Prayer Summary for October 10


Thank You for the fire of the Holy Spirit
The power of the Holy Spirit is lifting us up in to heavenly places
We take our seat of authority in Christ Jesus today!
No, we will not be pushed down by the ways of the enemy
Thank You for the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross
We magnify the blood, Lord; we are overcomers through and by that precious blood
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every believer today
Thank You for the power that is in that blood
Obstacles are being removed, doors are being opened, and chains are being broken by and through that blood
There is protection by the blood of Jesus!
No weapon formed against us shall prosper in the name of Jesus
Your anointing is residing on the inside of each and every one of us
By the name that is above every other name, we declare those things not as though they were!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over the Church, over pastors, and over those in positions of authority
We apply the blood over every member in the body of Christ
Calling for freedom of utterance by the power of Your Spirit
By the blood of Jesus, eyes are being opened in positions of leadership
Give them eyes to see that Your Word is true!
We pray and plead the blood over baptisms in the Holy Ghost
No, we will not look back, but we are looking ahead
Declaring that this state will move ahead in the plan and the will of God
This state will continually move ahead into the things we have been called unto
Calling for unity in this state, that there would be such an outpouring of Your Spirit, Father
We cast down all those evil plans of the enemy today!
Devil, you are defeated and under our feet!
Pleading the blood from the north, to the south, and from the east, to the west
Open, open, open our hearts to receive, Lord
Doors be opened, give us ears to hear and eyes to see
Fresh fire, fall on us today!
We believe for signs, wonders, and supernatural events to happen here in the name of Jesus!
Calling for every state to move in the will of the Father
One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all
Declaring for some supernatural changes and some rearranging, Father
There is a shift taking place today, a paradigm shift!
This nation is moving and it is being united together!
These are new days, and there are new ways for this nation to get connected together again!
We will move in one way, in one direction!
Covering the United States of America in the blood of Jesus!
We see a blood-washed nation
The United States of America is free in victory!
Things are beginning to move, things are beginning to change!
Praying for a continual flooding of Your Word, Lord
We yield to Your presence today, Father
Calling for those wrong things to be made right!
Turn, turn, turn, a fresh turning in Jesus’ name!
Things that were shut up, seemed like there would never be a way through, You are the God of breakthrough
Moving things over and into new territories, in Jesus’ name!
Churches lifted up, financially in every way!
Give them finances to do what You have called them to do
Calling for every member to be in their place, every part doing what they have been called to do
Thank You, Father!
You are so worthy of all of our glory, honor, and praise
In the name of Jesus, all things are possible!
Thank You for Your grace, Your faithfulness, and for Your mercy

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