Prayer Summary for May 25

Ms. Sharon led us in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read you something from A. B. Simpson concerning the Holy Spirit and His presence, but first I looked up a couple things about him. In the early 1900s, when he was really at full steam ahead it was written of him that his practice was to hush his spirit and literally cease to think. Then in the silence of his soul, he listened for the still small voice of God. I love that. That’s why we need to sometimes cut off our heads, right?

The following excerpt was taken by A. B Simpson:

The Holy Ghost, as a divine person, was united with the person of Jesus Christ and was the source of His power and the inspiration of His teaching; and He constantly represented Himself as speaking the words and doing the works which the Spirit in Him prompted.

(Thank You this morning, Lord, for the power of Your Spirit, for the presence of Your Holy Spirit. We do believe that statement. To cease thinking of other things right here, right now, and focus right now on You, the voice of Your Spirit. We welcome You again this morning in this place. You have Your way in Your place, Your position here. We yield, bow, humble ourselves before you. We just breathe You in, more and more of Your presence.)

What is it to walk in the Spirit? Generally, it may be said, it is to maintain the habit of dependence upon the Holy Ghost for our entire life—spirit, soul, and body. We know what it is at times to enjoy His conscious presence. We live in the spirit and we have felt the touch of His quickening life. Now let us walk in the Spirit. Let us abide in this fellowship. Let us lean continually upon His strength and drink unceasingly from His life.

The Holy Spirit is a person, a distinct individual, and not a vague influence, or a phase of divine working. The Holy Spirit is constantly spoken of in the Scriptures as possessing the attributes of a person. The personal pronoun is used to describe Him—not it, but He!

When the heart is fully surrendered to Him, He becomes its personal, permanent, indwelling Guest. He brings with Him the manifested presence of the Father and the Son. He leads the believer into all truth, guides in all the will of God, supplies all the needed grace, unfolds the life of Jesus Christ in his life, and develops in him all the fruits of the Spirit in their full variety and complete maturity.

The Holy Ghost is the very life and power of Christianity. Without Him the Church is like a ship without fire in her engine, or steam in her boiler; like an army of soldiers lying lifeless; like Ezekiel’s vision in the plain, like a body without an animated soul.

If Christ cast out demons and wrought miracles by the power of the Holy Ghost, and it is the same Spirit who abides in the church and dwells in the hearts and bodies of believers, why should it be thought strange that this same Almighty Spirit should work in our bodies the same works, and quicken them.

It is evident that all the supernatural effects of Christianity are accomplished through the Holy Spirit. It is His function to perpetuate in the Church the very works that Christ performed through Him on earth, the Church being simply the body of the ascended Saviour and the channel through which He is to work in the same divine manner.


Holy Spirit, person of the Trinity, we are magnifying who You are
We magnify Your presence in our lives
You are not just a cloud or an influence, but You are the person of the Holy Spirit
Thank You for the wind of Your Spirit, the oil of Your Spirit, for fire, for rain, for change, for increase
We yield ourselves and open up our hearts
Your presence enables us to do things we could never do
Lifting up the name Jesus—Master
It matters, it matters what You say
It matters how You say it
Permanently rearranging things
Answers, revelation, insight into the steps we are to take today
We are moved and changed in Your presence

Sharon led us in worship…

Holy Spirt, Holy Spirit move amongst us
Holy Spirit, how we long for You
Holy Spirit, flow, be released amongst us now
Pour Yourself upon us now, Holy Spirit

Gracious Holy Spirit, we are still and know that You are God
Be still and know that You are God
Be still and know, we are still and know that You are God
So breathe upon us, Lord, Holy Spirit breathe on us
We are thirsty, oh so thirsty for more of You
Nothing else will do
So breathe upon us, rain upon us, burn through us, Spirit
Breathe, breathe, breathe upon us
Change us oh, Lord, Spirit breath, Spirit breath on us

Pastor Ray shared…

I keep hearing this in my spirit. Don’t keep trying to go back even though the power came and even though there was change. The words kept coming up “Don’t try to go back.” You can be thankful but don’t try to go back. You can see by the Spirit that the steps to come have been prepared for the welcome was given for the Holy Spirit to move and where seeds were sown for these days and the days that are to come. Will it be new? Yes. Will some steps need to be walked out? Yes. But these are not the good old days. These are the great new days. I have not finished. You have not finished. There is much, much greater to come. So look up to all of the new.

Sharon continues singing Spiritual Song…

Don’t put me in a box
Don’t expect me to move as the story say
Let Me do something not seen before
Something greater, something more
Let Me do the unexpected, supernatural interventions of God
Something new, let’s move to something new

Open our eyes to see, seeing and knowing new things
We welcome You, Lord, to do what You will in us and through us
Those new things we hunger for
Steps are new, higher and higher, lifting us into the new
He’s climbing out of the box
We are climbing out of the old into the new

Chose this day to move in a new way
A new day, a new hour, the same power but in a new way
We are ready, obedient, obedient to hear and move in You
Take the steps, take the new steps

I can visualize in the Spirit—new steps, new days, new ways
So we stretch out, lean forward to see
Oh the joy, there is such joy in these ways
Oh the power, we are changed, we are changed, we are changed
Dancing in the rain of Your Spirit refreshing wind of Your Spirit
Things never seen before, but things that have been called for by the past (true those where seeds by faith)
They saw this new day, they saw this new way and they prayed for it, hungered for it, clearing the way for us today

This is the way (to stretch out ahead), to lean out into the new, (it’s true, it’s true)
Mysteries being revealed, opened up for the Church to see
Divine revelation right there for you for me for us together
Mysteries uncovered

Steps, places, positions
Oh the atmosphere is new
The elements (psheew) lined up, brought together, connected
So your hand has been on the door—it’s time to walk through into the new place
Don’t be afraid for I have prepared this from the beginning of time
This is the time, You are the people to work the mighty works, to do the greater than these works

It’s beautiful, it’s a sight to see, it’s miraculous
It’s never been seen this way before because it’s new, new, new, supernaturally new
Wonderful – open, open, open up
Flowing, flowing, flowing, and growing
Rising, rising, rising higher
Rivers, rivers, rivers, water, water, water flowing to the needs to the ways, rising higher, rising higher
That which was sleeping, that which was sleeping awakes
You awake, rise up, rise up, rise up, and awake and flow
There is a flow, I can see it building up, building up
It’s supernatural flow
Illumination, yes revelation

I am just waving bye-bye to some old ways, aur revois and good bye
Over in the flow we grow
Angels into our help they have come
I know we have, they’ll work
Ministering Spirits go on our behalf you work
Arise, illumination, revival that spirit of seeing and knowing
I see the way to go, we see the ways to go to grow it’s a flow

Steps, shall come and you shall go – take it one step at a time and you will grow
In the flow it shall grow and the seeing shall come and you’ll know
We will know, we do know
Walk you in it for every valley shall be exalted and every crooked way shall be made straight and the Spirit of the Lord shall go before us
His banner raised high, His Spirit goes before and nothing can withstand it
Oh the Joy, oh the joy, such joy and comfort and peace there
The world will see such a different church. They will say “I want that, I need that”
The world is a scary place how can you be filled with so much joy, so much grace -I see it on your face
Tell me how, tell me how and you will bring them in
Free from their sins to walk in the joy of the Lord
There is strength in that, strength in that.

Pastor Ray shared…

I heard this. You know there is the spirit of seeing, the spirit of knowing but I heard this, a spirit of showing, A sprit of SHOWING! That power, that grace, that peace, that love… we receive by faith today. We come, we yield to Your way, Your plan. We receive, we receive increase, increase in knowledge, increase in revelations, wisdom, understanding and power. Increase, more like His image, more and more the image of Christ is formed in us. So much is at stake. That’s the days in which we are in, God’s priority ways. The rivers, the waters, the flowing. Stay on to Me.

Continued praying…

No more division
Oh the blood! We plead the blood!
Bright light and power! (Pshwwwwwou!)
That’s the army of God making their way
Marching, contending, declaring
Europe will not be the same
Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands
Your welcomed, Lord
We welcome You into these places, move by Your Spirit supernaturally
Rivers, rivers of Your Spirit
By Your Spirit flow to the 10:40 window that they would hear and see
Spirit of God flow through the nations and every kindred and tongue
Hallelujah, we praise You and thank You for this glory
It is a show of Your greatness, demonstration of Your power
Oh such a power!
Holy Spirit flow
Not one thing—it conquers the darkness
It is divine, divine
We praise You for what You are doing
We thank You, thank You gracious Spirit of the Lord
Falling fresh and anew, thank You, thank You
So thankful for the rivers and waters of the Holy Ghost that we can enter in and flow

Ms. Sharon led us in worship…

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