Prayer Summary for Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday we had a pastors meeting and I was talking to one of the pastors afterwards about yielding to the Holy Spirit and that we would never take for granted when He comes, what He does in us. That we would be expectant. Even the little bit of time in an hour meeting, that we yield to Him and receive Him and believe that we are changed every time, always changed. A lot of times we maybe don’t know what needs to be changed. He said even today, we pray for change, we are calling for change and change is happening. And sometimes maybe changes can be a surprise, but it is always right for us to never take for granted the presence of the Holy Spirit. So when we start singing about yielding ourselves to His Spirit, let’s really, really do it. Let’s yield to Him. He said He would guide us into all truth so we are yielding to that guidance by the Spirit today. Amen.

Ms. Annie shared…

Florence and I were just talking along those lines and how when you’re in here and you’re praying, all kinds of things are changing out there as a result of our prayers. But we are also. All kinds of things are going around in the spirit inside of us and changing us and we are not really aware of how that’s happening a lot of the time. But we are changed just by yielding and being in His presence. And we are going higher and progressing in God without doing anything except yielding and He’s doing it. It’s so wonderful. It’s so beautiful and marvelous.

Pastor Ray commented…

We lift Him up and we worship Him but right back at us, He’s working on us and working in us so He can work through us because we are yielding. What a set-up it is.

Ms. Annie responded…

And it’s the opposite of when we try and change ourselves. We just dig ourselves deeper and deeper in. The more we try “Well, I’m going to do it!” It’s just an exercise in futility and frustration. But yielding to Him, He just changes us from the inside out. His yoke is easy and His burden is so light. Isn’t it? Thank You, Lord. We don’t want to just talk about You, Lord. We want to talk to You. We want to tell You how wonderful You are. We want to say thank You for all that You do and have done and are doing. You are so perfect in all Your ways, Lord. We love You.

Ms. Annie led us singing “Yield Yourself to the Holy Spirit”


When He moves inside, it changes things on the inside
Then outside we will do things that we would never have done before He came and changed us
We repent for times we have not yielded when You have come
We respect and receive Your changes
We believe for them
We want to be changed
Welcoming Your change and stepping into it with our hearts and minds
Stepping into supernatural change
Thank You, Jesus

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on October 14, 1970:

“Walk not in your own strength nor be strong in your own power.
For the strength of man is as nothing.
And the power of man is even as the grass that withereth and falleth away.
But be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His power.
For the Lord is the Almighty One.
Yea, He is the One that brought into being out of nothing, the earth on which you stand.
He is the One that brought into being out of nothing, the sun, and the moon, and the stars.
Yea, He is the One that delivered His people from the hand of Pharaoh.
He is the One that divided the Red Sea.
Yea, He is the Mighty One!
Be strong in Him and in the power of His Might.
So He’ll rise up in thee and show forth Himself mighty to work on your behalf.
Yea, ye shall find that there shall be strength within you that you never knew you had.
Ye shall find that there shall be wisdom on the inside that shall rise up out of your inner most being and pervade your mind.
Until you’ll know the right course to take, and the correct steps to make the right decision.
And ye shall be guided in all the affairs of life.”

Pastor Ray commented…

We all have a need. We all need His direction. And He said He would be our guide. What better way to go, with the Holy Spirit directing us and leading us. You know if you travel, if you are ever in a place where it’s a big tourist area, all of sudden you will see a guide with some kind of flag on a pole. It’s comical really in a way. They are guiding these people who have no clue where they are going, only the guide knows. The guide has a flag to be identified and a lot of times the people are just following along. If they don’t follow the guide they would be lost in a foreign country. So they just follow after and a lot of times they miss things.

The Holy Ghost, He is our guide and He is our guide in everything. He is guiding us right now.

Ms. Jeani responded…

So when we yield to Him, we yield to fullness, we yield to the whole thing and He is not stingy, I mean He is not one step ahead of us. He has done it all. So even when we yield to Him, we step up into wide open enlarged spaces not a little one. It’s not just the next step. We step into the whole thing. And that’s why we have to yield to Him so we can operate in the whole thing.

Pastor Ray commented…

It’s true. Sometimes I can yield and it sounds like I am just having a laugh attack or something. I actually can yield to Him in that way. If you ever think “well what is his deal? Why is he laughing?” Well, because it’s a good time. It’s a good plan. It’s way better than not laughing.

Ms. Annie commented…

When the laughter comes as a result of yielding to the Holy Spirit, it’s different than a physical or emotional laughter. It’s bubbling up from your innermost being and your body is responding to your spirit. So there are all kinds of supernatural stuff going on when that is happening. Someone once said to me, a child who had been experiencing things like that in the revival, and his friends said to him that he was just pretending, doing that on your own. And he said to me “I couldn’t do that on my own. That would be impossible.” So the laughter that bubbles up as a result of the Holy Ghost, that’s not even your mind connecting with “oh, that’s funny.”

Pastor Ray responded…

It’s not that it is funny because if it was like that, then to me it would be disrespectful to Him.

Ms. Annie responded…

It’s like dancing in the Holy Ghost. Your feet just start responding to the Holy Spirit. But every time that we yield to the Holy Spirit whether it is laughing or dancing or crying or whatever it is, the forces of God are flowing toward us. They are not just flowing out of us but they are flowing inside of us and healing and setting us free. Hallelujah!

Ms. Florence shared…

This is a word that came to me as we were talking about what we have on the inside of us. You know we have the fullness of Him who is Jesus. We have Jesus on the inside of us. We have the Spirit of Jesus inside of us. And so what came to me yesterday as I was meditating on that was when Jesus was in the wilderness and the devil came to tempt Him he said “If you are the Son of God, you will turn the stones to be bread.” Well little did he know that Jesus said He is the bread that came down from heaven. There was no need for Him to change the stone into bread because He was already the bread of life. Are you getting my point? We have Jesus on the inside. We have the fullness. If the Holy Ghost will help us to know who we are in Him, then there is no devil in hell that will come and tell you if you are the Son of God, can you do this?

We have the fullness of the Holy Ghost in us. So it is up to us to grow into that. You know he came to Him and said “If You are the Son of God, then bow to me and I will give you all this, the Kingdoms of earth are mine, I will give them to You if you bow Your knee. Little did He know that He was the King of Kings, the Lord of lords and heaven and earth will bow to Him! So, why would you want to bow to creature that He created? Do we really know who we are? I am asking the Lord to help me grow into that. Because I have all the wisdom I need, I have all the strength I need, I have all the seeing and the knowing that I need at this particular time. I just have to grow into it. The power that is in us… So yield to it! (ha, ha, ha) Let’s yield to that which the Lord has given us. Yield to that. You cannot turn stone into bread… you are the bread of life. You can do it. You have it all inside of you. Can we come to terms with that, of who we are in Christ? I want to know that. I want to be all that.

Ms. Jeani Commented…

Do you know what I love about this though? Even when it’s hard to yield, we just ask Him to help us yield to Him. So He helps us in everything. Even if you are like “I don’t want to yield but will you help me yield?” “Sure, here we go.” He is that easy, all the time.

Ms. Annie prayed…

This I pray, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of glory would grant unto us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. That the eyes of our understanding might be enlightened that we might know what is the hope of our calling, of His calling. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie led us singing “Yield Yourself to the Holy Spirit”

A word of the Lord came forth…

All along the way I have never, never, ever planned for you to miss one highlight of the trip. And it is a trip, a race, and I have put within you a destiny and given you the anointing and My power to walk it through. So with your spiritual eyes wide open and everything within you on alert, you shall see the highlights, the good things that I have called for thee. So don’t be like those tourists that were missing the things that the tour leader was trying to show. But with your spiritual eyes wide open, My Spirit will show you without a flag. You’ll not need to have some kind of identity with Me. You will identify but it will be your spirit deep inside. These are the changes that I have come to change that you might be on alert, that you might be awake, that you might see the things that I am showing you, not just things to observe but things I am calling you to do. If it’s a turn, you’ll know to take it. If it’s a stop sign, you’ll know to stop. If it’s turnaround, you’ll take it. Days of My destiny in you here on this earth. I said I would lead you. I said I would direct you. So rest in Me and know it will work out right. It shall work out in My right way as you yield.

Thank You, Holy Spirit. You are assisting us and helping us right now by faith not by our feelings. Even now if we would say to ourselves “Well, I can’t really feel anything.” Well that’s the way it is. It’s by faith. Take it. Take it by faith. Yield to Me and My change will come forth in thee.

Continued praying…

We break through, we break out into new
For it is all you and it is brand new
So we step in, go through and walk it out
And bring about great demonstrations of Your power from within always going out
And the effects, they shall be worldwide
Oooohhh my!
It’s all by You – so we yield to You

You have given us a place where we can gather together and welcome Your presence. And maybe sometimes just how we witness the change in someone else, that can bring change in us too. Corporately gathered together in one accord, the best of the best…

Thank You for this day
All of the glory, the good things, You get honor for
You are a good God
You are a faithful, faithful, faithful, gracious, good God
We thank You in advance for the trip we are on, the steps we make
Hallelujah, in Jesus’ name
Thank you for coming

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