Prayer Summary for November 3

Thank You for Your presence, Father
Your Word is alive and full of power
We worship, honor, and love You, Lord
Thank You that we live in this day and in this hour
You are working in and though us, and we will keep our eyes upon You
We are over-comers in and through that precious blood of Jesus
Lord, we know that You have and will continue to supply all of our needs
The precious blood of Jesus is cleansing and sanitizing us, today!
We put all of our hope and trust in You and in You alone
Our eyes are fixed and focused on You, Lord
Purposing in our hearts to be obedient to Your plan and purpose in these last days
The following was read during Morning Prayer:
Morning Prayer: 10/31/14
Pastor Ray Kelly shared what the Lord showed him:
I saw a calendar, a calendar that you would pin up on the wall and flip the page to the next month, each month having a pretty picture. I thought, “What’s the significance of that?” I realized the month would soon change to November. But then I heard in my spirit that there are ministries that are stuck back in months past and some even years. They are stuck back in the past because of some situation that took place that was from the enemy. And they were unable to adjust or use the blood, like we said “separate themselves from it and move on.”
For some, it was 20 years! But the significance of it today was that the calendar, the page, was TURNING! It wasn’t just ministries; it was individuals, too, stuck back. But the page turning, the change, had come through praise, and the blood of the Lamb, and the name that is above every name.
Whatever the situation was, whoever caused them to be stuck, it was backed up by the Devil. It was started by the Devil. It was the Devil. So we the Church, individually and corporately, have been called to move ahead. To go with the calendar, to go with the changes, to go with the new, to go with the plan that God has for each one of us individually. Let’s take it individually. What we have been set on this earth to do, we have been called to fulfill it. That which we have been given, the gifts that we received, we have been called to move and continually advance, increase, and one way we do it is through praise. Get out of the old days and get into the new. For the calendar will keep changing until the end, and it’s up to us to move with the change. The changes, the details, all of the new… Hallelujah!
Continued Praying…
Your Holy Spirit is leading and guiding us, and we will continue to walk in victory!
We are able to do all things in and through You, Lord
Some things need to be sanitized, and we call those things to be pure, clean, and holy!
Holy Spirit, You are welcome here; we want to be used by You, today!
Calling for the Church to be holy, sanitized, and separated unto You, Father
Our cry is to know You more, and we ask for an even greater knowledge of Your mighty plan
Declaring that we would be God-minded today
We want to be consumed by You Lord—spirit, soul, and body
There is cleansing in the blood, and we make much of the blood today!
That blood courses through the natural body, and it takes out all of those impurities!
We ask You for greater operations, manifestations, and demonstrations of Your Spirit, Lord God
Our eyes, feet, hands, and ears are being washed with the blood of Jesus this day
Declaring that this glorious transformation of the Church would take place in these last days
We call for an awakening, purify our hearts, Lord
There must be a great cleansing all across this land
Have mercy on us, Father
So much is at stake, and we must continue to have our eyes fixed and focused on You
We ask for a greater cooperation and greater obedience in the Church in these last days
No, we will not delay!
Casting off those things that are holding us in bondage!
Some things need to be changed, and we call them forth of and by Your Spirit
In Jesus’ name, we declare some cleansing to take place in America
We declare that America will suddenly turn and change in the right way
Vote, vote, vote!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every voting booth in Jesus’ name!
Taking authority over every kind of evil work of the enemy!
America, get to the polls and vote in the mighty name of Jesus!
It is the will and plan of God, to get it going in the right direction again!
Declaring for it to go all the way, this is just the beginning!
Every stumbling block be removed!
Believing that the body of Christ would continue to stay engaged in Your will and plan
God’s plan for America is being unfolded, uncovered, and revealed
This nation will once again declare that Jesus is Lord!
No, we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
We are one nation under God, and we look for that banner to be raised once again
Lifting up the mouthpieces of God, those that You have ordained for this day
We will be the commanders that we have been called to be
Calling for those hidden things to be brought to the light
Uncover those things right on time and right in time
We will continue to be the nation You have called us to be, Father
Obedience of and by Your Spirit, Lord God
Praying over every state in the United States of America
We call You to get up and go!
Drawing a line of the blood of Jesus around and over the borders of America
We declare the blood of Jesus over America, and we say thus far and no more!
No, we will not go down that road, we will not go in that way!
It is a fact, and it is true, we will continue to enter into the new!
Change is coming, change is coming!
No, the body is not too late, but it will be right on time!
Open their eyes, Father, to the truth of Your Word
Bring it up, bring it forth, and bring it forward, dear Lord
There is a change, there is a turning, and there is a rising up
Jesus, Your name is above every other name
You are the Prince of Peace and the Lord of Lords
All power and authority is in Your name—Jesus!
We give You all the glory, honor, and praise
Thank You for the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus!
There is no other name, but the name of Jesus

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