Prayer Summary for Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ms. Annie led us singing “In Your Presence, O God”

Thank You for Your presence, Lord
That there is such a thing as Your manifested presence in our lives
Working on our behalf
Holy Spirit thank You today for a refreshing today
Yielding to You for more
Opening up our hearts for more of Your manifested presence in our lives
Thank You for it, Father

Scripture focus…

(18) Do not [earnestly] remember the former things; neither consider the things of old.
(19) Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:18–19 (AMPC)

That scripture goes along with a prophecy I am going to read this morning. I went over it with our staff on Monday. It’s a prophecy that brother Jerry Savelle gave here in 1989 about breakthroughs.

If you weren’t able to be here last night (Tuesday, August 22), it was such a good ministry about flourishing. God has called us to flourish, to prosper. It was an awesome faith teaching all the way through but he gave part of his testimony at the end of the service. Annie and I were talking about it. And it is always best to hear a testimony through the person that had the testimony. There is a greater anointing on it when it happened to them and they are declaring and speaking it and re-going over it. It’s an amazing testimony that he is doing what he is doing right now, it is miraculous. Just one little thing that happened during a routine surgery and he lost his entire memory. His whole memory was gone; he didn’t know anyone. He didn’t know his wife. He didn’t know his daughters. All he could say was yes.

It’s funny but it’s not funny. When his oldest daughter pressed him and said “Who am I?” You know she got in his face. He responded to his daughter “Jerre Ann Obama.” And then the doctor said “Who is this?” He looked at his other daughter and said “Terry Obama” and to his wife “Carolyn Obama.” Where in the world would that come from (ha, ha, ha)? Wow. Anyway it’s an awesome testimony and his memory was completely restored. And he has testimony after testimony after testimony.

Someone this morning told me years ago he was out east  where brother Jerry was doing a service. He heard him say he almost left the ministry at one point because he came into a church and there were two people fighting over the front seat. I don’t know what became of that but I mean they were like fighting over a seat. I actually saw that happen at Living Word in the old building. Two men were fighting over the front row. And I guess with brother Jerry he was so upset about it because it was two Christians.

Ms. Annie Responded…

I think that’s a picture of how the body of Christ looks to the Lord a lot of the time. The Lord is looking down on His children, all of us, and what are they doing. What are they saying? Where are they going? Are they waking in love? Yes! We are Lord, Yes! Yes! Yes! Mercy, grace…

Pastor Ray…

Fortunately at Living Word, it didn’t come to fist fights. This is a long time ago but I mean Sandy and I were like “What, you are kidding me. Sit in the second row.” Ha, ha, ha.

Ms. Annie responded…

Go to the back row. Then the Master will come and say to you “Friend, come up higher.” That’s what Jesus said.

Pastor Ray…

So hallelujah, anyone want to move to the front (ha, ha, ha)? Years ago in the old building I thought it would be so cool because we didn’t have pews to do a meeting or a prayer meeting and most of the people tend to sit toward the back and just turn the whole thing around and turn the podium and go to the back. And then they would be in the front. Alright never mind. We are on a rabbit trail now (ha, ha, ha).

So I went online and got the definition for breakthrough. It’s a sudden, dramatic or it could be an important discovery or development, a major breakthrough like let’s say DNA research or something like that. It’s an advance, a development, a step forward, success, improvement, discovery, innovation, revolution, progress, and headway. That’s just a few things about breakthroughs.

Maybe you have heard this prophecy before but I just want to go through it again. It’s so blessed. Probably 25 or 26 times he says “breakthrough.”

The following prophecy was given by Jerry Savelle on May 14, 1989 at Living Word Christian Center:

“Breakthroughs are on the horizon. Breakthroughs,” saith the Lord of Grace.

“For in the field of technology there have been breakthroughs—in the field of medicine there have been breakthroughs, in the computer age there have been breakthroughs and now it’s time for a breakthrough in the Spirit.

“It is time for you to go further than you have ever been before. It is time for you to experience My glory as you have never experienced before, for I have said that you go from faith to faith and from glory to glory. And it is time for a new dimension,” saith the Lord, “a breakthrough.”

“If breakthroughs can be experienced in the natural realm, why not in the Spirit? And this is the hour for breakthroughs. For I am going to enable you to experience a breakthrough in the Spirit realm where subduing kingdoms is concerned. You will begin to understand spiritual warfare as you have not known it in days past.

“Some have seen but a glimpse, but in the days to come, you will know it as a general. You will know it as a technician—you will know it as those who are experts in their field for I am raising up a people that shall be experts in spiritual warfare. I am raising up people that shall be technicians in spiritual warfare and they will not only know, but they will share and they will show and they will demonstrate and it shall be widespread and many kingdoms shall fall,” saith the Lord.

“For this is the day and the hour for breakthroughs. And your city is headed for a breakthrough. For I have heard the cry of those who are stirred in their hearts. I have heard the cry of those whose bones, whose spirit, whose soul are a fire and a flame. For it is time for the breakthrough. It is time.

“It is time that those who once knew Me who are now backslidden. It is time for them to return unto Me,” saith the Lord, “and soon you will begin to see many that left the faith shall return. And yea, there will be hundreds and even thousands,” saith the Lord, “who once were on the front lines, who have lost their zeal and lost their desire, they shall regain it and they shall return to Father’s house and they shall be returned to the front lines and engage in warfare.

“For this is an hour,” saith God, “that there is a note of seriousness that I am causing to come upon the hearts of My people. Yes, it shall be fun and yes, yes it shall be glorious, but oh, the task that is ahead,” saith God, “will determine, will cause a determination, will demand a determination to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh,” saith the Lord.

“For I have declared in My Word that this is the time that Satan would dispatch an army of seducing, deceiving spirits and if possible, he would deceive even the elect. But stand firm in My Word,” saith the Lord, “and do not allow that which I have revealed to you in day’s past slip, but hold it dear unto you. Embrace it. Confess it. Believe it, with the same energy that you did when you first heard it.”

“For this is the hour,” saith the Lord, “that you owe it to yourself to be so established that you cannot be deceived, so deeply rooted in Me and in My Word that you cannot be shaken. And come what may, you are on the Word to stay. For this is the hour of breakthroughs. This is the hour when those who have been diligent and those who have been faithful and those who have said, ‘My God, I will not allow myself to slide, but I will stand on our Word forevermore’; breakthroughs are headed for those people,” saith the Lord.

“Mighty breakthroughs in every realm of their lives, yea, spiritually, financially. Yes, they will experience breakthroughs,” saith the Lord, “and I am no respecter of persons. I am willing to give you, yes, even you, that begin tonight. I will cause things to be accelerated and I will give you a breakthrough. So it is time,” saith the Lord, “to set your face as flint and say, ‘I shall not be moved, I am on the Word to stay, I will not let go of that which I have learned and those things which I have been taught, I will apply and I will endeavor to learn more,’” saith the Lord.

“And as you do, you are headed for a breakthrough. For this is the hour of breakthroughs,” saith the Lord. “So rejoice in Me and know that you shall be refreshed and you shall be revived and all that you have lost shall be recovered and yea, I will even raise you up,” saith the Lord, “in these days to invade the enemy’s camp and take back everything that he has stolen. For this is the day of breakthroughs.

Pastor Ray…

When should we do that? By faith, we take back everything that was ever stolen from us in Jesus’ name. Whatever the Devil got his hand in the mix and took something from us, we take it back in Jesus’ name and we declare this morning a 7-fold return! Hallelujah! We open up our receivers! Breakthroughs in our bank accounts, breakthroughs in our savings, breakthroughs where we live, breakthroughs in every arena and every area of our lives! We take it back by faith in Jesus’ name. Maybe he stole your joy – take it back. Begin to laugh and take it back for the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever. Thank You, Lord. (Shouting and Praise!)

Ms. Annie led us singing “I Go to the Enemy’s Camp, Take Back What He Stole From Me”

Pastor Ray shared…

You know how it says He sits in heaven and laughs (ha, ha, ha) at those Christians that are running into the enemy’s camp and taking it back. We just get a picture of the Devil at his camp shocked when the Christians show up and take it back! He can’t hold it back. We get it back when we stay on the Word and declare what He said we could have. Isn’t that right? We take it back. We don’t just sit back and let the Lord take it back. He said we take it back. We recover it all. We recover for others. We are not just recovering for ourselves and our little families. We are recovering for others that didn’t know that they could recover it! Hallelujah (ha, ha, ha)! That’s a breakthrough!

This is the day of breakthroughs! Many of you have been faithful in your giving, publishing the gospel. Breakthroughs, saith the Lord, in your finances are on the horizon. Some of you will be entrusted with more funds than you’ve ever dreamed of, saith God, for I can trust you. Can He trust us? Hallelujah, thank You, Father. The breakthrough is coming.


“This is the day of breakthroughs. Yea, many of you who have been faithful in your giving and publishing the Gospel, breakthroughs,” saith the Lord, “in your finances are on the horizon. Some of you will be entrusted with more funds than you have ever dreamed of,” saith God, “for I can trust you. The breakthrough is coming. This is the day of the breakthrough. And yea, there will be churches, entire congregations who will experience breakthroughs,” saith the Lord.

“There will be breakthroughs in the city,” saith God. “There will be, in days to come, those who have opposed you the greatest. Many of them will be converted and become your strongest supporters. For breakthroughs are coming,” saith the Lord. “And those who have fought you the hardest, many of them will realize soon that you cannot be shaken and that they are fighting a lost cause and they will drop their carnal weapons and pick up spiritual weapons and join you,” saith the Lord.

“For this is the day of breakthroughs. And there will be those who have said it can’t be—it will never come and they will be made to look as fools,” saith the Lord. “For this is the day of breakthroughs. Say not in your heart, ‘It can never happen here.’ For this is where my Spirit is near. For the Lord of the Harvest has come your way and you will begin to see more souls come each and every day. For the breakthrough is yours,” saith the Lord of Grace.

“So get ready. You have just begun to run the race. And the race before you, you shall run fast and you shall run strong and you will not give up. You will run the daylong. For this is the hour when you will see My power and the hour that you will see My grace. So know in your heart that I am the Lord that has spoken to you. So get ready. I said it. It will come to pass. THIS IS THE DAY OF THE BREAKTHROUGH!”

Pastor Ray…

Faithfulness brings breakthroughs. Faithfulness allows us to operate in those flourishing seasons which are every season of our lives. We have been called to flourish, prosper spirit, soul, and body and bring others into that same prosperity.

Ms. Annie led us singing…

♪ Come and join the reapers
All the Kingdom seekers
Laying down your lives to find it in the end
Come and share the harvest
Help to light the darkness
For the Lord is calling faithful men

Lord, we come and join Your reapers
All Your Kingdom seekers
We’ll lay down our lives to find them in the end
We’ll come and join the harvest
We’ll help to light the darkness
For the Lord is calling faithful men and women

I am not looking behind me to mistakes I have already made
I believe my debts are paid
I am trusting, you know
I made a vow and I am not going to break it
I am following
Lord, I am keeping my eyes on You
There is no good in comparing myself with those that are serving You
All the grace that You are sharing is for all I am called to do
Lord, I am keeping my eyes on You, following You, following You, my Lord

I won’t look to the left or right
My only goal is keeping You in my sight
Lord, I am keeping My eyes on You, following You, following You
My Lord, I’m keeping my eyes on You
My Lord ♪

Pastor Ray…

That’s blessed. Keeping Him in our sight… You know if we lose sight, we move back, move over. Get focused and get things clear again that we might continually see. We know He is leading and directing us in every step that we take. We thank You for it today in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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