Prayer Summary for Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ms. Annie led us singing “You Made a Way for Me”


Thank You, Jesus, that You are the way maker
By the blood that was shed on that day You made the way
An entrance, You cleared out the path for each one of us to enter on into Your Holy Place
Today, in these days

But then too, that “together forever” part, every time we sang that this morning, I had a sort of sense of those that are looking over the balcony. I just got a little glimpse that they were leaning on over saying “It’s together forever.” It’s such a joyful declaration. And so we are able to enter in as we’re on this earth but we shall enter in and be together forever with those that have gone on before. That declaration was an encouragement for us to keep on entering in from here that we too may enter on in there in that day that is to come.

Thank You for the blood this morning, Father
You did make a way
Thank You for the power of Your precious Holy Spirit
For Your glorious presence
For the touch of Your Spirit
Thank You that You have given us this way to come right in before You today
Not so much asking but lifting and magnifying and giving You glory and worship and praise
For all of the things that You have already done
That it was finished on the Cross – it’s still finished
It will always be finished
The blood will always work and the blood is working today
We are free because of that precious Holy Blood
We are overcomers because of that blood
Testifying and declaring “We have overcome because You overcame and it was through the blood”
Thank You for the Cross
Thank You for those nails – those stripes that where taken upon Your back
Thank You that we have been made whole
That way was cleared up and cleared out
There is a way and there always will be a way!
And You have given us the keys
You have given us eyes to see and ears to hear
Authority here on this earth
To call the things that are not as though they were – hallelujah!
Even this day, we declare some freedom where there’s not been any
Freedom in Jesus’ name!
Whatever that hindrance or whatever those things were
We’ve been made free, we are free, we’ll stay free
We choose it, we declare it, we testify for it
We take our seat, we take our position, we take our place
No! We are not going back but we are marching on and marching ahead
Every step we take is a step of freedom and victory and strength
We are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!
We are mighty in You – Strong in You – Overcomers!
Setting others free – declaring Your Word for others to walk free!
Steady in our walk and in our talk
Up, up, up we go
Up and over and on out into recovery!
Recovery! Restorations!
Nothing missing
Each one, every one of those
That will not stay that way – it is changing
It’s turning! It’s changing!
There is a mandate, a call for it in these days now
So we keep speaking to it, keep watching it turn
Keeping on declaring, keeping on declaring
It’s supernatural!
There is a way so we will walk it out, walk out beyond it
For there is always been created a way
We take that place!
It is not too late
But it will be on time in due time
So it continually moves out further
Check that off! and check that off! and check that off!
Ooohhh Hallelujah!
Steady, stable, fixed upon, trusting in the fullness of it
All of those details
Watching over them
Coming up on some unusual things, some new things
For the Church, for the body of Christ, the whole body
Up! Up! Up!
There is illumination, there is light and revelation
We lift up those secrets
Mysteries, hidden things, and a revealing
It’s for the body to walk out in these ending times, and ending ways and plans

Open the gifts – it’s time to open the gifts!
From the inside out – open, open, open the gifts
The deposits, the gifts, the callings
We call them out now!

Each one, each one, each one
You don’t need their gift, you have your own gifts
Oh, to be what you were created to be!
Embrace it! Do not look to the left or to the right
Look to Me, I made you the way that you are to create the good thing I created you to do
My workmanship!
To not add to, to not take from
The uniqueness of My attributes shining in You
The treasures, the deposits, the buried treasured in each one
Father, we call them forth right now
Under the debris, under the corruption, whatever has buried those things
We call them out and we call them forth to shine
And we shine the light of Your brilliance on them in the name of Jesus
To see as I see!
Shaking off the dust

Ms. Dar gave a spiritual song…

♪ It’s breaking through, it’s breaking through and coming forth now
Manifesting, manifesting in all Your glory
We are yielded to You, we are yielded to what You have made us to be
We are yielded to what You have called us to be
We yield by Your grace to Your full equipping now, Lord
It’s in all Your fullness and Your glory
It’s in Your strength and Your power and it’s by Your grace
We give it all to You
We do it all for You

It’s all about You, Lord, as You lead us on
As You lead us upward and forward in higher places
With all Your power and glory
Oh, You are coming, You are coming quickly in a new power
A new gifting, a fresh awakening now
We’re receiving it, we’re seeing it, we’re believing it
Walking in all its fullness now
We’re calling it forth, we declare it
We see it and we do it, we do it, Lord
We love You, we love You, we love You, Lord

It’s all about You, It’s all about Your glory
It’s all about Your power and miracles
In signs and wonders coming as we yield and work it out in You and through You
You in us and we in You
With unity and harmony in great power and glory
We see it now, we see it now, we feel it now
We walk in it now, we walk in it now as You’re leading us
We walk in it now ♪

Continued praying…

So together, Lord, this morning, we just come together, compacted together with one another, here in this body right here, in this chapel, we enter on in even further, closer, if we can come closer. We know that it is by Your precious holy blood. We know that You made that way. You are the way maker and You are always calling and calling and calling and faithful and faithful and faithful. Thank You.

All of the thanksgiving we bring it on up today to You, Lord
Once again, we are so grateful – our spiritual hearts are yearning
And we yearn for more and more of You, Lord
So that we can do, those gifts that are within us, we can let them out
And yield and do what You have called us to do
It is You, we know that
It is Your strength – it is all about You
You are everything and You are all we need

Ms. Annie led us singing “You Are All We Need”

Ms. Kay shared…

I saw many of us just come up to a place of bushes and thorns knowing we had to cross to the other side, knowing there had to be a path. And as we were singing that He has made a way, He just says to us now “Move forward, just move forward. And as you do move forward, those thorny bushes, those horrible thorny bushes will just open and there will be a path for you that is fragrant like lilacs and you just move through. Those thorns are nothing. They melt at Jesus’ name. You just move through and He has a path. He has a way. He is the way maker. He is calling us to the other side, just obey and go forward and those thorny bushes, thorny barriers that look impossible will just move and He will make a path as fragrant as lilacs.

Pastor Ray shared…

Thank You that there is that way, Lord

I had a sense too, today as we were praying in tongues, there was a strengthening coming to us as parts of the body and enabling us to do exactly what Ms. Kay just said, go through. By faith the strength was stirring, lifting, and it was joyful in a happy place because it’s a strong place in Him. Remember without Him we are a big what? Nothing. In Him we can do it. We will do it. We keep our pace. We keep in our race. We keep walking, talking, and staying strong in Him for He is strong in us and through us to get us through.

Continued praying…

Bring out those gifts, bring them forth and let them go
To do what they have been called to do
We thank You for it in Jesus’ name, Amen.
That’s a good place to end today
We went through those thorny bushes so there you go!

Ms. Annie replied…

And it smells like lilacs!

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