Prayer Summary for Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ms. Annie led singing “So You Would Come”


So thankful that it’s not just up to us
But You already did it for us
Not based on what wonderful words we can say
Or acts that we might do
But it’s because of Your precious Son and the blood that was shed
So we can know every day in every way that we have already won
We’ve won; every day we overcome because You did
Through the blood that was shed on the Cross
Thank You, Lord
Bringing to our remembrance that it was finished
It’s still finished, completed
Thank You
You loved us so much
We love You but You first loved us so much
For all of the new – things You have preplanned for us to walk out on this earth
Thank You for wholeness, wealth, prosperity of every kind – spirit, soul, and body
Thank You for the Cross, thank You for every single thing that You have already done
Thank You, thank You, thank You – we give You thanks

Ms. Annie led us singing “Thank You for Your Blood”

Pastor Ray led us in the following confession…

In the name of Jesus, we are the righteous of God. Therefore, we are entitled to covenant kindness and covenant favor. The favor of God is among the righteous. The favor of God surrounds the righteous. Therefore, it surrounds us everywhere we go and in everything we do. We expect the favor of God to be in full manifestation in our lives.

Never again will we be without the favor of God. It rests rightly upon us. It profusely abounds in us. We are a part of the generation that is experiencing God’s favor immeasurably, limitlessly and surpassingly. Therefore, favor produces supernatural increase, promotion, restoration, honor, increased assets, greater victories, recognition, prominence, preferential treatment, petitions granted (prayers answered), policies and rules changed, and battles won in which we do not have to fight because we have His favor. We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. We are above. We are not down below. We walk in that favor. We have promotion. We are restored. We walk in honor because of the favor of God. Our finances are increasing because we walk in divine favor.

Pastor Ray commented…

Victories, there are victories all around. Preferential treatment, thank You, Lord, not because we are somebody but You are and You made us somebody. So, we have preferential treatment. Our prayers are answered. How would it be if we had question marks at the end of our prayers instead of praying in the name of Jesus? We know He hears our prayers. We know when we base what we say and pray upon His Word that it will not just bounce back and have no effect. But it has an effect, the things that we pray when we use our faith of course.

Continue with confession…

The favor of God is on us and goes before. Therefore, our lives will never be the same. 2017 the year of God’s favor, favor for the Church, favor for us individually, favor for the United States of America, favor for the President, for the Vice President, favor for all the positions of authority. Hallelujah!

Continued praying…

Father, we plead the blood of Jesus over positions of authority
Political or positions of authority in the body
Every leader with wisdom, understanding, and favor to go before them
Greater, even grater favor that will shock and surprise us
That goes before us
Thank You, Father
When we get to where we are going today, favor will be there
Our prayers have favor – Hallelujah!
If we don’t know, He does know and He leads us into all truth
Where the enemy comes in, the Spirit of God comes in like a flood and lifts that standard up
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
You have made things right, You straightened out crooked ways
These are not the good old days but the good new days
We choose favor, we choose to walk in Your favor!
Glory, thank You, Father!
Knowing that Your joy in us creates and brings about supernatural strength
To assist us to contend for Your perfect will and plan
Keys, specific keys of revelation, wisdom, and understanding
Some will be moved out and others will be moved in
We are not moving down but up in the right way
Your plan, purpose, concepts – Your favor goes before us
Your divine favor – hallelujah!
We pray over the entrances, the keys that You have for each of us
Taking no care, no anxiety, walking in peace that passes all understanding
The Comforter, the peace that passes all understanding
It’s not too late! It’s not too late!
So even in this day, we water prayers that were prayed yesterday and the day before
Prayers that were lifted up and are still in the works
Watering those with the water from heaven
The sweet smell of the presence of God
We pray over these doors, opportunities for more
We take Your peace upon us

Ms Annie led us singing…

♪ You called us to have peace
Oh, not the peace the world gives
But the peace that passes understanding
Peace that comes from being whole
Peace defined by Your shalom
Nothing is missing in, nothing is broken in Your peace
Everything is whole in Your shalom
Open up and yield to it, we receive it

Let not our hearts be troubled
Because we believe in You
Let not our hearts be troubled
Because we know what You can do
We rest in Your Peace
You said we have great peace
Who love Your law

So we trust in what You say
Not in what we see, we trust in Who You are
It’s in You we believe, we trust in what You say
We have peace, we have peace
You give us peace
Great peace have we who love Your law
Your laws are better than thousands of gold and silver
And by them Your servants are made white
By them we have peace in our lives
Oh, the peace You give and by Your words we live ♪

Continued praying…

We pray that peace over the body of Christ
Sending our supply – Your presence and comfort
Because You’re good, so good
For You are faithful through all our days
There is none like You in all the earth

Father, we pray out in front of us the blood
Preparing You gave us a part to play
We are going in the right way following God’s purpose
Covering every aspect of our tomorrows
Coming together as one company
Taking our place running the race
For signs and wonders and supernatural happenings follow Your Word
Mysteries revealed!
Leaning not on our own understanding but lifting the body today
Holding it up!
Rising up higher
It’s better, it’s greater
Your glory in our life, honor to our King
Worthy, worthy, worthy to receive our praise
You’re everything, You’re everything
A new day, a new day
Assignments, great revelation about those assignments we have been called to do
It all fits, it all fits
The words together – this assignment fits with that assignment over there
Working in a place of divine unity
Alignments, bringing it closer, cooperating
Now, right now!

We cover every prayer we have prayed this day
We believe for an effect, change, rearranging
Some things will be stopped and other things will be opened up
Covering our prayers in the blood of Jesus
We are covered in the blood of Jesus
There is power in the blood, in His blood
It’s working, it’s working
We overcome by the blood of Jesus Christ
Lord, we thank You for Your blood

Father, thank You for every assignment that You have given
We know in our hearts by faith we can walk it out
Thinks we don’t know about yet but we will
Because of the blood and the power of Your precious Holy Spirit in us
We give You all the glory and honor and praise
Thanksgiving, thankful hearts, hands and feet
Hallelujah, in Jesus’ name so be it!

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