Prayer Summary for Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Heavenly Father, we thank You so much for the blood
It has made us to be righteous
We yield the fruit that God has called for this nation to yield
Every state in the United States
It is Your will that the righteous, those cleansed and washed by the blood, rise up and declare these things, believe and receive them
With an attitude of faith
Absolute faith in You for a turnaround for the United States of America
Not that we want to go back to the past
But the things that this nation was founded upon, the cross that was stuck in the ground way back then
The blood that was shed and has been and is being shed for this nation
That we might be a free people!
Free to serve You
Free to lift You up and magnify Your precious holy name
Our past is washed in that blood
What we did, what we said, what we should have done, or what we should have said – thank You for the blood
This morning, we magnify that precious holy blood
It makes us new; every day is a new day in You

Pastor Ray shared…

There has been a lot of teaching on being directed, being led by the Spirit; how to make decisions. We know in our hearts, the right way to go. I was just thinking about that in our own lives, just individually. How one decision that we made makes all the difference in our lives for today. I could say that for my life. One decision even before I was born again. I had never heard of it but my spirit, in my spirit I just knew what to do. And if I hadn’t done, if I hadn’t stayed in the job I was in, then I would have never met Sandy. Our children wouldn’t exist. Our grandchildren wouldn’t exist. I wouldn’t be here in this ministry. It just goes on and on.

And so just think of the magnitude of decisions. Many have already been made because votes have already been voted. But the things, the votes that will come will make such an extreme difference in what happens in our nation. Isn’t that right? Critical, critical, critical… seven days until the election. Wow.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for Your will and for Your plan
That’s what we want
We don’t presume to know everything and see everything, of course
But we are serving You
Definitely we know how to stand, how to walk, how to vote that would be more aligned with what Your Word has said
We know that, we can’t miss that
We hold up the whole body of Christ across the United States
Wherever deception has tried to get in and derail what should take place in this country
We take authority with the precious holy blood of Jesus
There is authority and power in and through it
The blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus
Every knew will bow to that name
Pleading that blood over this country from state to state
All of the United States
First that the Church rises up and does what it has been called to do
That we would not miss this opportunity to be directed by You
Using the authority that is in that name
Calling out every deceiving way
Every wrong plan, every lie, every hidden thing
Let it come forth in Jesus’ name – be revealed now!
We see this country beginning to move more in Your way, Father
We see it – we put a stop to the slide that’s been taking us in another way
This is one nation under God
Indivisible – we will not be divided

The following excerpt was taken from the Value of Tongues by Kenneth Hagen:

But you, beloved, build yourselves up [founded] on your most holy faith [make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], praying in the Holy Spirit; Jude 20 (AMPC)

Kenneth Hagin:
Speaking with tongues is a means of spiritual edification. And if you want to be able to edify others, you’re going to have to be edified yourself! I believe this is one reason that many people are not the blessing to others that they could be—they don’t edify themselves. They don’t take time to build themselves up spiritually by speaking in tongues. But when believers get themselves built up, they can then help bless others. When we pray and speak with other tongues, it helps us be conscious of God’s divine, supernatural Presence in our lives through the Holy Spirit.

Howard Carter was one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal movement and the founder of one of the oldest Pentecostal Bible schools in the world. He once said, “We must not forget that the speaking with other tongues is not only an initial evidence of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, it is a continual experience for the rest of his [the believer’s] life to assist in the worship of God. It is a flowing stream that should never dry up, and that will enrich the life spiritually.”

(Why don’t we do it more? Because the devil doesn’t want us to. Hello. The flesh doesn’t like it either. How could your flesh like it because the flesh wars against the spirit and the spirit wars against the flesh. There is a war going on. So the more we speak in tongues, then we are letting our spirit make war on our flesh and get the upper hand. We are not supposed to be led by the flesh. We are supposed to be led by the Spirit. That’s how we can be where we need to be with the relationships and connections that we were meant to have.)

Continuing to pray and to worship God in tongues helps us to ever be conscious of God’s holy Presence in our lives. And if we are conscious of His Presence, it is bound to affect the way we live. Friends, if we are conscious of the fact that the Holy One lives in us, then we’re going to live holy. There is tremendous value and eternal reward for living holy, consecrated lives before the Lord. And one way you can appropriate the power of the Holy Spirit to live holy lives before God is by praying in the Holy Ghost; speaking in other tongues! (The Value of Tongue, Kenneth E. Hagin).

One of the best, clear ways to sense his presence is in a prayer meeting. Why is that? Because people are praying and we are connected heaven’s way.

Pastor Curtis:
Spending much time praying in tongues will help you to be able to be a greater blessing to others, be more sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit, live lives that are more pleasing to God, strengthen yourself spiritually and increase the anointing corporately and do much, much more. IS IT ANY WONDER THAT SATAN HATES IT AND DESIRES TO KEEP YOU FROM DOING IT?

So what are we going to do right now? Pray in other tongues. Amen. We don’t need any music right now. We just need to open our mouths. First of all know that when we do, we will be edified. What’s that? Lifted, built up, encouraged, strengthened… that’s just a few things.

Continued praying…

We stir ourselves up (tongues)
Loans are being paid off
Debts are being removed
Recourses are coming
Coming from every direction
Overflow, increase in every arena
Prosperity in every arena – heaven’s ways, heaven’s days
Get it, take it, receive it
Car loans are being paid in full
Release – we receive
We cooperate
Whole cities being changed in a day in Jesus’ name
Schools being changed in a day
Changed in a day! OOOOOOHHHHHH!
Families being rearranged and changed
An end of old ways and beginning of new days
Supernatural economy – they will say we have never seen it like this!
Father, thank You for the release of the supernatural, the God kind of economy
Release of the things of God, that which will stir up
Of that which has been kept back
For an opportune time! Hallelujah!
For the time to favor her is now! to favor America is now!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Shall I hide from you that which I will do?
Shall I hide! Shall I hide!
Thank You Lord, thank You, Lord!
For it is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance
I Thank You, Father
For showing us your goodness
For showing the body of Christ their roles in the new economy
How they need to function
So that the Church is highly esteemed and set apart
And it’s marvelous and people see the glory that You have put upon your body
The Church is coming into its own
And the whole creation has been waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God
Thank You, Father, for doing it as a quick work
A sudden unraveling of the things that You desire to do in the body
To You be all the glory!
So we take our place, Father
We are not going to spectate; we are not going to murmur and complain
What You have desired to do, do it, Lord
What You have spoken of concerning America, do it, Lord
Where the cry of our forefathers is heard
The time to favor her in now
I bless You for it, Father
I magnify You that our ears hear what You are about to do
Our tongues rehearse what You said You will do
We give You the glory – no man will say “I brought this to pass”
But we will look to You
Lift up our hands to You
Lift up our voices to glorify You for Your mercy and goodness upon our nation
Thank You, Father, Thank You, Father

Ms. Annie led us in singing “God Bless America”

Father, we are looking over the states
The state of every state
Those swing states, we watch over them
Coming by the blood and using the blood
Calling for that supernatural change
We declare change!
Some will move out and others will be moved in
Praying over every office
Every vote that it would be accurate
Coming against every inaccurate, deceiving vote
Saying no!
Continual change by Your Spirit – we keep calling for it
All keys, all of the decision, plans, ways – Your will in these days
Shifts, paradigm shifts – a different way of seeing and doing
Its supernatural – a supernatural shift!
Eyes to see and ears to hear
The Church not blending in anymore
Rising up! Rising up!
Single doors turning into DOUBLE DOORS!
Greater access!
Everything that favors Your ways
The things that move us in Your way – it may be the weather
King of Kings, Lord of Lords

Ms. Annie led us singing in the Spirit…

Pastor Ray shared…

If we will just do our part, if we will not only vote but continue to lift up in prayer these things before the election. We use the opportunities that we have been given by the Lord. We have such opportunities to lift these things corporately before the Lord. It’s miraculous. It’s holy. It’s beautiful. It’s awesome. Many, many, many, many people never have the chance to enter in like this. They don’t even know what it is like. They have never experienced the presence of God together with believers like this.

We use these opportunities, Lord, purposing in our hearts to do the best that we can do. We know that every opportunity that You have given us, we must take it seriously and do our part. We know that it is not time to take a care. We will not take a care. We don’t have fear. We refuse doubt or any kind of anxiety about how things will turn out. Because we know in You, in the end of the book, everything turns out right. We are blessed in the steps we have been given to take or even the words Your Spirit allows us to speak.

Continued praying…

Father, thank You for the ministry of Your Holy Spirit
Praying over the precincts, places of voting – many are in churches
Lifting them up and the Your anointing would be there
Many will not have decided until they get in the booth
But we believe and agree they will decide Your way
They will choose for life, Your ways
We bind confusion
Calling it out and down in Jesus’ name
These are not the times to be confused
These are the times for the Church to stand up and do its part
Not just the church polling places either
It’s ordained by God
Things are moving in the right direction – thank You, Lord
The Church is rising up
Thank You for Your joy, Lord!
Our strength in these times
We are not down and full of doubt
Not ready to quit – For these are new days for new ways
Thank You that we have been given these opportunity to change
Thank You for it in Jesus’ name

Let me remind you before you go. I will be leading prayer for the election this Wednesday service at 7 p.m. and then Sunday night at 6:30 p.m. Thank you.

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