Prayer Summary for Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ms. Annie sang a song by the Spirit…

♪ I breathe You in Lord
You are thick all around
I breathe You in Holy Spirit
You are thick all around
For You are here with me

The presence of the Living God
It satisfies the depths of my heart
All of me is changed when You come
I am free in Your glory and love

The brightness of You loves pure heart
It pierces through the darkest of night
And everything is possible now for You are here
You are here and You are good, so good

When I don’t understand, I will choose to love You Lord
When I don’t understand, I will choose to trust You Lord
When I don’t understand, I will choose to praise You Lord
Jesus, Jesus, I will worship You ♪


We worship You, Lord
Thank You that You do understand
You know everything about us
You know the plan because You gave us the plan
We choose to know more about the plan that You have given each one of us
We love and magnify Your name this morning
You are worthy of all of our honor and praise and adoration
Thank You, Lord

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday I had a meeting with Pastor Lynne and Pastor Paul. It was about reaching the Twin Cities, praying for every house. We’ve joined with another group from Kansas City. It’s called Reaching Every Home for Christ. We have just gotten this far but I wanted you to know what is happening. We are in the process of setting up our own site. We are going to work on it today in order to get it really lined up and working correctly. So, you can pray for people who live at a certain address and then on the app, hit the dot on the map where the home is and it will have a little “P” on it. For anyone else tuning in to our site they will be able to know which homes have already been prayed for and which homes have not. So we are going to start with maybe 4 or 5 different cities and begin to pray for every single home. We are just working on it. We will have more to go through in the next couple days and then we are going to set it up for all of our prayer leaders and the people that pray in every group. Our goal is to pray for every house in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. When you look at the map and you zero down, there is a lot of dots. There is a lot of homes.

But it is the coolest kind of concept because you could walk the neighborhoods but you really don’t have to walk the neighborhood. You could walk it on your phone. Also, there is another part of it that you can click into and it will tell whether or not you visited the home. Let’s say if you were out walking, you felt directed to go and just knock on the door. It will let people know that somebody visited there and if you were able to speak to them. It gives all the information. First we will get the prayer people knowing what we are doing and how to work it. There is no limit to it. Every city in America.

Pastor Lynne is part of a conference in a couple weeks with Mark and Trina Hankins. It’s a leadership conference. I know she will be up to speed on it then and she will announce it to that whole group. One of the ladies that we met that works for PULSE, that’s the group that will be putting on the meeting in US Bank Stadium next year, she had walked and prayed over her own city. And then there is another man we met last week had walked every street and house in I believe it was Chaska.  A lot of these people would have never been prayed for. It’s just wow.

This morning, first, I wanted to go over four prayer points that PULSE put out. Every month they are going to put out different prayer points, things that they need to be lifted up. And we as a ministry want to be a part of that. Pastor Mac and Lynne are definitely are part of that leadership.

The following February Prayer Points were taken from the Pulse website:

1. God’s direction in the changes and adjustments that we are making to more fully prepare for 2018. Please pray for good communication and the working out of the practical logistics in making this shift. Ask the Lord to give discernment and unity to the leadership.

2. Praise for the Pastors Summit on February 16! More than 700 senior pastors, worship pastors, youth pastors, and prayer leaders came together to pray and envision what PULSE Twin Cities in 2018 will look like. Pray for the launch of unprecedented momentum toward prayer and unity in our city!

3. Pray for the orchestration of the details to host another UNITE prayer gathering on May 4. Pray for the right venue to gather even more of the Church of the Twin Cities to worship and pray. Ask God for increased enthusiasm among the churches to come together.

4. Pray for this prayer team to increase. We want to have at least 66,200 people praying with us in advance to PULSE Twin Cities 2018. That represents every seat in the U.S. Bank Stadium, and we think that’s a great goal! We will be rolling out several prayer resources and ideas to saturate our city and event with expectant prayer.

Ms. Annie led us singing “Father, Make us One”

Ms. Annie shared

Remember when David talked about how pleasant and how good it is when brethren dwell in unity. He said it’s like the precious oil that was poured on Aaron’s head, the High Priest’s head, that ran down over his garment, down to the hem of his garment. And I was thinking about the hem of Jesus’ garment. That the woman reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and life flowed from His power into her when she said that. So the anointing oil that comes from unity flows down all over the body, all over Jesus’ body, all over us. We are His body and there is life forever more. It’s life that sinners can reach out and touch and His power then will flow into them. But it is when we are walking in His love, right? It’s when we are walking in unity.


Dwelling in unity
I know there is something that each one of us can do
Each one of us can move just a little bit toward unity
We can all do, we have to do it, we all get to do it
We don’t have all of the answers
Thank God for this church but we don’t have all the answers
It is healthy for the body to see the other parts and see what they are doing for the Lord
What their call and direction is that they received
And see them carry it out faithfully
It is encouraging to each one of us, hallelujah

Praying for the right venue for the national day of prayer
A place of prayer and worship
That more churches would gather momentum and enthusiasm about gather together in unity, in one accord
Churches in the Twin Cities that haven’t gotten on board yet
Maybe they don’t know or haven’t heard or they question who’s doing it and why they are doing it
We believe, Father, that You are doing it
And it has goal, a plan for souls
For the lost to come in by the droves
Than You, Father, for Your perfect, perfect place for May 4
And that many, many more churches will get on board
We ask You for it
We pray for a gathering of unity and the world sees it
Pastors to have open ears to hear and hearts to be opened to what You are calling the churches in these cities to do for this event
Praying for more prayer would go up concerning the Pulse event
That every seat in the stadium would be prayed over and will be filled
This is a house of prayer – we have been called to prayer
But there are many other ministries that have different calls for prayer
Different ways, different resources
So we are asking You, Father, that every seat in this US Bank stadium would be covered with prayer
That there would be more and more prayer resources, prayer ideas to saturate our cities for this event
Prayer with expectation – not just a kumbaya kind of deal but it’s a Holy Ghost plan to fill a stadium
That the news media cannot just overlook
But it will be a meeting of glory and authority
Where the peace of God and the presence and glory of God will be manifested
So, we hold up every one that is involved from the leadership on down
All of the musicians and all involved to do an event like that
We hold it before heaven
We call people from the north, south, east and west to get on board – get in the plan
New plans, new ideas
Clearing out a way – praying out in advance
Preparing the way for God from heaven – answers
Making a way, we pray out these ways
It’s almost like building bridges or avenues or streets to the stadium
Preparing the ways for the lost to come forth

Ms. Jeani shared…

I looked up faithful and the first definition of faithful is loyal, constant, stanch, steadfast, resolute, and firm in adherence to whatever one owes allegiance. Faithful implies unswerving adherence to a person or thing or to the oath or promise by which a tie was contracted. So, Father, I thank You that a spirit of faithfulness rises up in the Church in the Twin Cities. Give them a great conviction to be faithful not only to You and to You to the utmost but to praying for this Twin Cities and to one another, faithfulness, faithfulness, faithfulness. Let them be loyal to one another, constant in their loyalty, staunch in their commitment, steadfast in prayer, resolute and firm in adherence, unswerving adherence to a person or thing or to the oath or promise by which a tie was contracted. Lord, I thank You right now that differences don’t matter when we come together as the body of Christ.

We come against divisions that would want to go to that event to have doctrinal debates
This is not about that, this is about agreeing with You
Praying over the building and the staff
Traffic control around the building – protection around the blocks of that area
Disruption has no choice but to come into agreement and leave their agenda at the door
It will bow to the name of Jesus
That the love that will be there is undeniable
A love and peace that everyone brings in there with them
Unity about who God is and His Son, Jesus
Bringing His kingdom to manifest here on earth
The enemy is not even allowed to even speak up
Wicked devises that would twist the reporting of this event as something against another religion or religions
This is about lifting up the kingdom of God
His plan, His big picture for the body
Ruling out any other division against the body of Christ
We send you away in the name of Jesus
The blood of Jesus over the positions of authority in the body and United States political leaders
President, Vice President, Senate, Congress and over every state in the United State
We demand and command unity
Hidden things would begin to come to the light
Greater than ever before
Plans from the enemy revealed and cut off
Every lie, every inaccuracy, every wrong plan, division or lack in Jesus’ name
Faithful to God’s plan and will
Faithful to the word we have been given
The ministry of Love, loving one another
Praying for one another, lifting up one another
The body, the body, the body
Joy! There is joy and peace and healing in the body
Every part is functioning in Jesus’ name
It will continue to function according to manufactures specification
Let our confession be what the Word has said to be
Let the sick say “I am healed and whole and healthy!”
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Every touch of sickness – out you go!
No more sickness, you got to go, get out of the body!
I am healed! I am whole! I am healthy!
Glory to God!
Let the poor say “We are rich, wealthy, prosperous, able to do what You have called us to do”
An overflow of the wealth
Churches, ministries – prosperous above and beyond into overflow
Health and wealth are in the kingdom – the body of Christ

Ms. Annie led us singing “let the weak say I am strong”

Continued praying…

Entering into a new day of seeing
There is much more to see – we do!
We see what You are doing and we are encouraged
We are happy! We are the happiest people in the world!
Because we can see! We can hear!
A new level of freedom in every area
We have no lack! Heirs of the kingdom
There is victory in the house of God
The Church has taken its seat in heavenly places
For all the new shall come our way
Every weight, hindrance, or debris is out
Because we have been set free!
Thank You, Lord
All that was finished back there at Calvary
We should never be down
Children of the light
Really, really, bright! Hallelujah!
Who said prayer is boring?
Children of the light!

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