s worship and sings a personal love song back to each person. There is an exchange of love between the Father and each of His beloved. We might know what it is to be deeply in love with someone who loves us in return but God has given that to us and it’s a mere shadow of the reality of His love.

What we often have difficulty saying, we can easily sing. God has created us even our brains to function this way. Sing your prayers to God and then be aware as you sing to Him of what He is singing back to you. Allow God to wrap you in His love for you. It’s a life changer.

For as high as the heavens are above the earth so great is His loving kindness toward those who fear or revere Him. Psalm 103:11.

Pastor Ray commented…

I like that he put that in here that some things maybe we have difficulty saying or praying but we can easily sing it. I love to do that and we do, do that. That God created us even our brains to function this way. Sing your prayers to God and then be aware as you are singing to Him of what He is singing back to you. Allow God to wrap you in His love for you. Remember this man said that’s the thing that was the most incredible to Him. That it was personal. That even though He loves everyone, He made it personal to him and he said it’s a life changer. Do you want to be changed?

That makes singing unto the Lord even much more important. I remember when Pastor Lynne got a song that He sang to her in the sanctuary in the other building. And she knows all the words to it. He sang it to her. Maybe you will understand some things today as we lift Him up, just worship Him. Let’s open up our ears to just be aware what He is speaking or singing back unto us. Amen.

Ms. Annie led us singing to the Lord…

♪ This is the realm of Your glory
This is the realm of Your love
We can feel Your mighty power, You are moving in this place
In the presence of angels with God’s glory on their wings
Like a voice of mighty waters we hear the angels sing
We cry holy, holy, holy
We cry holy, holy, holy ♪

Mr. Timothy testified…

A couple days ago, I was online looking for a new laptop. I needed a new one with Window’s 10 and everything like that. I saw this top-of-the-line Dell executive type laptop at a thrift store and it was only $118. It was also listed on Craig’s list, so I thought “That thing is gone because it is way underpriced.” That night I went to sleep and in the morning I woke up with the song “Good, Good, Father.” It just would not leave my mind. I was like, “Lord, I know You are trying to tell me something. There is something You are getting ready to do.” So, I came here to prayer and then I was going to go shopping for a laptop at Walmart. But something said “No, go back, pick up your mom, get her business done, and then just check at the thrift store.” I was thinking that I was just wasting my time because it’s going to be gone. So I did that. I listened to the Spirit, and I went back and it was still there! So I got this top-of-the-line executive laptop, the best you can get for $118. I knew that was God just saying this is what I was talking about. I am a good, good Father. I just want to give God the praise and thanks for that.

Pastor Ray commented…

Don’t you love it when He directs and you just go ahead and finally give in? And you know He has things prepared. Hallelujah. When we are singing “holy,” when we get further into our heart or hearts and really sing it because we mean it… While we kept doing that, I heard this but I didn’t hear it in song but I heard it in my heart. “While you lift your voices and you say unto Me holy, holy, holy, I am working on situations for each one of you while you are worshiping Me, I by My Spirit am working keys that will change the way things were going. It could be words. It could be doors. It could be steps but they are keys that will line up so that the things that needed to be done will be being done while you are spending time with Me.”

It all happens at one time. That’s how I saw that. We yield. We give. He gives and He works on situations on our behalf while we spend the time lifting, singing unto the King of kings and Lord of lords. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie led us singing “You are Holy”


Father, thank You for the blood
What it did, what it is, and what it will do
For Your Church, for Your body
For the great power in this hour
Binging about an absolute rearranging through the blood shed on Calvary
The blood of Your dear Son
It has caused each of us to already have won
Together we’re one, together we’ve won
Together it’s done, when it was spoken forth on this earth “It is finished!”
If it’s finished, Lord, we get it, we receive it
All of the blessings, all of the changes, all of You
The ministry of Your love through us for others
Supernatural suddenlies!
Opportunities, places to step into
We prepare this morning the steps individually and corporately together
The steps – more and more, greater and greater

I see some steps that are right in the middle, like a person would step up and be stepping toward the next step that they would walk out but the step wasn’t finished. There was more to it. There is more to it (ha, ha, ha).

That way, this way, another way, new ways
Ooooh! a marked change, a marked difference
So press out and press ahead
Continue to contend not from your head but from your heart
Ministering spirits, go forth and work on behalf of the church
Channels of change, avenues of change, pathways of change
All resulting in supernatural rearranging! Oooohhhh!
Words, legal papers being signed
Set things to turn and move more in the right way
It’s part of the blessing that has already been provided
The destroyer has been defeated every single day!
Over, over and into different types of territories
Changes in these days
Can’t stay the say, never stay the same!
Because of the keys that have changed things
It’s supernatural and it’s a supernatural way
A code, a code, it’s a code opening the vaults
Access, access in the heavenly vault
Brilliant ideas and inventions
Ingenuity, buried treasures of the minds and hearts
Yet to be discovered!
Called forth, those inventions are called forth
It’s a better show – we receive it in faith we do

Ms. Annie led us singing “You are Holy”

Pastor Ray shared…

I am hearing this. The time you have spent today was not a wasted time. In the middle of you looking up and lifting up the name above all names, some things for you personally have been fixed up and restored. I don’t know what that is but in some ways these things can be fixed up and restored even though we didn’t know they needed to be. But as we have lifted and looked up and worshiped Him, the King, they have been changed, fixed and made new, restored. I believe we receive that, Lord. In faith and by faith, we receive some things we do know but many things we do not know. We believe all the way along this path that we are walking. When we continually lift up the name, that when we get out further in our walk, those situations are restored before we get there. They are fixed before we step in there. Hallelujah. We love You, Lord.

Continued praying…

We love Your ways, we love Your plans
We love Your Word, we take it to our hearts
We receive this morning from heaven’s treasuries
Knowing every need was met
Thank You for it, Father
We give You all of the thanksgiving, all of the glory, and all of the honor
We do declare “You are holy”

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