Prayer Summary for October 17


The following prophecy was given Mark Hankins on October 13, 2016 at the Leadership Conference at Living Word Christian Center, over the body of Christ:

Now the Holy Ghost said this. He said there is a higher calling… a “higher” calling. And that you’ll move up higher in the spirit and that you’ll see and you’ll know. And as you move up higher, fresh revelation will be given to you. And your voice shall be filled with authority. And you’ll function in a greater realm of the spirit and a greater realm of glory. And angels shall be activated to fulfill the assignment upon this hour and this generation and even this nation. So things that men have thought they would plan to do, their plans shall be interrupted and their plans shall be stopped. And the plan of God and the purpose of God shall come forth not by men’s natural ability but by the working of the Holy Spirit. So, therefore, you’ll move up in the spirit and you’ll see. Your vision shall be clear and you’ll be sent by God, sent by the Holy Ghost. Divine appointments and new doors and greater doors… greater doors of opportunity that you’ll enter into and greater doors of utterance that you’ll speak and minister in a way that you have not done before… with a greater anointing than you have had before… and greater utterance and revelation. And the word of the Lord shall have free course and shall be glorified. For this shall open up the things of heaven and the resources of heaven and the armies of heaven shall march and the provision of God shall be seen. And you’ll rejoice like a new day of heaven on earth, a new day of blessing and a new day of the glory. And you’ll function in a greater office than you have functioned before. And you’ll move up higher. For it is necessary in this season, saith the Lord, for you to move up. Move up in the spirit. Move up higher. The enemy’s down way below beneath your feet, so you move up. Move up in new strength and in new anointing and a new grace. And I’ll fill your mouth with laughter. And I’ll fill your voice with authority and mountains and hindrances shall be removed—and angels shall be sent on assignment and demons shall flee. So you will not be silent. Move up in the spirit. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, for there are changes that you will make. Changed by the glory. Change by My Spirit. And the adjustments that you will make will cause you to fulfill and finish your course with joy—a higher calling and a higher anointing and a higher revelation and a greater door. And you’ll enter into it in this season. So do not draw back and say, “I’m just a child,” or “I’m not ready for this” for I called you before you were born, saith the Lord. And My hand has rested upon you all of these years and now’s the time for you to move up in the spirit. For you have been sent by God for such a time as this. So declare this is the hour and now is the time. And the Spirit of the Lord shall come upon you and you shall be changed. So do not draw back but step forward in faith and confidence. And you’ll find new things shall spring forth. And new doors shall open. And the provision shall be there. And you’ll rejoice in the goodness of God.

Thank God for that.

The following prophecy was given by Mark Hankins on October 13, 2016 at the Leadership Conference at Living Word Christian Center, over Pastor Mac and Lynne Hammond:

And this is for Pastors Mac and Lynne, and it may be for someone else.

But in this season a new phase has come upon your life, and ministry and one that you may not feel comfortable in, but it is the assignment for this hour. That I am anointing you and calling you to step up, even as a Bishop or one who is an Apostle or sent. And so, therefore you will raise up now many sons and daughters.

And the Church and the ministry, shall be a gospel center, and a network that shall reach out and you’ll raise up sons and raise up leaders and your voice shall be heard. For I have prepared you for this season.

So, you’ll enter into a higher office than you have ever functioned in before. And do not deny it, but just agree with me, saith the Lord, that the Spirit of the Lord is upon you. He has anointed you for this time and this season. And as you enter into this greater office, than there will be greater authority in your voice. And there will be a greater fruitfulness and you’ll grow and multiply. But it will also be in the area of spiritual sons and daughters. So, do not deny this time or this assignment. But take your place. And, as you enter that office, all the equipment will be there.

Well, lift your voice and thank God for that – HA, HA, HA. Praise the Lord, thank God for that. Enter into that office…come on, function in that office – a higher office. Praise the Lord.


Thank You for this day, Lord
Father, You have called us for such a time as this
You have called each and every one of us for a specific call and purpose
The provision has been set out before us, through Your Son on the cross at Calvary
Everything we need has already been provided, so we see ourselves stepping up
Calling for an increase in our expectations, Lord
We love You, Lord
Thank You for giving us eyes to see and ears to hear
It is our desire to serve, worship, and honor You, Father
Thank You for the precious, holy blood that is covering us today!
That blood has covered everything, our past is over, it is finished!
Through the blood of Jesus, we are overcomers and we take steps into the future You have called us to!
You have equipped us with everything we need, every provision has been provided!
We receive it by faith this morning, Lord
Humbling ourselves before You, all of our hope and trust is in You, Father
Thank You for Your precious Holy Word, You will do all that You said You would do!
Holy, holy, holy, holy is Your name

A Word of the Lord came forth…

It is time for a new receiving which will lead to a going and a growing. Or we could turn that around and say, receiving, growing, and going! So I have called you, because I have equipped you, you can do what you have been called unto to do, to go beyond where you have ever gone before. Eyes are opening up to a greater degree now in these days that you are living in. Eyes to see things that you haven’t seen before. That’s part of the spirit of seeing, but it will lead to things that you receive by faith, just by faith, receiving it in faith, receiving it, growing in it until it causes you to go. Go forth in the spirit, go forth by the spirit, go forth from nation to nation to nation. Maybe you will stay in the same place where you are but you shall go forth, if you yield to that seeing and knowing, you’ll yield over into that receiving and it will cause within you an expectation to go further than you have ever gone before, growing and going. So many other lives will be touched, calls will be revived, some have been set aside, been set on a shelf and they have been put there for years, but now in these days it is time to take it off, take it down and open yourself up to it again, and know that I have brought forth the provision for you to do it. Ok, yes, thank You, Father. It is, it is a step-by-step process, but as we read this morning, by the words of the Holy Spirit, we take a step, and we take another step, and the provision, and the ways and the things that we need are there when we by faith take that step by faith.

Continued Praying…

Thank You for it, Father
You are enabling us, You have equipped us, and You have anointed us
Hallelujah, You have provided us with everything we need!
You have given us all the power, all the authority, and the anointing to call those things forth
Declaring that this is the way it is, and this is the way it shall be, and it shall come to pass!
Thank You, Father, for Your holy written Word!
We confess that the best is still yet to come!
Greater days are ahead!
We will shout for joy, and we will shout in victory!
Things are looking up, we are looking up!
Thank You, Lord, for the “suddenlies,” for the changes and for the shifts
Paradigm shifts are taking place today!
Miracles, things that we haven’t seen up to this point are about to unfold
Signs and wonders are being revealed to the Church, to keep the Church on track, in line and on time!
Give us signs from heaven concerning the assignments, the steps, and the plans that we are to take
We call for those hidden things to be revealed and uncovered concerning the election!
Those lies and deceptions of the enemy will be revealed in Jesus’ name!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every polling place!
No, those votes that are coming in now, will not be messed with!
The truth shall come forth!
We take authority over every evil plan to move things from one candidate to another!
Holding the blood of Jesus over every ballot!
Lies be exposed, the truth shall be revealed!
The blood of Jesus is covering every aspect of this election!
This election is washed in the precious blood of Jesus
Thank You for the victory, Father
We pray for the churches across the United States that they will do their part in this election
That they will take their place, and go to the polling place, and vote!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every church across this nation
Praying a line of the blood of Jesus around every state
Declaring that the truth would prevail!
Hidden things come to the light in Jesus’ name!
Freedom, freedom, freedom to vote!
Thank You for the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit
Lifting up every member of the body of Christ today!
We lift up those in positions of authority and those leaders before You, Father
Praying over those in leadership positions, Lord
Give them eyes to see more clearly the way they should see
Praying over their ears that they would hear that still small voice of Your Spirit
Lifting up each and every, Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, and Pastor
Give them a greater freedom of utterance
That they would speak with great clarity over this nation!
We are one nation, under God, we are indivisible, no we will not be divided!
Taking authority and hold that blood against every broken way!
Praying for restoration in Your body, Lord
Thank You for bringing those things together in these days!
We ask for fresh baptisms of Your precious Holy Spirit
Fill us with Your Spirit, Lord

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