Prayer Summary for Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jerre led in worship and prayer…

Father, we thank You that in the midst of tribulation and questions and uncertainties, we can be like John on the Isle of Patmos, exiled, alone. And still he was in the presence of the Lord on the Lord’s day. He knew this place and so when the tempest winds blow, we know there is a place that we can go. Thank You, Lord, for the secret place where we are accepted in the beloved. Where mercy flows like a river. We find grace there. We stay in the light. We seek You with all our hearts. We know that we’ll find you here in this place…

♪ How we need Your river… living waters flow to us… as You shower down Your glory… and Your grace… we thank You, Lord, Your holy presence fills this place… We reverence You and glorify You… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I keep hearing this in my spirit. It’s like [♪] “I come into this place… decisions… deciding. Come into this place… It’s about the race. About the steps, the decisions, the doors, the avenues, the ways… I come… I come into this place… Steps… Ways… Freedom… in this place… the Church… the body come into this place… lifting the body now… rivers of My grace… There’s lifting and momentum in this place…there’s healing in this place… victory in this place… I can see from this place how to walk out and step out and go through… And I take my place… revelation is in this place… to know the way to go…

Word came forth…

Would you accept from Me an assignment that would set others free? It would be freshly given unto thee this day. For assignments are given for different time periods, different days, weeks, months, saith the Spirit of God, but I am asking you to receive from Me every day a fresh, new assignment for that day. For time is moving quickly. The doors have been opened. I have spoken. Would you receive from Me that fresh assignment given to thee for the day that you’re living in? A fresh assignment for this day that would bring about freedom for others as they go on their way. And many revelations, words will be by the Spirit, saith the Lord. If you just receive it by faith and pray them out in the tongues that I’ve given unto thee, your tongues will set forth My power through your voice. And heaven sent, supernatural rivers will flow out from you as you speak in the tongues that I’ve given to you. You have a voice. You have the authority. You have My anointing. You’ve been equipped and you have My blood. The power that’s in that blood and the power that’s in the name that’s above every other name has given you freedom to stand strong, not to turn around but stay steadfast, moving out. Sometimes seeing in your heart a vision of what I’ve called you to be. But this day, I’m asking if you’d be willing just to say “Yes, Lord, give it to me.” And then begin to pray.


It’s code from heaven… words given that will lift and lift and lift
Complete the way
Each one… every one…
A way… the pace… to stay…
Eyes to see it and ears to hear it and ways to know it
Shape it… shaping it and using it
And they will be set free
Freedom… freedom… freedom
Free to be all that He had made you to be

Mary sang the word “freedom”


I see people that were locked up or locked down
We watch over them by the power of the Spirit
Names, all kinds of names
As we declare freedom this day, something in the lock down begins to turn and change and open…
reveal the power from heaven to set that captive free
Now! In Jesus’ name be set free. Locks turned.
Ways, be prepared…
The captives that will be set free
The countries
Now walk through and take your place
You’ve been set free

In Jesus’ name, some ministers that have been bound and locked up in their minds, unable to free themselves. But today, we declare absolute freedom there. Freedom from the thoughts, freedom from the lack, freedom from the despair. Whatever has held you back and locked you down, today we declare “Ministers totally free!”

I can sense that they’ll step out of the old and step into the new and then it’ll turn around and there will be a change through them. Their voices will be voices of freedom to others that have been locked up by the same thing. And the words of freedom that they’ve experienced from heaven above will set others free.

Different kinds of arenas. (I’m getting the entertainment field or that community coming up in my heart right now)
Unlock doors today and set these that were locked up free in that field…
All across America in this nation and other nations…
Those that are in their hearts that have a call and gift to entertain
A move toward heaven
Out of the old and into the new
Unlocked and enabled to step into the new
(I’m thinking of a ministry that ministers every month in Hollywood and in that area. A minister from another state.)
I lift that ministry up, Lord
We call them free
We declare a strengthening today in that commission to move and set those captives free
A call for increase for that ministry in Jesus’ name
Increase in the momentum and steps into new territories where they’ve never been able to reach before
A suddenly… an increase in momentum in reaching those that are bound

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