Prayer Summary for May 24


Thank You, Lord, for the beautiful presence of Your Spirit
In us and increasing through us as we yield more and more to You
We yield our lives, bow before You, humbling ourselves before You this morning

Pastor Ray:

Ms. Sharon I wanted to ask you in your life’s travels, did you have a connection with Rick or Denise Renner?

Ms. Sharon:

Yes. I was ministering in a prayer conference in Syracuse, New York and Pastor Rick was one of the guest speakers as well and if I remember correctly Brother Hagin’s first winter camp meeting at Sherwood Assembly of God in 1973. It was a long time ago. Pastor Renner said that he was in those services and he was healed of I believe a chronic infection of some kind but he was quite ill a lot of the time and he was in those services and was healed. So later on in years when he was teaching, it was so interesting to see the influence of Brother Hagin on his life and Pastor Hagin had so many sons and daughters in the Kingdom but it was so interesting that in those meetings Brother Hagin ordained Kenneth Copeland and Fred Price and Vickey and Charles Cowan and another person I don’t recall. But that Rick was just a real young kid then and how his life was changed in those meetings.

Pastor Ray shared…

I read this about when he was in a meeting in Tulsa when the Lord told him he should go to Russia. He knew that if he didn’t say anything to anyone it would be just between him and the Lord that it would be easier for him not to go. So he did announce that you know. I think he did that in a service. I was reading a book of His, Yes, Say Yes. It’s all about increase in our lives and following God’s plan. Well when I was in France a couple months ago Denise was in the meeting in the prayer conference so she sang one of the evenings. It was awesome but it was awesome to just connect with her a little bit and have her say a few things about Russia and the things that have taken place because of an act of obedience in saying yes to the Lord.

In his book Rick had some little squares on pages, they are almost like a tweet. They have to do with different chapters in this book and I want to read just a few of these this morning.

1. When God called you He equipped you with all the power, wisdom, and insight that you would ever need to get across the hurdles that Satan tries to put in your way.
(That’s good news. He equipped us with power, wisdom, and insight in us—everything we would ever need to get on and do what we are called to do. )

2. The only way the devil can steal your dream, your vision, or your calling is if you surrender to him first. (Somebody is going to have to surrender so we don’t want to give up or give in).

3. We must be determined to keep doing what we are called to do even if the Devil tries to slam the door shut in our face.

4. Joy and satisfaction come only from accomplishing what God wants you to do.

5. Paul was so committed to fulfilling his God-given call that he wouldn’t let anything stop him!
(Rather than run and hide from eminent danger, Paul faced it bravely and kept moving forward to do what he was called to do. All of these go along with the call of God, what God has called us to do. I can’t do what Pastor Paul does. (We just have to do what we are called to do. That’s the deal.)

6. Because Paul had a heart to never fail or give up, God’s power came upon him and empowered him to do what other men and women could not physically do.

7. Desire is a person’s insatiable urge, longing, appetite, craving and yearning to stretch for something greater than he is right now.

8. If you aren’t guided by an inward conviction to stand by your principles, the Devil will use others to sway you from what you know to be true and to be right.

9. Courage is having the guts to do what needs to be done regardless of the fear that you may feel or the questions that remain unanswered.
(A person who is content to live an average, run of the mill, nonproductive life will never be mightily used of God.)

I remember when he came here once and he was talking about his own ministry and church and that he would show up at his staffs’ houses. Rick, this is Rick here. I’d like to come in and check out your house. (ha, ha, ha) Go in the bedroom and check out the dresser drawers, whatever. I don’t know. Would you like Pastor Mac to come and show up at your house? (ha, ha, ha) Or Pastor Lynne. Remember how he said if he gets out of the bed in the middle of the night, Pastor Lynne makes the bed. Anyway.

I agree with that. If we can’t keep our own lives in line and keep organized and keep moving you know, how can we do the big things for God that He has called us to do? Hallelujah. I won’t go any further on that. (ha, ha, ha) You can’t come over and look at my basement okay. I do have a couple items to organize. (ha, ha, ha) But each one of us have a gift and we didn’t make it up, we didn’t create but God put it in us and it’s a call that lines up with every other call, the Body, all of the parts, line up, they should line up. And so we each have a part and that’s how I always see it here in the Chapel in prayer. Each one of us lifting up our voices in one accord together we can get so many things done in 60 minutes or one minute just praying by the Spirit, being led by the Spirit.

Ms. Sharon, do you have anything else to add?

Sharon shared…

I was just thinking about supply and how we may be in situation where we are not even able to speak anything but what we carry is just as important as what we say. I try to regard when I come to church or when I come here as bringing my supply because when we each bring our supply and add it to what the Holy Spirit is doing, such great things are wrought in the realm of the Holy Spirit and it’s for eternal purpose. We may not even know now what has been accomplished but we carry that treasure in earthen vessels and it’s so precious. If we look at ourselves that way, if we look at our lives that way, it makes everything we put our hands to different because everything we set ourselves to do becomes worship and becomes praise and becomes prayer. And how privileged we are to be here this morning, each of you adding what you carry so that as we pray and as we worship and as we war, what we carry is enhanced by what you carry and we have to have each other to do it.

Ms. Sharon led us in singing “Whatever You Want Lord, I’ll Say Yes, Yes, Yes”

Pastor Ray shared…

When you’re singing that, we don’t say well maybe. We don’t answer back and say we will see about it but by faith we say yes knowing like brother Rick said everything has been provided in the power or the empowerment to do what He has called each one of us to do. It’s so big. That yes is so powerful. It’s a yielding saying “Yes, Lord” to Your will, to Your plans, to Your grace, to Your goodness, to Your mercy, to the joy that brings strength. Yes to You in every way.

Continued singing Yes, Yes, Yes…

Here I am send me, here I am use me
Here I am send me Lord and I will go, I will go

Continued praying…

We know You are leading and directing us
Cooperating in that Yes, predetermined to say yes
That no to You would never be a word spoken
Knowing You are our Master, Savior, Provider, the Great I AM
Yes to the call, assignments, plans and Your wisdom
Not leaning to our own understanding
Everyday – supernatural days
Running with the vision and call – it is daily
It will take place – eminent, soon
Line upon line and now it’s ready – that paths are made straight
Ready to take hold
It’s unlimited access to the opportunities, steps, wisdom
Well able, well able
Clear way, clear to see
Spirit of seeing and knowing – a greater manifestation than ever before
We know, we know
Operation of God – to do the will
We consistently rise to the level of operation
We rise to that level of operation where we are consistent with the things that are in the Godhead, to that power and level of operation in excellence, prudence, in servitude, in the way of the Lord
We know that we have been assigned a work
We work in the destiny of that work
We work in the power of that work
We work in the level of that work
We work in the operations of that work
We work in the administrations of that work
We work in the signs of that work
We work undaunted, unlimited, without any form of impediment, in the power of the Godhead
We work in the things You have given unto us to do
Strengthened with might by Your Spirit in our inner man to do the work
Strengthened with all power to finish the work
We see ourselves the way You see us to do this work in the name of Jesus
We are anointed to accomplish the work
We are anointed to hold on to the Godhead to finish the work
Not looking at ourselves as people who don’t have ability, means, or finances
We have all the riches of the Godhead at our disposal!
We have everything we need to do the work of God in this time and in this hour
We are a royal priesthood, we are a holy nation, we are a chosen generation knowing who we are in You
Removing the limiting mindsets, removing the circumstances preventing access to predicted an outcome
We change the way we see things, we change the way we hear things
We step into where You are in us and where we are in You
We step into the Godhead we step into You seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus
Putting on that mantle, we put on that cloak!
Ripping to shreds that mindset of lack in the name of Jesus
Refusing to be limited by our experience or tradition of man
We want to act the way You think, we want to see ourselves the way You see us
Far too often we measure the size of our prowess by the condition of our means and by the weight of our circumstances and the limits of our finances
Father we chose to change this mindset!
In the realm of God there are no limits!
We agree Father with You, we are a chosen generation!
We agree Father with You, we are a holy nation!
We agree Father with You, we are a royal priesthood!
Oh Father, You want us to come up – we agree with You
Professing there are no limits
No longer occupied our memory

And Father, for the vision. It’s never been forgotten what You have revealed to our Pastor. But Lord we ask that you cause that to begin to live big in us again. We polish it off. We bring it out into the light and we set ourselves in agreement with that vision that everything that was revealed and it shall come to pass is coming to pass. We thank You for it, Father, for that for nothing is impossible and You wouldn’t show us something, You wouldn’t reveal something to us if you were not enabling us to see it come to pass. So Father, we set ourselves in agreement with that again, refreshing it, renewing it, reminding You of Your word which never fails to come to pass. We thank You for it Father. We thank You for it Father and we cry for it. We cry for it Father. We cry for it.

Ms. Sharon led us in Spiritual Song…

We are Your people created in Your image
We are Your people created in Your likeness
There is no limit, there are no boundaries
Nothing is impossible if we believe

No limits, no boundaries
All things are possible to those who believe
Lord we believe, Lord we believe
No limits, no boundaries
All things are possible to those who believe
All things are possible in You

Miracles, financial signs, and wonders
All these things are in You
So we say no limit, no boundaries
all things are possible, all things are possible, all things are possible in You

Pastor Ray shared…

If you are looking at a situation that looks impossible don’t look at it that way but look at it His way. All things are possible to those who believe, so we believe.

I’ll say yes, yes, yes
I’ll say yes, yes, yes
Lord I’ll say yes, yes, yes
I’ll say yes, yes, yes

A Word of the Lord Came Forth:

Don’t define Me by your unanswered prayer. Don’t define Me by other people’s experience. Now that you know that all things are possible and there is no limit, how far are you willing to go? There’s no limit so how far are you willing to go? If there is no limit at all, as I have said there is no limit in Me, how far are you willing to go? I am not the One who is limiting you. How far are you willing to go?

Pastor Paul went on to share…

Wow, that’s an open ticket. That’s an open door. God says I am not going to be the one restraining you. How far are you willing to go with Me? We are to say all the way.

I like Paul in the book of Acts. If you notice Paul had to be restrained from a place. A place not to go to, otherwise he would have gone to that place. So the Holy Spirit didn’t lead him by “you can’t go here and you can’t go there”, but these were places he wanted to preserve him from. For example, Paul would have gone to Asia but the Spirit of the Lord constrained him from going to Asia. Now we take that incident and we read meaning into it, believing there are places we cannot go. Just because we read that section in Scripture that has to do with that particular instance in Paul’s ministry, does not make it the guideline or the governing factor of his ministry. That was just one semicolon of Paul’s exploits that the Spirit of the Lord helped Paul to see what he could not see beyond the territory so Paul would be preserved. We take that to mean I can’t do things in Christ because “I am limited by the fact that I am in the Kingdom”. No! There is absolutely no limit.

So how far are you willing to go with God now that You know there is no limit?

Pastor Ray:

The answer is all the way. Doesn’t that paint a great picture…the Church just accelerating, moving ahead, and up doing what the Church has been called to do this year 2016. Come on Church, rise up and wake up!

Ms. Sharon Sings Spiritual Song…

Rising on up, Rising on up, Rising on up
The Church is rising, the Church is rising, the Church is rising on up
Rising on up, Rising on up, Rising on up
The Church is rising, the Church is rising, the Church is rising on up
Rising on up, Rising on up, Rising on up
The Church is rising, the Church is rising, the Church is rising on up
No limits, no boundaries
How far are you willing to go?
Rising on up, rising on up
Take that Devil!
Every tributary, the whole body rising on up in Jesus’ name
Hallelujah, praise God, Amen.

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