Prayer Summary for May 18

Ms. Annie led us singing…

Come to Me My little one
And you will be refreshed
And I will give you rest
And I will give you rest

You’ll hear Me walking on the wings of the wind
See Me smiling with the beauty of the dawn
So come to Me, come to Me, Come to Me My little One
Come to Me My little One. Come to Me My little one

Ms. Annie shared…

Resting in Jesus is ceasing from our own works. It’s resting in all that He did and when you rest in all that He did, the more you realize all that He did, the more you are able to rest. The more I am able to stop fretting, stop thinking up the solution, I don’t need to fix anything. Just He fixed everything. It was broke, we were broken, unable to fix ourselves but because He fixed everything for us in His atoning overpayment for everything that we needed. We can rest in what He did and the more I rest in all that He did and I rest in His love and Who He is… I don’t have to try fix it.

And I used to be a fixer. I am going to find the solution to the world and I am going to fix it! Well I did find it but He fixed it. He already fixed it and then we rest in Him and that’s our work. We cease from our own works and we labor to enter into rest. So, you know when you have been a fixer, that’s labor. You labor to understand the work He did and rest in it. But it is so sweet. It’s not toil. It’s precious, wonderful, sweet, rewarding, fulfilling, uplifting, joyful, refreshing rest.

Ms. Annie led us singing “Jesus be Jesus in Me”

Pastor Ray….

Pastor Folu, why don’t you come up? Could you share with us how it is to yield and let Jesus be Jesus in you when you minister on the streets?

Pastor Folu shared…

It’s funny you said that Pastor Ray. I was just singing that song last night “Yield Yourself to the Holy Spirit.” When we are out on the streets I yield myself in a number of different ways. Let’s say we are at the mall for example and we see a group of people and I am always asking constantly “Lord, what is the entrance. What should be the entrance here?” You know, we have a general entrance that we use but I am always asking “how would You have me approach these people?” And sometimes I might see a husband and wife and maybe the husband has a hat on and I go up to him and say “Sir, that’s a nice cap you have on.” And boom, many times I have his heart. It’s like “Oh, yea. Thank you, thank you.” And before they know it they are receiving Jesus! (ha, ha, ha)

This one was quite an interesting one. About five guys walking at the mall just minding their business and as I was looking at them, what came to my mind was he was rather tall. So I went up to him and said “Sir, are you a basketball player?” He said “No.” I said “Boy, you’re a pretty tall guy.” And boom, once again, I had his heart because I complimented him. Then I proceeded to share the Gospel.

I am learning a lot and I was watching the whole service again, the one from last Wednesday that Pastor Ray did. I watched it on Monday night. And one of the things that I noticed is how Pastor Ray yielded to the Spirit all throughout the service. There was a time he called me out. There was the time he called others out and then just the whole service… I tell you saints, if you did not get a chance to be at that meeting last Wednesday, I implore you by the Spirit of God, please go online and watch. I mean as I was watching it, I was stopping it, pausing it, dissecting it. I mean the whole thing must have taken me two hours to watch a fifty-five minute service because I was just saying “Lord, I see what it means to yield.” I believe in these last days that the way we are really going to be able to get this job done and this is not just for people in the five-fold ministry, this is for the body of Christ.

All of us are going to have to learn to yield more and more and I tell you, saints, sometimes the way the Lord leads you and I to yield might be very, very different from what you are accustomed to. And you know, that’s another thing I have learned out on the streets. For example, there was a time I went up to these six guys. I had never done this before until then… so sometimes as you are yielding to the Lord, the Lord will give you little, little things. The premise for those little things is for training because He wants to give you bigger things but it’s got to start with the little things. So I just went up to these six guys and to the very first one I said “You are a basketball player right?” He said “Yes.” I went down to another guy and said “You are a wrestler right?” He said “Yes.” And they just looked at me like how did you know that. Obviously that was the Spirit of God. As I said that, saints, it captivated those six guys and all six of them prayed to receive Jesus.

So this yielding thing, I am learning more and more about it. I was up until 1 a.m. last night learning, reading, studying about the importance of yielding and as the Lord led Pastor Ray with me specifically last Wednesday about the Spirit of Seeing and Knowing. God has had me researching that, studying that, praying that because one thing I am finding out in these last days for us to really complete our assignments we have to be men and women of prayer. And I know you are and that’s why you are here but I am not just talking about coming to 8:30 to 9:30 prayer, I am talking about in the night hours, in the morning hours. One thing the Spirit of God has been doing with me personally is that He seems to like to wake me up on Sunday morning at 3 or 4 a.m. That just seems to be the trend now with me. And sometimes I don’t go to bed until maybe 11 p.m. on Saturday night and all of a sudden 3 a.m. rolls around and I am just like “Bing!” Initially I used to fight it but now I just get up. I say “Okay, Lord, You are just going to have to help me through this” because on Sundays I get to Church at 8 a.m. and I am here until 2 p.m. So that can be quite a stretch.

And one more thing about yielding, I was listening to Brother Keith Moore last night talking about in this move of yielding to the Lord that he learned two things about yielding from Papa Hagin. He said there are two problems why people don’t yield. It’s either lack of faith or lack of yielding. For example, I was watching Papa Hagin last night and how he would come up to people and say “Don’t be a dummy. Don’t just stand there, yield!” Ha, ha, ha. I said “wow, that’s pretty in your face.” But you see the Spirit of God was endeavoring to teach those people back then about the importance of yielding.

I don’t know how many of you saw Pastor Mac years ago yielded to the Spirit of God. Papa Hagin touched him and he jumped on the stage and did a little dance and ended up in the flower bed behind the stage. As a result of Pastor doing that the service went to another level. As I was watching that I saw the people saying “Wow, what happened to the pastor?” And the Spirit of God just broke in that meeting. People were just going with the Lord.

So, Pastor Ray, I am learning more and more and I just thank you for your example. But saints I really… and the Lord is going to give you and I little things to start with. The Lord said in this last days there is going to be in terms of seeing and knowing he said there is going to be greater manifestations of it. It’s going to be greater and it’s going to be for all of us that are yielded. A lot of you in this room are already schooled in that area. You already know some things about that area. There is a lot of people out there that have no clue about yielding and God wants to use you and I to help them. Because in this last days like He said it’s not just going to be one or two or three but many of His Kids are going to be full of the power. You see, this is what we have hungered for. This is what the Lord said is available in this last days. One of the reasons why it is so important to yield because a lot of our children they are running into the occult. They are running into all this crazy stuff. Why? Because of power but the real power is in the Kingdom. The real power is inside you and I because this is the temple of the living God. When you show up, darkness has to flee. Amen.

And so as the Lord is training us and teaching us how to yield to Him, as we hear a word, like I said it is going to start with something small. On the streets, sometimes by the grace of the Lord, He gives me opportunities now to pray with 20 or 30 people at once. It wasn’t always like that. It was just the first step. “Son, how about that guy right there by himself” and I would say “okay, Lord. What would you have me say?” “Well, just compliment him.” You know a lot of people crave compliments. They don’t get it. They don’t get it at home. And so when you as a stranger go up to them and say “man, you look good. You have a nice smile on your face.” You know, sometimes those are the different things the Holy Spirit gives me and I just yield to that and because of that God is able to get their heart and many times they will give their hearts to the Lord. Sometimes they just listen to what I have to say.

You know this particular verse will help you because it has really helped me. Jesus said in Matthew 10:40 “If they receive you, they receive Him. If they receive Him, they receive the One that sent Him.” So many times when I talk to people on the streets and maybe they don’t pray right there and then but they listen to what I have to say. They take the tract from me. You know when I walk away I just say “Father, I thank You for that man. I thank You for that woman.” I don’t count them for salvation right there and then, but I say “Father, it’s in red. You said it. You said if they receive me, they receive You. If they receive You, they receive the One that sent You.” So I just walk away happy as can be and the Devil is saying but they didn’t pray with you. I say this “That’s none of your business.” I am looking at what the Word says. This guy, this gal, this group received me. They took the tract from me. They listened to what I had to say and so I just go away rejoicing.

So, Pastor Ray, I just want to thank you for your example of yielding and I am growing in this and we are all growing in this. Amen. And we are going to get to a place in not too long from now that God almighty is going to be able to entrust you and entrust me to be able to steward this gift, this manifold grace. Because it is reserved for these last days. And guess what we are in the last days? We are in the last days. This is the days that God said it is not just by the preaching of the Word but it’s in the demonstration. That’s what they are looking for out there. They have heard a lot of preaching but these days that we are in right now is the days of the word and power. Amen.

Annie led us singing “Yield Yourself to the Holy Spirit”

I yield myself to the Holy Spirit
I yield myself to the unction of God
I yield myself to the Holy Spirit
I let Him be my guide

We yield to You, We yield to You,
We yield to You Holy Spirit
I yield to You, I yield to You,
I yield to You, Holy Spirit
I yield to You in all I do

Here we are waiting in Your presence
Here we are waiting in Your presence
Shekinah glory come, Shekinah glory come
Here we are waiting in Your presence
Here we are waiting in Your presence
Shekinah glory come, Shekinah glory come


Father, we lift up the service tonight
Praying the blood covering over Pastor Nick
Over His eyes and ears over every detail of the service
That he would be even more yielded to Your direction
Answers would come forth
Anointing would be present
Assignments would be recognized for weeks and months to come
We thank You, Father, for the manifestation of Your Spirit
We yield ourselves in a continual way today

Ms. Mandie shared…

I hear a call, I hear a call. The Lord hears the bleeding of every heart. Those that have forsaken the fountain of living waters and hewn for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot be filled. Oh come to the water. Oh come to the One, the lover of your soul. As with the woman with the issue of blood, she was bleeding as with the bleeding of the heart that could not be stopped, the bandages that could not heal it, Lord. There was an unction, an unction within her to press, to press in and to pull on the garment and identify with Love Himself. There is a love, there is a love that can heal and bind up every wound, that can heal and bind up every wound and every heart will be filled with the love of God, to have an encounter with Love Himself. And as He turned to her, as she pulled on Him, He turned to her to restore her and to restore her reputation. Jesus, restorer, Jesus, restorer.

Continued praying…

Declaring today in our days and times to come You are, Lord
We believe to never be held back but yielded more and more in Your ways
Thank You, Father, for You love, goodness, and mercy
Mercies that are new every day
We give You all of the glory, honor, praise, and thanksgiving today
We know it is not us but all of You in us and working through us in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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