Prayer Summary for Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ms. Annie led us in singing Jesus, What a Wonder You Are and We Cry Holy, Holy, Holy God

Pastor Ray shared…

Two things keep playing…Years ago Sandy and I had a business that we would do in Texas so we would drive straight through. It would be like 27 hours and we would take turns driving. That song, just lifting His name brought such peace because it was easy to be anxious. We had invested a lot of money and time and everything into what we were about to do there in Texas. We would spend a couple months there and it’s where we would receive income through the winter months because we were working for ourselves. That song just magnifying the name of Jesus, it magnified the peace within us. Every time I hear it I am taken back to how that ministered to us and brought that peace that passes all understanding.

Then to Ms. Annie when you started singing the second song I just remembered…well it’s probably 20 years ago…  You know where His presence is manifested in such a way and you know it and you sense it and by faith you receive the change. We are changed in His presence. We are always changed in His presence but we are not always aware of it. We don’t always use our faith to receive it. But 20 years ago we were in services in Canada where the presence was so intense and everyone that came to those services back then, they came to receive more, to have hands laid on them, and to receive change in their lives. Thousands and thousands of people did and where changed. I remember, it just came back to me, sitting in the chairs in the sanctuary. We both looked at each other and the music was playing, the presence of God was there and there was a call for hands to be laid on people. That’s something they always did. We both had it not to move, just stay where we were because we are changed in His presence. So we never moved. We just stayed right there. I am not saying that we never in other times, different meetings we did have hands laid on us but that particular time the presence was so…we were so aware of it. It just made you weep and we were changed.

We had expectation to be changed in that presence. I think that’s a key in these days to expect it, to be changed in the presence. But then also, to expect to bring change to others wherever we go, expect it. I know for me I am much more effective in what I am called to do if I am aware of Who He is in me and that it’s not me but Him. It makes us more effective because we are aware of the King of kings and Lord of lords, the presence of the Holy Spirit within us which enables us to do what we couldn’t do within our own selves, bring change for others. Hallelujah. You know we are not just called to receive but to do what? Give.

The following quotes were taken from Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson:

The world thinks of peace as the absence of something: a time without war, a time without noise, or a time without conflict. For a believer, Peace is a person—the presence of someone. Our ability to respond to this command of Jesus to release peace over a household is central in His instruction for ministry. It is tied directly to our ability to recognize the Presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s hard to release with any consistency what you’re not aware of. Consciousness of Presence will always increase our impact when it comes to influencing the world around us.

So much of what we do is done out of ministry principles instead of out of the Presence. One of the mysteries of life is that a primary role of a believer is the stewardship of a person, the Abiding Presence, who is the Holy Spirit—the dove that remains. He is a person, not an it. When we reduce the joy of knowing God to the principles that bring breakthrough, we cheapen the journey. Those who desire principles above Presence seek a kingdom without a king.

Jesus is called the Prince of Peace in Scripture. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ, the person of peace. And that Peace that is a person is the actual atmosphere of Heaven. That is why peace is like a double-edged sword: it is calming and wonderful for the believer, but highly destructive and invasive for the powers of darkness. “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (Rom. 16:20). That’s quite an assignment given to His followers: release the person of peace when you enter a home, for in doing so, you will release the Presence that is the actual atmosphere of Heaven to yielded hearts while at the same time undermining the powers of darkness that are at work in that home. For that atmosphere is expressed through the person of the Holy Spirit. For Jesus, this was Ministry 101.

Pastor Ray shared…

That’s bottom line ministry for us, to be aware and bring His presence there wherever we go, to just be aware of it. One of the first times that Sandy and I went on a prayer missions trip years ago was with Pastor Kent. We went to a couple different places in Europe, France, Brussels, and different places. In the services I was doing I just had a revelation of His presence working through me. I made a point of touching every person in the church or churches where we were. I was just determined that I will touch them and when I touch them, He will touch them. That kind of sounds like I am somebody but He is. So I just have that today to be more aware of Who He is in us and it enables us to give what we are to give during this month of December, you know Christmas time. We give His Love.


Father, Thank You for the ministry of Your love
For the Power of Your Holy Spirit working through us wherever we go and whatever we do
Thank You for the covering of the blood of Jesus this morning
When we magnify that name; we are magnifying the blood
When we magnify the name; we are magnifying what was finished on the Cross for us at Calvary back there and for now here 2016 and then exiting out and going over into 2017
Thank You for the ministry of the Holy Spirit
Heaven above working through us
Changing us, changing things, opening doors, opportunities
Making ways where there were no ways
Stopping some things that needed to be stopped
Starting up things that need to be started up
Thank You for the divine revelation of wisdom in us
Your grace, Your mercy, Your kindness, Your faithfulness
Holy Spirit we yield all the more, We yield our hearts
Come in Your manifested presence this morning
We receive a refreshing fullness of Your Spirit
Holy Spirit You are so welcome
You are all it, You are everything
We yield our hearts to you once again; we give You our lives, our future
We believe Your plans are working within us
We trust in You
We know if there was no way, You are the Way
You make a way, there always has been and there always will be a way because You made a way
Thank You, Father, that by the power of the Holy Spirit we see things today more clearly than we have ever seen them before
We trust more today than we have trusted in our yesterdays
We’ve made progress because You by Your Spirit have directed us and led us into all Truth
The Truth of what Your word has said
We wrap ourselves with Your word, we eat Your word, we love Your word
We love the power manifested in these hours that we are living in right now
I know Father that miracles, signs, and wonderful things are normal with You
Heaven’s ways and heaven’s plans
Lifting up our eyes from where our help continually comes from
Heaven’s plans, heaven’s ways, heaven’s abundance
Thank You for the provision, that we prosper in whatever we set our hands unto
Spirit, soul, body—we are a prosperous people
The Church is in abundance not over or down into lack
Because lack has been defeated and victory came through the Cross
When You said it was finished—it was done
The blood that was shed sees to it that we overcome in these days that we are living in
Thank You for it Father, Thank You Lord

Ms. Annie led us in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw something being restored that hadn’t been restored but it was a rearrangement or something. There was a situation where the answer had come forth. I will put it like that. And there was restoration, wholeness, and wellness. So it’s like a physical change, restoration, made whole according to His plan, according to the manufacturer’s plan, totally, completely healthy and whole, restored. So that in the months to come the plan of God would be enabled to be walked out with authority under the anointing and bring forth great fruit. Hallelujah, thank You for it Father.

We know that it was done, healing has come. We receive by faith. I know the crippled from birth man daily was brought to the Beautiful gate. It was his faith. When the disciple said no, I don’t have money but what I have I give to you, look at me and then grabbed hold of his hand and instantly his legs and ankles and feet were made whole. And the Bible says it was by faith.

Continued praying…

Today we have been given faith, each one of us
By faith we reach for more to receive what’s been given to us, been created for us
Ways and plans, pathways, walkways that we do not know how or where to go
But we know that we will because it’s a step by step process
Thank You, Father, for the details
You made it so clear in Your word that You will show us things before we need to know them
You show us the way before we need to go
You show us the plan before we need the plan
Thank You for divine supernatural understanding
That is that spirit of seeing and knowing operating through us in these days
I have a sense of praying in another country
Maybe lining ourselves up with prayers in another country
Illumination and revelation and understanding
Clearing a way, making a way, straightening out a path
Commanding some things to turn even more in the right way
Making a way for the power of the Holy Spirit today
Eminent change and turn, sudden increase
We lift up pastors and positions of authority there
That needs would be met and plans would unfold
A bright shining way
That they can advance, increase would be part of the ministry there
Many more would come to the light
Turning lives over to the light
Inroads to new ways
Cities and nations and countries
I have a sense of cleansing, the power of the blood in operation
Cleansing operations that were so opposite to God’s plans and ways
Cleaned and covered in the blood
Out away from a religious spirit and over into the power of the Holy Spirit of the living God

Ms. Annie sings in the Spirit…

It’s not by might, it’s not by power
It’s by My Spirit, by My Spirit says the Lord
It’s not by human might or human power
It’s by My Spirit, by My Spirit says the Lord
Holy Spirt come, Holy Spirt come
How we need You everyone
Come and blow through us
Your mighty power show through us
Your love make known through us
Spirit blow, Spirit blow, Spirit blow, Holy Spirit

Continued praying…

Thank You for the wind of the precious Holy Spirit
Blowing change, blowing in the new
Thank You for the rain of Your Spirit
The oil of the Spirit
Thank You for the fire of the Spirit that we as Your children are burning
The flames are burning higher and higher as we move on ahead
Lifting up but not in our head but in our spirit
Set on fire for You
Declaring the things that are not as though they absolutely were
Under the anointing we move ahead
Under the anointing we take our place
Under the anointing we declare these things to be true
For the works and workings or Your precious Holy Spirit
The ministry of Your Spirit—thank You for it
Fresh, refreshing touch
More and more to overflow
An overflowing Church, an abundant Church
Rivers of Living water, life giving water
Flowing and flowing and going and going and moving
Thank You Father

Ms. Annie led us out singing the name of Jesus…

We magnify Your name today
Believing to bring Your loving change to everyone we come in contact with
Thank You for the anointing that moves through us
Believing to be where we need to be
Your power actively working in us this day, Tuesday

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