Prayer Summary for Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ms. Annie led us in singing ‘Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here”

The following is an excerpt by Rick Renner:

There is no substitute for the Bible, but neither is there a substitute for the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, in the church. Remove the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, and all that is left is orthodoxy and religious works. Religious works will never raise the dead, cast out demons, heal the sick, or tum cities and nations to Jesus Christ.

Just how does the Holy Spirit fulfill His responsibility to glorify Jesus Christ through you? First, He can heal the sick, cast out demons and lead lost people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through you. These acts certainly glorify Jesus in a magnificent way.

Jesus is Lord, but the Holy Spirit is the One Who lives in us, leads us, guides us, teaches us, reminds us, comforts us, seals us, sanctifies us, empowers us and works to produce the character of Christ in us. He has been sent to reveal the will of God, which is the mind of Christ, and to give us the victory that Christ won through the cross and the resurrection. He is here for us. That is why He was sent.

If we are going to move beyond our fear of the unknown and experience real, supernatural Christian living, then we must come to a place of surrender to the Holy Spirit.

There is not Christian life without the Holy Spirit. Remove the Holy Spirit, and all that is left is dead formalism and religious traditions. The Holy Spirit is the life-force of Christianity.

The Holy Spirit is the great revealer and teacher, and without an intimate relationship with Him, we cannot have a deep spiritual relationship with God.

Understanding the internal work of the Spirit in our lives is central to our being saved, being sanctified and being empowered for daily service. How do we think we can proceed in the power of God without this basic foundation in place? This is not optional. This foundational knowledge is necessity.

The following is an excerpt by Charles Spurgeon:

No man ever learns anything correctly unless he is taught by the Spirit. No man can know Jesus Christ unless he is taught by God.

The Holy Spirit gives. He intercedes with Jesus, gives us promises, gives us grace, and in these ways, He comforts us. Remember, He is always a successful comforter. He never attempts what He cannot accomplish.

When Jesus Christ raised the dead, healed the leper, spoke to diseases which caused them to flee quickly, and propelled demons to rush in thousands from those who were possessed by them, it was all done by the power of the Spirit. The Spirit lived in Jesus without measure. By that power, all these miracles were worked.

Let the Gospel be preached and the Spirit poured out. You will see that it has such power to change the conscience, to improve the conduct, to raise the depraved, and to chastise and curb the wickedness of the race, that you must glory in it. There is nothing like the power of the Spirit. Only let it come, and indeed, everything can be accomplished.

We never go an inch towards heaven in any other power than that of the Holy Ghost. We do not even stand fast and remain steadfast except as we are upheld by the Holy Spirit.


The presence, the manifested presence now
The change in the atmosphere, the fullness, the glory
We want to become overcome by Your presence, Lord
It is Your presence, Lord
Pour out Your presence, Lord, on a dry and thirsty land
We need Your presence, everything is changed in Your presence
Everything is rearranged in Your presence
That’s what we are crying out for
Let the Holy Spirit pour
We welcome and open ourselves to You
More, more, more – influence by Your Spirit
Not walking in the same old ways
Moving ahead, entering the new
Moving through, moving ahead
Up, up, up and over into
Opening those ways: assignments, calls, commands, declarations, momentum, endurance, steadfastness
We are moving, the Church is moving
There is increase, there is an anointing, there is momentum
There is an endurance, there is a steadfastness, there is a call
There is a hunger, there is a thirst and it shall be fulfilled one and all
We watch over these things

♪ Oh the water I am giving you will be inside of you a well
Bubbling up forever unto everlasting life
It’s new waters, it’s new waters
Oh, so let it flow, so let it flow
It’s new waters, heaven’s waters, everything is new
That water I do give you, the water I have given you
Is inside you a well, a well
It springs up unto everlasting life
Go out and tell, tell, tell
His water is a well! And the beauties and the joys
Will take all eternity to tell
We will spend all eternity, Lord, we will tell

We will tell how You washed us and made us new
You gave us drink by the waters from Your well
Waters from Your well, thank You Jesus
Thank You, Jesus, it’s You that we adore
We know there is always more
You are the Shepherd, You we adore ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I have a picture of a step that we have come up on. We, as members of the Church, the body, we have come up another step. But on this place, on this step, there are many different calls and commands and prayers that must be prayed to fulfill every single detail that then we might move up to the next level. For it is an ever increasing glory to glory from glory to glory, upward. Hallelujah.

Continued praying…

Looking to the left all the way out there on this level
We pray out over it in tongues
Things that we don’t know about, situations that have to be leveled and made right
It is new
Announcements, calls, power and strength
Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!
Every part of this level: to the right, left, out front
Supernatural preparation for the way in Jesus’ name
Clearing out the path, lifting up the steps, calling forth the plans!
Supernatural wisdom, understanding
There is much, there is more, there is greater
It’s a different region, a different responsibility
Yes, there is joy because it brings about strength
It will blast out and defeat depression and lack
It will blast it out! Blast it away!
It’s a shaking loose
It’s almost like moving into a new place, a new flat, a new house
Having never been to, having never stepped into it before
But shaken out and shaken into the new
A blast! A supernatural blast into the new
An empowerment, a different way to see, a paradigm shift, turn
We protect that by the blood
Right behind us but out in front of us we declare the blood of Jesus there
To protect the preparation, to protect the destination
To protect the vision and the call!
There is a fire that goes with the desire
There is a fire that will propel us!
Yes, the desire will be stirred by the fire from heaven!
Burn! Burn! Burn!

A flame that cannot be extinguished
Fanned by the winds of my Spirit
And the wick of every heart igniting
Ooohhh and to that one who is smoldering, will be ignited again

America, Father
Eyes to see, eyes to see
Your plan, Your plan for this country
That the light, in the midst of darkness there would be light
Light going into the darkness
We call forth the light, that the light would shine
In the highest places of government – let there be light!
In the Church, let there be light!
In the streets, in the cities, let there be light!
We call forth the light of heaven, the light of Your Kingdom, the light of Christ
Light of Your Word, the light of Your Spirit
We call it forth in the name of Jesus and by the precious blood
The power is in Your blood!
The light overwhelms the darkness
The darkness cannot overtake the light
The glory of the Lord being seen
No, don’t break down, Breakthrough!
Step forward now in Jesus’ name

A word of the Lord came forth…

America, America, America
I am turning to freedom your captivity
I am turning to freedom your captivity
America, I see you, I chose you
Shine, shine, shine
Receive My freedom, America
I am turning to freedom, every captivity
America, turning to freedom your captivity right now, right now,
America, shine, shine, shining bright in America

Ms. Annie began to sing by the Spirit…

♪ Liberty through the land
Proclaim liberty, proclaim liberty throughout the land
Proclaim, we proclaim liberty throughout the land
To all the inhabitants there are, we proclaim liberty, liberty
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, in our lives there is liberty

No captivity, no captivity can stand before Your liberty
No captivity, now there is liberty, now there is liberty
By the Spirit and the Word there is liberty
We proclaim liberty, we proclaim liberty
That’s what we proclaim by the power of Jesus’ name
We will never be the same, there is liberty
By the power of Jesus’ name
Our land will never be the same by the Spirit of our God
We proclaim His liberty ♪

Ms. Annie led us singing “We Thank You for Your Blood”

Continued praying…

Thank You for it, Lord
For today, what’s happening today, what will happen today
Where we will be
For the blood working on behalf of each one of us
Thank You for that protection in the blood
That we walk in it, covered by it, protected through it
We overcome by the word of our testimony and the blood that was shed for us
In Jesus’ name, Amen
Thank you for being here.

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