Prayer Summary for Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ms. Annie led us singing “I Choose You Lord”

Pastor Ray shared…

When we don’t understand, we still choose You, Lord. He first chose us. So we keep choosing Him. And He is faithful. He is our best friend. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord. He knows the timing. He knows it all. Of course, He created us. He put the plan inside of us before the beginning of time.

Sandy was watching a series something similar to Anne of Green Gables. This little orphan girl was adopted by a brother and a sister that lived on a farm. The little girl had no upbringing as far as any kind of religion. The adoptive mother wanted her to pray before she went to bed and started teaching her the Lord’s Prayer. The little girl who knew nothing said, “Well, I think I’d like to go out in the field and sit there and look up and just talk to the Lord from my heart.” Without knowing anything, she did know something. It was in her and really, isn’t that the best of the best prayer? A heartfelt prayer lifted up to heaven. Hallelujah. I love that.

I want to share a couple points I found on praying in other tongues.

1. Praying in other tongues tunes us up to the Spirit.
There is a prophecy that Brother Hagin had several years ago that said the same thing. It will tune you up, tune us in by speaking in another tongue. And we know that is a gift from God. It’s from heaven and we know we talk to Him while we are praying in other tongues.

2. Praying in other tongues allows us to pray things that we don’t know.
Like the song Annie just sang, even when we don’t know, we trust Him. And we lift these things up that we don’t know when we are praying in other tongues. What a miraculous thing.

Pray at all times (on every occasion, in every season) in the Spirit, with all [manner of] prayer and entreaty. To that end keep alert and watch with strong purpose and perseverance, interceding in behalf of all the saints (God’s consecrated people). Ephesians 6:18 (AMPC)

Do we know all the saints? No we don’t but He does. So we pray in the Spirit.

The following commentary is by Larry Sparks:

Praying in tongues is not some magic formula that guarantees us some free and easy lifestyle of health, wealth, prosperity, and all of those fixings. Jesus assured us that in this life, we will experience tribulation (see Jn. 16:33). In the same passage, the same Jesus declared that He has overcome the world. Victory has already been secured at Calvary. In times of trial and assault, it is easy for us to become weary in the place of prayer—often, not knowing what or how to pray. Praise God for the Holy Spirit! Paul reminds us for we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us (Rom. 8:26). When in the heat of spiritual combat, it is easy to start praying prayers that agree with the size of the attack, emphasizing the problem, rather than focusing on the size of the blood-bought victory that Jesus purchased at the cross.

Pastor Ray commented…

Over the years with the different attacks from the enemy, things that we would know about, hear about, or read about. You know what the attack is and you just change your prayers and it’s almost like you are trying to fight it naturally, almost in a way. If it’s a big thing, does that mean we pray louder? It’s a good thing He is gracious and kind to us.

Praying in tongues empowers you to agree with God’s victorious battle plan for your life and your circumstances, no matter what is going on around you. It does not deny reality; it simply positions you to agree with the higher Truth of Scripture—victory has been purchased and it is yours through Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ray commented…

I love that because we are not working our prayer based on what we know in the natural. We are working with Him, working together and praying in the Holy Spirit.


Thank You for the gifts of the Spirit
For the anointing – the precious power that enables us to do things we can’t do
That it’s not up to us to try and make people change
Make people be healed
Make people respond
But it is up to us to pray for them, on behalf of all the saints
All the Church
Hallelujah, thank You; Lord

Political leaders, heads of nations
We pray in the spirit over them
It allows us to be free, stay in that victory place
And not take a care here there or any way
We cooperate with heaven
We cooperate with the Spirit of heaven
Answers to situations, answers to prayers that have already been prayed
Words bringing about great change
Reconnecting things that have been severed and bringing them back together again
Lining it up in Jesus’ name
Shutting it down in Jesus’ name
We apply the blood there; the power is in the blood
To stop every plan of the enemy
Dunamis power in us and through us – authority from heaven
The peace of God, the presence of God
Better, best, greater, more
We declare it, it shall come
Turning things around into the right way, God’s way
We lift up those situations, every step and plan
Even greater protection with the blood and through the blood
Destinies hang in the balance
Come on up, come forth in Jesus’ name
Now is the time!
Distractions must be pushed out of the way
Plans of the enemy must be
For My Church has My blood, My authority, My name
Demand distractions to get out of the way
Be still, shut down in their tracks in Jesus’ name
Changes in the right way, right plans
Now for rearranging, turning things upward
Low places be lifted up in Jesus’ name
Open those right ways, steps
Today, now in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, for the enablement of Your Holy Spirit

Ms. Annie led us singing in the Holy Ghost

♪ There is a plan, there is a plan
Not known to man
And the Lord says it’s in His hand
Eye has not seen, ear has not heard
All of the things that are in His Word
But God has revealed them to us by His Spirit
Oh, Lord give us ears to hear, eyes to see
We want to hear it
By Your Spirit, Lord
Give us hearts to know Your plan
Supernatural by Your Spirit
We want to understand Your Holy Plan
From the foundation of the world
Give us eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to understand ♪

Ms. Florence shared…

Praying in tongues when you have no idea what you are praying or how you are praying but then you are working in concert with the Holy Ghost and through you He is saying some things and He is decreeing some things that brings an answer to prayer. So this just happened to me. I was in Africa last month and I had no idea that my husband and his brothers had been feuding over land. He didn’t want to share that with me because it was so bad. They had said that he had been given the better part of the land and that it was bigger and it was more fertile and he didn’t need it because he was in the States. So it was really rough for him. Although he did not share this with me at all.

So we wake up on Saturday morning and I see all his brothers come into the homestead. And then he tells me after breakfast that they were going to have a meeting. And I thought, a meeting? What’s happening? I see all your brothers here. He said, “Oh, we are just going to have a meeting and I will tell you all about it after.” So he didn’t know what was going to happen but they were three brothers that were not talking to each other. They were not even eating together. They were so far apart.

So, my spiritual ears went up. It was just like something was not right here and I need to start praying. They went into the meeting and I was still sensing something was wrong. I thought I don’t know why he didn’t share with me but I am going to pray. And I told the Holy Ghost I don’t know how to pray. You are going to have to help me pray. And for the next hour and a half while they were in the meeting, I was praying in tongues. And I tell you I had no idea what the problem was but I knew that there was something that I needed to pray about. For that hour and a half I was saying some things and praying some things and I was binding some things and I was loosing some things in the spirit. I knew that’s what I was doing until that burden lifted. And as soon as it lifted and I was starting to go into the house, they were coming out.

I went into the house and I knew something had happened but I didn’t want to start asking what it was. And then my husband came into the house and he said “You know what, you are going to make lunch for everybody. They are coming to eat here.” I said “Oh, that’s nice. I don’t know what to cook but I will cook.” And so when I started cooking he came and said “You have no idea. We had been having war for close to two years now. And we went and I thought today well, I am going to give up this land, forget all about it. I don’t want to feud with my brothers. If they want the whole land, they can have it.” But he went and he sat there and nobody, there was no fight. They didn’t even know what they had been fighting about. So the eldest brother said, “Well you have been talking to me concerning him. Can you bring up everything?” the other brother said “No, I don’t have anything.” He replied, “What do you mean you don’t have anything?” He said, “I don’t have anything. Whatever you decide, we are going to go with it.” And then the other brother too said, “Well, I am fine with it. I don’t care. We don’t have to move the boundaries. We don’t have to move anything.” And then they all agreed to eat together.

They had been fighting for two years… All I am trying to say is, if you don’t know what to pray, let the Spirit pray in you. Point your tongues toward that problem. You don’t even know what words you are saying but I knew I was pointing my tongues toward there. And I did not let go until the Spirit told me to let go. And now they can eat together. We even prayed together before we left. And the boundaries are going to stay as they were.

I was given the details later and it was bad. It was bad. They didn’t even want me there. It was that bad. So, I am saying if the Spirit gives you a burden to pray in tongues, He really knows what it is all about. We do not have to know what we are praying. Let’s trust the Holy Ghost; He knows. He’s going to decree some things through you. He’s going to say some things through you. He will bind and He will loose and at the end of it, you rejoice. Thank You, Lord!

Pastor Ray shared…

What I heard before you got up, I kept hearing “It shall not come to pass.” And it was personal for each one of us. Operations, plans of the enemy shall not come to pass. That was a great testimony. Really, it’s almost like they couldn’t remember what were we arguing about (ha, ha, ha).

Ms. Annie shared…

We have been praying about the strife and the division in our nation. And how is it possible that these waring cultural elements will ever see eye to eye? But that’s just such a perfect example of how we can’t pray in our understanding about it. Our mind is not big enough to figure this problem out but we don’t have to. God is actually able to just make everybody forget about what they were so mad about and cause the whole big strife thing to fall apart. That’s a really good inspiration to me! Hallelujah.

Ms. Florence commented…

In Washington where this man wanted to shoot a lot of Republicans. You know that’s what I was thinking about as I sat here. I couldn’t even pray. But you know it came, that praying in tongues came. And I thought you know what, that’s what we need to do. We just need to pray in tongues and let all enemies, these people who are being used by the enemy in this country; they will one day calm down and say “What are we doing? What are we trying to do? We are all Americans. What are we trying to do?” So they will get an “Ah ha” moment.

It is very demonic. That’s the way you need to look at it as very demonic. Don’t look at these people and say “Who are these people? Are they white people or are they black people are they Democrats or whatever?” You know when you pray you cause confusion in the enemies kingdom. They will be so confused that they won’t even know which way to turn. They probably will turn against each other and they will be like “What is happening?” So, we just need to pray. Just an hour and a half of praying in tongues until the burden lifted. So, if the burden hasn’t lifted concerning this country, we just need to continue praying. And one day it’s going to lift and oh my God it will be… Thank You, God!

Thank you very much for coming.

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