Prayer Summary for Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jerre led in worship and then shared…

I remember last Friday in prayer, the word of the Lord came and it was “sing a song.” When I heard the word “sing a song,” immediately the Holy Ghost started talking to me about the importance of singing a song when you’re in darkness. When we do, it lifts us above and keeps us up, not under, the darkness. I’ve been thinking about the power of praise and the power of just singing a song. Even if you’re not in the mood and you have to grit your teeth, just start singing a song about the mercies and glory of God and it will lift you right out of the pit, so to speak. That is, if you’re in one. If you’re looking not to the things above and looking horizontally too long, then you need to sing a song! A lot of us are mindful of things we see with our natural eyes, maybe the news, but we are to be mindful of the things above. We need to sing a song about His power and might and just be mindful of Him. When she said, “sing a song,” I thought it’s not just a song. The song becomes a weapon against the darkness, to keep us in a place of peace and rest. So the profound deep word of the day is “sing a song.”

Group began to sing in the spirit…

Pastor Ray shared…

It was a week ago last Thursday when the attack in Nice, France took place. In the morning here, we were praying for the United States of America. I had this sense the enemy was about to attack. I had a sense there was a plan to take out someone in a position of authority or leadership that would cause havoc in the United States. But I didn’t know in advance. If I missed it, or we missed it, and was not able to stop what took place… I repent. We do the best we can possibly do. And we move on. That’s why it’s critical to have our ears open. When we’re in His presence, it’s the place where we are able to hear Him.

Yesterday we had noon prayer in the chapel where we pray for revival. A part of the time, we were praying for the people that are still in critical condition in Nice. There are so many things happening every day. It’s insane! I’m not just focusing on one thing. We come against the Devil in every way.

One of the men in the group said while we’re praying he saw… First of all, he was reminded of the French revolution where the people got sick of the way the government was and they rebelled. But then he saw the churches in Nice rising up like you’d see the military rise up, the Church standing up.

Prior to that, I was been talking to Pastor Marie; she pastors a church in Nice. She said Tuesday after this event, the president of France, the Prime Minister, all the politicians, and leaders were at the promenade. There were about 40 to 50 thousand people gathered on the promenade where this took place. When the prime minister came in, people started to boo! It was because he had said, “We just have to get used to this and live with it.” Pastor Marie said, “Absolutely NO! We will not live with this.” She has been placed by God in that city to use the authority that she knows she has. Her sister too. And all the people in the church. It’s a place of prayer. They’re rising up to do what they know to do and I know they’re not the only ones. There are other churches as well.

I was thinking about that. When Hitler was moving across Europe, France actually just bowed down to him. They just yielded to him because they didn’t want a war. They didn’t want to lose buildings and monuments. But on June 21, 1940, they signed a treaty with Hitler. I looked it up and there’s a picture of this French leader signing and giving France over to Hitler. Hitler just came in with no resistance. There was at first. When he came into Paris, there are pictures of him standing in front of the Eiffel Tower with a swastika flying on the tower. They just yielded to him. So July 14, last Thursday, 2016, I’m declaring with the body of Christ in France, the Church is not giving into the enemy. The Church has been refueled and ignited to rise up out of the dust and debris and take its place of authority in that nation in Jesus’ name.

Everyone in the churches in Nice was protected. We’re standing with them like we stand with Israel. And the Church in Nice stands with Israel. They had the first “Night to Honor Israel” last year. Rani from Israel was there. Many Jewish people came to that event. It was a first. So the Devil is defeated. He’s under our feet. In these last days, everything will be dark and light. We talked about it yesterday, the grey areas are going away. We choose light and to be on God’s side.

I read something from Charles Finney’s book entitled Experiencing Revival. He said, “A revival can be expected when Christians have the spirit of prayer for a revival—that is, when they pray as if their hearts were set on it. Sometimes, Christians do not use a definite prayer for a revival, even when they are inspired in prayer. Their minds are on something else—the salvation of the lost—and they are not praying for a revival among themselves. But when they feel the lack of a revival, they will pray for it. People feel for their own families and neighborhoods, so they will earnestly pray for them.”

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The US is parallel with a lot of other nations in the earth. We need an awakening and it’s been said over and over and over again, no political party can bring the needed change. God alone can do it. We’ve been called to take our places in prayer. And do what? Pray!

I like what he said here: “What constitutes the spirit of prayer? Is it fervent words and many prayers? No. Prayer is the state of the heart. The spirit of prayer is a state of continual desire and anxiety for the salvation of sinners.”

Sandy and I are so familiar with Nice, France. We’ve been there maybe 15 times or more over the last ten or eleven years. All the places we saw on the news, were places we’ve been, where we’ve walked and prayed. That made it different for us because we were so familiar with the area. I watched. I read a lot of articles and talked with Pastor Marie about what took place. I had my attention on it. I watched over it. Prayed for it. Put myself, by faith, in their prayer groups. I stayed up above. I wasn’t down below. The churches there are up above.

We must always keep ourselves up above the problems and looking to heaven, looking to the Word from where our help comes. I have made a point of doing that, but one newscast five days after… I happened to turn on the TV and there was a reporter, live on the promenade. People were bringing flowers and placing them where people were killed as a memorial. There was something that just … I can’t even remember what he said but he just showed the area and there was something about it … I don’t know, compassion came and all I could do was cry. Something about it moved me and my heart became even more connected. And when your heart is connected, you can be weeping, you can be laughing, you can be groaning, you can be praying in English, you can be praying in other tongues… It’s your heart connection.

I had to pick up Sandy. When I picked her up from work, I could hardly talk to her about it. It still moved my heart because of what the enemy had done. The pray-ers must rise up in these days and take our place with heartfelt prayer! Just let it come forth.

Jerre shared…

On the way home, we were praying about what we called a “murdering spirit.” The Lord said, “The battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spirit of lawlessness.” That’s a place to hang our prayer hats, so to speak. I understand the importance of being aligned with Israel and the divine protection that comes with it—and the promises of God.

We can only pray what the Father tells us to pray, otherwise we pray amiss. Today He said, “Don’t think about what you’re going to say when they bring you before the rulers, for the Spirit of God that will speak through you.” So when we pray, we believe that the Spirit of God is praying through us. We can’t lean to our own understanding anymore. But we have to know that we know that we know that we’ve heard the Spirit of God and His direction and our prayers are as if the Spirit of God Himself is praying through us. When the darkness gets darker, the light gets lighter. We must let God strengthen us in our inner man to be able to do what He will cause us to do and help us to do and say. It’s no time to be out of the Word.

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw this in the news this morning. People were protesting a mayor of a major city in the United States. They were demanding that this mayor stop his connection with the nation of Israel! This made me even more aware that we’re fighting against the Devil. When people start rising up against the nation of Israel? No! Thank God that the Church … I’m so glad for CUFI in Washington DC all the people standing together in unity for the nation of Israel. Many people don’t understand it. And, of course, the Devil fights it. But he’s a loser. He’s lost.


Thank You for wisdom and understanding and for revelation
Speaking words and giving direction like You said you would
Leading and directing us as part of Your body
We know the truth of Your Word
The blood of Jesus is how we overcome
We are set free and made righteous through His blood
We declare the blood of Jesus over this whole earth
We cover the face of the earth with the blood of Jesus
From the north to the south and all the way around
Every nation on the earth, we plead the blood of Jesus and stand together with authority
We hold up and pray for those in positions of authority
That they move in Your will
We cover them… opening up eyes, leaders that see and hear
We pray for wisdom, divine understanding and revelation for authority
It matters… things that matter … closing some things off in Jesus’ name
Closing old ways and stepping into new ways and positions
Leaders that will take their places
We pray for every pastor, every person in ministry, every five-fold gift and we plead the blood over them
For strength… be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might… rise up!
We plead the blood over each pray-er
We come against the spirit of lawlessness on the earth in the name of Jesus
Anarchy of every kind… we call you down… get out!
Stop! And desist in Jesus’ name
You will not touch God’s anointed
Father, we lift up the souls of men all over the earth
We bind you, Devil, from blinding the eyes of those that see not, from stopping up their ears
Eyes to see and ears to hear
And laborers to go forth in the earth
Signs and wonders happening… great moves of Your Spirit
There is an increase in the drawing power of God… His goodness will be manifest before men in a greater way
Now the greater works!
Brighter, brighter, brighter…

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