Prayer Summary for Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

♪ We lift up Your name in this place… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

Last night in the service, I touched on a couple things from brother Hagin in his book, The Believer’s Authority. There’s something else I wanted to go over. It’s about the keys of authority that we have as believers. He uses Revelation 1:18, “I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.” We’re familiar with that scripture. I like the way he says it: “Jesus Christ took the keys away from the devil, glory to God! Keys belong to the Authorized One. Those are the keys of authority.” They’re not just any old keys. It’s not just a key to “a door.” They’re the keys of authority and who has He given the authority to on this earth? The Church. So he went on to say,

[start quote]
We must remember that physical death is not of God; it is of the enemy. Death is still an enemy. The Bible says it is the last enemy that will be put underfoot. Thank God, that day’s coming, but you don’t have your new body yet. You’ll meet people who believe they are going to live forever down here in the flesh, but notice none of them ever do. One fellow argued with me about this belief, and I replied, “If Paul never made it, you might as well forget it.”

I can’t understand how anybody could be that stupid and believe he’s going to live forever in the flesh—in his present body. No, that body’s got to be changed. You can’t live forever in this present body. The Bible tells us when it will be changed: when Jesus comes. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the bodies of us who are alive then will be changed and become immortal. Until then we have only a limited power over death.

After stripping the demonic powers of the authority that has been theirs, Christ “made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it (Col. 2:15). Paul’s statement here refers to the fact that Christ was elevated above His enemies to the right hand of the Father, a subject that Paul writes about in the Book of Ephesians, as we saw earlier. Again Paul is stressing the Father’s work in the overthrow of satanic powers and the defeat of Satan himself.

In Ephesians we also saw that the Son is seated above these powers and has the authority of the throne of God. But this is precisely where the church world as a whole has failed. It has understood that Jesus Christ is the Supreme Head of the Church, but it has failed to understand that the Head is totally dependent on the Body for carrying out His plans; that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places; and that His exercising authority over the powers of the air has to be through the Body.

The Lord is hindered in His plans because His Body has failed to appreciate the meaning of Christ’s exaltation and the fact that we are seated with Him at the right hand of the Father. We have a part to play in this: we must cooperate with the Lord in faith.

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit, who comes to dwell in us when we are born again, would guide us into all truth. A preacher once picked up a Bible and threw it to the floor, declaring he didn’t need it because he had the Holy Spirit. But he did need the Bible, because you can’t follow the Holy Spirit into truth apart from the Bible.

When you get out beyond the written Word of God, you’re getting out too far. Stay with the Word. The Word of God is from the Spirit of God: holy men of old wrote it. The Word of God is of utmost importance. But you’ll never understand it with your head; you must understand it with your heart.

Don’t put the Spirit above the Word. Put the Word first and the Spirit second, and you’ll be safe.

The well-known Pentecostal editor Stanley Frodsham, the author of Smith Wigglesworth’s biography, brought out the fact that Wigglesworth was, first of all, a man of God’s Word, and, second, a man filled with the Spirit of God. That’s an excellent combination. [end quote]

Okay you got the foundation of the Word. So when you begin to move out in the Holy Ghost praying in other tongues, you still have the Word as that foundation. It should rule and direct us, like brother Hagin said, into all the truth. We’re led by the Spirit while we’re standing on the Word. I like that picture.

Erika shared…

I’m going to read this again. We have to get this. It’s not optional in the church of the living God. Brother Hagin in his book, The Triumphant Church, was talking about the disturbances that were going on in the nation at a particular time. Jesus was talking to brother Hagin and said,

Once again, Christians can stop all three of these strategies of the devil against this nation. They can stop the upheaval through riots, tumults, and disturbances in the social structure. They can stop the upheaval and the activity of the devil in the political scene of their nation. And they can stop the devil from disrupting the financial scene of their nation.” … Christians could accomplish so much more for the Kingdom of God if they would only exercise the authority they have in the name of Jesus and enforce the devil’s defeat on this earth. The majority of Christians don’t take advantage of the authority in prayer that belongs to them. If they did, much damage would be done to the kingdom of darkness and many souls would be won to God.

Christians can change the political, economic, and social scenes in cities and nations through scriptural prayer. Christians can hold back judgment on the unsaved, giving them more time to hear the gospel and repent. Whenever God’s people take their place in prayer just as Abraham did for the nations of the world, they can change things on this earth to the glory of God and thwart the plans of the enemy in every encounter. [end quote]

Now I want to read from Patsy Cameneti’s book For Such a Time as This. She was talking about a scripture. She says,

Subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth. God created man to have dominion over the earth and over everything He had made in it. He also gave man the authority and the glory and power to do the job He had commanded him to do.

Genesis 2:15, “Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.”

When God created man and crowned him with glory and honor and gave him dominion, He gave man a job. God did not intend for man to work in a toiling sense, but as a steward and keeper. He was put in the garden to guard it. But the extent of his dominion went beyond the garden; it includes the whole earth.

If Adam and Eve had used their dominion to tend the garden in which they were placed, the state of the garden would have grown and expanded. As Adam and Eve had children and multiplied, they would have all eventually filled and subdued the entire earth. The garden was the starting point of making the whole earth a garden: “heaven on earth” under God-given dominion.

Psalm 115:16, “the heaven, even the heavens are the Lord’s; but the earth He has given to the children of men.”

Psalm 115;16 says that Heaven belongs to God, which explains exactly why Heaven is a wonderful place. Heaven is the place where there is a complete absence of anything bad. There is no crime there, no hurting, no suffering, no war, no murder, no lying, or stealing. There is nothing bad there. That is what makes Heaven “heavenly”!

We could say Heaven is the way it is because in Heaven God always gets His way. In Heaven no one tells God, “No!” Actually, some time ago someone did tell God “No,” and he’s not here anymore. Those who sided with him left with him as well. Ever since Lucifer left Heaven, God has always gotten His way.

Psalm 115:16 goes on to say that God has given the earth to the children of men, which also explains many things. The earth is in the condition it’s in because it belongs to man.

Crime, suffering, war, and poverty are not the way God intended for things to be on the earth. It certainly is not the way He created it, nor was it in that state when he delegated it to man. How did it get in the shape it is now? The dominion that God gave man was not just a blessing: dominion is a vocation. [end quote]

A lot of people are looking for jobs. If you belong to the body of Christ, you have a job already. You have a job given to you by God almighty. He didn’t say it’s a part-time job you do when you feel like it. He said “I’ve given you dominion. Subdue.” So I believe that by the power of the Holy Ghost, the Church is, indeed, taking her place in the last leg of the race. That more and more by the Spirit of the living God, revelation is going forth into the hearts of His people. Not just hearing but a doing. Doers of the Word are blessed in their deeds. So we take our place by receiving what God says as His final authority that He’s given to us and receiving. Do we have the equipment to do what He said? We have everything we need to do what He said in these last days. It’s all based upon the Word, based upon the blood and the power of the Holy Ghost.

An individual in the middle of the night seasons can take his place and stand, exercise your authority and your dominion. I believe more and more the Church coming together in places where there is a corporate anointing where we move in the Holy Ghost and we follow the flow and we address and take care of situations. What a privilege and honor. It’s a vocation. A responsibility and a call. And we don’t labor in vain. I’m a believer. I believe. He said it. I believe it. I do it and He does it. So shall the word that went out of His mouth. The same word in my mouth spoken in faith will accomplish exactly what He intended it to do.

Today, we’re going to move out into that realm.

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Father, we thank You that Your Word is true
We are doers of the Word
Believers who believe do what they believe
So, Father, in this setting in the corporate anointing, we exercise our authority given to us concerning the affairs of our nation
No weapon formed against us shall prosper in the name of Jesus
We declare the blood of Jesus over this nation from shore to shore, from border to border
That blood is working, it speaks, it keeps the enemy back—it brings light and life
We thank You for the blood
We loose ministering angels to go and work on our behalf
Finish things that need to be done
Change some things that need to be changed
Some rearrangements
More alignments… with Your Word, with Your plan
Supernatural aid and assistance… arrangements, plans
There are things underground, covert operations of the Holy Ghost
We plead the blood over them
They’re hidden from the enemy but they shall be revealed and do what they are called to do
They must be established… those plans are established in the name of Jesus
An awakening, an arising, a setting up of Your plan, Your kingdom, Your divine strategy
Stepping into that place, that strategy
Doors opened up by Your Spirit… we seize the opportunities
We shut that down in the name of Jesus… we shut down anarchy
Anarchy, you are shut down in the name of Jesus by the blood of the Lamb… we forbid you… cease in your maneuvers in Jesus’ name… no more… you have no authority… you will not operate in this nation… we forbid it… we bind it in Jesus’ name… Silence!
We go from city to city right now in Jesus’ name… we cut it off in Jesus’ name… every lie be uncovered and be exposed… You can’t operate in that way… You can’t operate in those cities in Jesus’ name… no longer…
The Church is rising up… those companies in those cities, we get in alignment with them… prayer groups… men and women of God in cities, we join ourselves together with them arm and arm and declare, “This will not happen here in Jesus’ name.”
In Minneapolis and St. Paul, No! No! No! A thousand times No!
The highways will not be blocked in Jesus’ name… We watch over it…
There are other plans of the enemy that will try to derail the election, to go in the wrong way… but NO! be shut down, be revealed for what you are… be uncovered for what you’re planning and be shut down in Jesus’ name… you’re defeated
The blood, we apply the blood of Jesus to every police department, every authority given by God in this nation
We pray for wisdom to lead them
You turn the hearts of the king… turn their hearts, Father
We declare it is turning… we declare it is changing in Jesus’ name
You can’t operate in those colleges in Jesus’ name
We declare some “calming down” now… like popping a balloon… we take the momentum out of it in Jesus’ name
We pray for positions of authority in America… they’ll do what they’ve been set in that office to do
No! We’re not going in that way… We’re not operating in that way…
That council comes to nothing…
We apply the blood to the financial realm… we cut off every negative flow of finances that would find those disturbances… we bind you and take authority over you… we say you’re broken… your line is broken in Jesus’ name
We speak confusion to the enemy lines in Jesus’ name
They would even turn on themselves…
We call for the equipping of God and the utterance of the Holy Ghost and the five-fold ministry gifts to speak and declare
I bind the spirit of fear in Jesus’ name… we’ve not been given a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind
I thank You that the love of God is working in the Church… revelation of Your love

Pastor Ray interjected…

Let’s go back and lift up the financial arena. I had that exact thing at the same time. There are some supply lines that are about to be cut off. We need to declare it in faith. Some lines of supply to the enemy’s plan.

Continued praying…

Lines of supply, resources that have been coming will be shut down in Jesus’ name… we speak to investments that these that are in high places with large amounts of money… those things will begin to melt… begin to go down… turn around for the worst… those lines of supply are cut off in Jesus’ name… you can’t send somebody here or there… you can’t operate where you shouldn’t operate… No! In the name of Jesus, we hold the blood against you… Devil, you can’t operate there in Jesus’ name… you’ve been defeated… there are those that we don’t know about… hidden things behind the scenes where finances have been coming in and helping the work of the enemy to come against this nation… No! it’s cut off… it’s shut down… it’s been exposed in Jesus’ name… uncovered and revealed for what it is… every lie of the enemy exposed… divine exposure… revealed for what it is… the media can’t cover it up… can’t rearrange it so nobody knows… can’t cut it out of the video and do something else… it shall be uncovered in Jesus’ name…

Jerre sang about the blood…

Pastor Ray shared by the spirit…

Some positions of authority that are not doing what they should be doing, they’ll be shaken out. The shaking will shake them and shake them out. I’m not just talking about the election or that kind of thing. I’m talking about by the Spirit today, some offices, some positions of authority will be shaken out of there… opening the way for others to be shaken into it. Suddenly! They’ll occupy the position they were meant to occupy all along. The world won’t know how they got there. Man won’t know how they entered in but the Holy Ghost made a way where there was no way. For the door’s been opened! And it goes both ways. Some exit. And others enter by the blood of the Lamb.

Mary sang in the spirit…

Pastor Ray spoke by the spirit…

Those are ways and plans that only the Church can walk in… those are positions of authority that only the Church can stand in… Occupy, saith the Lord. Occupy these positions today! Take these places by faith and hold tight, saith the Lord. Hold tight to what the Spirit is doing in these days… 2016 September, October into November… Authority! Divine, supernatural keys of authority for the Church in these days…

I see us as members of the body leaping over hindrances. It’s a supernatural jump. It’s revealed to us that there’s a situation or a delay or a bump, but we’ve been enabled by the Spirit to jump over it. We have the keys of authority! Hallelujah!

Remember when Pastor Mac says, “I have a new series” and it will last about six to eight weeks. We have a new series today! What’s it called? Keys of authority! We’re taking our places and using what we’ve been given—every key of authority—to turn this nation God’s way. We’re not going the other way. The Church is rising up in these days. In every city, we’ll declare it. I know it by faith in every city in America, there are men and women lifting up this nation. They’re calling forth using their keys to turn this nation… keys of faith, keys of direction, words, declaring things, calling things to go in the right way. This nation is on the move and it’s moving God’s way. That’s it! Bottom line. In Jesus’ name!

Continued praying…

We speak stability to this nation!
Peace, be still! Stabilize and move to the right…the rightness of God…
We plead the blood over every state, over the state of the states of this nation
We lose angels and sound the alarm to the Church of the living God… take your place in the race
Don’t abdicate by non-participation… and take your place

Jerre sang and shared…

♪ Take your place in the battle… take your place in the fight… for the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God… for the pulling down of the strongholds of the enemy… ♪

Father, enlighten the eyes of those that haven’t taken their places yet…
There are places that need to be filled, places of authority… take your place

♪ Take your place, take your place in the name of Jesus… ♪

I keep seeing this. The Word of God says that the scepter of righteousness is the scepter of His kingdom. So I keep seeing the scepter of righteousness lifted high. That’s all I see. The scepter of righteousness lifted high.

So, Father, we just pray about that.
Father, there are men that need to pick up the scepter of righteousness now
Many in the name of Jesus… Pick up the scepter of righteousness!
And with a boldness, go forth with the scepter of righteousness… high, shining bright in our land
And yes, Lord, that force… there is a force of righteousness
We speak to that force of righteousness to be greater and greater and greater…
Many voices grabbing the scepter and speaking and speaking… changing with the force of almighty God
Saying, “No” to this and “No!” to that in Jesus’ name
And “Yes!” to righteousness
We pick up the scepter, Lord, and lift it high in our own lives
Taking their place in the realm of the spirit speaking

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