Prayer Summary for Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sharon led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

There is one thing I want to go over. I felt like this was meant as prophecy. I read it in an older book by Lester Sumrall. He talked about different moves of God that have taken place in the earth, like the Charismatic revival that began in the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship and Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland with the Word of Faith. There were different moves but it seemed like the Church could never get together on one thing. There would be separate directions, so to speak. I want to read you what he said.

Excerpt from Dr. Lester Sumrall’s book, “Pioneers of Faith”:

[begin excerpt]

Spiritual Revolution Is on the Way

Now, I believe the greatest spiritual revolution in the history of the world is about to take place. I am not sure all Christians will be in on it, because it might be too “radical.” It may be too “off-beat.” Preachers may not look dignified. The gifts of the Spirit will function mightily, moving governments and frightening political leaders. God’s Church will come alive just before Jesus comes.

There will be some mainline denominational people who cannot bridge the gap any more than they did in the past.

There will be some Pentecostals and Charismatics who cannot bridge the gap.

There will be some Word of Faith leaders who cannot bridge the gap.

People will say, “That’s too far for me to jump from where I am. I’m going to stick it out right here. I’m comfortable where I am.”

That is the reason people in other moves of God did not go with the flow of the Holy Spirit. They stayed where they were comfortable.

I have asked God many times, “Please do not do anything while I am alive unless You let me be a part of it.”

I promise you, when a new thrust of the Spirit comes, I will not criticize it. I will not find fault with it. I will just receive it and accept it. For those in it who need help, I will try to teach them to get on the right track to be what God wants them to be. Someone needs to be there to hold it together, to love the people, to forgive the little things that are not right.

I believe we are on the verge of a spontaneous move of God. No one has a corner on the blessings of God. The only one who can eliminate you from the blessings of God is yourself. Many of you reading this book will be here when Jesus comes, so you will want to be in the last blaze of glory. Do not expect your denomination or even your church to come with you, but do not curse them if they will not. Do not judge them and call them names. Just move with God yourself.

No organized group ever moved into a new revelation—only individuals do. Organizations come later, when enough individuals have received the new move. Be a person who moves with God wherever He wants you to be.

Keep your heart open and say, “I will be a recipient of whatever You give, Lord.”

In more than sixty years of ministry, I have never been sidelined with some stupid doctrine. I never budged in any direction. I believe and teach now what I did when I was a teenager—the same gospel, the same truth, the same anointing, the same power. I am not afraid of anything the devil does.

If something is not right, you can say, “You aren’t right according to the Bible. Line yourself up with the Bible or keep your mouth shut.”

Very simple! If you will stand that way, you will always abide in truth. [end excerpt]

Pastor Ray shared…

I love that. He’s open to what the Holy Spirit wants to do, but the Holy Spirit is not changing what the Word says. I like how he said he does the same thing he did when he was a teenager.

I feel maybe the days we’re in right now, there are some things where people are misdirected or positions of authority are moving in a way that doesn’t line up with the Word. We’ve heard and know about people that are like that. We line ourselves up with what the Word says. If it’s not in the Word, don’t talk about it. Keep your mouth shut. We line ourselves up with the Word the best we can. We have pastors and leaders that line themselves up with the Bible. We’re with them. Where they’re going, we’re going. I know this church, for an example, over the years, we’ve always moved and had a desire in prayer to move with the Spirit. That’s why we welcome Him. If we’re not open to Him, what are we doing?

Souls! That’s the main deal. So when we yield to Him, it lines things up for the lost to come in. Amen? Revival is not just about a good time. Souls begin to come in by the droves, because they want what we have. That’s how we want it, Lord! Thank You for it.

Erika shared…

I have two things that I haven’t thought about for a long time. E.M. Bounds said in one of his many books… He was talking about our hearts and revival. He was posing the question, “Would you be just as excited about revival if it happened in the church down the street as if it happened in your own church?” That has to be our heart and attitude. We want revival in the church down the street.

Secondly, the thought came that during the Welsh Revival, it was a tremendous revival but it didn’t last that long. The comment was, “They didn’t know how to prepare a wineskin to help to make it continue to grow.” So whatever it is that the Lord is doing in and through the Church, all those facets are important. It’s all about heart issues. Are we going to cooperate with Him?

We need wisdom to know how to handle it in this day. I don’t believe the Father would give it and not give us what we need to handle it. So that’s a needed prayer too.

I’m still on this book, “Ablaze for God.” If you’re in the Word and in the spirit… first of all, you’re accountable for you. If you’re all lit up, you can start a fire somewhere.

Pastor Ray interjected…

That’s what Pastor Lynne would always tell us. You are responsible for you. She listed things she would always do to keep herself in revival. It’s not up to you to keep me in revival. It’s up to me to do what He’s calling me to do to be stirred and on fire.

Erika continued…

So we believe the Holy Spirit is doing that. He’s building His church. We’re still praying about the Church, a holy habitation and dwelling place of God, lively stones. Amen?

I want to read this from Chapter 6, “The All-Essential Power”

[excerpt begins]

We are not ready for Christian witness, service, or leadership until we are clothed with the promised power of the Spirit. … But there is always a tremendous difference between being a disciple of Christ indwelt by the Spirit, and being clothed with the Spirit, filled with the Spirit, and empowered by the Spirit. The Spirit must penetrate and possess all of our being. He must control us in all of His lordship. He must pervade our personality. He must add a dimension of supernatural power. … The question is, “Are you and I fully appropriating the power available to us?” … James Hervey, one of John Wesley’s ministerial associates, describes in these words the difference the Spirit made in Wesley’s ministry: “While his preaching was once like the firing of an arrow, all the speed and force depending on the strength of his arm in bending the bow, now it was like the firing of a rifle ball, the whole force depending on the power needing only a finger touch to let it off.” You dare not serve merely with a love for Christ. You must serve in the authority of Christ, with a personality consecrated to Christ. You must be infused with power from on high, suffused with the supernatural imbued through and through with the holy, dynamic power of God (1 Thess. 5:23). … You do not use the Spirit’s power; the Spirit uses you as He works in power. I am not putting a premium on the sensational. Power always makes a dynamic difference, but it is not necessarily spectacular. … But the one clothed with the power from on high, though still a dependent child of God, is enabled to live and serve in a new level of Spirit-given effectiveness. It is not the effectiveness of the person, but of God working through the person. It is the divine clothing, pervading and empowering the human as long as the person serves in total dependence upon the divine Person, in total obedience to the divine guidance, and in total appropriation of the divine provision. The sacred mystery of divine empowering is that it is all of God in and through you, but it is always dependent on the obedient cooperation of your surrendered being. … But indwelling and manifestation are two different things. God chooses when to manifest Himself. We must prepare the way of the Lord by remaining cleansed, obedient, consciously dependent upon Him, and hungering for His manifested presence and power. … Paul was conscious of his total dependence upon the power of God. He knew that God’s power must saturate his message so that the faith of the converts would rest upon that power. … “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power” (1 Cor. 2:4-5). Are you more concerned to choose wise and persuasive words for your messages, your teaching, or your words of counsel than you are to secure “the demonstration of the Spirit’s power?” … Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones insists, “If there is no power, it is not preaching. True preaching, after all, is God acting. It is not just a man uttering words; it is God using him. He is under the influence of the Holy Spirit; it is what Paul calls in 1st Corinthians 2 “preaching in demonstration of the Spirit and power”; or as he puts it in 1st Thess. 1:5, “our Gospel came not unto you in words only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance.”


The helper abides and lives in us
We want more of You and receive all You have given and all that is available
There is a great work that must be done and we need the whole body of Christ filled with Your glory
There is so much more to do and say… increase in the church to possess the land
Multitudes are living in the valley of decision
We must be on the ready and in the right place with utterance in the Holy Ghost
Holy Spirit, have Your way… disseminate Your purpose to us
Give us ears to hear, Father, and let our eyes to see
Greater and greater… the spirit of seeing and knowing… the very goings of God
There are place You are not invited… but we must go by the Spirit and go in the Spirit
Supernatural enablement of the Spirit
Divine strategies of Your Spirit unveiled by Your Spirit
It’s about more of Your Word, more of Your Spirit, more of Your glory
It’s the beginning and we’ll go beyond and further
Acquisitions of and by the Spirit… going into motion
We speak to the legs… Legs, you move!
Moving, moving, move with the Spirit in the power of the Holy Ghost
Take hold of it… forget those things… forget that which is behind you… shake that off… leave that and cleave unto Him and His Word…

To take hold in a new way… lay hold of it…
And bring it to pass… church, ministries, the body… in Jesus’ name
By faith, we lay hands on the body… we lay our hands of faith on the body of Christ… we move out church after church, ministry after ministry, we call them up and call them forth… We lay hands on the ministers in Jesus’ name… Up… lifting them up… Walls of any kind of division, come down! Get out! Be removed, in Jesus’ name… I plead the blood of Jesus over the body…

Father, we hold up May 4th, this gathering in Minneapolis. Right now, we ask for more than we could ever ask or think of gathering of the body of Christ that would be a picture of what you’ve called it to be in these last days. Different streams of ministries. Each and every one lifting up the name of Jesus. We go out ahead and put the blood there… we call forth from every direction in Minnesota… we call the churches, the ministries, the individuals to that place on that day at 7 to 9 o’clock in the evening. Father, we lift up every facet of it. We pray over every detail concerning it. We pray for the musicians, the speakers and we need Your presence. We have a desire that if anything, the cloud of Your glory would saturate that place and bring about absolute change in this stage. We’ve never given up. We declare Minnesota is moving to the right in the right way—Your way! We pray for revival in Minnesota. Thank You that something has already begun but there will be some things that begin on that date, the 4th of May. Eyes will be opened. Ears will be opened. Change will begin to come forth. We need Your presence… people touched by heaven’s ways…

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