Prayer Summary for Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pastor Lynne Hammond led in prayer…

Let’s lift a hand toward heaven and thank and praise Jesus this morning. We worship Him because it’s all about Him. Jesus, get glory to Yourself this day. Thank You, Father, for divine things. We thank You for heaven-sent words today, Father, to help us and lead us that we can change according to the times we are living in.

Everybody pray in other tongues and give it all you got this morning. Reach way down in your spirits and draw up out of your spirit man. (group prays) The Bible says we can stir ourselves up in the Holy Ghost.

Thank You, Father, for supernatural change, glorious change
From glory to glory
Faster, higher, further
Let’s lift up America for the plan and will and purpose of God… that America will finish what she’s called to do…
You’re helping us to finish… this nation for her end time work
Open, Lord, every supernatural door that is to be opened
God, have mercy on this nation… and promote Your agenda in this nation…
Promote the platform of God’s agenda in this nation in the name of Jesus
Every door of wisdom for godly leaders… You appoint and anoint godly leaders
We loose the angels over war zones in this nation to bring influence for change
Yes, Lord, the keys… all the keys that unlock supernatural doors
A graduation for this nation… into a higher realm and to the place God has called… open those doors for change
All of the new… the restoration of God… in every realm—politically, socially
We bind and take authority over the spirit of lawlessness in this nation… You will not work! You will not move!
We take authority over domestic violence… we speak peace to all of the civil authorities
We speak peace to every city where violence has tried to take over… we bind and take authority over it in the name of Jesus
We take authority over social unrest in the name of Jesus
And the voices of enemies that are trying to be amplified, in the name of Jesus, we take authority over you
We loose the voices of God’s men and women that will speak forth the plans and purposes of God
Reaching… Your Spirit is reaching

Now let’s lift one hand toward heaven and thank God for Miss Trina this morning.

Pastor Trina Hankins led in prayer…

Let’s worship and praise God… we are called out of darkness and into His marvelous light to show forth His praises
We thank You that today our voices carry the blood and stop the power of the enemy
You’ve given us Your authority and the name that is above every name and the blood of Jesus
You watch over Your Word to perform it
We are come to mount Zion… we have come to the assembly of the upright
Let’s give God a sacrifice of joy
There’s joy and triumph in Your presence
We are changed into the same image of Jesus
Father, we grasp the transforming power of Your Word
We hold forth and know His purposes
Our hearts are on fire with Your purpose and love for You
We plead the blood over the Church that we are free from deception
It aborts every attempt of the enemy to deceive us
We walk in the light, walking in truth, walking in Him
Thank You for the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You
We ask You to open the eyes of our understanding…to give unto us a spirit of wisdom and revelation
The eyes of the body… wide open… full of light… single… focused on Jesus
Jesus, You’re the head and we are Your body
You are speaking and take the thoughts of Christ in us today
You resonate them in our spirits… in the gifts… apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and the teacher
Supernatural gifts… we examine by the power of the Holy Spirit
Some things are examined… things which have been spoken but now examine
As you sound out the deep things of God, God our hearts are hungry for more
Walking further for the full manifestation of the gifts of God
That You have deposited into the church… there is a treasure in each member
Thank You, Lord, eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man the things that You’ve prepared for the church
You have prepared some things… we seek after those things… things which are above… we call for them to be spoken, to be explained … to be announced today… to be examined and turned over… and to be demonstrated
We ask You for the demonstrations of the Holy Ghost today
You demonstrate thru the Church Your manifold wisdom… demonstrations of the Spirit
The gifts…the offices… the full equipping… for it’s thru the Church You display Your wisdom… Your authority
It is thru the Church that You speak and You announce and bind and loose
We thank You for floods of the Holy Ghost… an awakening… floods of the Spirit
Immeasurable torrents… torrents of Your power and goodness and healing and wisdom
Great power… we thank You for power from on high
You said You would baptize the Church with power… not a small but great measure…
Open the door of the Spirit, those things which You have stored up for this generation
It is time… it is now… things yet to be seen to be discovered to walk in
Father, I thank You for clothes, clothing, new clothes… on Your body, on every member for the clothing of Christ
The glorious clothes
Ha, ha, ha! Glorious clothing… places to walk in the Spirit… places to demonstrate… to enter… to possess… to take over
We say, “Devil, take your hands off of our property, off of our territory, off our cities, off our minds, our churches…”
I thank You for the spirit of prophecy that will root out, that will pull down, that will overturn and it will build new things in the spirit, new things in the natural, new things in the earth, new sounds
Open up, open up, open up…
Father, for Your sound on technology… on the Internet… thru the television… thru the body of Christ
Ha, ha, ha… supernatural breakthrough in the spirit… into the natural
For as there is joining together in the body… there is a unification and a unity a multiplication… and a light that shall come
For there is a higher platform for the church to function from and through
And there are no restrictions… there is an amplification
There must come a joining together for the body… it is a holy mandate
Every member joined together
There is a calling and divine conversions of people
Those who walk in darkness… Father, for conversions… massive waves
For when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Holy Ghost shall raise up a standard
You said to ask for the heathen… Let’s just ask for the heathen
Father, there are people like the apostle Paul…

Just lay your hand on your brother, your sister next to you on their shoulder and just begin to pray for them that the gift of God, the fire of God inside of them will be amplified, bigger, greater

The gift will not go unnoticed… but it will go to the full measure… go to the full measure of that calling and gifting and of what God is speaking… the potential of the gift of God in you is mighty… there is help from heaven that the gift of God in you is given… it is to be increased and stirred up… it is the ability of God, a divine infusion of Jesus… an endowment of the Holy Ghost… you are enriched in Him… you do not come behind in any gift

Lift up your hands and just worship God.

Word came through Mark Hankins…

Now the Holy Ghost said this. He said there is a higher calling… a “higher” calling. And that you’ll move up higher in the spirit and that you’ll see and you’ll know. And as you move up higher, fresh revelation will be given to you. And your voice shall be filled with authority. And you’ll function in a greater realm of the spirit and a greater realm of glory. And angels shall be activated to fulfill the assignment upon this hour and this generation and even this nation. So things that men have thought they would plan to do, their plans shall be interrupted and their plans shall be stopped. And the plan of God and the purpose of God shall come forth not by men’s natural ability but by the working of the Holy Spirit. So, therefore, you’ll move up in the spirit and you’ll see. Your vision shall be clear and you’ll be sent by God, sent by the Holy Ghost. Divine appointments and new doors and greater doors, greater doors of opportunity that you’ll enter into and greater doors of utterance that you’ll speak and minister in a way that you have not done before… with a greater anointing than you have had before… and greater utterance and revelation. And the word of the Lord shall have free course and shall be glorified. For this shall open up the things of heaven and the resources of heaven and the armies of heaven shall march and the provision of God shall be seen. And you’ll rejoice like a new day of heaven on earth, a new day of blessing and a new day of the glory. And you’ll function in a greater office than you have functioned before. And you’ll move up higher. For it is necessary in this season, saith the Lord, for you to move up. Move up in the spirit. Move up higher. The enemy’s down way below beneath your feet, so you move up. Move up in new strength and in new anointing and a new grace. And I’ll fill your mouth with laughter. And I’ll fill your voice with authority and mountains and hindrances shall be removed. And angels shall be sent on assignment and demons shall flee. So you will not be silent. Move up in the spirit. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, for there are changes that you will make. Changed by the glory. Change by My Spirit. And the adjustments that you will make will cause you to fulfill and finish your course with joy—a higher calling and a higher anointing and a higher revelation and a greater door. And you’ll enter into it in this season. So do not draw back and say, “I’m just a child,” or “I’m not ready for this” for I called you before you were born, saith the Lord. And My hand has rested upon you all of these years and now’s the time for you to move up in the spirit. For you have been sent by God for such a time as this. So declare this is the hour and now is the time. And the Spirit of the Lord shall come upon you and you shall be changed. So do not draw back but step forward in faith and confidence. And you’ll find new things shall spring forth. And new doors shall open. And the provision shall be there. And you’ll rejoice in the goodness of God.

Thank God for that.

Word to Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond

In this season, a new phase has come upon your life and ministry, and one that you may not feel comfortable in. But it is the assignment for this hour that I’m anointing you and calling you to step up even as a bishop or one who is an apostle or sent. And so, therefore, you will raise up now many sons and daughters. And the church and the ministry shall be a gospel center and a network that shall reach out. And you’ll raise up sons and raise up leaders. And your voice shall be heard, for I have prepared you for this season. So you’ll enter into a higher office than you’ve ever functioned in before. And do not deny it. But just agree with Me, saith the Lord, that the Spirit of the Lord is upon you. He has anointed you for this time and this season. And as you enter into this greater office, then there will be greater authority in your voice. And there will be a greater fruitfulness and you’ll grow and multiply. But it will be awesome in the area of spiritual sons and daughters. So do not deny this assignment, but take your place and as you enter that office, all the equipment will be there.

Lift your voice and thank God for that.

Dad Hagin would always say, “I will allow the Lord Jesus Christ, the head of the Church, to set me in my place in the body of Christ to minister and to serve as He desires and as He chooses. Not desiring my own glory or that my own name or ministry would be magnified but that the name of Jesus would be magnified and I’ll be a blessing unto others.”

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