Prayer Summary for September 2


Lord, we do not want to pray mindlessly
We purpose to place ourselves and our minds into agreement with Your Word
You are always with us and we acknowledge that
Thank You that You have plans and purposes for us
We declare they will come to pass
You continually help us to walk those calls out
We lift and pray for assistance for those that need assistance
Praying for assistance for Israel
We pray for wisdom for the leadership there
Father, thank You for the blood of Jesus that covers the borders
Drawing a bloodline around every soldier, citizen, and household
Lifting up the intelligence
A demonstration of seeing and flowing with Your Spirit
Father, lead them into places where they will see
Lifting up the signs
Loosing the ministering angels around them
Calling for confusion in the camp of the enemy
Thank You for exposing them for what they are and revealing their plan
Father, we pray for one heart and one mind in the Israeli government
They are bound together in unity because of Your Word
Father, we lift up the leadership of our nation before You
Praying for a hedge of protection over our leaders
We thank You for a spirit of seeing and knowing in operation in every leader
Praying for wisdom, understanding, and guidance
Lifting up the hearts of the President’s daughters to You
Father, we pray for every family member of the President and Vice President
We ask for peace that passes all understanding to fill their households
Drawing a blood line around the boarders of our nation
Pleading the blood over the border agents and calling for protection over them
We cover the National Guard, the military, police, and every law enforcement agent
Father, we believe for multitudes to come to the saving knowledge of You
Send the laborers into the dark and hard places
Help them be obedient to go!
We need to stay sensitive to the Spirit

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