Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, March 25, 2019


Hallelujah, in Your presence is the place to be
We will rest in You, Lord
When we rest in You, we are seated in victory!
Yes, we purpose to rest, listen, and look to You!
Father, we give all of our cares to You, for You have already taken the care!
You took the cares at the cross, and we are carefree!
We give it all to You, Lord
Letting every care go now in the name of Jesus
Holy Spirit, work in and through us today
We are seated in heavenly places, carefree, thank You for it, Father
Your presence is saturating us, none of us and all of You, Lord
You are welcome in this place, You have taken care of all of our cares
We receive a greater increase of Your presence, yielding to more of Your spirit
Thank You, Lord, we are lifted, we are lifted, we are lifted!
As we lift Him, we receive a lifting, a transformation, a change, strength!
Give us eyes to see, to know, and to go forth in victory!
Hallelujah, we cast all of our cares upon You, Father
We are free, and we have all freedom in, by and through the blood of Jesus


The following excerpt is taken from In the Day of Thy Power by Arthur Wallis:

The Praying Heart

At a school for the sons of missionaries on Ooctacamund, South India, there took place in 1930 a remarkable movement of the Spirit, notwithstanding that it was localized in its effect. R.T. Naish, the writer and speaker on prophetic subjects, was the instrument God used, although the work had begun before he arrived. Out of 130 boys in the school, 100 professed conversion, and with almost all of these there was deep conviction of sin and much brokenness. It all happened so suddenly as to take the staff completely by surprise, for they had no expectation of any such thing and were unable adequately to cope with it. One still on the staff of this school, who remembers this gracious movement of the Spirit, records that the boys seemed to sing all day, became Bible-conscious, and several were baptized. The last Sunday of the Mission eighty boys were at the Lord’s table. But what was the explanation of the sudden movement? It was afterwards discovered that three boys under twelve years of age had been going out in the early morning to the edge of the jungle to pray. They had prevailed with God and He had answered by fire. “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast Thou established strength, because of Thine adversaries, and Thou mightiest still the enemy and the avenger” (Ps. 8:2). If they prevailed, why may not we?

One further lesson from the story of Nehemiah is that there is nothing transient about the fruit of true revival. It is typified here by the figure of building. It is the purpose of God that something solid and stable, standing the test of time and eternity, shall emerge out of the spiritual upheavals or revival. The excitement will subside, certain features of the movement may pass away, but that building which is the workmanship of the Spirit, that which is God’s real objective, will abide. In the excitement of the incidentals, it is vital to keep the divine purpose in view, and build according to the pattern. Nehemiah did not require an architect to plan where the walls should be. He had but to build upon the old foundations, and to reconstruct the walls and gates as they were of old time. So today God desires us to build according to the apostolic pattern. There are stones hidden by the accumulated rubbish of the centuries that are still waiting to be uncovered. “Will they revive the stones out of the heaps of rubbish?” asked the scornful and incredulous Sanballat (4:2). They will –they did! “So the wall was finished…and all the heathen that were about us feared, and were much cast down in their own eyes: for they perceived that this work was wrought of our God” (6:15, 16). Here then is the fruit of a praying heart – a work manifestly wrought of God.

The epic story of Nehemiah demonstrates what God may achieve through one man rightly related to Him. God is not looking for a man. His methods have not changed since the day He said through Ezekiel, “I sought for a man among them, that should make up the fence, and stand in the gap before Me for the land” (Ezek. 22:30). Is the reader concerned that no one else in the local church, the town, or the district seems burdened with the need of revival? Does the situation seem beyond hope? Give the Lord the channel of a thirsty soul, and there is no limit to what He may do. God is looking for a man, a woman, to stand in the gap; will you be that one?

Continued Praying…

Father, we lift up those suddenlies, sudden turns, and sudden changes!
A sudden rearranging, a sudden touch, a sudden awakening!
Suddenly a new event or a new revelation about what we should and could do!
The call has gone out; the plans have already been laid
The presence of God, and the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit are working in and through us
Holy Spirit, You are welcome here, we open our hearts for more of You
It is You we long for, and we open ourselves up to You, Father
We wait for You, come and fill us now, Lord
Holy Spirit, we yearn for more and more of You
Yes, we long for You, and we cry out for You
We prepare our hearts for You, come fill us now, Father
In Your presence, there is wholeness, healing, and restoration
Those things that need to be brought out, are being brought out today
We want to be moved by the things that move You, we will contend all the way through to the very end
Yes, we circle around those things; doors, be opened in Jesus’ name
Open up, be brought up, be stirred up in the name of Jesus
We call for miracles, calling for supernatural situations to be unfolded and to come to pass!
No, not that way, but Your way, Lord
Continually contending for those right ways and those right plans
Calling for protection in, by, and through that precious blood of Jesus
We lift up the land of Israel
Covering Israel with the precious blood of Jesus today!
Father, we cover every border of Israel with the blood of Jesus, from north to south, east to west
Grant wisdom and understanding to every leader regarding the land of Israel!
Bend the church, Lord
We will be that body You have called us to be, give us ears to hear, and eyes to see, Father
Yes, we contend for open hearts, Holy Spirit open up our hearts!
Soften our hearts, we call for boldness and courage to stand up for what is right
We remove all of those old ways, and we ask for wholeness, and restoration, Lord

A Word of the Lord came forth from Pastor Ray…

No, no, no, I have never called you, the church, to be a tourist kind of church. A tourist, eyes looking all over the place, surprised at the things that you see. A tourist, one who is just walking through, one who is just watching things that have happened or that are happening, as a tourist would watch. But I have called you to be My body, to take charge, take command of the things that I have called you to be, and call those things that you see by My Spirit, call them, call them up, call them out, call them to be free, declare over them, watch as you go. Watch with the eyes of your faith, not as a tourist would watch. But as a local we will say, as a resident, members of the King of Kings and the body of Christ. And speak those words from heaven, and keep on the go, keep on the move, keep on contending for greater, not just be satisfied with the way it is, the way it was, or the way it seemed to be, but contending for that greater victory in these days that we are living in. If the economy is not right, we will speak to it, if the body is not right, we will speak to it, if the church is not walking right, we will speak to it, if things need to change, that have not changed, we will keep speaking to it, with words of faith, with words that will call things not as though they were. Give and it shall be given back unto you. Give, give, give, give, give! Love like you have never loved before. Thank You, Father, 2020 will unfold exactly the way God wants it to unfold as long as the church does, says, sees, knows and walks in the will and in the plan of God almighty! 2020, 2020 has begun to unfold, and 2020 must be continually covered in the blood of the Lamb, so that this nation will continue to walk out God’s will and God’s plan and God’s purpose.

Continued Praying…

Hallelujah, one nation under God, indivisible.
No, no, no we are not going in that way
We pray over President Trump, we lift up all of him family, Lord
Praying over those that surround him, grant wisdom unto them, Father
Speak words of life unto them, words from the Word!
We pray and press and call for those things to line up in the name of Jesus
Yes, we want to be in the center of the will of God, for the United States of America
Delays, no!
Casting down every evil plot of the enemy, we hold the blood against that!
Calling for answers and solutions from heaven today!

Annie sang a Word of the Lord…

♪ Oh, I will be a wall of fire, a wall of fire, all around you, America! America! And I will be the glory in the midst of you, I will be the glory in the midst of you, America! I will be, I will be a wall of fire, I will be a wall of fire all around you, America, America, I will be a wall of fire all around you, and I will be the glory in the midst of you. I will be that glory in the midst of you, America, America, America! I will be the glory in the midst of you, and you will raise up the ancient foundations, restorers of the past, to dwell in, America, ask for the ancient way, ask for the good old way, ask for the ways of God, that brought you forth, ask for the good old way, walk in the ancient way and live in the good old ways that brought you forth, and I will be to you a wall of fire, I will be to you a wall of fire, and I will be the glory in the midst of you, America, My people, your My people, you are My people, and I am the glory inside of you, you are My chosen, you are My chosen, you are My people, and I am a wall of fire all around you, and I am the glory in the midst of you. I am the glory in the midst of you. And I am a wall of fire all around you. Send forth your fire on us, Lord, we are crying out for Your fire, Lord, we are crying out for Your glory in the midst of us, and You said to ask and we would receive, so Lord now we receive and we believe. We receive, Lord, we believe. ♪

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