Prayer Summary for Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ms. Annie shared…

Pastor Ray and I were just talking about how little kids will often say, “You’re not the boss of me.” So we started saying to the Devil, “Fear and sickness, you’re not the boss of me. Jesus is the boss of me.” So Pastor Ray said, “Do we have some bossy music?” (ha, ha, ha)

Ms. Annie led us singing “You’re Under My Feet”

♪ “He’s under my feet, the Devil’s under my feet
Now my victory (healing) is complete.
Jesus spoiled principalities, made a show of them openly
He’s under my feet, the Devil’s under my feet.” ♪

And he’s not the boss of us! (ha, ha, ha)
Jesus is the boss of us!

Ms. Annie led us singing “We have Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb”

Pastor Ray shared…

Remember Asaph in Psalms 73 where he got his eyes over onto, just using his natural eyes, looking at the unsaved heathen that seemingly were prospering all the time. Everything they would do and whatever they said, they would come against God. They would speak nasty things and it just seemed like, what a waste. He was trying to serve God and all these unsaved heathens were prospering. Then his spiritual eyes began to see. Maybe three quarters through in that Psalm. And he got into the house of God and he began to see that those that speak that way, do those things, those that come against God, their time is short and things change suddenly, suddenly.

I like that we have overcome by the blood and the word of our testimony. But if we stop testifying, really we’re rendering that inoperative. For the two go together. We are overcoming by the blood but we testify by it. We speak about it. We speak to ourselves. We speak over ourselves. We lay hands upon ourselves and declare, “We have overcome by the blood of the Lamb!” And even in the earth today, sometimes we see people that you know don’t have God. They don’t serve Him. They don’t do the things that we know are right to do and seemingly they prosper but (shewww!) and they are gone, suddenly.


We serve an awesome, righteous, holy God
He has given unto us as children everything that we need
We must continually testify about the things that He has done for us
About what we are to do in these days
That we have overcome by the blood
Nothing can come against us and derail us
Words from the enemy cannot stop us
What can man do, what can man say?
For we serve the God that created the earth
The King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Great I AM, the Healer, the Provider
Ahhhh! Hallelujah!
In Him we always win, we always walk in victory, we always triumph
For the power of the blood is actively working on behalf of the Church in these days
No matter what, I hate to put it this way, but no matter what the celebrities say “We overcome by the blood!”
We are not moved by what man says
We are moved by what the Word says and the Word says
We overcome by the blood of Jesus and we continually testify about it, Amen

Ms. Annie shared…

When you said that word “celebrity,” I heard the word celebrate and I thought Jesus is our celebrity. We celebrate Him (ha, ha, ha). We celebrate who He is!

Ms. Annie led us again singing “We have Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb”

Continued praying…

Father, I pray over our eyes
That we begin to see things even more clearly
The things that You’ve already done and the victories that have already been won
For us individual, corporately for the body of Christ and for our nation
Leaders, positions of authority
Our eyes would begin to see with supernatural vision
By the Spirit see the things that we have already been given
That we would receive them and walk in them
No matter what outside it looks like
No matter what in the natural it may seem like
But to know by the Spirit, through the blood, we have overcome
That we have the victory today and we will have it tomorrow
Victory in every area of our lives
In our finances in Jesus’ name
Declaring “Money turn around and come to us now in Jesus’ name”
Finances from every area, areas that we didn’t even know about
We overcome because You overcame on the Cross at Calvary
The blood was shed and it was finished – we receive it today
Just by faith – eyes to see it, ears to hear it
A supernatural knowing in our hearts
Favor! Favor goes before us in every area
We do prevail
We are above and not beneath
We are the head and not the tail
We are not behind but we are above
Now, now, now we have overcome
Every arena, every area—spirit, soul, and body!
Oooohhhh! Shaking out of the old and into the new territories
New days, new operations, new plans, new territories
Together, together we move, together we advance
Praying over others and bringing them with us
Those that are down, we say come up now in Jesus’ name
Into the area of overcoming!
Strength, power, anointing’s
Leaning not unto our own understanding but calling those things that are not as though they are
By faith we see it, and we seize it, take it!

It is the seventh day, It is the seventh day
The time is now and with shouts of praise the walls come down
With shouts of praise every hindrance and delay crushed under our feet in Christ
It is the seventh day! The time of hope deferred has come to an end
Let hope rise up! Let hope rise up! Let hope rise up!
We praise Your name and bless You
Thank You for breakthrough, for fullness
For the manifested encounter of Your goodness today
Today, suddenly upon suddenly
The fruitfulness of faith coming forth today
Joy unspeakable – far and above!
More and more and more!
Every time all the time
Your word is true
He has never let us down and never will
Oh yeah! It’s time for more!
It’s time for more! It’s time for more!
Hallelujah to the Lamb of God
Worthy! Worthy of all glory, praise and thanksgiving

Ms. Annie led us singing “Shout for the Lord has given you the City”

Pastor Ray shared…

I just had this picture. In 1992 Pastor Steve Munds was our youth pastor. So every year he would come up with a theme. He had “Breaking Through in 92.” I did a huge background in the Rock. It went way over there to way over here. I was like a huge frame. It’s hard to describe but it was like breaking through from the backside. So I cut up into pieces all of the parts… It’s like if you made a big wall but then you cut it up into parts and it was being busted and broken through into the new. It painted a big picture, a great picture in 92 that we were breaking through and that was the theme for that whole year for the Rock ministry.

That picture just came to me now when Jeanie prayed something about breaking through. We started with the Devil, reminding ourselves and the Devil where he is. Where is he? Under our feet. He is not holding us back from breaking through into the new because He through the blood on the Cross that was given for us broke through. When He said it was finished, there is a continual breaking through. It’s not just a year 92, 93, 94… It’s not just a year. It’s continual breaking through into the new.

Things are shaping up. Things have already begun to change in a new way, but they must continually move and change even more in these days that we are praying. So it’s up to us as a church but it’s up to us as pray-ers to contend for this breaking through into uncharted territory where the church has never gone before. That’s where I want to go. Don’t you? Into the new. Some things we have prayed for 25, 30 years, we are breaking through. We never, never, never, never, never, never quit! We are the ever ready bunny. I don’t know where he’s been. I haven’t seen him around lately but anyway. We are the ever ready bunny. We don’t stop. We are not stopping. We will not stop. For we have overcome by the blood and the word of our testimony. Our prayers are testimonies. Speaking of the works of God, what He has done for us, Hallelujah.

Continued praying…

Uncharted territories, what does that look like?
We have no clue because we have not been there before
Because it’s new – higher places, further places in Him
Where we begin to see more clearly what He has done for us
He is so good, He is so great
We have overcome by that blood but we continually overcome as we continually every day testify, testify, declare “We’ve overcome!”
Maybe your brain says you haven’t overcome
That’s a lie! We have overcome by the precious blood
We can’t muster it up, we don’t have the natural strength to make it happen
But in Him we are strong in the power of His might
We can do all things, nothing is impossible
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hallelujah!
Friday we used the scripture “at famine and destruction we laugh”
There is power in laughter if it’s Him
We overcome, we’ve overcome!
It not minimal, it’s maximal!
We’ve overcome in a bigger way then we ever thought
What we ever dreamed
So when we walk into the new, we’ve already prepared that new and it won’t be so new to us because in our prayers we have already prepared and made the way and we step over into that, we get familiar with that step but keep on pressing into declaring more new and more new and more new! Hallelujah!

Ms. Annie led us singing “At Destruction and Famine I will Laugh” and “Everyone Overcomes”

Continued praying…

When you said everyone, that stands out to me
There are some believers in other nations where they are absolutely having a hard time overcoming
Because of the pressure from those that are non-believers
The believers are the minority
Father, we hold them up before heaven today
They are members of the body that need to be in this place of overcoming
Power and grace – we send a supply
Getting ourselves in agreement with them
Pleading the blood of Jesus over them
The joy of the Lord is their strength
Supernatural internal joy knowing what You have done for them as members of the body of Christ
Help, divine help!
Protection, direction, strength, anointing
For the body of Christ to walk in supernatural victory
No matter what country, what nation
Leaders in positions of authority in the body
All of the five-fold gifts in Jesus’ name
That there might be great utterance and power
Everyone overcomes by the blood!

Just to summarize some things in Psalm 71: The Lord is a strong refuge. He’s our refuge, Amen. The Lord is always accessible. The Lord is faithful to sustain us in every area. The Lord is able to sustain you, not just us, but each one of us individually. The Lord is able to work good out of every trouble whatever it might be, turn it around. The Lord is able to deliver, to rescue, to help, and the Lord is able to comfort you. Amen.

Continued praying…

He is our comfort, He is our strength
We are anointed, Is that right?
The anointing is resident within us
It’s up to us to keep that stirred up within us
To see the things we need to see
Confess the things we need to confess
And stand on the Word – for the Word is true
And we are always directed and led into all of that truth
Thank You for it, Father
We give You glory and honor for this day
We’re blessed in whatever we do and wherever we go in Jesus’ name
Thank you so much for coming, appreciate it

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