Prayer Summary for Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

Before we worship Him, I wanted to go through a couple things on the anointing. I know we know about the anointing. We know we are anointed. I have been over it before about how Keith Moore declared over himself that “I am anointed” thousands of times when he took over for Brother Hagin for Prayer and Healing School. Wouldn’t you?

I know that’s true about worship. We have been going over that. But the more you do, the more you sense Him and His presence and we get out of our minds so to speak. Yesterday at some point, I was reminded about several years ago when my mom was going home to be with the Lord. And she was in her nineties and in hospice. So my whole family was in the room and she’s maybe a day away from exiting. She was Catholic and she was Catholic when she left but she was a believer. And she had the most peaceful exit with no fear. She could not wait to leave and be where she was going. I love the knowing that when you leave you know where you are going. She was lying in a hospice and said “I see Jesus and He is reaching out for me. Why can’t I just go?” We were like “oh my!”

My sister was a nun and three of her friends that are still nuns came to see my mom and we were all in the room. They asked if we would mind if they could just sing a little bit. We said we didn’t mind. So they started worshiping the Lord and the room filled with the anointing, the manifested presence. My brother, sister, their spouses didn’t even know what the anointing was but they didn’t have to know what it was to sense it. They all started crying because it was pure worship. It was so beautiful. I thought about that while we were praying yesterday. Just the Anointing that is within us.

I remember that one of the ladies that prays for Maranatha maybe the year before they had anointed every chair and every classroom in Maranatha before the school opened. The teachers said that was the smoothest beginning to a year they had ever had. And we have done that. We have anointed the chairs in our sanctuary and the chapel too. The anointing it empowers us to do what He has called us to do. So I am not called to do what Mandie is called to do, Mike is called to do all the way through the Chapel this morning. We are anointed. Maybe sometimes we don’t feel that but we don’t even have to feel it. We know we are anointed. And sometimes it’s good for us to declare that over ourselves. You know what, I am anointed. And not because I am somebody but because I have the power of the Holy Spirit, the anointed One, we do, you do, living within us.

You know how Brother Copeland did a series of meetings on Jesus Christ the Anointed One. It just reminds me of the anointing in Isaiah. His binding plan for us is broken or it’s destroyed. And how is that? By the anointing. The Yoke, it’s broken, it’s destroyed. When we were in France we met with a couple of ladies. One of them said she just got a revelation that the yoke is not an egg. I was like “what?” (ha, ha, ha). If I said who it was you would know who it was. Okay, it wasn’t Lynne Hammond, alright. She said I always thought every time I read that scripture or heard someone preach about the yoke broken by the anointing, I always saw an egg and the yoke was broken. I thought how does that work with the Word? She said I just got a revelation just in the last few weeks that it is not an egg. Okay that has nothing to do with today but we all have those deals. So where we thought the word said something and really it wasn’t saying that at all.

I was reading something that Brother Hagin had said about the anointing. He said “first of all, there is an anointing for each one of us to do whatever He has called us to do whether it is little, big or in-between. It’s not our own strength.” When you got up this morning, did you feel like you were absolutely so strong? When you looked outside and went “Oh, man” (ha, ha, ha). Okay, that was just me. The anointing if we really truly believe it, we can do whatever He has called us to do because we are anointed. It’s Him and it’s not us.

But Brother said first of all the anointing made it possible for us to be born again, Spirit filled, healed. You can just go down the list. He said it helps sometimes to understand that all of these words are synonymous like power, Spirit, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, and anointing. They are all the same. So when we are talking about the anointing, we are talking about His power that is within each one of us to do what He has called us to do in this hour. What is He calling You to do? What is He calling me to do? We could think of maybe Dwight Thompson. What is the anointing upon him? What has that enabled Him to do? Bring in thousands and thousands and thousands of the lost. Amen. Just because of the anointing that is within him. He comes into services to me it seems like everyone in the church is already saved but there will be over a hundred or more people that come up to be saved. And Troy just gave me a testimony today. He was at Cariboo Coffee with his dog. While three girls got interested with the dog, they all three got born again. And then the next place he went there were a couple people that got interested in the dog, they got born again too. So we agreed that dog is anointed (ha, ha, ha). His dog is anointed! But he is anointed to go through the door that the dog opened for him. Ahh, I just love it.

Ms. Annie replied…

Can I introduce that dog to a few people I know (ha, ha, ha). And Troy too, of course. It’s obvious that Troy’s dog had an anointing to connect with their hearts somehow and open a door and pave a way for the words that Troy would say. That’s so beautiful. Hallelujah.

Pastor Ray added…

That’s a good testimony. That the dog made a way, opened up a door, but Troy had to know that he’d go through that door and bring them in. That’s blessed.

We need to be every single day connected to heaven, connected to the anointing, worshiping our Father, worshiping and welcoming the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. There is more than what we have ever experienced before. I believe that. We yield to it. Florence said yesterday that she has looked back over her life and recognized that just being in the presence here in this chapel, her life is absolutely changed and it is changing. She said her husband recognizes it, her children. Why is that? It’s the anointing. I don’t think we realize the empowerment that we have through Him. I am thanking You for it now. When we do not feel like doing anything, Your power, Your presence, Your precious Holy Spirit, the anointing that is within us will cause us, will lift us, will empower us to do what You have called us to do.

Right now, You have given us an anointing to lift up and declare forth words that You would have declared over this earth. It’s by faith we know that, Lord. But we use our faith. We believe what You would have us to say when it’s time to say it. It will have an effect today, tomorrow, days, weeks, months, years to come. Thank You, Father, for the words that were declared 30 years ago here in this ministry, over this church. Somehow those words that were declared back then 30, 20, 10, 5 years ago, they continually have an effect on the things and the places and the plans that we have been called unto. In a way we just enter into that. We enter into those prayers. We water them. We believe that we are walking out things that were prayed out. We are walking out plans that were prayed out yesterday for today.


This is the day the Lord hath made
We shall be rejoicing all day and be glad in it
Your mercies are new
Things that were old that needed to be cut off, shaken away from
We believe that they are cut off and shaken out of those things
And we are free to walk in victory today
No we will not take a care – carefree because of Who You are
You have made us to be free
We pray out front, we prepare the way
But we are not going to be so concerned about how it will turn out there
But we will take our watch, stay on the wall for today
Thank You, Father

Ms. Annie led us singing “Let Your Will be Done in Me”

Continued praying…

Thank You, Lord, for what You did and what You declared on the Cross
You said “It’s finished”
Whatever it might be – finished
By the blood, we have overcome because You have overcome
Today, now – now we declare it again today
This is the time

A word of the Lord came forth…

I keep getting this in my heart. There are situations that look like they were not turning but they are turning, sayeth the Lord. They looked like they would never turn. But they have been turning, sayeth the Lord. The change, the turns, the rearranging, the healing, the restoration, the doors, the opportunities, the new, now it is the time, sayeth the Lord. So, in your declarations and in your heart of hearts, keep declaring now is the hour and the time. For these things that looked like they would never be finished, they have been finished when it was declared on the Cross on Calgary. From then to now, now it has been finished, this morning. It’s done. It’s over. It’s finished by and through the power of that precious, precious, precious blood.

Continued praying…

Thank You for now
This is the time, this is the hour
Things are developing, coming into sight
Today, now in these hours that we are living in
Some turns, some changes, some rearranging
It will work out right, it will turn out right
Supernatural signs of the times, signs to believers!
OOooohhhh! That will bring about great joy in the body!
Entering in the joy within brings strength that come through and works its way out and brings that empowerment to each one of us that will believe!
We believe! And we receive it!
Supernatural ease of the kingdom today
Entering, stepping, receiving!
For the Church, for the body
In the business arena, in the schools, in the hospitals, in the cities
All of it! All of the details! All of the parts and the hearts
Every element for the alignments in Jesus’ name
We pray over the base of operations
Getting it right!
And the blood has not lost its power
The blood transfuses every system, it restores it
Thank You for the blood of Jesus!
It speaks of better things!
We apply that blood
Arising the kingdom
And the bright horizons!
Watching over the horizons that are to come
Cover, covering by the blood
Lining things up, it’s preparing the way
The future is bright!
It is well with my soul because the future is bright
The plans that are to come, the days, the weeks, and the months too
By the blood of the Lamb
There is no darkness My light can’t reach
We send the Word

Numbers of the lost being not just added but multiplied many times over
Multiplications of victories over defeats
One linking with another – a chain banding together
We tip the scale – victories

For they will watch you burn
They will year to be the way you burn
They desire the fire that is within you
They will yearn to know what that fire is in you and that fire, the fire
Heavens holy hot fire multiplied more in these hours

Ms. Annie led us singing “We Cry Holy, Holy, Holy”

Continued praying…

Thank You for this place, Lord, Your place
Your presence, the anointing
The glory, the manifestation of Your love
For the fire from within that burns in us
Sets us ahead, moves us out into new days, weeks and months
We receive the increase, we receive it
Thank You for it, Lord

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