Prayer Summary for Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

About 15 minutes before afternoon prayer yesterday, I was out in the lobby and I saw Pastor Nick. He shared with me a testimony about a funeral he did a little over two weeks ago. Then right before prayer started, I met DJ who comes to prayer a lot and he introduced me to man he had brought. He knew him from a restaurant, and it’s not the first person that he has brought to church from restaurants. He introduced me to this young man in the lobby. So, he brings him in and I then asked Pastor Nick to come up and share about the funeral testimony. He said he was asked to do this funeral for a classmate on September 9, actually a graveside funeral. His name was Steve. The person that asked him to do the service said, “Well, he’s not Steve any longer. He is Margaret.” It was his first transgender funeral service.

So, he is at the graveside and they have a picture of Margaret but when Pastor Nick looked over at the picture it looked like Steve because Steve always wore a cowboy hat and had long hair. So, it was a picture of him and her. He had changed his name and did everything 30 years ago and lived the rest of his life as a woman. Pastor Nick, looking at his picture, said “To me that’s Steve. Steve was born Steve, a man.” He shared some words, some scripture and he turned to leave. Then he looked out and there were maybe 35 or 40 people there. He said he didn’t plan to give a call. He wasn’t going to do that, but suddenly it just started coming out. And so he proceeded to give them the salvation message. When he asked everyone to pray the prayer, all the people bowed their heads and prayed. So every person got saved at the gravesite.

He went through that prayer and described salvation. So I told him that he had the microphone, he might as well start praying for the lost and praying them in. He started praying in tongues and prayed by the Spirit maybe 10 minutes and he gave me the microphone. I prayed some and then it was 4 p.m. and we were finished. So, I said “thank you for coming.”

Then DJ stands up and says “My friend wants to get saved now.” Okay that’s the first time I had anything like that happen. You think, “well, we are in a prayer meeting, for sure everyone is saved.” But he wasn’t.

He stood up and Pastor Nick grabbed his hand. He prayed with him the salvation prayer. He prayed it and he got born again. Next, Pastor Nick said to me “Why don’t you lay hands on him to get filled with the Holy Spirit.” He wanted to get baptized in the Holy Ghost. I did and I hardly said a word. I just started praying in tongues and bam! he started praying in the Holy Ghost.

He said he felt a drawing or a call in his heart during the 30-minute prayer meeting. He was absolutely, totally open and desired salvation. I just went back in my thoughts. Actually I was tempted to cancel 3:30 prayer because we moved from the chapel to the sanctuary due to them putting down new carpet this week. Well, then he would have missed out. The time was right for him because God was calling him. If I hadn’t been in the lobby at 2:45 p.m., I wouldn’t have run into Pastor Nick and he wouldn’t have told me the testimony. If you just go back over the things that God lines up for people to be saved…

Cindy shared…

He actually felt the Spirit of God drawing him in a parking lot in St. Louis Park an hour or so before the prayer service. So, he saw DJ in that parking lot; they intersected. You know how you said that God lines things up. DJ had shared Jesus with him at other times and yesterday when he saw DJ, he asked if there was a service at church now. DJ called the church and we let him know that afternoon prayer was not canceled.

Pastor Ray…

I love it. So, is everyone in here saved (ha, ha, ha). Have you ever been at a service where you want to get re-saved or re-filled. Well, we always want to be refilled. We are to be being filled with the Holy Ghost, Amen.

Scripture focus…

(16) “The one who listens to you, listens to me. The one who rejects you, rejects me. And rejecting me is the same as rejecting God, who sent me.”

(17) The seventy came back triumphant. “Master, even the demons danced to your tune!”

(18–20) Jesus said, “I know. I saw Satan fall, a bolt of lightning out of the sky. See what I’ve given you? Safe passage as you walk on snakes and scorpions, and protection from every assault of the Enemy. No one can put a hand on you. All the same, the great triumph is not in your authority over evil, but in God’s authority over you and presence with you. Not what you do for God but what God does for you—that’s the agenda for rejoicing.”

(21) At that, Jesus rejoiced, exuberant in the Holy Spirit. “I thank you, Father, Master of heaven and earth, that you hid these things from the know-it-alls and showed them to these innocent newcomers. Yes, Father, it pleased you to do it this way.

(22) “I’ve been given it all by my Father! Only the Father knows who the Son is and only the Son knows who the Father is. The Son can introduce the Father to anyone he wants to.”

(23-24) He then turned in a private aside to his disciples. “Fortunate the eyes that see what you’re seeing! There are plenty of prophets and kings who would have given their right arm to see what you are seeing but never got so much as a glimpse, to hear what you are hearing but never got so much as a whisper.” Luke 10:16–24 (MSG)


Fortunate are our eyes to see what we are seeing in these days
When we focus on God’s ways and God’s plans
Victory instead of defeat
What God did for us and is doing for us and will always do
Fortunate are our ears because we hear what the Word says
We see it and we hear it and we hear it and it
Makes an absolute difference and change internally in each one of us
Hallelujah, thank You for it, Lord

The following Confession of the blood was given by Mark Hankins on June 17, 2001 at Living Word Christian Center:

God we thank You for the blood and we apply it by faith. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from every defilement of the enemy. The blood of Jesus prevents deception and aborts every attempt of the enemy to deceive us.

Through the blood of the everlasting covenant, God is working in us. He is perfecting everything that concerns us.

By the blood of Jesus, we are redeemed. We are forgiven. We are righteous. Jesus paid it all. We have boldness through faith in the blood of Jesus.

There is not one thing in us that the blood does not cleanse. The blood reaches and cleanses us from all sin and from sin consciousness.

We are accepted by God. We are pleasing to God through the blood of Jesus. Thank You, Father God! God is on our side. We expect miracles. Thank You for the blood of Jesus.

Now Mr. Devil, your power is broken! The blood of Jesus is against you.

The blessing of the Lord is ours! Victory is ours through the blood of Jesus. Not someday, but today!

We speak this language on the earth. By the blood of Jesus, we are redeemed. It’s a language of heaven. It opens up the presence of God. Thank You, Father God, for the blood of Jesus.

We are going to sing about it! We are going to shout about it! We are going to laugh about it! We are going to sling it everywhere!

By faith in the blood of Jesus (we apply it) over our past, over our present, over our future, over our family!

We are redeemed! We are free! Really free! Totally free by the blood of Jesus!

So we can laugh at the devil! Ha! Ha! Ha! We can laugh in the face of every impossibility! Ha! Ha! Ha!

God is on our side! The blood is applied! Healing is ours right now in Jesus name!

Continued praying…

We open our hearts and yield to Your presence
Yield to the touch of Your Spirit
Yield to change, yield to Your direction
Open ourselves to the full plan and purpose from heaven
Oh, thank You for Your presence
Oh, thank You, Lord
We know just one touch can and will change it all
One touch of Your great supernatural holy presence
Changes things that need to be changed
Opens doors that needed to be opened through that precious holy blood
We welcome Your presence, O Lord
Today, right now as we are assembled together in one accord
Not some of us going one way and some of us going another way
But assembled together in holy unity
Believing and receiving more of Your presence in us
So that it can come through us
And bring about that change

Ms. Annie led us singing about the presence of God…

Continued praying…

Your goodness is far above all we would dare ask or think
It’s impossible for us to exaggerate Your goodness
What you have for us, who we are in You
Today we receive Your goodness
The far and above overflow of Your love
Today we receive You flooding our hearts
Your goodness that cannot be exaggerated
Even in our thinking we could never go far and above
As far and above as You go
The Greater One that lives in us
You are greater than he that is in the world
You never leave us, You never forsake us
Everywhere we go we bring the kingdom
Why would we fear!
There is no fear here

Pastor Ray…

I just get a sense as we lift Him up, we are welcoming that presence and receiving it by faith of course, an increase, that it’s turning right around and going out in every direction from this place. We’re not responsible for what other people do, what other people say. We are responsible for what we do and what we say and how we yield and that we stay filled and stay overflowing so that, that glorious presence can come out of us and go out and he can use it to bring it to the dark, dark, darkest of dark places and open the eyes and ears. Just like that man yesterday was drawn. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords drew him that day on that date at that time to yield to the King and receive eternal life and the God kind of life here on this earth filled and baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Continued praying…

So there is a calling going out
There is a call going out today
We send it out, we speak it out
For help is on the way
It goes across state lines, borders
Across the ocean, there is no distance in the realm of the Spirit
The calls are calling
God is calling you and you and you

I feel like whole nations have arrived today
For the change has come and it will
And things can change in a day, it shall
We believe, we believe, Lord

♪ Your love’s pure light
It pierces through the darkness
And everything is possible
You are shining bright, shining bright
In Your people, in Your people
You are shining in the brightness of Your glory
It’s penetrating; it’s bringing the change that needs to be brought
Permanently turning and changing things that needed to be turned and changed
In Jesus precious holy name
We believe, we believe ♪

Pastor Ray…

I sense a rewiring. Maybe it’s in the mind, maybe it’s in the heart. Things were just out of kilter. But a rewiring and reconnection to the direction that the precious Holy Spirit has brought our way to bring it about and bring that change that is supernatural that will bring up, just like Jesus rejoiced. There will be a rejoicing in those that receive the change and it’s supernatural. It’s not natural. It has nothing to do with natural circumstances, natural opinions, natural ways. It is supernatural from heaven today. It’s renewing. Well, it’s healing. It’s wholeness. It’s health. It’s prosperity.

Continued praying…

Prosperity in every way!
Weights they are about to come off
Free, really free
We declare it, we speak it and receive it
And walk in it

The blood that Jesus shed has set each one of us in our place of freedom to receive, to carry out the plan and purpose that He saw fit to put within us before each one of us were born, the pre-birth plan that we’ve been called to walk out in these days, 2017, moving on into 2018, covered in the precious holy blood of the Lamb.

Thank You that it is finished and is finished
Will always be finished
Thank You that Your Word is the same today as it was yesterday
And when we step over into tomorrow and the next day and next week and month and year
Your Word is still the same
Thank You for the blood! We rejoice and celebrate the blood!
And walk covered, protected, directed, healed, and prosperous in every way
In victory because of Your blood in Jesus’ name

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