Prayer Summary for Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

Time is moving quickly and things are picking up. I have this book that is a compilation of different messages by John. G. Lake. I wanted to read something that he said about compassion. It reminded me of what I read a while ago about Oral Roberts. The first major miracle he experienced in his ministry was through compassion. The compassion of the Lord rose up within him, and he was moved to lay hands on this man and he was healed. It was a major miracle. So I wanted you to hear what John G. Lake said about compassion. The book is entitled, Spiritual Hunger and other Sermons by John. G. Lake.

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[start excerpt]
Chapter 7
What is the greatest blessing or revelation of the Spirit of God? I believe the greatest thing is that Jesus showed the world how to exercise compassion for one another. The law of Moses that preceded Jesus was exacting in its demands, as all law is. That is the nature of law. And Jesus undertook to reveal the Father-heart of God to the world. The greatest movement in the soul of God Himself was that movement of compassion for a needy world. It was so great that the Word says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

We are inclined to think sometimes that God is careless about the world. Not so. “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved” (John 3:17). …

Jesus taught the world compassion. Men might have compassion on the lovable and the beautiful; but Jesus taught the world to have compassion on the unholy and the ignorant. One day a sinful woman was brought to Him, and the people said, “According to our law, she should be stoned.” According to the law there was nothing else for her, but the compassion of Jesus covered that soul. He said, “Go, and sin no more” (John 8:11).

I heard about a widow who lived in the country and was laboring for small wages. She had one daughter, and her great ambition was to be able to educate her daughter. She had toiled and worked and invested her money in liberty bonds to hold for the education of her daughter. She came down from one of the country towns to Spokane to make a few purchases necessary for the girl’s new life at school. As she stood at one of the counters in a store, she turned her back for a moment, and soon discovered that the little treasure was gone. The savings of a whole life, the struggles of a mother’s heart, gone! The endeavor to gratify the one big love of her soul in the education of her daughter was wiped out.

In spite of the assistance of the officials of the store, she was unable to find any trace of her money. At last she sat down and wept bitterly. A lady, the widow of a banker, who saw her told her to come up on the balcony with her and sit down. Another lady joined them, and the banker’s widow said, “Now, come, we are going to sit down together and believe God on behalf of this soul. We are going to believe that God will move the soul of the person who took that money until his soul sees it as this mother sees it.” They sat down together and prayed for that person. The mother returned to the country, and in the mail following her came a letter with the money accompanied by a note saying, “I couldn’t keep it; forgive me, and may God forgive me.”

The Divine Secret

Compassion reaches further than law, further than demands of judges. Compassion reaches to the heart of life, to the secret of our being. The compassion of Jesus was the divine secret that made Him lovable. Religious people are exacting; good people are exacting; but good folk have to learn to exercise compassion just as others do.

We remember the incident with the disciples and the Samaritans. The Samaritans did not want Jesus and His disciples to come. They said, “We have heard strange stories, how this thing happened, and how that thing happened. How a great number of swine were drowned.” They had heard about the pigs, but they probably had never heard how the widow’s son was raised from the dead, or how the water had turned to wine. The disciples loved the Lord; they were exercising His power, they were ministering to the sick, they were endeavoring to alleviate the sufferings of the overpowering that they said, “Master, shall we call down fire from heaven to consume them?” How easy it is for us to feel the righteousness of the issue rather than the compassion of the Son of God. There is no limit to the compassion of Jesus. [end quote]

In the 90s the one thing that moved me more greatly than anything up until that time was hearing a message that was preached on God’s compassion moving through us, then have hands laid upon me. It opened up a door for things I had never walked in before. But it all had to do with ministering through the compassion of Christ Jesus. And when we have that, we’ll go further than we’d ever go before. We’ll do things we would never ever do, but that we have Him and His compassion moving through us. Do you agree?

Annie shared…

I was reading this morning about when Jesus cleansed the leper. Mark 1, “Now a leper came to him imploring Him, kneeling down to Him and saying to Him, If you are willing you can make me clean.” Then Jesus moved with compassion stretched out His hand and touched him and said, to him, “I am willing. Be cleansed.” As soon as He had spoken, immediately the leprosy left him and he was cleansed.” It was the compassion of God’s love moving through Him that made Him stretch out His hand and touch the leper. Which that was a violation of the law to touch the leper. But He wasn’t moving under the law. He was moving under the love of God which created the law. So instead of Him being made unclean by touching the leper, the leper was made clean by being touched by His compassion. Isn’t that beautiful?


Lord, we ask You to give us Your compassion… give us Your eyes and Your heart. Help us not to judge one another but to love one another with Your compassion. Without You, we can’t do it. But You said we’re not without You. Thank You for being with us and for Your compassion that wants to lift each soul out of the pit and set them on the rock in You. You are willing and You make us clean.

The Lord is gracious and full of compassion. He is abounding in mercy. He is slow to anger. So, Father, we ask that You would grant us a heart of compassion. It’s because of Your compassion that your mercies are new every morning. And great is Your faithfulness towards those who love You. So we ask that You would fill our hearts with compassion. Lord, we ask that You would forgive us for our lack of compassion. You are gracious to them who repent before You. That’s what we’re doing this morning, Father. We have lacked in this area of compassion as your body. Grant us this morning a love, a heart of compassion. Would You shake us, Father, shake us from these lofty heights of pride, Lord? Shake us from those lofty heights of self-righteousness. Yes, Father, You couldn’t use any of us because we look at ourselves and see how righteous we are. We ask, Father, that You would forgive us. That You would forgive us. That You would reveal by the light of Your Word every dark area in our hearts. We desire to do Your will. We desire to be used of You, God. We desire to walk in Your ways. We desire to love like You loved. We do, Father. We want to reach out to the mercies God. We want to show them Your love. We want to tell them You are King. Would You have mercy on us this morning, Father? That You would be the light in this nation, that there would be no division among us, Lord. But the blood of Jesus… put everything under the blood. And give us the very life of Your Son, Lord. Give us the very heart of Jesus, God. Give us His mind, God. We want to know the mind of Jesus. Put Your very love in our hearts, Father. Your love is shed abroad in our hearts.

Group prayed under a strong intercessory anointing…

Father, we repent for not towing the line. We repent for holding back. We receive the mandate to be a city on a shining hill in answer to a dying world. We receive Your compassion for the lost, for the needy, for the hurting. Father, we acknowledge right now that when we deny who we are in Christ, the world suffers. Father, burn that in our hearts right now that we were made in Your image for such a time as this. Let the Church rise up. Church, rise up! Rise up, Church! For such a time as this. For a dying world. Father, I thank You that we receive the deepest revelation of Your goodness, of Your love that never fails.

Uncover and remove the obstacles
Open those right ways
We must move and contend
Remove those obstacles, remove those hindrances in Jesus’ name
Through the blood
We take authority over that spirit of deception
In the name of Jesus, devil, you will not have the body of Christ
You will not hold them in deception
We tell you to get your hands off the children of God right now
The veil has been opened so we may see and know and walk in the ways of God
You get your dirty hands off the body of Christ right now
Your days are numbered and you have no authority
We take authority over you… we resist you in the name of Jesus
By the blood and through the name, no authority in Jesus name…
For the church is on the rise… moving up… contending and going through
Over into the new
Each one, every one, every member, every part, every heart…
Falling into place, taking their places… doing the will of God
Boldness and courage… advancing the plan and will of the Father
Calling that to move out and move away
Declare His works…
Church, stay steadfast… keep your eyes on Him and expect the prize

Father, we thank You for the new. We thank You that we are moving into the new. We’ll no longer be held back. We are unstoppable with Your Spirit in us. We will not stop. We will not be detained. We will not be deterred but we will move with You. We will stay with Your Spirit. We will continue with You. We will move into that place which You desire us to be and we will be changed, changed by Your Spirit.

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