Prayer Summary for March 30

Annie led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

When you sang that Annie, I just picture Him saying come unto Me, take a rest, rest in Me. There is peace that passes all understanding. There is authority to do what needs to be done. There is a plan that can be carried out and every resource necessary for the plan has already been prepared. Hallelujah!


Every resource has already been prepared
Thank You, Father, for resting in You today

The following excerpt was taken from The Balance Between Grace and Faith by Andrew Wommack:

Enter His Rest

God created everything, and rested. He doesn’t have to create food for you to eat or air for you to breathe. He created the earth in such a way that the trees clean the air so there’s a perpetual supply of oxygen. God doesn’t have to create anything for us. He already anticipated all of our needs, and He’s already made everything. Now we have entered into His rest. We are benefiting from all of the things that God created when He anticipated the needs of the entire human race.

This is one reason I strongly disagree with the people who say that we’re destroying the earth. Really, it’s a slap in God’s face to think that man could overwhelm, overtax, and destroy this earth He’s created. Take, for instance, Mount St. Helens. Scientists said it would take ten thousand years for this mountain to regenerate. Within three years, Mount St. Helens has done what they thought it would take ten thousand years to do. The earth has the ability to regenerate and cleanse itself. A polluted stream will purify itself in a short period of time if you just stop polluting it. This secular, ungodly attitude has exalted man to the position of god, and God has been eliminated or significantly decreased. They don’t realize that God anticipated everything we could ever do.

This earth isn’t going to be destroyed by us. God will destroy it with a fervent heat. We aren’t going to destroy ourselves.

God anticipated everything. He made all things, and we’ve just entered into His rest. We are benefiting from what God created thousands of years ago. It’s already complete. All we’re doing is reaching out and appropriating what God has already provided. That’s what the Sabbath was a picture of.

In this New Testament age, we now have the reality that the Sabbath only pictured. We are resting and trusting in what God has done through the Lord Jesus Christ. We now have a relationship with God, and He’s already provided everything we’ll ever need.

Before you ever needed healing, God had already healed you.

By whose stripes ye were healed.
1 Peter 2:24

You don’t have to ask God to heal you. You don’t have to do something, and then, in response to your action, God heals you. No, healing is already provided. All you have to do is just reach out, take it, and say, “Thank You.”

You don’t have to ask God to bless you. The Lord has commanded the blessing upon you in everything that you do. Before you were ever born, before you ever had a need, the blessing of God was already on you. You don’t have to beg God for supply. Just rest in Him and trust, saying, “Father, I know You’ve already met my needs.” This rest is what the Sabbath portrayed. This is the rest spoken of in Hebrews 4.

Very few Christians today are resting in what Jesus has already provided. Instead, they’re operating with the mind-set that they have a problem and they need God to do something. They’re waiting on God to create, to move, to do something new to meet their need. They don’t understand that God anticipated their need. They aren’t resting in the Lord, as Hebrews 4 describes.

“Father, It’s Done”
After saying all these things, the writer of Hebrews said:

For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Hebrews 4: 10

In other words, for people who have entered into this rest, they have ceased trying to make God do something. They’ve ceased trying to get God to bless them. They’ve ceased trying to earn His favor. And now they are just resting in the truth that, through Jesus, God has already supplied everything. In the same way that God created everything and now He doesn’t have to create new plants, animals, or people today because they simply propagate as a result of His original creation, the Lord made a new creation—and that’s us.

Labor to Rest
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

We are a new creation in our born-again spirit and in this creation, when we need to be healed, God doesn’t have to heal. Healing is already in the spirit part of us—that new creation. When we need to be prospered, God doesn’t have to prosper us. He has already commanded blessing and prosperity into our; spirit man. He has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Now in the new creation through Jesus, everything is already done.

The key to the Christian life is learning how to rest. Trust that Father says it’s done. My bankbook may say I’m broke, and I’m on verge of bawling and squalling. I may have a strong desire to start praying, fasting, and doing something to make God move. But I’m going to rest and trust His Word. His Word says that He has already supplied all my needs. He’s already blessed me. He’s commanded His blessing upon me. I am blessed above all people. The Christian life is learning how to rest, not how to work and do something to make God move. That’s what this passage is talking about.

Continued praying…

Moving out of that place of trying to get God to do something for us
Praying out by the Spirit hidden things
Thank You, Father, for the authority You have given us
We are His hands, feet, and mouth

Pastor Ray shared…

If we take a rest, we will be able to carry out the rest. For there are many days and weeks and months out front that in many ways will try to disrupt that rest. But if we keep our feet standing on the sure foundation of His Word and what He said, that He finished it, it’s all been done, then for our steps out front we can walk in a place of rest and be able to carry out every detail, every plan, all of the rest, the rest of our lives. We have not come this far to stop, turn around and sit down and be disturbed. We have come this far to keep pressing ahead and do what He said to do and stay in that place of rest and just be saturated with the knowing inside us that it is finished, it’s done.

It’s the Devil that we say “Take a hike” and “Get out of here.” But it is the Lord that says “Take My rest and come unto Me.” We do that this morning in a place of faith.

Continued praying…

By faith we enter in to Your rest
In Your presence rest is found
Sitting back and looking up – lifting up and pushing ahead
Getting in the boat and pushing on out into unknown things
Purposing to continually be in that place of rest
Drinking You in and opening our hearts for more
Hungry for more of You in our lives
Internal parts take a rest in Jesus’ name
You are healed – respond to what the Word says
Could be muscles, ligaments, bones, heart, blood, etc.
Restored today – taking it to ourselves
Church be healed spirit, soul, and body
Restored and moving out today
Directing and leading each one and every part
Greater demonstrations, greater revelation
No, no, no worries in Jesus’ name
Obedience is better than sacrifice!
Obedience to the body
Waters, rivers flowing unhindered
You have more strength, more knowledge, you can see more than you thought you could
It’s by faith – it’s one step after another

Pastor Paul shared….

Rest is not trying to do something or trying to do your best. Rest is not doing nothing in spite of the test. Rest is making God’s word your guest. Rest is getting God’s word into your mouth so you find yourself where God’s word says you are.

If you look at creation man was created on the 6th day. Man’s first day on earth was the day of rest, the seventh day. So we must rest to enter in. God works then He rests. Man rests then He works. So for the things that we need and the things we desire the only labor is to enter into rest. We labor in prayer so our mind is found where God’s mind is. We have the same mind when we are at rest.

So the test is not for you to get out of rest. The test is for you in spite of it to be in rest. So if you want victory, pass the rest test. Simply put.

Annie leads us in singing…

♪ Come to me you weary ones and I will give you rest
I will give you rest
Come to me you weary ones and I will give you rest
I will give you rest
My Yoke is easy and My burden is light
Take Me upon you and I will give you rest
Come to Me, Come to Me, Come to Me
I have been waiting for you here
Come to Me you troubled ones and I will give you peace
Come to Me you troubled ones and I will give you peace
Come to the waters I will whisper peace by still
Take Me upon you, I will give you peace
Come to Me, Come to Me, Come to Me
I have been waiting for you here
Come to Me you weakened one and I will give you joy
I will give you joy
Come to Me you weakened one and I will give you joy
I will give you joy
Arise like eagles and My joy will be your strength
Take Me upon you, I will give you joy
Come to Me, Come to Me, Come to Me,
I have been waiting for you here ♪

Continued praying…

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for calling us to Your rest
We give You all the honor, all the praise

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