Prayer Summary for March 13


The following prophecy was given by Brother Kenneth E. Hagin on July 8, 1989:


That’s yet to be manifest.
There’s a glory that’s yet to be revealed.
There’s a power that is yet to be in operation. Hallelujah.
We’ve seen a little speck of it here and a little speck of it there.
And [tongues] satisfied to stay where you are.
Satisfied to stay where you are.
Satisfied to stay where you are.
Satisfied to stay where you are.
Satisfied to stay where you are.
Stir up yourself and be satisfied only with the dissatisfaction that has to be satisfied again and again.
Move on with Me, saith the Lord of hosts.
There’s a work that must be done.
There is a ministry that must be accomplished before the coming of the Son of Man.
True, the time of the end is at hand.
True on the horizon of time, you see those things happening in the world.
Wars and rumors of wars.
And pestilence, and famines, and earthquakes in diver’s places.
Men’s hearts failing them for fear.
For looking after the things that are coming to pass upon the earth.
When you see these things begin to come to pass.
And certainly they have begun to come to pass.
Lift up your heads and rejoice.
For your redemption draweth nigh.
There’s a work, there’s a ministry that must be accomplished.
There’s an army that must ARISE!
And walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk in the realm of the Spirit.
Talk, talk, talk, talk in the power of the Spirit.
Minister, minister, minister with the manifestation of the Spirit.
Endowed, endued, with power from High.
With the full equipment to stand in the office unto which you are called.
To speak as of the oracles of God.
To speak and devils will tremble.
To speak and nations will change.
To speak and cities, whole cities will change.
And the glory of God shall be in manifestation.
And your heart shall have much cause for rejoicing.
But prepare ye your hearts.
Lay aside every weight and the sin which does so easily beset you.
For they that bear the Ark of the Lord must be clean.
They must be pure.
Purify ye yourselves.
Yea, cleanse ye yourselves by stopping.
By refusing to walk further in sin and in wrong doing.
And then coming to the fountain filled with blood.
And be cleansed from the spots that have been left by the contamination of sin.
And remember it is written not to sinners, though it may apply.
But it’s written to the Church.
To believers.
God’s not mocked.
Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap!
Walk on and the reaping day will come.
But judge yourself and it’s written you’ll not be judged.
Yea, I am preparing an army for these last days.
You have a part in that preparation.
There are leaders that I am preparing.
And He said unto me, “You must stand in the forefront to direct them and to lead them.”
And He’s saying unto you, “Will you be one?”
For there are not only officers in the army of the Lord.
But there are foot soldiers.
And every one is a soldier in the army of the Lord.
Hear ye, hear ye what the Spirit is saying unto the churches.
For these are the last days.
Blessed be Your holy name.


Jesus, You deserve all of the glory, honor, praise, and thanksgiving
Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb
Thank You for the blood that was shed on the cross
Hallelujah, to the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords
By the power of Your Spirit, we chose to walk in You and with You
You have anointed us for such a time as this
We open our hearts, and yield ourselves before You today, Lord
Yes, Father, we will take our place in the race You have set before us
We will contend all the way through to the very end
Moving more and more in Your will and in Your right ways
Pleading the blood of Jesus over those in positions of authority
That they would contend to what Your will is and that they would yield unto Your Spirit
Praying that those in authority would open up, believe, receive, and declare it forth in these last days
Declaring for greater demonstrations from heaven above to reorganize and redirect the Church
Yes, the body of Christ is moving into its rightful place!
We magnify and lift up the name of Jesus
Calling forth answers to questions, answers that will bring about great results in the body of Christ
Answers given from heaven, received on this earth, for leaders to fulfill what they have been called unto
Doors of opportunity and change have been opened in Jesus’ name!
Calling those doors of prosperity, increase, strength, power, and momentum to be opened!
Letting go of those things that would try and hold us back from the things of God
We hold fast to the right words, directions, and things of the Father
Declaring for those things to be smoothed out in Jesus’ name!
Strength and stability!
Calling for those things to change in the right way!
The laborers must go forth in the authority and the momentum given from heaven
No, we will not lean on our own understanding or strength, but we lean and trust in You
We plead the blood of Jesus over the awakenings and over the revivals
Praying over the openings for the Holy Spirit to move across the face of this earth
Calling forth those openings for Your anointing to flow forth!
We speak to those boundaries and tell them to move out
Pulling up those stakes and we move them out beyond what we can even think or know
Lifting up those names, You know the ones, Lord
Praying over the expansion to break forth!
Calling for the increase to be fulfilled
Come, Lord Jesus, come!

A Word of the Lord came forth:

I am coming in where you live, I am coming exactly where you live, I am crashing in on every boundary, every boundary, everything you have contended for I am coming where you live. I am the end, I am the beginning, I am the alpha, I am the omega, and I am everything in between. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go. Like never before, what’s never been done before I am crashing in on you. I am coming where you live, right now, right now, right now, right now. You think you have been coming to Me, but I have been coming to you. I am your best friend. I am your everything. I am your supply. I am your healing. I am your wealth. I am coming where you live. And I am abundant. I am far beyond all you could ask or think. I am redeeming time right now. I am coming exactly where you are at right now, and you will never be there again. Right now, right now where you live, right now where you live, come up higher, come up higher, come up higher, be seated, stay seated at my right hand forevermore. Speak to those things, speak to those things, and see them come to pass. I never meant for a long drawn out war. I gave you victory today! I am coming where you live.

I am not only coming to your address, to where you live, but I am coming to where you work, I am coming to where you drive, I am coming to the supermarket with you. I am with you, and I will never leave you or let you go. My anointing is in you, and it is coming through you. But in these last days, it will come through you to a greater degree. My anointing in you and through you will bring Me to those that come in contact with you. So look up from where all of your help has already come from. Look up, receive, give, let it go, loose it, loose Me through you, and I will do things that you never dreamed that you would ever do, through you.

Continued Praying…

We open ourselves up, and we yield to You today, Lord
Give us a greater expectation of what You are doing in our lives
You said when we gather together, that we would step out into more of You
Stepping into a greater momentum of Your Spirit
There is a gathering together of many different plans and purposes
Yielding to more and more of You, Lord
We ask You to come into that situation and turn it, Father
Opening our hearts before You today!

A Word of the Lord came forth:

For many in the body, there has been a chain of the past that has tried to hold back the future steps that I have called My children to walk out. So I have come and I am coming right now and I will remind you that I have already set you free by the blood that was shed on the cross. But I remind you this day that the chain from the past has been broken, every link has been cut off. Every link has been cut. There is no chain. There is nothing left of the chain, therefore, there is nothing left from the past. The past is finished, done, it’s over! In case you didn’t know, in case you hadn’t realized it, it’s over, it is finished! For these are the days of carefreeness, where there is no hindrances from the past. But looking out with eyes toward the future, and it brings about, it always brings internal healing and strength. It’s strength; it strengthens My body, My children. It strengthens My body and My children, enabling those calls, those gifts and those supplies to go forth. So these are days, carefree days, victory days, days of authority, days of contending, days of steps upward and not backwards but out ahead in Jesus’ name.

Continued Praying…

We apply the blood of Jesus over these last days we are living in
Covering each and every step with the blood of Jesus
Where there was sadness, we declare joy!
Some things are being uprooted and turned completely around
We will keep our eyes fixed and focused on You, Lord
Declaring for an increase of momentum to come forth in Jesus’ name!
Thank You for the abundance and for the furtherance of Your Spirit
Opening our hearts to receive more and more from You
Many, many, many, many!
You have called us to be healed, healthy, and whole
We are worthy to receive all that You have for us, Lord
Father, You said each and every one of us is worthy of Your love
You are pouring out Your love upon each and every one of us
Thank You for Your presence in this place
Your goodness, mercy, and grace is enough, and it endures forever!
Today is the day for healing!
Abundance in Jesus’ name!

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