Prayer Summary for May 23

Ms. Sharon led us singing about the blood…

Pastor Ray shared…

Hallelujah thank You for the Blood, Lord.

I wanted to give you a little testimony this morning. There is more about it, but I will just give you what I know concerning a couple that usually comes on Fridays to Morning Prayer. They have been members of Living Word for some 25 years. After Morning Prayer on Friday and the whole time we talked about the blood, the anointing and His Word. So they left and in the afternoon I got a text from the wife. She said please pray my husband. He has been in an accident.

He had been driving his pickup truck and someone rear-ended him. The truck was flipped upside down. So he is upside down with the seatbelt on and the weight of the pickup pressing down on him so his neck was bent. One of the things we talked about before he left prayer that morning was the anointing goes out from us and the blood, that there is protection in the blood. We were talking all about the anointing, the presence of God and the blood.

An off duty EMT witnessed the accident and directed 20 other people to help turn the truck on its side. First of all, that there would be an off duty EMT there, that’s blessed, that’s miraculous. One of the first texts that I got was that they were doing a CT scan on his back and his neck and, of course, his whole body. The results came back with no broken bones. I believe it happened early afternoon and then I got a text that at 5 p.m. that he walked out of the hospital. I had asked how he was doing now and she texted back he was doing excellent and that it had made the news that night. Those 20 good Samaritans flipped the truck to its side as his head and neck were being crushed. They helped saved his life. He had his hand stitched up and a lot of scratches but he is doing great.

I happened to walk out of the Atrium after prayer that Friday morning and I remembered him standing there by the entrance. I think he was looking for his wife. It made me so aware of how we just don’t know the things that are out ahead but we do know the authority of that precious blood. When we started singing about the blood this morning it brought that back up in me that no matter what the devil planned to do… this man was being crushed but still the blood protected him and he walked out of that hospital with no broken bones. It just blesses me and I am sure he is more blessed than I am.

Was that special just for him? No. But do we need to plead the blood? Yes. Take advantage and by faith believe the authority and power that is in that blood for protection for each one of us.

One of the times in here I read a list on the importance of praying in tongues and then one of the people who work at Cfaith emailed me and said they put that on the site and said they had more likes then any article they have ever done. This person said to herself “Note to self: more articles on praying in tongues.”

I want to share this excerpt by Fred Smolchuck on The Importance of Praying in Other Tongues:

Numerous incidents can be related oftimes when a saint of God felt burdened for another. On one occasion, during prayer there was a period of speaking in tongues with the burden for the individual heavy on the heart of the intercessor. Weeks, months, or even years later, it was finally revealed that the person who was prayed for was at the moment of intercession or shortly thereafter dramatically helped at a time of great need. Thus, the Spirit was able to pray for the needy one through a yielded human vessel.

Speaking in tongues is a demonstration of the divine principle by which we as God’s children can grow, mature, and advance. It shows us how to take advantage of God’s grace and power that He made available for us.

This principle is the key that opens the door to a new, divine dimension, to a more powerful, more effective way of living and working with God. It is the divine equation, the formula that when applied produces the miraculous and develops the “witness” that will captivate the unsaved for Christ.

If by believing, yielding, and obeying the Holy Spirit you can find yourself speaking a language you never spoke before, then in the same manner and on the same basis when you believe and yield to the Spirit you can find yourself living, growing, producing supernaturally. The glory of God will fill your life. You will be a fruitful, happy Christian.

“This is that” life in the Spirit. How is it lived? By constantly applying the formula God demonstrates in the “tongues” experience: The Holy Spirit’s inspiration upon man, plus man’s obedient response to the Spirit’s prompting, produces extraordinary results. (Tongues and Total Surrender, pages 17, 31, 32 by Fred Smolchuck)

Pastor Curtis:
As Christians, it should be our desire to be as effective for the Lord as we can be. We should strive to walk in the joy of the Lord in order to be the witness we should be. This cannot be ultimately reached if we aren’t using our prayer language on a regular basis. Praying in tongues is one way that we give the Holy Spirit control of our life to accomplish His will in us.

Ms. Sharon shared…

I was just thinking about something I was privileged to hear the builder of a university in Oklahoma say. Vicky Jameson had ministered in the Chapel that morning and we were invited to have lunch with Oral Roberts and during the course of the meal the conversation came around to praying in the Spirit. He stood up and asked us to come look out the window. He pointed out all of the building and certain things and said every one of those were prayed out in the Spirit first and then I asked God for the interpretation and that created those buildings. And he said there wasn’t one thing on that University that wasn’t built that way.

I think it is amazing how the depths of what the Holy Spirit means to us and what He provides to us has never been plumbed completely to the depth of it and how if we will ask Him, He will also give us the interpretation of what we are praying and give us the wisdom to understand and to act accordingly.

Pastor Ray shared…

Sometimes we can make the mistake that we got the idea. You know we are gifted in this, we are gifted in that, we have done that, we can do it… That’s not being led. It can be when we pray out in other tongues, it can be under our breath, it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, we can still be praying in other tongues. That’s actually kind of my favorite. That’s praying without ceasing. You just kind of let it come forth. Then guess what? Like a light bulb, like he saw those buildings then they were built but he saw them by praying in other tongues. Because the Holy Spirit all the time is giving us answers, ideas you know like that.

Continued praying…

Jesus said it is imperative that I go that I give you another just like Myself
Reveals, unveils, discloses and transmits the things of the Father to us
So more and more we want it the Holy Spirit way
Preparing in advance by praying in tongues
Opened up to a greater degree – it’s unlimited
To show, to show, to show
He is the Show, He will show
Not leaning to our understanding but moving over into that way
A greater demonstration of Him the Spirit Himself
Gaining energy!
Supernatural aid and assistance
Light be in Jesus’ name
Bringing answers and strength to walk out those answers
A call to enter out into new territories today
Illumination and understanding about the calls
Yield to the call, make room and be open to the call today
It must penetrate and go beyond the limitation
Transcending the limits of man
Ascribe that this day
Building in the Spirit, building through the Spirit
To cover the whole way
Developments, understanding the times to come
You must get out ahead!
Steady – go that way
Watching every one of those details
Little places to seek, situations to walk into and then there is greater

Word of the Lord came forth…

Many of these things… well they are all secrets but they are not secrets to you says the Lord. They will continually be exposed and revealed to my children as they pray in other tongues. Creative ways, assignments about what to do and when, details just like we heard about how to build it, how high, and how far. Demonstrations, mysteries revealed just like the word has said so unto the Church to see which way to go. Territories, realms that have never been pursued or walked into are about to be uncovered and revealed unto you. Obedience to the Word. Obedience to the Spirit to proclaim it every day entering in. There are supplies there that are necessary, an abundance of supplies.

Over into the much, over into the more, I know that is multiplicity and beyond
Mr. and Mrs. More – Increase!
More power!
More for you and more for me and more for the Church!

Ms. Sharon shared…

When you pray in the Spirit there are no surprises. You are guarded against every wile and every trick of the enemy. For you are informed ahead of time over the wiles of the enemy. You are girded with strength and might and power through the knowledge the Holy Spirit grants you. And you shall walk into places where the enemy had thought he would sabotage, he thought he would ambush and you already know the plan of God to counteract it for your spirit ignited by the Holy Spirit is led by and ordained by the Holy Ghost to fulfill the call of God in every area of your life and in every area where you put your hand, every area where you pray it is covered and it is done according to the Word of God for the Holy Spirit knows all things and if you trust Him you too will know all things in a timely manner as He reveals them to you as you pray.

That’s that transmitting power right into us in these hours. Transmission from heaven. Demonstrations, revelations, greater understanding not just in our understanding in our minds but our hearts as heaven’s ways are transmitted unto or into each one of us. We open ourselves, yield ourselves to that.

Ms. Sharon led us singing “Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome in this Place”

We expect more as we yield to You
Revelation of Your power
It’s blessed to be here
This day is blessed and we are anointed
We believe we will have words to speak when we need them
Giving You all the glory, all the praise and all the honor

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