Prayer Summary for Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I have heard from several of you about archives for streaming. We don’t have that right now, but everything we say and pray every day is on GPAN (Global Prayer Alert Network). Someone asked me to share about GPAN because not everyone knows about it. Every day, a summary of our daily morning prayer sessions in the chapel is created and posted on the Living Word website. All you have to do is go on and click on the “ministries” and then click on “prayer” and then click on GPAN. These summaries are archived going back a long time. Sometimes, I like to go back and look at what was prayed, cuz you don’t remember all what was prayed.

I went on GPAN this morning and printed yesterday’s report out. There were two things I wanted to go over. I also wanted to share what happened to me years ago in our old building. It was about 20 years ago. During a service, there were a bunch of us sitting on the front row, on both sides of the sanctuary. Pastor Mac just started going down the row with a word from the Lord for each person. “So and so, the Lord says this to you…” Down the row. There were some things he said that applied to both me and Sandy. But he said to me directly, “You see things a lot of times but you sit on it.” Oh boy!

When we have something in our spirits and we know we’re to speak it forth, bless God, we better do it! In prayer, if I get something in my spirit, I just lift it up to Him in my heart. If it keeps coming up, then I know it’s Him. That’s how I flow with Him. I know that what I’m getting in my spirit is for now and I’m to speak it forth. I’m not to sit on it.

I went on GPAN for yesterday’s summary because I wanted to go over two words that were spoken. They were important words. One was from Miss Florence and the other was from Annie Sunday. As we were praying, all of a sudden, prayer kind of simmered down and there was quietness in here. The Holy Spirit first spoke through Florence.

“Do not say within yourselves ‘What is my relevance? What do I need to do in these days?’ I need to tell you today that you are very relevant in My end time army. You are relevant. You have a part to play. Do not sit on the side lines. Do not sit aside and watch things go by. You have a part to play. Look within yourselves. I have put something inside of You that I need you to bring out in these times. Every single one of you is so important to this end time army. I need every one of you. Look within you. What you need is not out there. It’s within you. Look within you. I have equipped you and I need you now.”

I spoke to Florence this morning and she said that’s all she had. She had the first part of this two-part word. After Florence spoke, there was silence again. I was sitting next to Annie and she reached over and grabbed the microphone. She doesn’t do that! She’s not like that. She started speaking and said:

“I just kept seeing this rain. It was the rain of words. And then I saw streams of words. And the Lord said, ‘It’s words of life. It’s words of life that are within you. Yes, you are relevant. And you have a part to play. And a big part of it is the words of life that well up from your inner most being. You release them like a river. The river flows and flows and flows to every situation that looks so impossible but it is not impossible,’ says the Lord. ‘Because My Word is stronger than the situation that the enemy or the circumstance might throw up before you. But it’s raining words. It’s raining words out of your heart. I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand. And now it’s getting bigger, and it’s getting bigger, and it’s getting bigger. And as you, My army, release My words of life, a mighty, mighty rain comes on this land and it turns the curse into a blessing because you cannot curse what God has blessed. So release those words of blessing. And set a guard over your lips and don’t agree with those words of cursing. Because I have chosen this nation and I am not finished with this nation. I have set you here for such a time as this. So speak My words of life. America shall be SAVED! America shall be SAVED! America shall be SAVED! And the heart of this people is turning toward righteousness! And the heart of this people is turning away from wickedness!’”

Isn’t that good? After we were finished yesterday, I was so grateful. I always am for how the Lord leads us. Erika and I were talking about the word that I got from Pastor Mac about sitting on words. We get a word from Him, but a lot of times, what do we do? We sit on it and don’t say anything. What if Florence hadn’t said what she said? Then Annie wouldn’t have said what she said. It all works together!

Because that word ended about America, I wanted to read a word that came through John Osteen.

Prophecy through John Osteen: Campmeeting, 07/26/83

Thank God, He’s watching America. Thank God, He’s blessing. No, the Devil is not going to have our nation. This nation is experiencing the greatest awakening the world has ever known. And I’m telling you from us—our lights—there’ll be lights lighted all over the world. The Devil has hated us, tried to push us down, tried to defeat us. But, thank God, the people of God have taken the bushels off of their light. And I’ll tell you, they’re salty again. And they’re rising up and the Devil’s on the run! And we’re going to fulfill the plan of God. I predict there’s going to come a cleansing in the body of Christ. A cleansing, a coming into holiness. Some things we can do and get by with, but there’s arising a people of God who say, “I don’t want to get by with it. I want to be clean! I don’t want to be in the shadows. I don’t want to be just where I can get by. I want to be so far away from every questionable thing.” The Bible says if a man purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel of honor. Gold and silver, it’s up to you. We can be wood. We can be stone. We can be made out of mud, or we can be gold. There’s arising a people of God that have got a Bible in their hand; they’ve got the Word of God on their lips. Their hearts are aflame with love for Jesus; and they’re determined to be gold for God. They’re determined to be the best.

Where are the people who care not who gets the credit? Where are the people who will not push on and try to get in the limelight? Where are the people who will just be so glad to stand in the shadows and pray for others? Where are the people who don’t care who gets the credit and the glory? Where are the people who want only Jesus to be magnified?

Yea, those are the people that shall go forth in My power in this day. For if they don’t want the credit and don’t want to be in the limelight, I’ll exalt them and bring them forth in the places of great glory and power. I want to trust My power to people, but I cannot trust them if they want the glory. So arise, saith the Lord, and go not forward into the limelight. But back up and push others forward and love them. And pray for them. And your light shall shine and arise and you shall be blessed, saith the Lord.


We lift up Your words… we lift up the greater release of You… for You are the living Word in the earth through the Church for such a time as this…
More and more a release… a boldness and courage
We pray for the Church … for freedom, for a free flow of Your words…
Speak it! Declare it!
We only do and only say what the Father says
Some have been kept for this day… kept for such a time as this to release… time-released anointings now
Opened up by Your Spirit…
Words fitly spoken, Your words
It’s like it’s multiplying in these days… the words that are to be spoken, multiply more and more and more
Greater declarations of what the Word has said about how it should be now
From the declaration comes the demonstration… so we look for that
Unloosed in the name of Jesus… released
Men and women and little children too… speaking forth what You would do
Operations and manifestations of Your glory
It continually will bring about great works and great changes and greater revelation about what the Word
That army that resides in the school … loose them! … I’m not ashamed of the Gospel
We pray over these words… we pray over the utterances by the Spirit
Words of prophecy… words that would be declared over the Church in this hour that enables it to go forward
From one degree of glory to another to another to another
The Master’s plan and call
Breaking the silence of the Church
Limits! Get out of the way!
Lying demons from hell, shut your mouth in Jesus’ name… Be still! Be cut off. Taken out of the way
The truth sets you free! Freedom in the body… freedom to speak and declare
Calling those things that be not as though they were
Speaking life to those things… life over the United States of America
We call life into our nation
We pray for pastors and those in positions of authority in the Church today
Boldly speaking and utterance by the Spirit
No fear here
Open and free… liberty
A stirring of the waters… the sustaining power of God… life-giving water… life-giving Word… drink deeply… take and eat…

Pastor Ray: I keep hearing in my spirit [knocking on wood]. It’s a knocking. Somebody is knocking on the door of the church. I open the door and on the other side of the door, there is a seeker-sensitive spirit saying, “I want to come in.” What do we say to that? You can come in but we’re seeking Him and His move. So when you come in, you’ll begin to slid into the flow of the Holy Ghost and you’ll never be the same again!

Prayer continued…

Reservoirs of the Spirit… that’s an untapped well, a well springing up… an artesian well
It’s time for the holding tanks to be released into the river of God
No more just holding there but the fullness of the river must come now
So we command in Jesus’ name those holding tanks to release, to release into the river
The fullness, the fullness, the fullness… they must grow in the fullness
Release the multitudes
So many holding tanks… we ask for the “all” to be released into the river
A fresh stirring in the body
A fresh wind… the oil and fire of the Holy Spirit
More fire
We’re calling for the deep… no more shallow Christianity
The body, the treasures in the body… in earthen vessels, treasures
We cover the body… all those treasures, those gifts… some are hidden and some are ready…

Group singing in the Spirit…

♪ We’re calling the gifts out… calling for the gifts to arise… manifest, manifest, manifest… the gifts, O Lord, the gifts… we prepare the way now… for the gifts to come forth in Jesus’ name… the ways, the ways… the avenues of the Spirit… open, open, open in Jesus’ name… making those paths straight for the gifts… Jesus’ name… making it smooth, O Lord… in and by Your Spirit… ♪

Prayed and shared…

Cooperation, great cooperation in these days. That’s what we’re speaking about. Opening hearts, letting those gifts flow out. There are so many that will have a part to play in these hours. “Pray out, O father. Pray out, O son. Pray out, O daughter. Pray out you young ones. Pray out you older ones. Pray forth and declare the gifts that God has hidden there. ♪ Pray out and declare it forth. Clarity will come. My words will direct. My Spirit is calling you. Calling you and calling you… All the gifts… new supplies… they’re not opened up yet, but they will be… ♪

Even in our tongues the words that we speak in tongues, there will be a greater manifestation or a greater demonstration for the sounds will begin to just altar a bit and it will lead to another and to greater utterance more and more and more. It’ll be dramatic in its revealing. Dramatic in its change. It’ll stir up every part of the body. With a refreshing. Signs. All the signs are pointing to this, that the gifts be manifested. All the gifts. Quick to act and obey.

Father, we pray for all those in authority. For a great trust and liberty and recognition to be able to recognize and release the gifts into their places. For where Your Spirit is, there is liberty. So we’re asking for a spirit of liberty and love for all those in authority in Jesus’ name. Eyes to see and recognize the readiness of the gifts…

We pray for the purity of the gifts, Father. We plead the blood of Jesus over the gifts. A blending together. Unity. They fit. And a nest of love.

Those gifts and supplies will lift the members of the body, the leaders and positions of authority all the way through…
It lifts and encourages…
Words always come to the place of lifting and encouraging the body parts
We calling for them
You reveal the gifts to Your people… the gifts will be for the edification of the body and the glory of God
A great purity…
There will be no end to it… the manifestation of the glory… the mist, or the cloud, will come in and move over the people
And the light and the glorious presence of God almighty… up, up, up in Jesus’ name
All the arrangements… we lift them up… things need to be arranged just right… in the right timing and the right way
It could be for positions of authority or plans or decisions… being made now as we pray
Revelation… clarity… clarity over these gifts… enablement… clear way of understanding… supernatural wisdom about what to do, how to do it, who should do it, when to do it

Groups worships in song…

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