Prayer Summary for Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The following prophecy was through Kenneth E. Hagin at Winter Bible Seminar February 2, 1997:

Speaking by the Spirit,
not just speaking words out of your own mind or thinking,
but speaking by the Spirit;
Words that are inspired by the Spirit of God;
Words that well up from within you out of your spirit,
given to you by the Holy Spirit.
Those words, spoken boldly bring forth great happenings.
Speaking by the Spirit,
and so the glory of God shall come into manifestation.
And some will see it like a cloud that hangs over the heads of the people.
Others may not see anything but they sense the mighty move of His Spirit.
Speaking by His Spirit, yielding your tongue unto the Holy Ghost.
But, you see, taking time to pray in the Spirit,
Taking time to pray in other tongues,
will get you tuned up; will edify you,
and get your tongue hooked up to your spirit,
so that then He who dwells in your spirit can give you utterance,
Then He takes over.
And you speak out what He says, not what you think.
Speak out what He wants. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

And so the Spirit of Seeing and the Spirit of Knowing
into a greater manifestation shall come.
But all of these.
All nine of these manifestations,
all of them worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit.
And, at the same time, the inspirational gifts.
Men, women, speaking by the Spirit,
By prophecy, inspired utterance;
By tongues and interpretations;
shall bring forth marvelous statements
and bring to pass and bring into being
in this sense realm where men can see and know the operation of the Spirit
of God and the manifestation of the Spirit of God,
and the demonstration of the Spirit of God.
So rejoice ye and be ye glad.


Father, we rejoice in You
Rivers of Joy
Mighty words of power, great deeds
Turns – all the way, all the way through
In the waters, fully in the waters
Rising, rising, rising
Higher and higher – rising, rising
Into the river we go, into the river we flow
We go where He flows
Clear up and clearing it out
Watching out front – calling for the clearance
Clear access – to go through
Fearless, fearless
Names, names, names – lining them up
Revelation, revealing
We lift that, that’s a deed – legal access to it
That’s by the blood, that’s in the name
That’s deeded access to the greater!
Great cooperation with the Spirit of God almighty
Power, power
Eyes – we pray over the eyes to open up to that access
To see through, to see over, to see around, and beyond
Praying over the base, the operation place
Assignments to rule, to be uncovered and be seen
Able to read, able to see it
It’s a secret place but the Church knows and will see
For the eyes are opening wide, for the eyes do see
That one, that one, that’s the one!
We lift that one
Words to be spoken and have to be declared – moves that must be made!
Strategic, strategic
Show it, show it, show it
Illumination, revelation; open the understanding
That’s an assignment that has to come! It must be carried through
Money – praying over the resources necessary to carry out the assignments, ways, and changes
To go through every turn, go over every hill; go around every blockage in Jesus’ name
Angelic assistance
Some other words or some other calls – they will be shut down
Strength for the right way and plan – to carry out the heaven-sent assignments
Supernatural strength!
Strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!
Moving right on into it!
It’s not just a dream, it’s not just a thought, it’s words spoken, it’s declarations about the assignments that have to be carried through
Shake out or shake away from
Protected in, through, and by the blood
Steadfast, strong, equipped, anointed
Only the right way – God’s way, God’s way
No mistakes, No mistakes
1, 2, 3, 4 aligning it up, step after step
Preparations and decisions concerning this hour
Miracles – many will be confused. Many will not understand how it could be but it will be. It shall be. It will be carried out. It shall come forth step 1, 2, 3, 4 all the way, the plan, the purpose, every detail, every part
Nothing broken, nothing missing, everything

I can just hear a different sound, a different song
In a way it’s over into that cloud, that glory oooohhhhh…
America, America, one nation under God
United, equipped, anointed
America… new day, new days
Stirring, stirring, it’s thick, it’s thick ooohhhhhh…
It’s on the Church, in the Church, coming through the Church
Preparing the way, preparing the ways
Off with these old weights, old plans
New opportunities, new steps, new places
Good news, good news, it’s a good day, it’s a new place
It’s a new thing He’s doing – a new word
Be strong, be brave, be bold in the power of His might
The Church is singing a new song
Shining brighter
What a mighty God
Thank You, Jesus, thank You, Jesus

Ms. Florence shared…

Do not say within yourselves “what is my relevance? What do I need to do in these days?” I need to tell you today that you are very relevant in My end time army. You are relevant. You have a part to play. Do not sit on the side lines. Do not sit aside and watch things go by. You have a part to play. Look within yourselves. I have put something inside of You that I need you to bring out, bring out in these times. Every single one of you is so important to this end time army. I need every one of you. Look within you. What you need is not out there. It’s within you. Look within you. I have equipped you and I need you now.

Ms. Annie Shared…

I just kept seeing this rain. It was the rain of words. And then I saw streams of words. And the Lord said “It’s words of life. It’s words of life that are within you. Yes, you are relevant. And you have a part to play. And a big part of it is the words of life that well up from your inner most being. You release them like a river. The river flows and flows and flows to every situation that looks so impossible but it is not impossible,” says the Lord. “Because My Word is stronger than the situation that the enemy or the circumstance might throw up before you. But it’s raining words. It’s raining words out of your heart. I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand. And now it’s getting bigger and it’s getting bigger and it’s getting bigger…. And as you, my army, release my words of life, a mighty, mighty rain comes on this land and it turns the curse into a blessing because you cannot curse what God has blessed. So release those words of blessing. And set a guard over your lips and don’t agree with those words of cursing. Because I have chosen this nation and I am not finished with this nation. I have set you here for such a time as this. So speak My words of life. America shall be SAVED! America shall be SAVED! America shall be SAVED!”

And the heart of this people is turning toward righteousness! And the heart of this people is turning away from wickedness! In Jesus’ name

Ms. Sharon led us singing “God Bless America”

Continued praying…

Father, we lift up Israel to You today
Lifting up the Holy City
Benjamin Netanyahu
Thank You for those who love Israel
We bless her today – blessing and peace in her gates and over the land
We bless the people today

Sharon led us singing “See the Glory”

Continued praying…

I am so blessed by this time that we could spend this morning like this, so thankful to the Father, so thankful to the Holy Spirit, so thankful for the blood of Jesus that covers us, washes and cleanses us continually, for the minutes, seconds, this hour that we can yield to heaven’s power, the power that raised Jesus from the dead, and declare these things forth that He tells us, shows us, reveals to us to speak forth, for the sounds, for the changes, for the turns, for the openings, for the lifting. We are so thankful and very grateful, Father. Amen.

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