Prayer Summary for Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Father, thank You so much for the power of Your Holy Spirit
Presence of Your Holy Spirit in our lives
Without Your Spirit we can do nothing
You always lead us and direct us
You have and You will and You do
We roll out the red carpet for You this morning
Honor and magnify and glorify You
Thank You that every day, even though we have welcomed You and looked to You thousands of days, its always right to welcome more of You
So we open up our hearts
Thank You for Your presence in us and rivers of living water that comes through us
Especially now that we enter into December
That Your love would flow through us
Thank You so much Lord, hallelujah

The following prophecy “The New Breed” was given by Kenneth E. Hagin at Prayer Seminar in 1975:

The Word of the Lord came unto me further saying: Prophesy thou unto this people and say thou unto them, Like a mighty army, like a mighty army, like the tramping of a mighty army the forces of evil are tramping down the road to Armageddon. Yea, like a mighty army gathering force as it goes, joined on one hand by these people and on that hand, the other hand, by other people. The army of the enemy is marching on. Marching on though they know not where. Marching on for they march in spiritual darkness and there is no light in the tenement of their dwelling. Even in their spirits for their spirits lieth in darkness and they are under the control of the wicked one.

But be not fearful of the tramping, tramping, tramping of the armies of the wicked. Be not fearful of the sound of war. Be not fearful of anything that the eye can see or the hand can feel or that which is brought to you through the ear gate of this evil world. But look ye into the Word. Yea, into the perfect law of liberty.

And knew ye this, that the Lord has an army. Yea, He is preparing His own. No! The church will not grow weaker and weaker and weaker and lie down and expire.

But she shall grow stronger and stronger and stronger for a fresh visitation of heaven is at hand. Yea, a new revelation of truth shall burst forth in all of its glory unto those who are called by His Name.
And they shall realize that in their grasp, in their hand all the while, was that mighty Name that is above every name. And they, with that Name upon their lips and with faith in their hearts, will speak forth unto the enemy and say, “Thus far shall ye go and no further.” And he shall desist in his maneuvers, and stop in his operations.

And the hand of the enemy shall be stayed. And the harvest that is to be reaped shall be reaped. For the harvest is plenteous, and the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest.
And so men, yea, if you please. Some would call them a “NEW BREED,” shall rise up and go forth. They shall not be afraid of the devil. They shall have no fear of men but with boldness shall they speak and shall challenge the very strongholds of the devil.

And there shall be a great shaking. But those who are settled in upon the Rock of Ages, shall stand and shout above the storm. And see above the darkness the might of God breaking on the horizon of time and they shall be reflectors of that Light that shall shine forth into the darkness.

And the blinded eyes of Satan’s kin shall be opened by men. Men inspired by God, equipped by the Spirit, called by the Lord. Set in the Body of Christ to shine, to testify, to preach, to minister.

And so like a giant that Body shall rise, shall shake off those things which would hinder and break asunder the bonds of tradition and religion that has them bound. And go forth with the pure revelation of truth that’ll cause the lame to leap for joy.

And the Blind to see both spiritually and physically. And there shall sound throughout the land the cry and the hue of “Hosanna to the Lord! Hallelujah! Great is His Name and greatly to be praised.”

And the last soul shall have been won. And the last spirit shall have been saved. And that Body shall have been completed. And then the cry shall come forth, “Behold the Bridegroom cometh. Go ye out to meet Him.”

And in the ages to come, eons upon eons, that Body of believers shall show forth His glory and majesty forever and forever.

Continued praying…

Let’s just have a little Selah about these things while Annie is playing
In this time that we are living in, that’s a name for each one of us – A New Breed
Not in fear about what someone else might say
Only in the fear of the Lord
Declaring by His Spirit what He wants to be declared
Speaking forth not out of our own wisdom but the wisdom from heaven
Declaring the things that are to come
Speaking over these things that need to be turned and changed
In the days that we are living in right now
This day, this age, this time, this place
If not now, when?
If not us, who?
So as we go forth in one accord
Holding up and magnifying the word above every other word
Not being moved by what the devil has planned
But declaring in Jesus’ name a stoppage to the action of the enemy
And watching it stop
Some things are stopping; some things are turning
And some things are staying the same
But everything, even though we could say it looks the same, everything is changing in one way or the other
We join the march, into the plan
Taking our place, declaring over our land
What we are individually responsible for
We take our place
We take the key and open up the plan and purpose of God
He has preplanned it for us
Watching individually as our plans connect with other’s plans
We become fit, joined together in one accord
Marching, marching, marching
More into the presence
Into what He’s called us to do
Not in the realm of mental but in the Spirit
We say to some things to calm down and be still in Jesus’ name
Some other things we say to get up and be strong in Him
Do it, speak it, walk it all day long
Plans that we have been put on this earth to carry out
Even in a new shout!
A greater degree of momentum in the Church
For we see the Church has stood up
Rising up and taking action by the power of the blood under the name of Jesus
Lifting up that banner, the blood of Jesus everywhere
Declaring no weapon formed against us will prosper
What we set our hands unto, there is prosperity there
Calling bodies to be restored – made whole and healed in every way in Jesus’ name
Declaring that name everywhere
In the darkest of dark, dark places
Jesus, in Jesus name sending forth light
The good news of the gospel in Jesus’ name
Moving, moving, moving
There is momentum in the Church
Laborers – we pray over labors
Turning them around, steps to take
Calling for the power of the blood right there in Jesus’ name
Opening up those steps, those plans
Praying over every detail
Watching over the race, taking their place
By the blood we come, through the blood we go!
Declaring to the left and to the right
Cover, cover, cover with the precious holy blood
Some things that were common will not be common any longer
Some things that looked normal before will not look normal as we go through this door
For there are new doors of utterance
There are new doors of glory
There are new doors of revelation
There are new doors concerning the witness from heaven above
The move of the Spirit of God
The living Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit
Thank You Father
We do take the keys You have given us as children of Yours
Children of the King of Kings
A New Breed
A new revelation of the power inside
We pray over the codes of the Holy Ghost
What way, which way
Go, watch, see, speak
Its critical days, 911 situations
No, in the name of Jesus stop now by the blood of Jesus
Desist in those maneuvers
Finances dry up in the hands of the enemy – Dry Up!
Transfers beginning to take place from the hands of the evil to the hands of the Church
Money, land, vehicles, homes, saving accounts – Transfers!
Jobs open … Ooooooohhhh!
Unlocked and open, every chain broken
Victory in the church, through the church, around the church
Borders be expanded, be pushed out
Entering out and into
Light be in Jesus name
We want to take authority over all the works over our youth
You will not derail them
No we say no in the name of Jesus
Stop in your maneuvers now!
No, no, no!
You will let our children go!
You will let our children go!
We bind what you are doing, confusion over our your plans
The veils be lifted over their minds
You let them go!
You let them go!
We have the name of Jesus
We have the blood of Jesus
We are on the winning side
Father, we speak freedom to our youth
That their eyes are open, that their ears are open
They will be able to hear, they will be able to hear
Freedom! Freedom in You!

Pastor Ray shared…

Speaking of the youth and the children… really there is no age limit. Many have even come through the school here; we don’t know where they are. But I wanted to testify this one short thing. I saw on the news maybe you saw it too. There was a family where a mother was driving with her children in her car and someone hit the side and I think it flipped it over. Anyway it swerved around and hit a guard rail and there was a small baby in a car seat which was thrown out the window 35 feet in the air and they couldn’t find the baby. So the mother looked for 30 minutes before one of the authorities came and found the baby inside a drain in the ditch with bars over it. The baby is sitting down in this drainage ditch with her arms lifted as if to say pick me up. But there were bars maybe 6 to 8 inches between each bar around the drain and the baby was in there. Ok, that’s impossible. The baby was not harmed. The baby flew out the window 35 feet in the air and was down inside…. an impossible situation, there is no natural way.

If angels or an angel, the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit could keep that baby safe, hidden away, if that can happen, those that we were just praying about, these young ones, these children that are bound… Can He set them free? Yes. Is the devil always walking in victory? No. Is the devil defeated? Yes! It’s true. That was such an impossible situation that even the medics said this is like a supernatural thing. Most times it never turns out like this. It never does.

Continued praying…

In our minds many times we think it’s so impossible
But in You all things are possible
Every chain can be broken in the name that is above ever name
Every sickness and attack of the enemy
No, no, no
The Church is not shrinking
But rising up!
A “New Breed” where there is no fear or question of how it will turn out
knowing all along it will turn out right
Thank You, Father
You are so good, You are so great, You are so beautiful
Thank You for the base of operation for the Church which would be Your word
What’s written unto us
Spoken to us and for us on our behalf by Your precious Holy Spirit
Every word that was spoken through brother Hagin
So grateful that he took his place, that he ran his race, that he spoke when You spoke
That he did what he was told to do when he was on this earth
For the ministry of the Holy Spirit through him and other men and women all throughout time
That have spoken by the Spirit
Thank You, Thank You
In these days for fresh freedom of utterance in the name of Jesus
For those that stand in the office of prophet
Even now a greater freedom to declare what He is declaring
That the church would begin to see it and receive it and walk in it
We pray over our eyes
That we could see things that those that are in the world cannot see
We don’t take it for granted that we can hear things by the Spirit that others cannot hear
Thank You for the protection of the blood of Jesus for each member of the body
Leaders in positions of authority in the Church
Strength and momentum there – you can do it all the way through in victory
In the strength of God
For the Church is waiting for the direction to come from heaven above
For the leaders to declare, for the leaders to lead, for the leaders to go forth
To bring the church through to total victory in every way
If some have been sleeping we say “Wake up!”
Rise up and take your place
It’s time to walk out the race
For the blood, for the race, for the power from above
There is victory

Ms. Annie led us singing about Victory in the Church…

Thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph
Thanks be to God who gives the victory
This is the victory that overcomes the world
Even our faith, even our faith

Thanks be to God who gives us the victory
He causes us to triumph in everything
And this is the victory that overcomes the world
Even our faith, even our faith

Behold the Lamb of God
Slain from the foundation of the world
He has conquered, He has overcome
And He causes us to triumph
He causes us to triumph
Through His victory we have overcome
Through His Victory we have overcome

Pastor Ray shared…

I keep hearing the words the brother Hagin said. We are right on the verge, doorpost, edge of victory. With Ms. Annie singing that I kept hearing we are right on the edge of breaking through to something we have never seen before. It will be a sign and it will be a wonder not just for the Church but for the world to see what God has done. Like the baby that was found down inside a drainage ditch, it will be a sign and it will be a wonder. It will be a miraculous event that will begin to draw others in. It will help the laborers. It will ripen the harvest even more than ever before.

Continued praying…

It’s an advance
Up, up, over and through
Leading others along that way too
Lifting others up and saying “You come too!”
We receive it by faith
Entering over into signs and wonders

It’s a taking hold
A break of the firmament
Fresh linen falling from heaven
This is the hem of My garment
Shedding their garment and taking hold of My garment
Fresh linen from heaven
It’s a new glory
It’s a new robe from heaven
Clothed in glory
They are clothed in My Glory
Reach up your hands and take hold
Take hold of all I have for you
The wedding garments, the wedding garments
Receive, receive, receive
It’s been provided, it’s all been provided for you
And a turban
My thoughts, they are Mine
Purified the mind
The mind of Christ, the mind of Christ

People who know their God will do exploits
We want to know You more
People that know You
Know You, Know You, Know You
We do exploits because we know You
We open ourselves up for You to know us
We open up the gates of our hearts now
Come in King of Glory
Be what You have always wanted to be
Let the train of Your robe fill the temple
Even now in America
We thank You that we do exploits from the secret place

Ms. Annie led us singing

Unto those who fear My name
Shall the Son of righteousness arise
With healing in His wings, with healing in His wings
Unto those who fear My name
Unto those who fear My name

Unto those who fear My Name
Shall the Son of righteousness arise
And they will walk with Me
They will walk with Me in White

So I council you come and buy of Me
I council you come and buy
Gold, gold without price
Eye salve, eye salve for your eyes, for your eyes
That you may see, that you may see, that you may see
A raiment of pure white that You may walk with me
That you may walk with me
That you may walk with me

Come and buy
Come and buy
Water that I give you without price
Come and buy
Come and buy
All the things that I freely give
Because I paid the price
I paid the price
I paid the price…
Come and buy

Hallelujah to the Lamb!
Hallelujah, hallelujah to the Lamb
Hallelujah to the Lamb
Hosanna, hosanna without end

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