Prayer Summary for Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Erika prayed and shared

Our eyes are on You
We thank You that You have seen fit that we would live today
You didn’t call us to live in another time or place… but now for this time
For such a time as this
Father, we trust You that with that call comes everything we need to do all that You’ve called us to do
Thank You that we are part of the end time glorious church
We’re going from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord
Thank You that right now as we’re here in You that You’re working and causing us to will and to do of Your good pleasure
There is a plan and purpose for Your kingdom
You’ve called us now… You are unveiling and revealing to the Church the plan for every individual, for groups, for churches
You’re also causing us to will and to do of Your good pleasure
We thank You for the work being done
We are not the stagnant, sleeping church… we are the awakening giant
So each one by Your Spirit, the open full revelation of Christ in us the hope of glory
That we have everything we need on the inside of us to do His call
We will no longer shrink back but… the great arising, the great awakening, the great shaking is going on by Your power
We desire that everyone be strengthened in their inner man
That there would be a full complete revelation of Your love
That would translate into action… faith works by love

Erika shared…

In the night, I had a dream. About dreams, Brother Hagin said, “I’ve only had about four dreams in my life that meant anything.” But I know this was from the Lord. My husband is in construction. I was in construction too when I married him. I had a dream. I was on a road. How many know we’re on a road right now? I was on a road and there was lots of construction and we had to change lanes. There were barriers over here and there was traffic trying to cut in. All of this was going on.

And I noticed that we were approaching kind of an edge on the right side. There should have been some protective barriers of some kind. But they weren’t there. I was like, “We’ve got to have those.” Immediately on the inside, my spirit called for those who were able to get those barriers up. I knew that there were people who already knew how to do that. They were the ones that already had the knowledge, already had the wisdom, already had the expertise on how to get those up where they needed to be. So as I called for them in my spirit, there were some men that showed up. They began to work on those things.

It looked like what needed to be fixed was on the surface, maybe like a little thing was knocked over. But as they got in there and dug around, it got down into some infrastructure and suddenly there were things exposed that needed to be exposed. Because it wasn’t what it appeared to be on the surface. So we needed some more people with different experience to come in and take care of the infrastructure. It means we had to dig some things out, some things had to be replaced, some new things put in, some things had to be rebuilt and built up again.

I knew immediately when I woke up that He was talking about the Church of the living God. Then I remembered in Patsy Cameneti’s book, For Such a Time as This, there was a chapter in there about preparing the way, a voice in the wilderness. And we as the church have a job to do and it doesn’t just end on November 8th. Because after that dream, I began to pray more and more about the infrastructure in this nation. The foundation of this nation. The basis by which this nation was formed. Not because some men just decided it was a good thing but because God almighty decided. And those very foundational and fundamental truths have crumbled. I repented for abdication on my part for not being more conscious, more aware of the responsibility that I had for our nation. I repented for the church for abdicating, for being intimidated, for cowering to threats, for being ignorant… I repented.

Because as Brother Hagin said, the Church is responsible for the condition in which we live. It doesn’t matter which nation you represent. It’s proven throughout the Bible. I’ve repented before. We all have. But there is something deeper on the inside this time, about this nation. About the repairing, the resurrection, the rebuilding… setting her back in her place. And what it’s going to take. All of God, His mercy and His grace.

So with all that being said, I have some things I could read. I’m going to read one thing that a British statesman Edmund Burke said: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Our freedoms came with a great price. They should be guarded with great vigilance. But at this point in our history, they must be recovered urgently with great vehemence. So it’s my prayer today that in this time of change for our nation and for the Church, that it goes to the depth that God knows and needs it to go. Not just a little deal here and there … and not, that we’re not thankful… because we’re grateful for every step He brings us through but our vision has to be bigger. Our passion has to be greater. Our desire stronger. We have to come to the place where in all of what we do is part of what we do that when we see evil, something on the inside rises up and says, “Who is that uncircumcised Philistine?” Not just say it, but take it to your prayer place. Take it to your neighborhood. Take it to your school. Take it to your family. Because a belief system isn’t something that goes on up in your head. It is who you are! So I’m looking for a glorious transformation and a transition. I want it to start with me. I want it to start in my church. I want it to start in my state. I want it in my nation. And I know there are millions of believers who want the same thing.


Coordinated by the Spirit of the living God, those instructions go out to pierce and penetrate the hearts of every believer
Cause each one to arise, take her place, step into the last leg of the race and occupy until He comes
It’s about preparing a highway for our God
There comes a seeing of what needs to be done and prayed
Greater and greater, the spirit of seeing and knowing in the church
The going… Here am I, Lord, send me
Participators on every level… political arena, social arena, economic arena
Take our places… not being ignorant but open our hearts
We’re looking for expansion on every side in every realm for revelation
That He would plant us in places where we would influence society on every level
Embolden the Church, Father
That’s a melding together… a unification
The anointings and giftings… standing in their places
Not coveting another man’s place… I know my part in the race
Running with passion and desire
We lift up the hands that hang down… we release our faith that You would lift them and embrace them
No! That will not be… it will be abolished

Ray shared…

I keep hearing something like a voice of doubt. I hear a voice saying, “This nation has gone too far to ever come back to the principles and plans God had for it.” But in the name of Jesus, we’ve not gone too. Sometimes in sports when people have lost game after game, the news media will interview them and they’ll say, “Our backs are up against the wall. So we’re going to have to do something.”

I say, “Our backs are not up against the wall. Our backs are up against the Word. And this Word is strong and working and it’s working in the United States in these days!” When Erika said “After the election, it’s not over.” I heard the Holy Spirit say, “It’s just beginning!” Of new days and new realms that we’re about to walk into. The Word of God is true and the prophesies that have been declared over this nation will come to pass. They’re coming to pass, no matter what, in Jesus’ name. The Word is true. I take authority over those words of doubt that have been spoken. We declare the blood over every word spoken by the Church. We lift up pastors and leaders that they would rise up. We are the children of the most high God. And this nation is one nation under God. It’s not gone so far that it can never rise up and be the nation that it was predestined to be.


Revival is about to come forth in greater ways than it’s ever happened
It’s moved from one part of the country, New York, and all across the nation years ago
In these days, we have the promise to stand on
The latter and the former rain today… together
The glory of God is breaking forth
It’s coming to the hospital near us… the business places… the church

Ray shared…

I wanted to read a couple paragraphs about David Brainerd. In the early 1700s, he ministered to the American Indians. He brought revival to them. He said, “I was wholly free from selfish ends, fears, and desires disappeared and were of little more importance than a puff of wind.” In other words, his own desires. “I longed that God would get to Himself a name among the heathen and I appealed to Him with the greatest freedom that He knew that I preferred Him above my chief joy.” You know, self. “Such selfless pleading is irresistible in the courts of heaven. There’s a prevailing power in our intercessions, prayers for others, when we can pray with the sincerity of David who said, ‘Give ear unto my prayer that goeth not out of vain lips.’ And when we can truly upend this desire to our petitions, that the Father may be glorified in the Son in view of the desperate need of revival, are we willing to draw near to God and plead for this great thing? If so, we must continually remember the way of approach that God has enjoined, the priest of old as he drew near to the sanctuary came first to the altar, red with the blood of sprinkling and then to the laver with its pure water. The altar would remind him that in approaching God, the conscience must be purged from the guilt of sin while the water for the washing of his body would speak of the cleansing of the outer life or the action of the Spirit applying the Word and effecting obedience to it into life. This is the washing of the water of the Spirit with the Word. Eph. 5:26. To which the Psalmist also referred when he said, ‘Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed thereunto according to thy Word.’ Both the blood and the water would seem to cry out, ‘be ye clean ye that bear the vessels of God.’ So with us only clean hands and pure heart can qualify us to enter into the sanctuary. And these necessitate the continual application of the blood and the water. Purge me with the hyssop or the blood and I shall be clean. Wash me with the water and I shall be whiter than snow. The way into the holiest is open. The need of the hour is true intercessors. The goal of revival beckons us. Let’s draw near with a true heart in fullness of faith having our hearts sprinkled with the blood from an evil conscious and our body washed with pure water.”

Jerre shared…

Last night I heard inside me, “Soul travail for a nation… birthing.” And I wept because soul travail is for someone that is not born again. Paul said, till Christ be formed in you. I’ve been thinking about the people that know how to soul travail that they need to arise and travail for the nation. If you remember it was quite some time ago, the word of the Lord came and said, “think it not strange when the filth comes to the surface. For when it comes to the surface, then I will heal it.” He called that sin filth. So when we were at the leadership conference prayer, it was like I got thrown into a deep place. I had to leave the room for a while. I was crying out to God. But He said to me, “Weep for the filth of this nation.” And that’s one of those deep things, when you take the cover off and I believe that we’re going to go to a new place in God again, which is not new. It’s a place we’ve been before but those things that need to be fixed and made right, it’s going to take some deep digging and deep prayer. That’s one of them. I’m sure there’s many. But we need to be open to what soul travail looks like. It’s work. It’s hard because it’s as if you feel the infirmity of what it is and then you pray it through with every bit of strength you have.


Father, whatever You need us to do that You would be glorified in our land, we give ourselves to it. For You have the power, but we must believe with all our hearts. The covenant is an everlasting covenant. When Israel fell into the filth and sin and ungodliness, God was faithful and He lifted her so many times. Father, we have that everlasting covenant. So I cry out to You with all my heart and soul and strength, heal our land, Father. Use us as vessels to speak those things, to reveal, to unveil, to repent for our land. I know, Father, that it is Your will that she be turned and pure and white and filled with truth, again. So I’m asking You and thanking You that You send Your power and turn this ship around. However You want to do it, Lord. Turn this ship around, that this land would glorify You and bring glory to Your name. I stand in the gap for her, Father. And I thank You that You hear our prayers and Your power comes. It’s already being manifested in many ways. And truly our prayers have availed much, Lord. I look around and I see the light that You have provided, Father, the unveiling and the uncoverings and I thank You that You’re moving. And You will continue to move. Because we believe You, Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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