Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Ms. Mary led us singing I Will Praise You Lord


Hallelujah, thank You, Father, by the power of Your Spirit, You are leading us
You lead us in prayer, You lead us in the places we are to walk in or into or out to
You are leading us
You lead us today, You direct our paths
We pray and believe our ears to be opened even more clearly to hear You
To hear that still small voice that’s always speaking
We do lift You up, we do praise Your name, we do magnify Your precious name
We thank You for the anointing that is resident within each one of us
Individually we are anointed and we are anointed to follow those steps
And we are anointed to do the things that You have called us to do – each one of us
Individually to follow You, to know that You are leading us and guiding us
But then too, corporately together that as we gather as members of the body
And come before You and come before Your presence – thank You for Your presence today
Thank You for Your beautiful, wonderful presence this morning – thank You, Lord

Ms. Mary led us singing Welcome Holy Spirit

Pastor Ray shared…

I keep seeing a hospital corridor. There seems to be a call or a direction to just walk down the corridor and look to the left and look to the right and declare the anointing, the presence of God, into those rooms. I don’t know where it is, I don’t know what hospital it’s in but by faith we do it. We bring the presence, the anointing of the precious Holy Spirit into that hospital and begin to walk from the beginning of the corridor all the way down through.

Continued praying…

Doors on the right and doors on the left
The anointing of the Holy Spirit, the presence of God, we speak into those rooms
and declare “Healing and Wholeness there, recovery, turnaround and turnarounds in Jesus’ name.”
And push out all of the symptoms and sicknesses and declare wholeness there in Jesus’ name
In the name of Jesus, what was there “Leave”
We take authority over the devil’s plans, over the devil’s ways
Sickness and disease of every kind, “Get out! Leave in Jesus’ name”
Even in the hospice area, we move down that corridor
And we declare “Life there!”
We pray over families for the anointing of the Holy Spirit
For eyes to be opened up and ears to hear in Jesus’ name
To come out of that dark place, to come out of those dark areas into the light
Miracles, miracles, signs, supernatural happenings
Oooohh! Ha, ha, ha!
Hearts be made whole, brains be restored, bodies be made new in Jesus’ name
All of those internal organs be restored in the name of Jesus
Legs be healed, arms be healed, hips be normal in Jesus’ name
Restoration has come in the name that is above every other name – JESUS
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – the Master, the Savior
A release from those things that have attacked them in the name of Jesus
Changes, changes, a change of direction
We pray over doctors and nurses in Jesus’ name
That surgery, we cover that in Jesus’ name
We apply that blood, the blood of the Lamb – cover that surgery with the blood and declare “It shall work right. It shall come out right.”
In the children’s hospital, thank You, Father
We declare turnarounds this morning in the name of Jesus for these little ones, Lord
Supernatural changes!
Oh, we pray over the parents to not quit, to not give up
Thank You for the comfort of the precious Holy Spirit – Comforter
We speak signs, supernatural happenings that rearranges all over the hospital in the name of Jesus
From little infants to just a few months old and then on up that ladder of years
Children, children – we come and minister unto them by the power of the Holy Spirit
And declare victory there that Your plan and Your purpose shall be carried out in its entirety
Wisdom for the doctors, wisdom for the nurses
Absolute turnarounds in Jesus’ name
The words that were spoken over there, the words of death, sickness
A turnaround we declare – absolute restoration there
Bodies, we speak to you to be restored and made new
Sickness, get your hands off these little ones – leave in Jesus’ name
No, no, today, today, this day!
Thank You, Father, for it
We are going to lift up the blood
We are so thankful and grateful for the power that is in that blood

Ms. Mary led us singing Thank You for the Blood

Continued praying…

Thank You for the flow of the blood
For the covering of the blood
Declaring hearts be restored be healed be made new
New hearts, new hearts in Jesus’ name
There is an anointing for that, to heal the broken hearted
The ones that are just so broken hearted, Father
For the Comforter, the power of Your Holy Spirit
Restored, restoration – coming out of comas, an absolute awakening!
Out of the coma in Jesus’ name
Awake! Awaken! Wake up! Come out of that in the name of Jesus
Healing, wholeness, recovery, wellness
Cancer, be removed in Jesus’ name – be made whole
Get out, get out, leave that body – cancer
Stop in your maneuvers; be removed in Jesus’ name for the blood of the Lamb is over you and over you and over those
A marked change in Jesus’ name – a turnaround!

Thank You, Father, thank You, Father
We will just take another turn and head on over to the White House
Recovery in Jesus’ name – a complete recovery, a turnaround, a rooting out
The power of Your Spirit there
Operations by the Spirit, changes by the Spirit, direction by the Spirit
Ooooh! Father, thank You for the changes, the turns, the rearranging
All of the changes! We plead the blood in that place
Right to that position! Restored, changed, made whole
Wisdom, help from heaven, the anointing, the anointing of the Holy Spirit in that place
And the anointing will assist the President to do what You’d have done in this nation
The anointing of God almighty! Loosed in that place
DC, that’s right! Moving some things this way, moving some things that way
Opening up some doors and shutting some others down
The commander, we hold him up
Oh, we pray over the eyes, the ears, the heart
Words, utterance, help, protection, direction
We watch, we declare, we speak the blood there
A cleansing by the blood!

Ms. Marie led us singing in the Spirit…

Continued praying…

Hallelujah, in our tongues I saw us standing in the center of US Bank Stadium, standing right in the middle on the field. And we began to speak to the north and we could see the city and we spoke to the city but we spoke to the seats on the north side of the stadium and then we turned our attention over to the east and to the south and to the west and let our prayers go up from the bottom to the top, section by section by section all the way up to bring forth a cleansing internally but to prepare the way for the presence of God, the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be resident there in May, in that PULSE event. From the beginning to the end the Holy Spirit, that same anointing will draw the people, draw them from those directions – the north, the east, the south and the west.

We call them, we receive them into the stadium and into the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit
Developments, changes to move out some things that were there
But make a way for that that must come forth, the anointing of the Holy Spirit in there to do the work
We plead the blood of the Lamb over every seat
Cover every part of it, every plan, all of the speakers, the leaders, the musicians, the singers
Prepared, opened
From this day to that day – every plan, preparation, decision, dollar that needs to come, it will come
Thank You for it, Father
What needs to happen today, preparation, ideas, changes, the anointing
Thank You, Father, glory to God

Well we went on a little trip today
And it’s a good trip if we go by the direction of the Holy Spirit
By faith we do move out, we are not bound by these four walls or this place
But the doors are opened by the Spirit for us to forth
We thank You today for all of the changes and rearranging, wholeness, health
Oh, thank You for it, Father
We give You praise in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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